Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secret 3.0 Review: The best Affiliate marketing course?

If you have been in the affiliate marketing industry for a while I’m sure you heard about Spencer Mecham, the first ClickFunnels affiliate who has generated 1 million dollars in affiliate revenue.

If you didn’t hear about him yet or his new course called Affiliate Secret he recently updated to version 3 and you are looking to learn from him and his course you are in the right place.

In this Affiliate Secret 3.0 review, will delve deeper into the following points:

  • What is Affiliate Secret and what is new with the update,
  • Who is Spencer Mecham, and his business track record,
  • What is inside the Affiliate Secret,
  • How much does it cost and what you get for your money,
  • Who is the course for?
  • The pros and cons and my final point of view.

Affiliate Secret 3.0 Review Summary- Company Overview

Product Name: Affiliate Secret 3.0

Owner: Spencer Mecham

Website: https://www.buildapreneur.com/

Is Affiliate Secret a scam? No


Do I recommend this? Yes

What is Affiliate Secret about?

Affiliate Secrets course content overview

Created by Spencer Mecham, Affiliate Secret is an online course designed to help aspiring online entrepreneurs learn how to build a successful and profitable affiliate marketing business from the ground up.

I’m other words it is an affiliate marketing course that people how to promote other people’s products or services for a commission.

This is one of the best affiliate marketing training courses out there that delivers its promise.

In fact, since its launch, the Affiliate Secret owner managed to help 10+ students win the ClickFunnels dream car.

And what I like the most is that the course gets updated with current best strategies to help students stay competitive and successful in their business.

The course comes in video format and it covers both paid and organic traffic giving students more freedom.

In the Affiliate Secret 2.0, the traffic sources covered are Quora, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and AdWords (paid ads).

Version 3 is the best one in my opinion.

What is new with the Affiliate Secret 3.0 course?

The Affiliate Secret 2.0 as I said covers traffic sources such as Quora Marketing, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google ads.

With Affiliate Secret 3.0, these traffic sources have been replaced with new traffic sources the owners and his team have been using recently and add success.

These traffic sources are TikTok, one of the fast-growing social media platforms, Facebook organic traffic (Facebook groups), Blogging (my favorite traffic source), and YouTube.

How I went from zero to  4 figures Online?

  1. By Doing what I like…
  2. Without Spending thousands of dollars…
  3. By Working from the comfort of my home…
  4. Without being accountable to a  BOSS…

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Who is Spencer Mecham?

Spencer Mecham is the owner of the Affiliate Secret course and the founder of Buildapreneur.

He is a well-known and six-figure affiliate marketer.

Here are a few of his accomplishments:

  • He wins the ClickFunnels and BuilderAll dream car and has been the first affiliate who have made 1 million dollars as an affiliate of this program,
  • He is the first to qualify for the ClickFunnels 2 Comma program,
  • He is also one of the top affiliates of the Legendary marketers’ affiliate program.
  • 0 followers to over 331,500 followers in just a few months. His videos have gotten over two million likes and views, and his Tik Tok channel continues to grow every day.
Buildapreneur owner, Spencer MechamTik Tok

And all these accomplishments in a short time.
His official Facebook page has over 2500 like and followers and is YouTube y has over 80.1k subscribers.

In short, Spencer Mecham is a real and legit guy who knows his stuff.

What Is Inside The Affiliate Secret 3.0 Training?

Here is what you get inside the Affiliate Secret 3.0 program.

Part 1: Affiliate Secrets (Core Training)

Affiliate Secret course review - part 1 overview

Part 1 of the Affiliate Secret course is an over-the-shoulder videos training that shows you step by step how to get your affiliate marketing business up and running from the ground up.

It covers topics such as niche et products choice, funnel building, email marketing, and business automation

Let’s take a closer look at each of the modules:

Module 1: Niche Research

Finding the right niche to start your affiliate marketing business is very important.

If you choose the wrong niche you can spend months and even years without getting traction in your affiliate marketing business.

It is a subject you will find in any affiliate marketing training course.

Here in this lesson, Spencer will show you how to pick the right niche to build your affiliate marketing business.

Most importantly he shows you categories of niches you can choose and position yourself as an authority in your industry.

Module 2: Products

After you have chosen your niche, the next step to setting up your affiliate marketing business is to pick an affiliate offer or a product you can promote as an affiliate and get paid a commission.

In this module, you will learn how to pick a winning product or service you can promote to your audience.

What I like in this module is that the owner shows you live examples of products he himself promotes.

Plus he emphasizes the importance of maintaining trust relationship with your audience and providing value.

That can be done by being very selective to the products you choose.

Here for example are examples of the type of product he recommends:

  • High tickets products with higher value customers can benefit from,
  • Products with recurring commission such as software like ClickFunnels, Systeme.io, Getresponse, ect.

Module 3: Lead Magnets

This is module is about crafting a lead magnet you can use to build your email list.

As you know list building is a must if you want to build a profitable and long-term online business.

This is why Spencer in the early stage starts to teach you how to prepare an irresistible offer you can offer to your audience or visitors in exchange for their emails addresses.

This is called a lead magnet in the online marketing space.

Throughout this module, you will not only learn the importance of list building and what a good lead magnet but also you will learn how to create your own lead magnet you can use to build your email list.

Module 4: Landing Pages

A lead magnet is worthless without a landing page or a squeeze page.

This is a tool you can use to showcase the benefits of your free offer and entice your visitors to exchange their email addresses for it.

In this third version of the Affiliate Secret, Spencer focuses on email marketing, and that for a good reason: An email list is an asset you own.

In this module,

you will explore landing page builder tools you can use to build high-converting landing pages.

You will also learn…

  • what makes a good landing page,
  • How to create your own landing pages and bridge pages,
  • How to split-test your pages so that you can choose the one that has a higher conversion rate and much more.

Module 5: Email Marketing

This is where the serious things start.

After you have getting subscribers it is time to learn how to build the know-like-trust factor with those subscribers and then convert them into lifetime buyers.

This is email marketing in itself with over 16 lessons.

In this module, you will learn how to nurture and engage your email list subscribers.

And most importantly how to use tags, segment, and automate your entire business by delivering the right message to the right person at the time.

What I like about this course is that Spencer shows you live examples.

This is not the kind of course where the teacher tells and not showing.

He shares his own email results and campaigns that generated 5 figure affiliate revenue with you so that you can replicate the same strategies he uses.

Here are the lessons you will access within this module:

  • Lesson 1 – Intro to email marketing
  • Lesson 2 – Setting up Gsuite
  • Lesson 3 – Email marketing terms
  • Lesson 4 – Capturing emails
  • Lesson 5 – Building email automation
  • Lesson 6 – Soap opera sequences
  • Lesson 7 – Shotgun sequences
  • Lesson 8 – Anatomy of an affiliate sequence
  • Lesson 9 – Email examples part 1
  • Lesson 10 – Email examples part 2
  • Lesson 11 – Email marketing live-build
  • +5 more lessons.

Module 6: Bonuses

You read it right.

Within the Affiliate Secret 3.0 training course, there is a module design to teach you the importance of using bonuses as an incentive to promote your offer.

It is about giving more value to the customer for the purchase he or she makes throughout your link.

Keep in mind the main focus of the Affiliate Secret 3.0 owner, Spencer is to teach you how to sell high tickets products for a huge commission.

It is worth spending time to create these valuables bonuses for your marketing.

What can you expect to learn in this module?

In this module, you will learn how to create your own bonuses you can use for your marketing.

But most importantly the owner shows you which type of bonuses to use for such type of products and the way you can efficiently promote them alongside your offer.

How I went from zero to  4 figures Online?

  1. By Doing what I like…
  2. Without Spending thousands of dollars…
  3. By Working from the comfort of my home…
  4. Without being accountable to a  BOSS…

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Module 7: JV Launches

JV Launches is a great way for both affiliates and vendors to make money. The concept is simple; you partner with a product’s owner who is looking to launch his product, get an affiliate link you can use to promote the product before its official launch.

It is a great way for both newbies and advanced affiliate marketers to make money with this strategy because newly launched products are less competitive and most people don’t have more info about the product.

In this module, Spencer will teach you how you can leverage this strategy to make more money with affiliate marketing.

He will show you how to pick the right offer, the one who really benefits your audience, the ethic to develop behind this strategy, mistakes to avoid, and much more.

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson 1 – JV launches,
  • Lesson 2 – Launches big picture,
  • Lesson 3- Pre-launch,
  • Lesson 4 – Live-day/post-launch.
  • Bonus: JV Launch email templates.

Module 8: Pro Tip/Access

This is where Spencer provides useful tips to building trust relationships and more value to your subscribers.

The idea is simple – Give your subscribers an opportunity to access you.

This is something I always do with my subscribers as well and it really helps for connection and engagement.

Here in this module, he will show you which platform to use and how to deliver value to your subscribers with this strategy while being productive.

Time is money and if you have dozens of people who reach out to you on a daily basis that can become time-consuming and it can slow down your process of developing your business.

But don’t worry you get useful tips on how to manage your time while offering value to your audience.

Module 9: Adwords

This is the last module of the first part of the training of the Affiliate Secret 3.0 course.

This module is about leveraging Google paid ads to promote affiliate products.

In this module, you will learn from start to finish how to use Google ads to drive targeted traffic to your funnels, generate leads, and then convert those leads into customers.

Paid advertising is the fastest way to getting traffic and making your first affiliate commission.

But you need to understand how it works and a proven strategy to make it profitable.

Spencer In this module will show you the right affiliate to promote using this strategy, how to select the right keywords to bid, create ads campaigns and ads groups, etc.

Here are the lessons you will find inside this module:

  • Lesson 1 – Google ads Overview
  • Lesson 2 – Finding affiliate programs
  • Lesson 3 – Auction
  • Lesson 4 – Keywords research
  • Lesson 5 – Campaigns and ad groups set up
  • Lesson 6 – On-screen demo
  • Lesson 7 – Callouts and extensions
  • Lesson 8 – Advanced techniques part 1
  • Lesson 9 – Advanced techniques part 2
  • Lesson 10 – Reports
  • Lesson 11 – Important info

Part 2: Affiliate Secrets (Traffic Edition)

Affiliate Secret 3.0 review - part 2 course overview

The second part of the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 training is about traffic generation.

The first part of the training took you through building your Affiliate marketing business and it even show you the quickest way you can drive traffic to your affiliate offer to make sales faster.

In the second part of the Affiliate Secret course, the owner will take in-depth to the traffic generation.

Traffic methods covered in this section include Facebook organic traffic and advanced strategies you can use to make high ticket sales and commissions, YouTube Marketing, Tiktok marketing, and much more.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the modules:

Module #1: Facebook Organic

Facebook is the popular and the biggest social media platform out there.

Most of your ideal customers are there – not to say all your customers as everyone has at least 1 Facebook account these days.

Even if the Facebook algorithm is aggressive against marketers these days, those who know how to use it still get impressive results from it.

Remember I said that the training has been updated with new traffic sources and strategies the owner has been used and has success with.

In this module, you will learn how to use Facebook organic traffic to generate leads and sales without spending money on paid ads.

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson 1 – Big Picture
  • Lesson 2 – Optimize Profile
  • Lesson 3 – Making Friends Part 1
  • Lesson 4 – Making Friends Part 2
  • Lesson 5 – Daily Posts
  • Lesson 6 – Value Post example
  • Lesson 7 – Conversation Starter
  • Lesson 8 – Selling

Module 2: YouTube

This is a complete YouTube training course.
If you know Spencer very well, YiuTube is his favorite traffic source.

In this module, he shares his best strategies to generate leads and sales with YouTube.

The subjects covered in this module include setting up your YouTube channel the right way, YouTube keywords research, creating videos and optimizing them for SEO, retention and engagement strategies, understanding the YouTube algorithm, etc.

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson 1 – Big picture
  • Lesson 2 – Search vs social
  • Lesson 3 – Types of videos
  • Lesson 4 – Content ideas
  • Lesson 5 – Creating video (tools)
  • Lesson 6 – Batching
  • Lesson 7 – Outline
  • Lesson 8 – Algorithm
  • Lesson 9 – On page
  • Lesson 10 – Video metrics
  • Lesson 11 – Watch time
  • Lesson 12 – Editing videos
  • Lesson 13 – session watch time
  • Lesson 14 – Thumbnails
  • Lesson 15 – Title
  • Lesson 16 – Velocity
  • Lesson 17 – Playlists
  • + 6 more lessons.

Module 3: TikTok

You have noticed Spencer has made a great accomplishment with Tittok in a short time.
According to his report, he grew over 200k followers in Tiktok and has generated thousands of dollars in affiliate commission with Tiktok alone.

In this module, he share the same strategies he used to have such success with Tiktok.

In this module, you will learn how to create your TikTok account from scratch,
How to optimize it so that your ideal audience can find you when they make use of the TikTok search bar,
How to create engaging videos that go viral,

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson 1 – Intro
  • Lesson 2 – Engagement
  • Lesson 3 – Editor
  • Lesson 4 – Content ideas
  • Lesson 5 – Algorithm
  • Lesson 6 – Watch time
  • Lesson 7 – Random tips
  • Lesson 8 – CTA
  • Lesson 9 – Duets, stitches, responses
  • Lesson 10 – Going live

Module 4: Facebook Groups

As its name suggests this module is about leveraging Facebook group to connect with your audience and grow an engaging community around your brand and then generate leads and sales.

In this module, you will learn:

  • how to create your own Facebook group,
  • how to attract new members,
  • how to engage your group members with engaging content,
  • How to close sales with your Facebook group.

Lessons included in this module:

  • Lesson 1 – Intro
  • Lesson 2 – Creating group
  • Lesson 3 – Group funnels
  • Lesson 4 – Algorithm
  • Lesson 5 – Growing group 1-500
  • Lesson 6 – 500-10000
  • Lesson 7 – Post formatting
  • Lesson 8 – Comment ladders
  • Lesson 9 – Lives
  • Lesson 10 – Moderation
  • Lesson 11 – Analytics
  • Lesson 12 – Ecosystem
  • Lesson 13 – Assignment

Module 5: Blogging

If you are a loyal reader of my blog you know this is my favored traffic source.

Spoiled alerts: this is module is not taught by Spencer himself.

Spencer is a blogger and he does well with his blog.

But to give this training course more value he hired a 7 figure blogger, Nate McCallister to share his knowledge and strategies with his students.

This is a complete blogging course that includes SEO, design, and conversion to help you make the best of your blogging business.

The course comes with over 63 lessons and is structured into a 4-week challenge.

In the course, Nate covers topics such as niche choice, choosing the right web host provider, building your site, installing the necessary plugins, keyword research and SEO, backlinks, and much more.

The best part is that Nate shares with you his best strategies and tricks to help you understand and replicate.

That is a lot of lessons to list. So I won’t spend my time listing all of them.

But trust me this is a complete blogging course that covers everything starting with niche choice, setting up your website, designing it, optimization et conversion, SEO, and much more.

Now you know what you get inside, move with me to the next section of my Affiliate Secret 3.0 review where I will reveal the real cost of Spencer Mecham’s course.

Free Report Reveals How I Have Gone From Zero To 4 figures online

Get my free report to learn how I went from zero to making 4 figure income passively online by doing what I like. You can apply the same strategies and tricks within this report to make real money online. Get it before I change my mind and start selling it.

How Much Does The Affiliate Secret 3.0 Cost?

Let’s now talk about the cost of the course. The Affiliate Secret 2.0 was sold at the price of $897 and the students get lifetime access to future updates.

The course has been updated to version, the initial cost was a $997 one-time fee with the option to pay for 3 months installment.

The course price has been increased recently at the price of $1497 one-time fee.

They also offer an option to monthly for 3 months at the price of $600. That is a total of $1800.

Though by going with the one-time option will help you save more money you can use to invest in tools like hosting, domain name, etc.

But I leave this choice to you.

Optionally, you can join Spencer Macham’s free live training.

Another cost to consider is the required tools you will need to run your online business.

The training covers various methods you can choose to start your business.

And the amount of money you will need to invest to start your affiliate marketing business depends on the method you choose to start with.

For example, if you decide to start with blogging, you just need a domain name, hosting, and optionally a premium theme and plugins.

If you choose to go with the organic traffic method using Tiktok, Facebook, and YouTube, you will need a funnel builder tool like Clickfunnels ($97 to $297 per month) or Systeme.io (free plan available and premium subscription starting at $27 per month).

Read my Systeme.io review to learn more.

PS: Recommended funnel builder tool in the training is Clickfunnels and the training comes with DFY funnels you can use. So if you want to use the DFY stuff, you cannot use them with another funnel builder tool as these tunnels were built with the recommended tool.

Does Affiliate Secret Offer A Refund?

Yes, you can get a refund within the first 15 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied with the content you get inside.

Who Is The Affiliate Secret 3.0 Course For?

The Affiliate Secret course is for everyone who wants to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing – mainly for those who want to learn how to sell high-ticket affiliate products and get paid a commission.

If you want to reach your financial goal faster with high ticket affiliate marketing, this is for you.

As you have noticed the course cost is a bit expensive. If you are not ready to put the work in and are just looking for a push-button system to make money without any effort, this course is not for you.

Spencer is clear about it. The course is for those who want to build a long-term and profitable affiliate marketing, those who want to ditch from the desk job to work full time online, and those who are ready to invest in themselves to succeed.

Who Is This Course Not For?

In this section of my Affiliate Secret review, I want to show you who don’t qualify for this course.

This course is not for you if you are not ready to put the work in.

The cost of the training can also disqualify you – mainly if you are on a budget or not ready to invest $1497 in an online course to learn the required skills that will set you apart from those who fail in their online journey.

This course is also for you if you are looking to become rich overnight. Yes, I believe high ticket affiliate marketing is the fastest way to reach your financial goal but it is not a get rich quick scheme.

You have to learn and apply the strategies taught inside the course to get results.

Does The Affiliate Secret Course 3.0 Deliver?

This is a great question.

Why invest $1497 in a course that won’t deliver results?

Though it is worth you figure that out before you jump in.

So does the course creator walks his talk?

Unless you are just scanning my Affiliate Secret review, I started early in this review that Spencer has made a great accomplishment in a short time with affiliate marketing.

He was the first ClickFunnels affiliate to reach 1 million affiliate commissions promoting their software. But this is not the only affiliate program where he appears as a super affiliate because in certain competitive affiliate programs like Legendary marketers and BuilderAll.

But as I always said, the good-doer is not always the good teacher. One thing is having the knowledge and skills. Having the ability to efficiently teach or transmit it is another one.

You can be quite sure Spencer Mecham master what he taught and inside the training, you will notice it as he uses live and real examples to illustrate his teaching.

Plus in case you don’t know it, since the launch of the Affiliate Secret that started with version 1, Spencer helped over 10 students to win the ClickFunnels dream car and there are hundreds of success stories from students on the sale page and most importantly in the private Facebook group.

You can watch and read students’ success stories on this page.

Affiliate Secret 3.0 Alternatives Courses

The Affiliate Secret 3.0 is a complete affiliate marketing training course that covers both and long terms and short affiliate marketing strategies you can apply to get results faster.

But if this course is not your first rodeo, there are other best and even cheaper alternatives out there:

  • The Freedom Breakthrough course: this is also a complete high ticket affiliate marketing training course. it also costs a $1497 one-time fee.

You can read my Freedom Breakthrough review here for more information or join their 3-day business breakthrough here.

  • Wealthy Affiliate: An all-in-one affiliate marketing training platform with over 16 years in the industry.

This is a platform I myself use and they host this website you are reading right now.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you pay only $49 per month ($19 for your first month) and you get:

  • Affiliate marketing training course (over 120 lessons),
  • Access to Weekly lives classes to learn new strategies and trick you can use to grow your online business. You can get an overview of one of the live Classes over here.
  • Managed Web hosting service (built up to 50 websites),
  • A premium keyword research tool for free ( $19 per month value),
  • Access to an online entrepreneur community for networking – over 2 millions member worldwide, and more.

To learn about this program, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review.

Affiliate Secret Review – My Final Thoughts

The Affiliate Secret 3.0 is a complete and legit affiliate marketing training course you can join and learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

The core focus of this course is to give you the skills and knowledge you will need to be successful in your high ticket affiliate marketing journey.

It covers both free and paid traffic, short terms, and long terms strategies, and the best part is it is not the kind of training where the teacher just tells you and not showing you live examples and the ways you can efficiently apply them.

Plus the teacher is always in the industry and shares his best strategies with his students.

This is a course I proudly and highly recommend.

Yes, the price is a bit expensive but Spencer Mecham shows you the way you can recoup your expense faster – just 2 sales and your course is free. The best part is you get a lifetime update. That means for the upcoming updates even if the price goes up to $2k, you get free access.

To get started, just click the button.

If you found this course is out of your budget, you can get a look at my top best affiliate marketing training courses to find one that fits your budget or consider the one I mentioned above.

That being said, I hope you found my Affiliate Secret 3.0 review helpful.

Do you have a question, let me know in the comment section below.

Are you a student, share your experience with us.


To your success!


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