Blue Sky Amazon Review [2024]- Is Is Sophie Howard’s Amazon Seller Academy A Scam?

Blue Sky Amazon review

Welcome to my Blue Sky Amazon Review for 2024.

If you have been introduced to Sophie Howard‘s Amazon Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy and you are wondering if this course is a scam or a legit course that will help you become a successful Amazon seller, you are in the right place.

In this Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy review, we will delve deeper into the following points:

  • What is Blue Sky Amazon course about?
  • Who is the owner and his business track record,
  • How much does the course cost?
  • What you will learn inside the Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy?
  • The Pros and Cons, alternatives, and my final point of view.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Blue Sky Amazon Seller Masterclass review.

What is Blue Sky Amazon course about?

Blue Sky Amazon review - home page

The Blue Sky Amazon course is an online training course designed by Sophie Howard. Inside the Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy Sophie claims she will teach you how to make potential income selling products on Amazon even if you don’t have an idea what to sell yet.

It is an Amazon FBA course and the course basically teaches you how to outsource products and sell them on Amazon for a profit.

The course is well structured with over 35 hours of videos to watch.

Blue Sky Amazon Review Summary – Course Overview

Product Name: Blue Sky Amazon

Owner: Sophie Howard


Is Blue Sky Amazon a scam? NO


Do I recommend this? No

Check out my top best Amazon FBA Courses here.

Who is Sophie Howard?

Sophie Howard Amazon

Sophie Howard is a 7-figure Amazon seller and online business coach. She is the Blue Sky Amazon course’s owner where she teaches aspiring Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs how to source profitable products online, and sell them on Amazon for a profit.

Also, known as “the Amazon Selling Queen”, Sophie Howard has been selling products on Amazon since 2014, and according to her, she already sold 2 Amazon businesses (one for 7-figures USD), and right now she is building her 3 rd global brand.

She has a Youtube channel named The “Blue Sky” Amazon Seller Academy where she shared tips, guides, and his experience with his audience. But it seems the channel is dead and now turned for uploading students’ reviews and testimonials.

At the time of this Blue Sky Amazon review, the last video has been uploaded 7 months ago.

How much does the Blue Sky Amazon cost?

The Blue Sky Amazon course costs a $3,495 one-time fee. That is a high-ticket product and may not be a good fit for people who are just starting out and on a budget.

In fact, this is just the cost of learning the rope of becoming an Amazon FBA seller. You will need not only to buy products, ship them on the Amazon FBA Center, but you also need to buy tools and even traffic (paid ads) to promote your Amazon FBA business.

There is an option to pay $713 per month in 7 months installment. That is a total of $4991.

On a budget and looking for a cheaper alternative, check out this one.

Though going with the one-time fee is the best way to save more money. So if you are confident this is the best Amazon FBA course to start selling on Amazon, go with the one-time fee. You will save $1495 and that can help you buy a few products or ads for your business.

But before you jump in, continue reading this Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy review to find out if this course is the right one for you or not.

There are cheaper and better alternatives to consider.

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Does the Blue Sky Amazon offer a refund policy?

Yes, the Blue Sky Amazon owner offers a 7-days refund policy. So if you buy the course and within the first week you change your mind, you can ask for a refund from their support team.

Personally, I think 7 days is not enough to evaluate the course quality and then make a decision.

What is inside the Blue Sky Amazon course?

The Blue Sky Amazon course is 2 diffident courses combined into one: Amazon Navigator and Product University

Blue Sky Amazon Course Part 1 – Amazon Navigator

Module 1 – Foundation

In this Module, Sophie starts the course with an introduction about herself and his accomplishment in the industry.

She also teaches you:

  • The mindset to develop if you want to be a successful entrepreneur,
  • How to plan for the upcoming year,
  • The pros and cons and the private label business model compared to other selling methods like arbitrage.

She will also introduce you to sales funnel building by showing you how to get it done faster.

Module 2 – Product Selection Strategy

This is module is about choosing your brand product or private label product to sell on Amazon.

And his concept is to choose a product that will sell in the long term.

In other words, she teaches you to find exclusive products that can be sold for a long time.

Module 3 – Basic of Sales Funnels

With over 5 hours of video training, this module has 5 lessons.

During these training videos you will learn:

  • The basics of sales funnels and their importance in your marketing,
  • How to create your own sales funnel with Clickfunnels.
  • Funnel building case study and ad campaign launch.

Module 4 – Who will you hire to be your Virtual Assistant?

This module is about outsourcing or hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business.

In this module, Sophie shows you the process she hires talented people to form his business team, how she manages them, and much more.

Module 5 – Behind the Scenes: Selling on Amazon

This module is a 5 + hours video long where she shares her experience of starting an FBA business, and also the pros and cons involved.

She will also show you:

  • how to set up your Amazon seller account,
  • How to legally Register your business and get a business license,
  • How to do keyword research to find winning keywords for not only your product listing and ad campaigns,
  • How to efficiently list your products on the Amazon market.

This is an in-depth and comprehensive walkthrough training that will help you get your seller account up and ready.

Module 6 – Forgotten Product Sourcing Places

This module is again about products research and I would personally wish she includes it in the previous module dedicated to this purpose.

Anyway, she is the teacher.

In this module, Sophie will show you extra products sourcing places and strategies.

Let’s now move into the next section of my Blue Sky Amazon review to find out what you can also learn inside the course.

Blue Sky Amazon course part 2 – Product University

Module 1 – Welcome

Just like the previous course, Sophie Howard starts this module with mindset training like goals setting, planning, etc.

She also teaches in this module how to calculate Amazon fees and profit margin.

And certain subjects like getting a business license in order to be able to create your Amazon seller account have been repeated here.

Module 2 – What you don’t know About Branding

When it comes to building successful and striving private label products, branding is important as not only does it differentiate your products from similar products but also it helps you stand out from the competitors.

This is a 1 + hour duration video where you will learn product branding so that you can now only differentiate your products from other similar products but also prevent competitors to copy you.

In this module, Sophie will show you her branding strategy and the way she manages to scale her Amazon FBA business to a 7-figure income.

Module 3 – Finding Products that Sell for the Long-Term

Just like in module 2 of the previous course, Sophie will teach you how to source your products that can be sold for the long run from suppliers.

Here the teacher’s objective is to help you build an Amazon FBA business that will generate income for the long term.

Module 4 – Are your listings Pristine?

With over 1 hour long, this module is about product listing on Amazon.

This is one of the important parts of the course because the way people can find your products when doing a search on the Amazon marketplace is tied to that.

You have to combine your copywriting skills with your SEO skill here in order to be able to stand out from your competitors.

The Blue Sky Amazon Seller Masterclass course’s owner will teach you how to properly list your products, optimize your listing with appealing headlines, and copy that grabs your customer’s attention.

Module 5 – Don’t Get Samples, Order the Entire Shipment

While most e-commerce teachers teach their students to order samples products to test before they conclude any deal with suppliers, Sophie teaches you to not order samples.

However, products can look very different in real life than they do in a photo.

This is why having a real sample in your hand before you invest thousands of dollars in your first order with the supplier can help.

Seems she has her own strategies she follows and this is what she will show you in this module.

She will also teach you how to get your ordered products shipped to the Amazon warehouse.

Module 6 – Promoting the Sh*t out of your Product

This module is the short one among other videos in Sophie’s Amazon FBA course.

In a 28 minutes duration video, the Blue Sky Amazon FBA course owner will teach you marketing strategy to help you launch your Amazon FBA business.

Module 7 – Maintaining Your Account

This module is about how to manage your business. You will learn with Sophie Howard how to track your orders and make a data-driven decision rather than following your intuition or observation alone.

You will also learn in this module how to offer a better customer experience to your customers, manage payment or orders, and much more.

Module 8 – Scaling Beyond Amazon and Hiring VA’s

You have your Amazon FBA business up and running, now it is time to scale it.

In this module, the Blue Sky Amazon course owner will teach you how to hire VA to complete certain tasks on your behalf so that you can focus your time and energy on where your business needs you.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

✔A good rating course from students

✔ An active and supportive private Facebook group,

✔ Seven 1-on-1 coaching calls with your personal coach,

✔ Weekly live Q&A calls.

✔ Sophie Howard is a six-figure Amazon seller with a good background in selling on Amazon.

The Cons

❌ 7-days refund policy gives you little time to evaluate the course

❌ A bit expensive compared to other FBA courses out there

❌ On top of the training cost, you need to invest thousands of dollars in tools and services to get your business out from the ground,

❌ Upsell – the AX10 upsell costs $10,000.

❌ Repetitive training modules make it hard to follow.

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Who is this course for?

The Blue Sky Amazon course by Sophie is for people who want to make money online by selling private label products on Amazon.

However, this course is very expensive and when we add up the start-up cost this can be challenging for those who are on a budget to afford the cost.

If having a personal coach is important for you this course is for you because this is one of the Amazon FBA courses that offer one-on-one coaching sessions.

I’d you purchase the training you qualify for 7 free coaching sessions.

If you want more you will need to subscribe to their AX10 program which costs 10,000$.

The Blue Sky Amazon course alternatives

Sophie Howard has a good background in selling on Amazon and where she stands out is her ability to make the products she sells unique through unique branding making them difficult to copy.

But she is not the sole successful seller.

There are other successful entrepreneurs in the industry with thousands of successful students.

Here are the top alternatives to consider if you are looking for an alternative:

Proven Amazon Course (PAC) – this is the best alternative if you are on a budget and looking for an Amazing training course that teaches several selling strategies.

Contrary to other courses out there they offer a monthly payment option that costs only $29 per month. A one-time payment option is also available.

Marketplace SuperHeroes – This is an all-in-one Amazon FBA platform that offers training courses and tools you can use to build a successful and profitable Amazon FBA business from scratch. in-depth and a unique product selection strategy with strategies to sell reach out to the global market using Amazon.

Final thoughts…

Sophie’s Blue Sky Amazon course is a legit Amazon FBA course taught by a 7 figure Amazon seller with a good track record.

My only gripe with the training is that there are repetitive modules and that doesn’t make the learning process easier. Plus the course is a bit expensive with only a 7-days money-back guarantee.

That means you don’t get enough time to evaluate the course quality before you make a final decision.

Apart from these issues, it Is a great course with 7 one-on-one coaching sessions.

That said, if you feel Sophie’s FBA course meets your need, you can go ahead and join the course.

If you want cheaper alternatives, consider this one or this one.

That said, I hope you found my Blue Sky Amazon Course review helpful.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below in the comment section.


To your success!


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