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If you are here, change are you heard about GramFree on social media platforms or on forums. Or maybe you heard about it on Youtube. But you don’t know what GramFree is. Or maybe you are looking for GramFree payment proofs.

But for security reasons, you decided to do your own research to find out if it’s a legit program to make money online or another BIG scam.

All right.

As for me, I come across GramFree on Facebook. But since the Gram free company doesn’t provide too much information on their site, so I took the risk to join in order to get more information to help you, newcomers, to be well informed about this program.

GramFree world review summary:

Company name: GramFree

Website: https://gramfree.net

Owner: Unknown

Products/service: any product or service

Cost: free

SOW YOUR SEED TODAY rating: 2/10

Do I recommend this? – NO, I don’t recommend this as an earning program

What is GramFree about?

GramFree is a brand new Crypto Airdrop and a GPT (Get Paid To) website that rewards users based on their activities on the site.

Gram is a cryptocurrency based on a TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain platform developed by Telegram. This platform is like Ecoin Official (an airdrop). They reward people with coins (Gram) based on some tasks such as referring new users, watching videos, and playing games or lottery.

How does GramFree work?

GramFree is a GPT website and a Crypto Airdrop at the same time. That means you get paid for completing some required tasks.

It is free to sign up. Signing up is easy like 1,2,3 and you will get 10 Gram coins as a sign-up bonus. Once you sign up, your task is to refer as many people as you can and complete some tasks such as watching Youtube videos, playing games,… in order to get more coins (Gram).

Ways to make money with GramFree

There are many ways to make money with GramFree:

Referral program

You can make money by referring new users to the GramFree platform. You will get 10 Gram for each referral.

Watch videos

You can make money by watching videos. Each video you watch gives you 0.5 Gram.

Playing games

You can earn by rolling.

Post a promotional video on YouTube

You can create a promotional video on youtube and submit it to their appreciation. If your video matches their requirement and gets approved, you will get 5 Gram.

Here is a free recording tool that will help you create your Youtube video easily.

Click here to get it.

Is GramFree a scam?

Even if this site is a new brand website, all the evidence suggests that GramFree is a scam.

First, GramFree refuses to pay users of their site. When they reach the miminum to cash out and they request payment, scammers suspend their account preventing them to log into their account again.

Thus new members are required and encouraged to promote the site.

The second reason we believe GramFree is a scam is that they are lying they are using the TON blockchain. This is a pure lie because they have nothing to do with Telegram.

On top of that, it is not trading or exchanging real Gram tokens as this article clearly states it.

Here are also some scam signs you need to take into account when joining this website.
For example, we don’t know who is really behind this site.

Scammers always hide their identity so that they can release other programs and get people in again. So this is a red flag you must know.

Another scam sign:

One of the users received a message from them telling him that they noticed suspicious activity on his affiliate link. According to the user, he has not done anything wrong with his affiliate link. He just used it in his blog content like the one you are reading right now.

You can find it on this Beer Money Forum thread.

A Gramfree members complaint in the Beermoney forum

And not to stay there, GramFree operates on 3 different domain names such as gramfree.net and gramfree.world, and gramfree.network.

GramFree payment methods

What I like about GramFree is the fact that they’ve put several payment methods in place for users.
These are the payment methods that are available on the GF platform:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Payoneer
  • American Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • American Express

But in reality it’s only for the name and it’s superfluous. You will never be able to cash out your money.

For example, PayPal is one of their payment methods, and despite hundreds of fake payment proof videos they show, you won’t see a payment made using PayPal.

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Is there any payment proof from GramFree?

If you’ve already registered, you’ve noticed it. There are many payment proofs inside the platform from the users themselves.

Some people claim to have earned more than $1000 with GramFree for free.

But the meaningful question you should ask yourself is the following: Since the platform is free. Where does the money come from? In other words, how do they pay members?

This brings us to another question that is not meaningless: Are all these payment proofs legit or fake? when you know that this site is new.

Before ending this GramFree review, I would like to show you what I like and dislikes about this new brand website.

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GramFree review: what real users say

I already shared with you my point of view on the GramFree world aka Gramfree net paltform. And they even have another name: Gramfree network. haha

But I think it’s time we face reality by taking a look at what users are saying.

They’re the ones on the ground and I think that the experience they share could help reassure you that GramFree is a scam and not a legit platform to make money online.

Let’s dive in.

Take a look at the screenshots below.

As you can these people wasted their valuable time completing tasks and promoting GramFree, but when the time came for them to cash out their hard-earned grams (lol), they suspended their accounts.

If there are people who have had a bad experience, there must be others who have had a good experience. Right?

Let’s see if really there are happy users or good reviews of Gramfree world aka gramfree net.

Here are good GramFree reviews for real users.

But are these review real?

Let’s judge them one by one:

The first one says he has been using GramFree for 4 days and as he sees it, it is legit. This is why he rated it 5 stars. haha.

I think 4 days are not enough to rate a program 5 start on a website like Trustpilot. And I can see this person is a newbie in the online world.

As for the second review from Kevin, he is a desperate member and a newbie who doesn’t know where to advertise his GramFree referral link and reach the 500 grams (minimum threshold to cash out).

So which review to trust? The complaint users have with GramFree? I mean the bad review. Or the alleged happy users?

Judge by yourself!

Tired of scam?

GramFree pros and cons

?GramFree review: Pros

✔ Free to use (but keep in mind your time is precious)

✔ Many payments method

✔ Minimum payment threshold is reasonable

? GramFree review: Cons

❌ Hidden owner

❌ Earning potentials are limited

❌ There is no information about the company on their website. The FAQ is only accessible once you have registered.

My GramFree FAQ

What is GramFree?

GramFree is a new brand GPT website that rewards users based on their activities on the site.

Is GramFree world legit?

Some users reported GramFree is not paying their hard work. This is a brand new website but due to this fact, we have to conclude GramFree world is a website to rely on. This is a scam in my opinion.

Is GramFree a BBB acredited company?

No. GramFree is not a BBB acredited company.

Is GramFree really paying?

Unlike the fakes videos that scammers show you just to motivate you to recruit other people, Gramfree is not a reliable platform that pays users.

What is GramFree world?

GramFree world is another name of GramFree net. It is the same company that operates in different domain name. Just A GTP website.

My final thoughts…

GramFree is a brand new GPT website and members get paid by completing some easy tasks. This is a case with this website that rewards people by reading emails.

However, I do not recommend this site as a way to make money online. It is true that because the site is new it is difficult to make a clear judgment on this site. But the truth is that even if the site is currently paying, it is a site that will disappear one day.

And I don’t think that moving from opportunity to opportunity is a better way for you to earn a sustainable income online.

If you want a reliable way to make money online, I recommend you or blogging. This is the best way to generate passive income online and be financially free.

This is the way I am making a 4 digit recurring and passive income online while doing what I love (blogging)..

And that is nothing because million of people are making a full time income doing it. And you can too.

Your decision and action you take matters. They are regular guys like you!

If your time is better than earning 0.1 Gram by watching videos, then affiliate marketing is what I recommend as a business model for you.

But keep in mind, like any business, you will need to invest in yourself and in your business to make it work. You will need for example to buy a domain name ($13 per year), web hosting (under $10 per month), affiliate marketing training (price varies), and at least a keyword research tool (at least $25 per month).

This is a lot off money if you will buy these tools induvidually.

Thankfully, here is an All In One platform that offers all these in one room, and for an affordable price. With under $49 per month, you can create a profitable and long term online business that will generate passive income overtime for you.

I hope you found my GramFree review helpful.

From now, you know what is GramFree, how does it work and the best part you are in a good position to make an informed decision to shape your financial future.

Do you have a question about the GramFree platform or about this review, just drop it down on the comment section and I will reply you ASAP.

What experience do you have using this website? Let us know your thought on the comment section.

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353 thoughts on “What is GramFree? [GramFree review] Scam or legit?”

  1. Gram free is all scam,when u watch the YouTube videos,u hear them saying they started and withdrew in less than 3months but there’s no possible way u can withdraw in less than 3 months when u earn less than 2grams per day,I used 300grams to play lottery and lost everything,I wasted my time on this site,shit

    1. Hi, Jace
      Thank you for sharing your experience with our readers.

      That will help newcomers to avoid this site.

      We warm people but unfortunately we are misunderstood and sometimes treated as scammers.

      All the best!

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