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Home Business Academy review [2022]: scam or legit course?

Welcome to the Home Business Academy review for 2022.

Today we will take a look at the HBA in order to find out:

  • What this program is about?
  • What is offered inside the HBA?
  • The cost to join,
  • The pros and cons and my final point of view.

But before we get into the HBA review, I want you to know I am not affiliated with the HBA product nor the owner to write a positive review.
I just share my honest point of view about the program to help everyone make an informed decision.

That being clear, let’s move on with my Home Business Academy review.

Home Business Academy review summary:

Product name: Home Business Academy

Owner: Paul Hutchings & Mike Hobbs

Website: https://thehomebusinessacademy.com/

Product Type: Online course

Home Business Academy pricing: $125

SOW YOUR SEED TODAY rating: 6/10

Do I recommend this? Yes for experienced affiliate marketers and No for beginners?

What is the Home Business Academy about?

Home Business Academy review

The Home Business Academy aka HBA is an educational and online marketing tools provider.

I have even dedicated a full review on one of the products they offer called the FBA Funnel Builder you can find here.

By the way, as its name suggests, it is a funnel builder tool you can use to build leads, sales, and webinars funnels. It also offers a membership site creator tool you can use to build membership sites to sell an online course or whatever you want.
This tool alone costs $25 per month and they claim it is the affordable one in the industry.

That is before the Launch of Systeme.io though. Because what you get with Systeme.io’s free membership is worth what they sell for $25 per month. Not to say it is better as they offer features their builder doesn’t have.

As for the training they provide, it covers 2 major aspects: mindset and technical skills you need to succeed. It is designed to just teach you how to use their builder tool to build your online business.

How much the Home Business Academy cost?

I have reviewed many MMO opportunities and online courses.
I tagged some overpriced but the Home Business Academy is the top overpriced course I have seen so far.

In fact, the HBA costs $125 per month. This can be an issue if you are just starting out your online journey.

I have seen people claiming that with HBA training you can make money faster but truth me, those who just make such claim is just trying to sell you the program so that they can make money.

Building a profitable and long-term online business take time and it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

So it will take the time it will to yield results.

Another selling point for those people is that you just need only two (2) members to get your monthly expenses covered. That is true.

But how long it will take for a full beginner to get 2 premium referrals that will be willing to pay their ongoing hefty membership fee?

Whatever the strategy you will use to get leads, it will cost you time or money.

Time means you will start building a website like the mine and then try to rank it. It will take you at least 6 months to be realistic to start getting traffic from search engines. 6x$125 equals $750 without your website start-up cost. How much will you pay if it takes longer than that?

If you will take the route of buying traffic from solo ads networks like Udimi or rely on paid ads on Facebook, Google, or Bing, you will need to add at least $500 per month advertising budget to your ongoing membership fee.

And don’t forget! You will keep paying your ongoing $125 per month fee.

Either your choice to promote this product, making sale won’t come overnight. There are several training courses and when we weigh the pros and cons, going with even a one-time $997 course will save you too much money in the long run.

Also, read Perpetual Income 365 review.

What is inside the HBA?

The HBA offers training and tools as I pointed it out earlier.

But this Home Business Academy review is about the training they offer.

In the HBA course, you will get access to a weekly coaching mastermind with the HBA founders, Paul Hutchings & Mike Hobbs as well as community support from the top leaders (their promise).

On top of that you get access to 2 core training:

HBA premium: that is an online course delivered through a membership site where you will learn:

  • How to generate traffic and leads online using various traffic source such as Facebook, Youtube, blogging, and Search Engines where you will be learning how to create your own website, write SEO friendly content, Youtube video,
  • How to design high converting funnels and landing pages,
  • How to attract your customers and convert them into buyers through email marketing

The Financial Literacy Academy: Finance and dept training that covers the following:

  • Debt elimination,
  • Tax strategies for US Business owners,
  • Retirement planning and strategies,
  • Records and bookkeeping with Quickbooks online,
  • How to build long term cash flow with rental properties,
  • Stress-free property management,
  • Asset 101,
  • Business entity setup and maintenance, and more.

Also, read my eCom Warrior Academy review.

The Home Business Academy pros and cons

What I like with the HBA

✔ Detailed training,

✔ Marketing tools provided – great for people who want to enter into the one-page affiliate marketing business system,

✔ Real and successful entrepreneurs behind it,

✔ Weekly training through coaching from the owners.

What I don’t like with the HBA

❌ No free trial – you need to invest a $125 upfront fee to get access to the training materials,

❌ 3-day refund policy – that I found very short to make a decision,

❌ $125 can be a challenge for someone who is just starting out,

❌ Extra cost involved (online tools such as domain name, hosting, etc).

The Home Business Academy alternative

  • If you are looking for a cheaper alternative,
  • If you are looking for a mature company that delivers results,
  • If you are looking for an all in one platform that not only educates but offer the necessary tools to get started,
  • If you are looking for to network with like-minded people all over the world and get real and live support,
  • If you are looking to build a long term and profitable affiliate marketing business,

Then, you must try this program.

Not only it is 2 times cheaper than this one but it also offers you value for your money.

In fact, your premium membership gives you:

  • Access to over 120 training lessons that cover all topic in affiliate marketing,
  • Access to over 1000s webinars reply,
  • Access to a weekly webinar,
  • access to premium hosting for your websites (create and host up to 10 websites),
  • Access to a premium keyword research tool,
  • 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring and more.

My HBA review’s FAQ

Is the Home Business Academy a Pyramid Scheme?

The straightforward answer is no. Because a Pyramid scheme is based on recruiting people and not selling retail products. However, The HBA offers retail products members can sell and then make money.

Is the HBA an MLM company?

The HBA is not an MLM company per se. But it is a pay-to-play business model and not too far from being an MLM company. In fact, in order to make money from the HBA, you need to be a customer – keep paying your monthly $125 fee.

Does the Home Business Academy offer a refund?

Yes, the Home Business Academy offers a 3 days refund policy. You can read about their refund policy here.

The Home Business Academy review: final thoughts

In these days and ages making money from the comfort of your home without quitting your couch is possible. And Affiliate marketing is one of the ways many entrepreneurs make money online working from home. That is what the HBA taught throughout their online course.

That is a great idea and I agree, the HBA owners, Paul Hutchings & Mike Hobbs did a great job by designing this course to power people with the required skills to be successful in the industry.

However, I didn’t recommend this course to beginners because I found it overpriced compared to similar courses (if not better than this one) where you can get the same information (if not better) at a fraction of the cost.

I know what attracts most people and entices 99% of members to promote it is the 80% commission ($100 recurring commission they will make).

That is tempting. But weigh the pros and cons before venturing on this journey.

I don’t see any reason to join this program when I know I can get similar products and training courses at the fraction of the cost they charge and still make recurring commissions with other programs out there.

That being said, I hope you found my Home Business Academy review helpful.

If this is the case don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. Are you an HBA member? Or have you been a member? Share your experience with us.



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2 thoughts on “Home Business Academy review [2022]: scam or legit course?”

    1. Hi, Mike
      I am not affiliated with the HBA nor with the owner.

      If you are not happy with their product and want to ask for a refund, you can see their refund policy here. It can be done within 72 hours of your purchase.
      Thank you for stopping by!

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