Guide on how to generate leads on Facebook for free

Want to generate leads on Facebook for free but don’t know how to go about it? Or are you struggling to get traffic and signups from Facebook for your website or affiliate program?

You are not alone!

I got several messages from my readers asking me how to generate leads on Facebook for free in 2021 for their business.

To be precise, their own term is “how to get free traffic and sign-ups from Facebook for their affiliate links?”. This is about Facebook lead generation. Right?

But instead of running ads that require a huge advertising budget, they want tips that can help them advertise their business for free.

This is why today I want to stop by and share my little knowledge about Facebook traffic generation.

To be honest I don’t master social media advertising. But I want to share what I know with my readers I care about.

What I know and I am proud of is how to create a blog and rank it higher on Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and then convert visitors into leads and lifetime buyers.

But I am sure this post will be beneficial to those who are struggling to get sign-ups from their Facebook account as well.

So let’s dive in now…

How to generate leads on Facebook for free in 2021 (in 2 easy steps)

First and foremost this subject is large and due to the Facebook Algorithm change, some of these tips below may not work depending on the time you are reading this post about making your Facebook account a lead generation machine.

But be reassured that most of these tips are evergreen (except that Facebook will prevent you from adding your site to your profile.

Here are the basics of making your Facebook account a lead generation machine for you:

Step #1: The account set up stage: Laying the foundations

In this section of our guide on how to generate leads on Facebook for free in 2021, I want to show you the basics step you need to follow before we get into the advertising stage.

1. Create a professional or Business Facebook Account instead of using your personal account for your business

The mistake many starters make when it comes to social media marketing is using their personal account for their businesses.

However, for security purposes and in order to get a better result, you need to separate your personal Facebook account from your business account.

So if you don’t have a professional Facebook account yet, you need to start creating a Facebook business or professional account.

It is just a Facebook account like your personal account but created for business purposes.

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2. Create a Facebook page for your business

Do I need to tell you that?

If you have a business and you want to let the world know about it and avoid unpleasant surprises such as having your business name used by someone else as I mentioned in this article, you will need to create an account for your business in almost every social media platform.

Because social media marketing is one of the best ways to make your business known to the world, build an audience, and develop your authority.

And Facebook is the third social media platform on the world in 2021 after respectively Instagram and YouTube. And the best part is that Facebook and Instagram can be linked together.

So it is important you create a Facebook Page if you want to generate leads on Facebook for free in 2021.

To create your Facebook Page, visite this link.

Then, fill out the required information and click the “create page” button to create your page.

How to generate leads on Facebook for free: create a Facebook Business page

After that, design your Facebook cover image using Canva (free image editing tool) and add it.

It goes the same for your logo if you want to use your logo instead of your Facebook profile image.

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3. Help your future customers know about your business

Once you have created your business account and your Facebook business account, your next step is to help people easily know more about your business.

And you can do it by:

Adding your links to your profile

Adding your links to your profile so that people who will check out your profile to learn more about you can click on it.

But what kind of link to use?

You can add many links on your profiles but I advise you only add 2 or 3 links if you have a website for your business (one is your business link and the other one your lead capture page). On the one hand, that will help your audience know more about your business and on the other hand, build your mailing list and build a trust relationship with your audience and then build a long term customer relationship.

To do that go to modify my profile then click on “website” or “links” and you will find an option to add your links.

Adding a Facebook cover image that describes your business on your Facebook profile

Facebook profile well optimized for leads generation: an overview

Sometimes an image “speaks louder” than words.

Facebook is not totally a visual social media platform like Pinterest and Instagram but images play an important role in advertising. And Facebook gives you a way to make your business shines not only by creating a Facebook business page but also by using your own Facebook profile features to your advantage.

In fact, you can add a cover image to your FB profile. Instead of using a junk image, it is a great way to tell your audience what you are doing by designing an image that describes your business or what you do.

That helps your audience or if you want your friends to know a bit about what you are doing online.

Those who are curious will click on your cover photo if you add a CTA (Call To Action) on it.

This is what you can see when you click on my Facebook cover image.

Facebook profile image's cover linked to a website or link

And it generates click as well despite the fact that I’m not too active on Facebook.

PS: Use an opt-in page here if you have instead of using your website link. I did it for a personal reason I can’t explain here.

On top of your cover image, you can also add a featured image to your profile. It is an image people will see on top of your profile and it appears just after your Facebook profile’s links.

This is another great way to advertise your business and drive more traffic to your links and then generate leads from Facebook for your online business.

This increases the likelihood of generating more leads from your Facebook account.

Step #2: The advertising stage: Target, connect, engage and convert

In this section of my guide on how to generate leads on Facebook for free in 2021, I want to show you the step you need to follow in order to get more results.

1. Target: Join Facebook Groups related to your niche and send a friend request to people your business can benefits

First off, Facebook is a social media platform. That means it is a platform where you can connect with other people all over the world.

It is a platform designed for networking and communication purpose. You can use it to find people and connect with people that share similar interests like you through groups, networks, and locations.

So as a business owner, you need to build a friendship or to connect with your targeted audience instead of with your friends & family (use your personal Facebook profile for that).

You may be wondering how to build a targeted audience using Facebook?

Let me show you a REAL example.

For your information, I am from a french country.

But …

When I first started my blogging journey, I decided to target English countries with my Make Money Online  (MMO) blog. So I decided when I created my Professional Facebook account to target people from not only from these countries but also people who are interested in the MMO niche too.

By doing what?

Here is what I did:

You know Facebook doesn’t allow people to send friend requests to unknown people.


So I joined Facebook Groups related to my niche first. Because people who are in the same group can send a friend request to each other without any problem. 


The next step?

I only send a friend request to like-minded people or to people I think have an interest in what I am doing.

And you can find these kinds of people on other people’s Facebook posts – in the comment section.

A Facebook post showing the number of comment users can use to it advantage

Just check on the comment section you will see people promoting scams sites without knowing it. And even if they are promoting legit business, some are struggling to get traffic.

You can help those people. right?

So send them a friend request. In most cases, 50% – 80% of these people will respond favorably to your friendship request.

Trust me or not, if you want to get traffic and sign-ups on Facebook in 2021, you need to build your Facebook friendship relation based on your niche or the offer you are marketing.

For instance, if you are promoting health products, you need to join health-related Facebook groups and to build a friendly relationship with people who have an interest in this topic.

To find Facebook groups in your niche to join, just use the “Facebook search” feature.

Type your niche name + “Facebook group” on the Facebook search bar and then hit search.

This is what I got as results with the term “health and fitness group”.

Facebook groups search results

As you can see, some of these groups have 1 million + members.

Once you have created your Facebook Business account and have a number of friends the following steps must be your main focus.

The bottom line: Identifying your target audience helps you develop effective marketing communication strategies.
Join Group related to your niche and send a friend request to people your business can benefit

Also, read How to choose a niche.

2. Connect: Get to know your audience and get them to know you in return

In social media marketing getting your audience engaged with your content is important if you want Facebook to put your post in more news feeds.

But how to increase your Facebook post engagement?

There no secret behind it.

In order to maximize your Facebook post reach you need to engage with other people post. Like, comment, chat with your friends, try to know more about them, and aim to help them instead of selling to them in rush.

You get what you give. If you engage with your friend’s posts, obviously they will do the same in return.

What Facebook counts as engagement are likes, comments, shares, etc your post receives. Plus your post receives more engagement, plus the likelihood of this post to have a good reach is high.

The bottom line: Connections and expanding your network is important for growing a customer base: making new connections can mean new prospects and ultimately new clients.
Get to know your audience and get them to know you in return.

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3. Engage: Post on your timeline instead in groups

If you are active on  Facebook in these 2 days you have noticed when you post on a group people leave spams comment (share their links). A few people will ask for more information about your post.

Since Facebook allows you to have up to 5000 friends, what you can do is to get as much as friends you can and then post on your timeline instead of wasting your time and energy posting on Groups.

The best part, when you engage with other people post as I said in the previous section and chat with people on Messenger, your posts will likely have a great reach.

But keep in mind, you need to post valuable and interesting content to get people to engage with your content. And you also need to post regularly.

The bottom line: Facebook engagement is important in any marketing strategy but it is more than just the accumulation of likes and comments across your posts. Aim to build your brand awareness that will help you attract new customers.

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4. Convert: Create your own group to convert your fans into leads

While posting on public groups doesn’t work due to spammers, having your own group for business or marketing purposes where you have the control can help you build your audience and create a trust relationship with them, and then convert them into lifetime buyers.

Let me explain a bit to you if you don’t know what I mean here.

Facebook gives you an option to add up to 3 questions in your group’s setting to ask from the prospective users who are willing to join your group. Right?

As a content marketer and a group owner, this is an opportunity you can use to generate leads on Facebook for free.

To make this strategy work for you, don’t just ask for email without offering something of value.

For instance, you can give them in exchange for their email address an eBook, a 7-day Bootcamp, a cheat sheet, toolkit/ resource List,…


Instead of asking emails from users that will just be an email list of prospective contacts, you can use automated tools such as:

  • Group Funnel.

These are browser extension tools that will help you collect leads from your Facebook group, saves on the info to Google spreadsheets, and directs it to your preferred autoresponders on few clicks of the mouse.

The bottom line: Everything you do in Facebook marketing is designed to convert your audience into buying customers for your business.
Create your own group and use automated tools to convert your fans into leads and lifetime buyers.

Get an overview of the guide on my graphic below.

how to generate leads on Facebook for free Infographic
Feel free to use it on your site if you want!


I hope this step by step guide on how to generate leads on Facebook for free in 2021 will help you get better results in your Facebook marketing.

This I another guide on how to get started with Pinterest marketing to check out.

To sum up, here is what you need to do if you want to get more leads and sales from Facebook in 2021:

In your account set up stage:

  • Create a professional business account instead of using your personal account for your online business.
  • Create a Facebook business page for your online business.
  • Use Facebook visual features in your Facebook profile to help your audience know what you are doing online.

In the advertising stage:

  • Target: Join Group related to your niche and send a friend request to people your business can benefits
  • Connect: Get to know your audience and get them to know you in return
  • Engage: Post valuable content on your timeline instead in groups. Like, comment on other people’s posts, etc.
  • Convert: Create your own group to convert your fans into leads

Want to hear from you…

Do you have a question? Feel free to drop it down in the comment section.

Do you like this guide, share it with your friends.



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