Super Affiliate Accelerator Review [2023]: Is Jacob Caris’s course a scam or legit?

Have you been introduced to the Jacob Caris’s course known as Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA) and you are wondering if it is a scam or a legit course that will lay down your path to be a successful affiliate marketer or just another scam or hyped program?

If yes, you are in the right place.

To be straightforward with you, the Super Affiliate Accelerator is not a scam.

It is a high ticket program that promises to teach you how to make $10k per month selling other people’s products.

But is the course worth the price tag?

Throughout this Super Affiliate Accelerator review I will delve deeper into the following points so that you can make an informed decision:

  • What is the Super Affiliate Accelerator about?
  • Who is the SAA’s owner and his business track record,
  • How much does it cost and what you get for your money,
  • Who this course is for and who it is not for
  • The pros and cons and my final point of view.

Without further ado, let get to the point.

Super Affiliate Accelerator review summary:

Name: Super Affiliate Accelerator


Founders: Jacob Caris

Product Type: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing training course

Price: $1,500 – $5000 one time fee or ($1300×3 months)

Is Super Affiliate Accelerator a scam? No

SOW YOUR SEED TODAY rating: 7.5/10

Do I recommend this? No for a couple of reasons I will outline in this review.

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What is the Super Affiliate Accelerator about?

Created by Jacob Caris, the Super Affiliate Accelerator is a 6-week training course that teaches people how to leverage Facebook groups to sell high ticket products for a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a great and a legit way millions of entrepreneurs (including myself) rely on these days and ages to make money online.

More and more people enter into this industry each day.

That leads most people to release their own course with the intention of helping newcomers get the needed skills to be successful.

But note that each course is designed for a specific audience.

According to the creator, the SAA is built to help you build a profitable high-ticket affiliate marketing business with Facebook marketing.

The training comes in video format, blueprints, frameworks, weekly Q&A sessions, and coaching to help you succeed in your high ticket affiliate marketing journey.

Unlike certain programs that promise quick results without doing anything but just copying and pasting, Jacob Caris’s program is built for people who are ready to take action.

This is a part of the program I like. These days most programs just make big promises to people while holding the reality or what it really takes to be successful with their system.

I am not saying everything is revealed when it comes to how it takes to make money with the SAA program. But at least the sale page is authentic and clear with customers before they even buy the product.

Sure, there is hidden information I will be revealing in this review.

One thing you need to retain here before we move on is that this course is about high-ticket affiliate marketing throughput Facebook marketing.

Who is Jacob Caris, the Super Affiliate Accelerator creator?

Jacob Caris is known as a public speaker, content creator, and online course creator.

The SAA is his third online course after the DreamCar Profit and the Platinum Secrets Course.

He is originally from Australia, but he moved from there to work in finance on Wall Street in New York.

After he realized the 9 to 5 grind is not the lifestyle he wanted, he started to look for ways to make money online.

After research and studies, he found affiliate marketing would be a good fit for him and he joined the Clickfunnels affiliate program and other high tickets affiliate programs like the Legendary Marketers.

In a matter of 2 years starting in 2017, he managed to enter into the super affiliate circle of both Clickfunnels and Legendary Marketer.

The Legendary Marketer is a platform designed by Dave Sharpe that also teaches people how to sell high ticket products for a commission and Jacob Caris has made 1 million dollars from this program alone within 18 months period.

After he successfully build multiple streams of income, Jacob ended up ditching his career in finance to work full-time online.

He also has a social presence. But unlike other big players, Jacob Caris is not so popular.

In fact, his YouTube channel at the time I was writing this review has only 4,14k subscribers.

Jacob Caris YouTube Channel

That is not so bad, but when we know other marketers like Jonathan Montoya has made almost 10x this number in a matter of 2 years.

In short, Jacob Caris is a successful affiliate marketer. Both ClickFunnels and Legendary Marketer are very competitive. Being able to come up to the top affiliates doesn’t come by chance – but by hard work, good planning, and implementation.

But does he walks his talk?

Just hold with me to the end and you know if this course lives behind his promise or not.

But first,…

How much does the Super Affiliate Accelerator cost?

Super Affiliate Accelerator review - pricing

As I said earlier, the Super Affiliate Accelerator will teach you how to sell high-ticket products for a commission.

The program itself is a high-ticket product.

I’m fact, the Super Affiliate Accelerator course comes with 3 membership plans:

  • The SAA basic membership plan costs a $1,500 one-time fee

With this membership, you have access to the core training, plus an opportunity to join their affiliate program to promote the SAA course itself for a commission.

  • The SAA core membership costs a $3000 one-time fee with an option to pay $1,300 per month for 3 months

With this membership, you get access to the SAA core training, the opportunity to become an affiliate, Access to weekly calls, plus access to their private Facebook group for support.

  • The SAA Delux membership costs a $5000 one-time fee

This membership unlocks all the SAA perks for you. But what you get as extra compared to the previous membership is the 1-on-1 calls with Jacob Caris himself. And as I know this is only 2 calls (1 hour each session).

This is a lot of money if you are just starting out and on a budget.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that this is for the course only. You are required to use marketing tools to market the product itself or any product you want.

These tools are funnel builder and email marketing tools. The recommended funnel-building tool is ClickFunnel (price starts at $97 per month with a 14-days free trial). And inevitably the email marketing tool you are recommended to use is Getresponse ( $15 per month with a 30-days free trial).

Note that there are alternative tools like you can use paired with the email marketing tool you want. But if you want to use the pre-made funnels the creator use and give access for free, you don’t have the choice. You have to use Clickfunnels.

Another extra cost involved is your advertising expenses. You need traffic in order to be able to make any sales online. No traffic no sales and no money.

If you can drive organic traffic from Facebook, you can ignore this extra cost.

I highlight this point so that you can know by yourself how much you will need to run your business based on what is taught in this course.

Let’s get into the next section of my Super Affiliate Accelerator review to take a close look at what was offered inside.

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What is inside the Super Affiliate Accelerator course?

The Super Affiliate Accelerator by Jacob Caris is structured into 11 modules that cover topics such as:

  • Success mindset,
  • Niche and products choice,
  • Content creation,
  • Branding,
  • Marketing and paid advertising,

Let’s take a look at what is inside the SAA course

Module 1: Introduction to the Super Affiliate Accelerator mastermind

This is just an introductory video that will give you an overview of what you will learn in the whole mastermind.

Module 2: Success Mindset

What makes most people fail in their businesses (online or offline) is not having the right mindset about business.

At the first glance, Jacob will show you what kind of mindset you must have to be successful in your high ticket affiliate marketing journey.

Module 3: Picking A Niche and choosing your targeted audience

A niche is important and something to carry on at the beginning of your journey. It also helps you figure out your customer persona. I mean your audience.

And targeting the right audience can help you move faster.
In this module of the SAA training, you will learn how to choose a niche for your online business.

Module 4: Fast Start Process

Module 4 comes with daily plans and actions you need to take each day to help you kickstart this new brand method of selling.

Keep in mind the core focus of this training is about using social media to build your brand and authority. So if you are new to social media marketing or never closed a sale from Facebook, you will need to follow this step-by-step instruction and actions plan to be familiar with it.

Module 5: Monetization – Product choice

This module is about product choice. As I said earlier, the Super Affiliate Accelerator by Jacob Caris is about selling high ticket products. So in this module, he will teach you how to choose a winning product to promote to your audience. These are products that can make you at least $500 per sale.

And products or programs recommended in this module are products like the Legendary Marketer course.

Module 6 – 7: Closing The Deal

In these modules, Jacob will give tips you can apply to close sales. It comes with PDFs, sale scripts, and other resources you can use in your marketing arsenal.
Networking and relationship building are also topics covered in this training.

Module 8 – 10: Branding and building your tribe and authority

This is where Jacob will teach you how to build your audience by optimizing your Facebook profile, creating groups, using messenger bots to automate the selling process, etc.

By following what was taught inside these modules you will be able to brand yourself and build authority – that will help you to close sales easily.

Module 11 – 12: Paid advertising training

These 2 modules of the SAA training course are about paid advertising. Here you will learn how to leverage paid ads to make more commission.

Who is this course for?

The SAA course is for you if:

  • You are not on a budget and ready to not only get at least $1,500 out of your pocket to learn the fundamental of high ticket affiliate marketing methods.

And also ready to invest hundreds of dollars in marketing tools and paid ads (optional).

  • You are a seasoned affiliate marketer who is looking to test other affiliate marketing strategies and increase your income potential.

Who is this course not for?

Obviously, this course is not for you if you are not ready to invest $1000 to learn the ropes of high ticket affiliate marketing.

This course is not for you if:

  • you are lazy and not ready to devote yourself to work.
  • you are looking for copy-pasted systems and not ready to build a real business by providing value to your audience.
  • if closing high ticket sales with Facebook groups is not a good fit for you.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Pros and Cons

Super Affiliate Accelerator Pros

✔ Actionable and step by step training in video format,

✔ Downloadable, scripts and other resources provided,

✔ Private Facebook group to get help and support from other members, (but not for all memberships)

✔ Jacob Caris is legit and a well knows entrepreneur in the ClickFunnel and the Legendary Marketer affiliate program.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Cons

❌ Very expensive and may not be a good fit for people who are just starting out,

❌ There is no refund policy and no free trial.

Why a refund policy or free trial is important for high ticket product like this?

Most companies offer a free trial for people to try the program or the product first so that they can figure out if this is what they need.

Some offer a refund policy so that people can get their money back if they are not happy with the product.

Unfortunately, the SAA doesn’t offer such things to customers. That means if you put your money on their hands, even if you are not happy with the product, you can’t get even haft of your money.

So take the time to weigh the pros and cons before you decide to invest in it.

Or choose the 3 payment installment option. That will give you the opportunity to see by yourself what is really inside, the value offered before you invest more money in it. Hum!! that will cost you more money compared to the one-time payment.

Yey, gauge the P and the C.

I don’t know the reason they don’t offer a free trial nor refund. Maybe because you must schedule a call with Jacob Caris or with one of his team before you invest.

Note that there’s plenty of cheaper alternatives out there that are also good training.

It all depends on your vision and objective. It is good to start small and then grow over time.

What I mean is that I am not against high ticket programs or products. It is a great way to reach your income goal with the same effort you put in to market low-ticket products.

But when you start with the course you can afford the cost without headaches, when you start earning, you can invest in more courses and scale your business.

Why I am not recommending this high ticket product to You?

First off, I promote products I believe will give more value to my audience.

I am not against high ticket affiliate marketing. But if I found a high ticket program that is overpriced just to make juicy income to affiliate, I am sorry, I am not ready to put my name behind this product – mainly if I know there are alternatives to this program.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying the Super Affiliate Accelerator product is not a good product.

Or Jacob Travis is not a successful marketer. He did a good accomplishment and has made a name for himself.

But here are the reasons I don’t recommend this program to my audience:

Overpriced for less value

The SAA owner clearly states the basic membership gives the students access to the core training and that is all.

No Private Facebook access, so no support.

Super Affiliate Accelerator restriction

That is very sad for a hefty $1,500 out of my pocket and not having the opportunity to get help if needed.

No refund policy

Super Affiliate Accelerator refund policy

This is a no-brainer. This argument they don’t offer a refund because they cannot get back the information they share with customers is not solid for a high ticket product like this.

It goes the same when he says his results and his students’ results speak for themselves. That is either a solid argument. This is a dirty sale tactic he uses to get people to buy his product.

What about the Legendary Marketer, the program he himself promotes and recommends in the training?

Does it offer a refund policy or not?

Does it mean what the Legendary marketer teaches doesn’t work? Is this reason they offer a refund policy?

Absolutely not. There is a catch here.


I am not encouraging people who are looking to buy products – no matter the type of product to buy with the intention to ask for a refund.

But truth is, for one or another reason you can buy a product and fund that what is inside is what you expected to get.

Super Affiliate Accelerator alternatives

I believe Jacob Caris has made a great accomplishment in a short time with affiliate marketing.

For one reason or another, if you found that the Super Affiliate Accelerator is not your first rodeo, here are better alternatives:

The Freedom Breakthrough by Jonathan Montoya – a complete affiliate marketing training that also teaches high ticket affiliate marketing. The best part, it shows you long-term and short terms strategies you can apply and get results faster.

Read my Freedom Breakthrough review for more information.

Legendary marketer – I have already mentioned Legendary Marketer in this review. This is the popular high ticket affiliate marketing program out there. Only there are upsells and it is not a worldwide program. Check before you join.

Read my Legendary Marketer review for more information.

But if you are on a budget and are just starting out, Wealthy Affiliate will be a good fit for you. This is the platform I use myself and it hosts this website you are reading now.

Here is what you get inside this platform:

  • Affiliate marketing training course,
  • You get access to weekly live training,
  • You get access to a dynamic and supported community – larger than 1.4 million+ people,
  • A personal coach for help and support,
  • Premium cloud-managed WordPress hosting (you can create up to 50 websites)
  • A premium keyword research tool for market and keyword research ( $19 value for free), and more.

Want more options? Check out my top best affiliate marketing training courses.

My Super Affiliate Accelerator review’s FAQ

Is Super Affiliate Accelerator a scam?

No. The Super Affiliate Accelerator is not a scam. It is a legit course that teaches you how to make money online selling other people’s products. Jacob Caris himself is legit and ready to help you succeed.

Is Super Affiliate Accelerator a pyramid scheme?

A company is a pyramid scheme when it generates money just by recruiting new members and not selling retailable products or services. We found such a program in the MLM industry. The SAA is not an MLM company. So the Super Affiliate Accelerator is not a Pyramid scheme.
And here is how Wikipedia defines it: ”A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products”.

Is Jacob Caris a scam?

This is a question most people are wondering.
If this is also a question you have too, let me clear your doubt. Jacob Caris is not a scam.

Does the Super Affiliate Accelerator affiliate program available to everyone?

No. The Super Affiliate Accelerator affiliate program is only available for those who bought the product. As I know you need to be a paid member in order to be able to recommend it to other people for a commission. And the sale video is built to attract people who are ready to trade their money for money.

What is the Super Affiliate Accelerator price?

The Super Affiliate Accelerator costs $1,500 to $5000 – a one-time fee.

My final thoughts…

Jacob Caris is a well-known and successful affiliate marketer that made his name throughout the Legendary Marketer and the ClickFunneel affiliate programs. He did a good job designing this platform that teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing by selling high ticket products.

I know this is a great way to hit your income goal with the same effort you will put to market low-ticket products. But as you know most high ticket products out there require you to invest in the product first (or pay a fee) before you qualify for the higher commission. That is the case for example with this program itself.

However, if you are just starting out, investing thousands of dollars in training and tools can be challenging – mainly if you are on a budget.

So take your time to weigh the pros and cons before venturing into any program and not get excited about the commission promised.

That being said, I hope you found my Super Affiliate Accelerator review helpful.

How I went from zero to  4 figures Online?

  1. By Doing what I like…
  2. Without Spending thousands of dollars…
  3. By Working from the comfort of my home…
  4. Without being accountable to a  BOSS…

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To your success!


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