Zendyx affiliate system review: Is it a scam or the best program to make s100,000 per month?

Zendyx affiliate system review

Welcome to my Zendyx Affiliate System review!

Have you heard about Zendyx Affiliate System (ZAS) program and you are wondering if it is a legit program that can help you make $1000 per day as they claim or just a big scam trying to rip off your hard-earned cash?
If yes, you have come to the right place.

Throughout this review of Zendyx Affiliate System, we will cover these points:

  • What is Zendyx Affiliate System?
  • How does it work?
  • The cost to get the program,
  • The pros and cons and my honest point of view about this program.

Zendyx Affiliate System review summary:

Product Name: Zendyx Affiliate System

Product type: ClickBank Affiliate marketing training using a software

Website: https://www.zendyx.com/zendyx

Owner: Mark Evans – not sure (I will explain)

Price: $39 USD + upsells

Scam or legit? – difficult to judge for the moment

SOW YOUR SEED TODAY Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend this? – No

Here is my #1 recommendation program for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers who want to build a thriving and long-term online business.

?? Check it out here

Before we move on, I want you to know why I recommend this one instead Zendyx Affiliate System.

Is it because I can’t recommend the one I am reviewing right now? No.

Is it because I can get paid recommending this program to you? Not at all! The product is on the ClickBank marketplace and I can promote it as anyone.

I can make money promoting it, but I only recommend products and services that will give value to the buyer. I don’t recommend products/services for the sake of money only.

There are people out there promoting this product because they will make a 75% commission ($285) for the sales they generated. It is their business and we don’t have the same business ethic.

Don’t worry this Zendyx Affiliate System review will not be an unbiased review just to sell you my #1 affiliate program. You can check it out if you want. It is because I know they give value I recommend it to you.

I will be thorough in this review to give you a better understanding of Zendyx Affiliate System so that you can make an informed decision.

Without further ado, let go straight to our Zendyx Affiliate System review.

What is the Zendyx affiliate system about?

Zendyx Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing training program designed by a man named Mark Evans. Just like Done for you services system by Ariella affiliate marketing training course I reviewed a few days ago, Zendyx Affiliate System training focused on the promotion of tiers ClickBank’s products (and the program itself).

Evans, the Zendyx Affiliate System owner claims he will teach you how to make $1000 per day selling ClickBank’s marketplace products while working only 30 mins per day.
He also claims in his introductory video he made 1 million dollars in just one year with his Zendyx system and beginners have used it to make $1000 per day.

Isn’t just some bold claims?

I am very skeptical about these kinds of claims when I know that making money online whether the business model you chose can’t make you rich overnight.

Yes, affiliate marketing is a legit and proven way to make money online, but it is not a get rich scheme. As an affiliate marketer myself, I don’t think working 30 mins per day can make you $1000 per day overnight as Evans, the pretended owner of this program claims.

What is Zendyx?

Zendyx is a software designed by mark Evans and he claims it is the best system that will help you make money in affiliate marketing.
Here is how he defines Zendyx : “A new system designed to make money from affiliate marketing”.

Who is behind Zendyx Affiliate System?

The owner of the Zendyx affiliate system is hidden. In the introductory video, the actor names a certain Marc Evans as the creator of Zendyx. But this famous Marc Evans is nowhere to be found. Unlike the Done For Your Service System, the Savage Affiliate, The Wifiwage, and the WP Affiliate Suite course I reviewed we don’t know who is behind this program.

How does Zendyx Affiliate System work?

Primarily Zendyx Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing training program as I pointed it out early. It is about making money online through affiliate marketing. But here the focus is promoting ClickBank’s marketplace products and mainly the program itself.

So you need to sign up for the Zendyx Affiliate System program. Once you sign up, you have the choice to download their software or to use their online platform to learn everything about ClickBank affiliate marketing and how to use their Zendyx marketing tools to generate sales.

Once you learned everything and ready to go on your adventures, you have to pick a product that fits your audience’s needs and start promoting. And every time someone buys the product through your link, you get paid. This is what affiliate marketing works. But the only problem here is that the training focuses on how you can make money with ZAS itself. So you need to compete with thousands of affiliate marketers who are selling the same product while using the same tools.

Zendyx affiliate system review: How much it cost?

Zendyx Affiliate System costs $39. But be awarded this is just a marketing system to get you on the door. Once you join, you will be bombarded with upsells. And you will need to spend a lot of money to make it work.

The one reason I said that is that people who are promoting Zendyx Affiliate System get $280 as commission. Obviously, the cost of this program is over $280. Right?
Trust it or not if you want to get the complete system the minimum you will spend is $467 as the sales commission rate is 60%.

Zendyx affiliate system sales commission rate

Is Zendyx affiliate system a scam?

This is a question I always have headaches to deal with – mainly for programs that have just been introduced into the marketplace. As I was writing this review Zendyx Affiliate System was launched a week ago.

So it depends on how you define a scam.

For instance, if a scam for you is just getting your money without giving you nothing in return, then Zendyx affiliate system is not a scam since you get something in return (ClickBank affiliate marketing training + software).

However, if a scam for you has a more profound meaning than that, let’s say, not having a chance to get what you’re promised, then Zendyx affiliate system might be a scam.

So I can state Zendyx Affiliate System is a scam for the moment. But I promise I will update this review as time goes by.

Even if my review will not be able to situate the exact status of this program for the moment, there are still some red flags that I have discovered and I would like to share them with you.

Zendyx affiliate system red flags:

Red flag #1: false testimonials

As you can see in the image below, Zendyx Affiliate System owner is using fake testimonials to lure people to join the program. How a legit program can use fake testimonials.

These guys that claim they used the program and are making money are just lying. They are just spokesperson on Fiverr and Mark just outsourced them to make a video for his program while making them lie that they are making money using the program.

Zendyx affiliate system review: fake testimonials
A liar on ZAS!?

See image below, this guy is a spokesperson on Fiverr ??

Spokesperson on Fiverr!?

He is not alone!! Here is another liar!!

A liar on ZAS!!?

Isn’t the same guy below???

Spokesperson on Fiverr!?

Reg flag #2: Fake payment proof

As you can see in the image below, Mark is using fake payment proof to lure people to purchase Zendyx software.

This is a message they sent me when I tried to join the program. As you can see, the payment proof is for the month of March when this program was launched only a week ago (December 27, 2019).

Not convinced?

Let’s move on!!!

Their domain name was registered on September 25, 2019, while the payment proof they sent to me is for the month of March. see the image below!??

Confused? Me too!!

Zendyx Affiliate System pros and cons

Zendyx Affiliate System pros

  • ✔ Training material provided
  • ✔ 30-day money-back guarantee through ClickBank

Zendyx Affiliate System cons

  • ❌ No free trial provided
  • ❌ False scarcity (when they said the program will be removed at midnight)
  • ❌ too much hype and bold claims
  • ❌ Fake testimonials and payments proof
  • ❌ Too much upsells up to $476
  • ❌ The owner is hidden – just a name is not enough

My last thoughts

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and proven way to make money online.

However, making money with affiliate marketing takes time. It is not a get rich quick scheme and you can’t make $1000 per day working 30 mins per day as Evans claims. I don’t mean it is impossible to make this amount of money per day. What I am pointed here is that it takes time.

So if you end up to join this program expecting to make $1000 per day overnight, you will be disappointed.

I have some doubts about what this program could give you as a result, considering the red flags I discovered.

If you are looking for a legit a genuine way to make money online, a platform that will take your hand and show you how to make your first dollar online, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

It is one of the best affiliate marketing training platforms that helped me add a 3 digit income to my day job salary. It is also the one that hosts this website you are reading now.

Here is what you get inside:

  • You get an evergreen affiliate marketing training for lifetime access,
  • Tools such as website builder ( you can create up to 50 websites), keyword research tool ($19 value for free) to build your own online business that will help you make a sustainable income online,
  • 1-on-1 coaching and weekly webinars
  • Online entrepreneur community for networking ( 2+ million members) and much more…

Free to join and no credit card needed!!

Wealthy Affiliate

Do you have a question about this review of the Zendyx Affiliate system or our service? Just put it down in the comment section. I will reply to you ASAP!

Be an ACTION taker, Sow Your Seed Today!!

To your success!!!


10 thoughts on “Zendyx affiliate system review: Is it a scam or the best program to make s100,000 per month?”

  1. Scam…scam..scam, thank you for this review, my friend, as mentioned in previous comments its so annoying that people are being ripped off and conned by this type of program. I also feel for the legitimate businesses out there who may be overlooked because everyone is so accustomed to this type of business offering and for the most part see them as scams.

    Looking forward to future reviews!

    1. Hi Justin,
      You are most welcome!!
      You are right! When you have been scammed several times, you tend to believe that there is nothing legitimate online. I myself at one point had that feeling until the day I found Wealthy Affiliate.
      Thank you for stopping by!!

  2. You are so right, this is a scam! After reading the review about Zendyx Affiliates System and seeing the videos of false testimonials, it shows that it is a scam. I hate how many scams are out there taking advantage of good people.

  3. Thank you for this useful review of Zendyx Affiliates System. I am looking for a way to earn money online and I come across this opportunity. I found many reviews but still confused about the legitimacy of this program.

    I thank God I landed on your site. I found your review useful and instructive.

    In the end, I know why you don’t recommend this because it really has many problems.

    1. Hi CT,
      You are most welcome!!
      Zendyx affiliate system is all about how to make money online selling Clickbank’s marketplace products and mainly the program itself using a software (Zendyx). But it lacks transparency.
      If you really need a proven and genuine way to make money online, I don’t think this program is the best way to go for reasons I’ve already covered in my review.
      Affiliate marketing is a rewarding business model but it requires hard work, patience, and consistency along the way and we need to know how to do it properly. And when you find a program that claims you can make $1000 per day overnight, stay away from it.
      Thank you for stopping by!!!

  4. Yes, this one is definitely fake. It really makes me sad to see that there are so many of this products available for online purchase.

    I really appreciate your work because people like you help many others stay away from scams.
    Thank you for that.


    1. Hey Strahinja,
      You made me laugh ?.
      Zendy Affiliate system is far from the best program for making money online.
      Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by!!

  5. Great investigative work here Sebastian! I love how you spotted the fake spokepersons and the domain registration date. Definitely something I’m going to keep in mind myself haha.

    These ClickBank promotion based “opportunities” seem to be very popular with con artists. They were really common a decade ago and in the early 2000’s. It’s funny how they still work but fortunately they are usually shortlived.

    The sad part is that there are a ton of unethical marketers that are willing to market these programs for a quick buck to their email lists or through solo ads etc.

    I definitely like your recommendation for affiliate marketing better. It’s at least based on a honest business model. You just offer solutions to people’s problems. Can’t see anything wrong with that.

    1. Hey, I hate working, hahahaaa!!
      Absolutely, you are right. There are people who are marketing this program even on their website just to make a few bucks. As I said it is their business and we don’t have the same work ethic.
      The only program I used and I recommend to beginners and advanced affiliate marketing looking to start or grow a long-term affiliate marketing business is Wealthy Affiliate for the value they offer to their members.

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