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Dear, freedom checker, let me ask you just a few questions:

  • Are you tired of reading reviews, info posts, and guides without not taking action?
  • Tired programs that don’t deliver what they promise?
  • Tired to spend $1,000’s on programs that only left you more confused & burnt out?
  • Tired of programs which were cool for a few months, but faded away after a few months or so leaving you with frustration?
  • Tired of jumping from program to program hoping to get gold but in the end leave you with nothing but frustration?

If yes, give yourself 5 minutes to read this!

But first and foremost, let me introduce myself if it is your first time on my Website.

Who I am?

The guy behind this website is a regular guy like you.

He is not different than you apart maybe the courage and the willingness he has to surpass himself for the shake of his dreams.

Yes! We are not different.


My name is Sebastian. A journalist by day and a side blogger by night.

I have a job I like and I bet most people would like this job.

But after a few years working for my boss, I realized the 9 to 5 lifestyle is not the lifestyle I want.

Most of my time is spent on work. I don’t have so much time with my family! And…

If I want to visit my parents by whom I was born I have to send an absence approval request to my Boss, wait for him to approve it. Heck!!

Hey, that is not what I want to be honest.

So I started looking for ways to make money online.

Unfortunately I stubbled in my bad foots several times and I lost hundreds of dollars with get-rich-quick schemes and scam sites.

Then one day I stumbled on this platform.

Having been a victim of several scam sites, and certain unethical reviewers I didn’t trust this platform.

Long story short, after the whole year outside this platform I have joined in 2018 (and tagged as a scam), I have lost again thousands of dollars on programs where I was been sold the dream of making passive income… Nothing in return.

Back to my abandoned 2018’s platform in July 2019…

I have said to myself… I will go with this platform to give it a try. The last platform I will try and stop if not getting results within the first year.

And hey, my experience has been positive. The first month I made my first commission of $12.93. It is nothing at the day I was writing this post. But at that time, you cannot imagine my joy… It is the first time I started to believe that it is possible to make money online.

Then after 9 months of the launch of my business, I was getting 2k visitors a day and making 3 digit income a day!!

See the screenshot below.

Wealthy Affiliate income proof

And I am not the only one making money with this platform

Here are other people making real money online from this platform.

Wealthy Affiliate review

This is what this business I will reveal to you can do for you and your family…

Whether you need to pay your debt, make more money to support your family or retire early, want more flexibility, or be your own boss, live on your own terms

This doesn’t have to be a dream.

It could be your life

All you have to do is make a decision that will change everything.

You just need to SOW YOUR SEED TODAY! In other words, you need to invest in yourself.

These regular people below and above did just that.

They took a chance on themselves and are not profiting wildly from it.

And they are not the only ones making money online with this business model I will reveal to you very soon.

Here are other people who make real money online from it.

Read the full report here

Read the full report here

Read the full report here

And how do these people do to make such money online?


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way for you to make money online by promoting other people’s products and services for a commission.

The great news is that anyone can become an affiliate marketer, and it’s surprisingly easy to get started!

And here are the reasons to choose this business model:

It is convenient for any work

A PC or smartphone + internet access is what you need. You can work from anywhere you want: from the comfort of my home (even on my couch), on a coffee, anywhere you want.

If Freedom is a part of your quest

Apart from the fact of being able to work from anywhere you want, you have the freedom as an affiliate to try and test a wide range of products to promote without making a huge time or financial commitment.

If Flexibility is a part of your quest

You work when you want and where you want at your own schedule. Plus you can switch whenever you want with the market change or your interest change. What an eCommerce or dropshipping business can offers unless I will change your website’s profiles.

The start-up cost is low

The affiliate marketing business model cuts off a lot of expenses like stocking the products, logistics fees, etc.

On top of that:

  • You don’t need to provide any customer support,
  • It can eventually be a great source of passive income… a way to make money while you sleep

I can’t number the time I wake up and got a message like this: “congratulations, you have got commissions”.

Don’t trust me?

Take a look at the screenshots below!

Here are real people, making real money online doing it.

Read the full report here

From now you have 2 options:

Option 1

You can ignore these success stories, the opportunity to dramatically shorten your learning curve in building a profitable and long-term online business, and be in the same place weeks or months, or a year from now.

You can ignore these success stories and just say it is a scam and continue with your damn job where you have to trade your valuable time for money, where you make your boss rich, and where your work controls your schedule and your income potential.


Option 2

You can decide it’s time to start this business that will make you consistent income over time and even replace your current income.

You can decide to be in control of your time and money. And become financially free.

The choice is yours. You can decide to be an ACTION taker and take action right now instead of being like most people that only talk about changing their life, and never take action accordingly.

Generating a steady, passive income stream month after month is easy as 1, 2, 3 with this time-testing and proven method.

But what is it?

The 4 core steps for building a successful affiliate marketing business

Chooce an Interest

It doesn’t worth adding another job to your existing job. Affiliate marketing is about doing what you like and getting paid for it. The core training shows you step by step how to pick a profitable niche to get started. That means choosing something you like to do and that can yield profit for you. You have all the resources within this platform to do market research to find out if it worths going with your idea or not instead of taking a route that will not yield results.

Build a website (promotional channel)

Build a website

Once you have picked your interest (niche), the next step is to build the website that will allow you to target your audience on it and then promote your offer to them. On top of being a marketing vehicle you can use to promote products or services and make money, a website is an online real estate you can sell for a profit. This is why over the years WA teaches aspiring online entrepreneurs how to build SEO-optimized websites and then attract visitors to these sites via search engines like Google.

Attract visitors

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. No traffic, no lead, no money. Your website will serve as a marketing vehicle to attract visitors to your website. And this is where the interesting things start. Wealthy Affiliate is the leading affiliate marketing training with over 15 years of experience teaching SEO. They don’t teach black hat SEO strategies as certain SEO courses do… so you can rest assured that your business won’t get penalized with Google updates.

Make Money

By following the 3 steps above, your website will be getting traffic – people who likely have an interest in what you are promoting. You have now a cash-making machine ready to generate cash flow on autopilot. All you have to do to make money is to give your visitors what they are looking for – services and products that will help them solve their problems.

And the best part, you have several ways to monetize your site. You can make money with ads networks like Google, Ezoic, etc, sell your own products, etc.


How much you can make with affiliate marketing?

Your income potential is limitless and the sky is the limit. If you have been in the online world a while, you have noticed there are people who make a Six-figure income online.

And as you can see in the image below, we have people thanks to WA who made six-figure in one week. So the short answer – your income potential limit is the sky.

Still have a question like…

Do I need a website to be a successful affiliate marketer?

No. But there are many reasons to use a website. A website is a real estate you own and can sell for a profit you cannot imagine.

You have control over your business compared to doing it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. Doing it this way is like rendering property. The day the owner is not happy with you he or she can kick you out and you lost your business.

Here is how smart affiliates do it: They build a website to attract their audience, repurpose their materials on YouTube, social media platforms, and all this alongside email marketing (list building).


Why sign up with WA while there are many courses out there?

Yes, there are many affiliate marketing courses out there and you will see people recommending these courses over WA because they get more commission on these courses than what they can make on WA.

Why WA?

Here is the reason: Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform where you get value for the money you spend.

Plus while some courses require an upfront fee, you can try WA for free.

Here is what you get in a nutshell:

  • 100+ Step-by-Step Training Lessons (Value $997),
  • Premium Managed Hosting – You can create up to 10 premium websites,
  • Website Domain Marketplace to register your premium domains and get perks competitors charge you for up to $100 annually,
  • A Premium Keyword Research Tool (needless to spend your money buying expensive research tool again),
  • Affiliate Program Research Tool that allows you to find affiliate programs faster in your niche,
  • Weekly Live Training Webinar that covers subjects regarding your business growth,
  • Wealthy Affiliate Experts classes – training by successful WA members,
  • Worldwide and supportive online entrepreneur community for networking,
  • 24/7 Technical Support.

Your special offer + bonuses from me

Bonus #1 A WordPress Premium Theme – A fast Loading and multi-Purpose premium theme

Start your blogging tourney with a fast loading and multi-purpose premium theme

Facebook profile profit system

Bonus #2: Facebook Profile Profit System Course ($97 value)

This is an online course that teaches you step by step and click by click how to turn your Facebook Profile into leads and cash machine without spending your money on paid ads.

Bonus #3: Pinterest Marketing 101 ($47)

An online course that teaches you how to use Pinterest to generate leads and sales faster.

This is an over the shoulder tutorial – no fluff, no theory, a practical course to help you grow your business faster

Pinterest marketing 101

Bonus #4: The Fast Ranking Code – SEO eBook ($47 value)

This is eBook is the exact blueprint and strategies I used to rank my site higher on Search engines like Google. I hit my 2k a day in 11 months blogging by following this strategy.

Bonus #5: Niche Choice Recipes – eBook ($19 value)

Finding the right niche to start your online business is very important for its success. Avoid costly mistakes beginners make and that forces them to start over again by putting your hand on this valuable eBook.

A Wealthy Affiliate bonus: Niche choice recipe

Bonus #6: 6 months 1-one-1 coaching from me (priceless)

Bonus 7: A special 59% off for your first month’s subscription.

If you are still here it main a lot for me. You want to change something in your life!

You know… there are types of people online: those who just pitch you, sell you their product, and then leave you alone.

Those who care about your success and have time to support you and help you succeed faster.

My aim throughout this website is to help people build a profitable and long-term online business.

On top of the training, tools, resources, and support mentioned above, I’m giving you all these for FREE:

  • Niche recipes eBook that will show you how to pick a profitable niche and start your affiliate marketing business the right way,
  • Andvanced SEO strategies and technics to rank higher on Google faster – I share the same strategies I used to scall my website from zero to 2k visitors per day in 9 months,
  • Free coaching and support from me
  • 59% discount on your first month membership,
  • Free access to my Pinterest Marketing and funnel success secret courses to make money faster with your business.

What People says about me

“Sebastian is always ready to listen to you and give you the attention and solution to your challenges anytime, anyday even if it’s midnight!

He has been a very great mentor to me and he guided me from the scratch towards building my website and getting it running online successfully.

If there is one word I would use to describe him, I would say he’s a SUPER-COACH!

I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to get mentored under him. You will be glad you do.”​

Mike Akerele, Blogger & Crypto enthusiast

“I don’t actually know how to start this but let say six months ago I knew nothing about blogging entirely.

So in my quest for legitimate ways to make money online, I stumbled across this website, and the great man behind it, Sebastian.

I tell you what, it has been six months of steady learning, thorough mentorship, and relentless motivation.

Although I have not really started earning, I totally and wholly enjoy what am doing and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far.

I would say if you really want to make money online whether for leisure or a full-time job, follow Sebastian. You’ll never regret you did.

Lucky, Tech blogger

” In short Sebastian is a smart entrepreneur, helpful, and a generous blogger who always had time to support me in my blogging journey.

He is my go-to source mentor when it comes to SEO and other blogging stuff.

I got most things done for free from him and this is rare to find for free in the online world.

Highly recommend him to everyone who wants help with online business growth.

Sebastian, you will still strive”​

Ademola, Political blogger

What are you waiting for?

I’ve noticed that the biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that:

  • Successful people take actions FASTER than unsuccessful people.
  • Unsuccessful people always procrastinate, make excuses, and never get ready to do what they must do to get what they want.

From my own experience, the easiest way to turn your passion into profits is by taking action, and the training tells you action-by-action what to do.

Most of the case studies and success stories you see out there, come from people who invest in their business (time and money), who learn and apply what they learned through the WA training.

Not convinced if this platform or this business model is for you…

Who is this platform and business model for?

This platform is for you if you are looking for a program that will help:

  • Start A profitable affiliate marketing business and make money much FASTER,
  • Drive traffic to your products or offers without spending your hard-earned cash on ads,
  • Network with millions of like-minded online entrepreneurs,
  • Build a multiples stream of income,
  • You are on a budget and you want to start your own online business,
  • Start a side business that will help quit your 9 to 5 grind.

Not convinced if you can benefit from this platform…

Who can benefits from this platform?

Wealthy Affiliate can be beneficial to you if you are one of these types of people below:

  • Beginners and advanced affiliate marketing who are looking to start their own niche site or affiliate marketing site,
  • Bloggers who are struggling to rank their sites on search engines, drive free traffic to their offer, and then make money from,
  • Bloggers or business owners who are looking for an all in one platform to save more money on their business,
  • People who have tried a couple of online courses, bought a few programs but not get any results
  • Network marketers who want to attract their prospects instead of chasing them – learn rejection free marketing system.

Have a question? Contact me or click on the button below and let’s discuss!

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