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Hey there, fabulous reader! I’m the brain behind the pixels, the curator of this digital playground. But you can call me Sebastian OUEDRAOGO, your trusty navigator through the world of affiliate marketing through blogging. Serial Side Hustler, I am a Christian, a journalist by day, and a side blogger by night.

As a 9 to 5 worker, I realized very soon this lifestyle was not what I wanted. In fact, seems my BOSS doesn’t care about my HEALTH but about his WEALTH!
What to do? The answer I found is to start a side business. After co-founding a physical business that cost me over $1,750 and that fell into bankruptcy, I decided to turn to the online world.

And guess what!! 
With a lot of struggle and loss of money in shiny objects and get-rich-quick schemes to be short.


My story

2017- half of the year of 2019 has been a struggle for me.
I started in the internet with the goal of adding a second source of income to my day job salary.

No experience, no marketing background no real mentor to follow. Nothing!

It has been a waste of time and money for me because all my investments in all the programs such as GDI, SFI, and even in some scam websites like Innex Networking went lost.

I learned lessons from this failure.

I realized most of these programs are not scams per se. But most of them don’t offer value.

Plus I don’t have a proven system that can help me efficiently market online.

Then one day I started to think outside of the box. I started to figure out how successful people make money online.
By doing some searches, I realized most successful internet marketers use a blog – some YouTube to attract their ideal prospects/customers or clients.

So I decided to create my own blog too. Then sowyourseedtoday.com was born in July 2019.

But to have the chance of succeeding in this blogging journey and be a part of the 10% who make it past the first year, I decided to buy an affiliate marketing course because all in this world is about marketing.

In fact, a blog is just a marketing vehicle to help you market your business efficiently.

Another thing I wanted at that time was a mentor.

Yes, “my mistakes have been my greatest mentors”. This is what pushed me in my quest to add a side income to my day job salary to start a blog after my failure.

But… As the saying goes,…

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

I wanted to be successful in this journey. I wanted a proven method to follow in order to start seeing the results of the hard work I was ready to put in.

However, I realized most affiliate marketing training courses out there are expensive.

Some mentors want to charge me thousands of dollars. Added all these to my extra expenses like hosting for my blog, and keyword research tool (to name a few) make the start-up cost very out of my budget.

However, I wanted all these to be sure to succeed…

I continued my search. Then I landed in a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

It seems to have all I need to run a successful and profitable online business: evergreen affiliate marketing, web hosting, premium keyword research tool, coaching, weekly webinars, and on top of that a dynamic and supportive online entrepreneur community.

But being a victim of a lot of scams in the past, I decided to do research about the company. To check out other people’s opinions about it before I start investing my hard-earned cash into it.

It has been overwhelming for me to decide.

Some say it is a garbage, pyramid scheme, and outdated affiliate marketing training.

Some say it is a good program. Who to trust?

As the saying goes…

“Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.”

I realized most of these people are talking, each to sell something to me: the WA program itself or another high-ticket product where I have to spend hundreds – even thousands of dollars to have access.

Finally, I plugged in.

And my experience so far has been positive.

From a struggling internet marketer, a former failed network marketer, today I am making a passive income month after month.

Just one income source ☝.

From a struggling internet marketer, I won contests in some cases.
The screen below is a contest I won in November with Systeme.io.

It is $100. That is not the point.

The skills and tools I got from this platform helped me to turn my website from 0 visitors to 2K visitors on a daily basis just after 8 to 9 months of my start.

But to be honest…

I don’t get where I am today overnight! I just followed a proven system that works.

And if I can do it, you can too. And even more. Because, with a mentor on your side, sure you will avoid some mistakes most people make at their start and be successful faster.

What motivated me to build this blog?

What motivated me initially was the idea of living a life on my own terms. The classic approach of going to school, studying, and getting a job, then working 40 years, living paycheck to paycheck, and retiring with barely enough to survive is not the lifestyle I like.

I know, like me, you don’t like this lifestyle!!! Right?

And the meaningful question – how to hold on, when we can no longer work or when we will be fired?

I was aware of all this very early on but I fell on my bad foot several times.
I was scammed several times and I lost a lot of money and my valuable time on these bogus sites until I came across Wealthy Affiliate, an Affiliate marketing training, and online entrepreneurs community platform and online tools provider. This platform is the one that changed my online experience.

Maybe you’re aware of that and you’re looking for some proven ways to get out or escape this lifestyle too.

But you don’t know where to get started? This is the answer this website will answer: provide you a trustworthy and valuable resource to help you start your online business on the right path while avoiding scam sites.

That being said, here on this website, you will find honest and in-depth reviews that will help you make an informed decision, tips and advice to build a successful online business that will make you a sustainable income over time!

Why Sow Your Seed Today?

I was inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes 11:6 to pick this domain name which is more than just a brand for me.

Here is what this verse says:

“Sow your seed in the morning,
and at evening let your hands not be idle,
for you do not know which will succeed,
whether this or that,
or whether both will do equally well.”

This domain name gives me an attitude that I adopted, a lifestyle I am sharing here!!

Sow your seed Today is a call to action. No more, no less.

It is the only thing that can lead you to achieve the success or dream you have.
It is also the common thing of all those who succeed in life. Having a business idea is good, but if you don’t take action, whatever your idea is, it doesn’t make any sense.

Indeed, between the idea you have and your dream, there are only ACTIONS that matter.

As Solomon said in this passage, instead of finding excuses that will hold you back and prevent you from starting what really matters to you, you must take note. That is what Solomon says again:

Ecclesiastes11: 4

“Whoever watches the wind will not plant;
whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.”

That’s why I’m telling you: you, who are reading me here, Sow Your Seed Today, to harvest tomorrow!

Sow Your Seed Today = start a side business, build multiple streams of income


Sow Your Seed Today is also an invitation to build multiple streams of income, to start a side hustle as recommended by the BIBLE.

Ecclesiastes 11: 6

“Sow your seed in the morning,
and at evening let your hands not be idle,
for you do not know which will succeed,
whether this or that,
or whether both will do equally well.
It gives me a lifestyle, an attitude to adopt.”

Do you want seriously to get started with a side online business that will help you quit your day job later?
If your answer is yes, Get in touch with me here. I will help you on your journey.

Sow Your Seed is an invitation to invest

I believe that everyone has a talent, a gift that God has entrusted to them. And it is the responsibility of everyone to put this to the benefit of others.

We are useful in serving others and there is no wealth without men”.Right?

So, invest your time, money, and energy in what matters to you.

Word of the Wisest of the Earth (always Salomon) under divine inspiration:

Ecclesiastes 11: 1-2

“Ship your grain across the sea;
after many days you may receive a return.
Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight;
you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.”

Whether you are a believer or not, you will not deny these meaningful words.

Without investment, whether in time, money, or both, you can’t expect a profit or a harvest!

Without sowing your seed, you cannot expect a harvest!

The goal of Sow Your Seed Today

Our primary goal in this website is to help people who are stepping into the online world avoid under-delivered and scam products by showing them the best way they can build a real business online and earn money from it.

Our goal is also to help:

  • unsatisfied 9 to 5 workers to get out of their 9 to 5 grind by starting a side business on the right path,
  • Students escape the 9 to 5 life by building their own online business.

If you are one of those people who want to start their own or side profitable online business for a passive income, this website is one to consider.

You will also discover legitimate money-making opportunities, tips, and tricks that will help you start and grow your online business.

Thank you for your time!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

If you want to get in touch with me feel free to send me a message here.

Be an ACTION taker, Sow Your Seed Today!

To your success!!

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21 thoughts on “About Sebastian”

  1. Hi Sebastian,
    I believe that I was led to this site. I just wanted to leave a comment on your Systeme.io review and one thing led to another and I came to read your story. You are truly a kind soul which is why the Lord continues to prosper the work of your hands. Keep up the good work. I will PM you 🙂


    1. Hi, Cecilia
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words on my about me page.
      I am glad you found this site useful.
      Much appreciated and may God bless you!


    You are such an inspiration. Although I am over sixty, my question is:
    How do you help me to sow my seed today?
    Thank you so much.

  3. Great site you have made here Sebastian! Awsome to get to know you more throughout your website.

    Journalism are a wonderful addition to your blogging career!

    Glad to see you found your way to Wealthy Affiliate, which is a great community and offer easy to follow training.

    You are so right when you say only action matters.

    How can you expect things to change if you don’t take any action to make it happen?

    Keep up the good work!

    All the best,

    1. Hi, Fred
      Thank you for stopping and for your kind words.
      Yes, actions matter.
      Unfortunately, many people have great goals but instead of taking actions to accomplish their goals, they spend their lives doing nothing.

  4. Nice Descriptive and informational post you have here! I’m happy to know that you’re here to help us out with our side hustle and that for quite awhile now you’ve taken business serious. I like how you stated that you started with a .siterubrix account but blogging with a free website was not the way to go. I think many people get caught in this trap and they don’t think it’s right to spend for a domain, which is a bit strange. But we all start somewhere. It’s true, many people start but have a hard time getting traction and they simply give up – usually after a short amount of time. I appreciate how you added the “action takers” in caps lock because many people simply do not take action. They always want something easy and for free, or just want everything handed to them without putting any real effort. Thank you for sharing your great post about yourself and how far you’ve come!

    1. Yes, Michael, you are right and the remark you made is correct. Many people want to win easily without any effort or serious commitment. However, success requires commitment, courage, and persistence. And yes, we all start somewhere!! I don’t blame those who are blogging with a free website but personally this is not what I want. Blogging with a free website is not the way to go for various reasons that we know: impossibility of personalization of the site, installation of adequate plugins, means of monetization are limited, etc.
      Thank you for stopping by!!
      Nice to meet you!

  5. Such a great goal behind the website! I really enjoyed reading your story.

    It sounds like you are on a great path to helping more people become financially free and be able to create a lifestyle that they love.

    Thanks for sharing


  6. Thank you for this motivated post, I am going this road myself to be an affiliate marketer, and I wish one day I will be good in this and help others as much as I can. You have a cool personality and I thank you for trying to help people. Nice to meet you!

    1. Hello Mohammad,
      Nice to meet you!!
      Thank you for your comment and encouragement. I’m glad this post motivated you! I am also happy to hear that you have taken this road to be an affiliate marketer.
      Any initiative you take is a seed you put in the ground. Be sure that the seed, if properly cared for, will germinate and bear fruit one day and you will reap it with joy! I wish you all the best in your career and I am convinced that you will reach your dream!
      Thank you again!!!!!!!
      All the best!!

  7. Hi Sebastian! It’s lovely to see such motivation, and to see scripture used in positive ways, encouraging people to live skillfully and with purpose, rather than with hate as is so often heard in the media today. I hope you have great success, and I think your message is a really fantastic one. Best.

    1. Hi Hilary,
      Nice to meet you!!
      Thank you for your comment and encouragement. I’m glad you like this post! Yes, it is useless to live in hatred against others and to fight for frivolous and ephemeral things. We will have to spread love and be at the service of others. It is by helping others that our lives make sense!
      Thank you again!!!
      All the best!!!!!

  8. Thank you for planting seeds, Sebastian…every day we need to plant, water, and care for our seeds, for them to develop into a great and successful tree.

    Let me introduce myself, I’m George, nice to meet you…and I’m planting affiliate marketing seeds as well…also a proud member of WA.

    I see that you have a great personality, and I’m sure you gonna make a positive change in people’s lives with your information.

    I real pleasure meeting you, my friend and keep planting seeds !!!

    1. Hi George,
      I’m really glad you left a comment on this post. Yes, we need to sow, to water our seeds so that they grow. Then it is certain that we will harvest!
      I love ACTIONS TAKER! I wish you all the best in the Affiliate marketing seeds you planted. May the Almighty God water and make this grow and may you eat its fruits with joy.
      Nice to meet you too!!!
      All the best!!

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