Amazon FBA Ninja Review 2021 – Is Kevin David’s FBA course a scam?

Amazon FBA Ninja review - honest review

Welcome to my Amazon FBA Ninja review for 2021.

Amazon FBA business model is a rewarding business to make money online and from the comfort of your own home. That being said more and more FBA courses pop up month after month.

If you are here you probably heard about the Amazon FBA Ninja course by Kevin David. But before you invest your hard-earned cash into it, you want to check and see if it is a great course that can help you acquired the required skills to be successful in your Amazon FBA business.

Let me congratulate you before this is a good decision to ever check other people’s opinion before you buy any seemingly legit program.

Most people are wondering if Kevin David is a scam or not. And that makes me laugh a bit. Why can we have such a question? Though we can be wondering if Kevin David FBA course is a scam or not. Or if the course creator is a scammer or not.

But asking a question like “is Kevin David a scam”? For me, it doesn’t make sense. But I understand. You just want to know if the guy is not a scammer.

Alright. No worry!

In order to answer most of your question and give you an in-depth overview of this course so that you can decide by yourself if this course worth your money or not, I will delve deeper into the following points:

What is the Amazon FBA Ninja about?

Who is Kevin David – its business track record to help you judge by yourself

What is inside the course or what you will be learning in the training,

The cost of the Amazon FBA Ninja course

The pros and cons,

Alternative and my final point of view.

Without further ado, let’s get into the nifty gifty of my Amazon FBA Ninja review for 2021 right now.

Amazon FBA Ninja Review summary – Zon Ninja Masterclass overview

Product Name: Amazon FBA Ninja AKA Zon Ninja Masterclass

Owner: Kevin David


Special Offer: Get 50% Off Here

Is Kevin David’s FBA course a scam? NO


Do I recommend this? YES

You can sign up for the free webinar here.

What is the Amazon FBA Ninja about?

The Amazon FBA Ninja is an online course created by Kevin David, a successful and six-figure entrepreneur. The course has been designed to teach you how to start a profitable and successful Amazon FBA business from the comfort of your own home.

As you know Amazon is one the biggest e-commerce platform out there and the FBA program allows you to sell your own product on this biggest eCommerce platform.

If you are new to this business model and have decided to do it, Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja’s course is what you need. By the end you finish with the training, you will know exactly what to do in order to succeed.

Who is Kevin David – can he walk his talk?

Kevin David is a self-made eCommerce multimillion-dollar Entrepreneur, Podcaster, YouTuber, Author of the best-selling book (Unfair Advantage), and online course creator.

Here below are courses he created:

  • Amazon FBA Ninja known as Amazon Zon Ninja Masterclass ( Zon as the end of the word Amazon),
  • Facebook Ads Ninja,
  • Digital Course Secrets, and the
  • Marketing Agency Masterclass course.

He is a well know and renowned leader in the eCommerce industry (mainly with the Amazon FBA program).

Throughout his success with the FBA program, Shopify and Clickfunnels, Kevin David has made a name of himself in the online entrepreneurship space.

Kevin David enjoys a good Social Media following, with 1.25 million YouTube subscribers and millions of total views at this writings. His official Facebook page has over 749k Likes and over 777k followers, and he has 339k Instagram followers.

Amazon FBA Ninja Review: Kevin David's YouTube channel

What is inside the Amazon FBA Ninja’s course?

The Amazon FBA Ninja course as I said, is an online course that teaches you how to set up your own online business with the Amazon FBA program. So if you want to enter into the eCommerce industry and get your private labeled products sold on the biggest eCommerce platform like Amazon, this course will certainly lay down your path to success because the owner knows what he is doing.

The course is subdivided into 5 modules and each module has lessons that walk you through the process of getting your Amazon FBA business out of the group.

Module 1: Product research

Every profitable business (offline or online) starts with a profitable and viable idea. I always said this to my audience.

And this important key element for your Amazon FBA business was not overlooked by Kevin David.

In this module, he not only teaches how to perform keyword research but also addresses important things you should know before moving forward in your plan. Some of these important things are things like choosing the correct legal status for your business, business plan and start-up cost, etc.

These are important things no know at the early stage of your business set up and I am glad these points get covered in this module.

Here Kevin will be teaching you:

The process of choosing product supplies and also shipping your products to Amazon FBA center,

How to set up your seller center in Amazon FBA properly,
How to find out if your product name jas a trademark or parent,
Tips to finding products to sell by doing research on other successful sellers product portfolio’s,
How to use Amazon Launchpad to find innovative trending products to sell,
Mistake to avoid when setting up your seller account and also your product price and more.

Module 2: Suppliers and Shipping

Here Kevin will be teaching you the process of choosing product supplies and also shipping your products to the Amazon FBA center.

In this module you will be learning:

  • how to find and choose the right manufacturer for your Amazon FBA business,
  • How to get the manufacturer quickly reply to you and with their best prices,
  • The number of units you have to buy at your first order,
  • How to securely pay your supplier or manufacturer by protecting yourself and much more.

By the end, you finish the module 2 lessons you will be able to choose the right manufacturer and make your first order in the safest way, and also getting your product chipped to the Amazon FBA center.

Module 3: Listing optimization

In this module you will be learning:

  • How to list your Product on Amazon,
  • How to find good keywords and to make use of them to rank your product rank higher on the Amazon searches,
  • How to create videos and display them along your products listing on Amazon get your website ranked quickly on search engines,
  • How to set up your canonical properly so that Google and other search engines can crawl your site properly,
  • Design and image optimization to help you increase the CTR,
  • How to prevent your competitors spy you on and even use their backend keywords to dominate them,
  • How to maximize your conversion rate using hypnotic copy in product bullets and much more.

Module 4: Product Launch Strategies

In this module, David will be providing tips and strategies to properly and successfully launch your product on Amazon and then get customers eyeballs on your products quickly.

In a nutshell, here is what you will learn in this module:

  • How to advertise directly on the #1 Top 100 Best Sellers in your niche;
  • How to build your email list while selling on Amazon so that you can not only build lifetime buyers but also for future products launches;
  • How to create follow up emails to convince your customers to buy again your product;
  • How to get huge traffic and sales through Amazon eCommerce’s platform;
  • How to find the most commonly asked questions about your product;
  • How to get good reviews from your customers so that you can maximize your sales and revenue, and more.

Module 5: Amazon PPC, Clickfunnels, Facebook, and Instagram Training

I want in this section of my Amazon FBA Ninja review highlighted a point.

If you are have been searching for reviews of the Amazon FBA Ninja course, you have noticed most affiliate marketers said there are 8 modules in the Amazon FBA Ninja course.

Note that module 6 that covers Amazon PPC (that is paid advertising training), and module 7 which is a Facebook ads training have been combined in module 5 in the recent update of the Amazon FBA Ninja course by Kevin David. So some of the Amazon FBA Ninja reviews out there are outdated.

That being clear, let have a look at the module 5 course.

This module in a nutshell is a marketing training course that will give you knowledge and skills to market your Amazon FBA business properly. It comes with strategies, tips, and tricks to increase your brand awareness, get extra traffic, generate more leads, and generates more sales for your business.

Here Kevin will be teaching you the importance of Amazon PTC and the way you can leverage it to generate more leads and sales.

Kevin David has been a Clickfunnels super affiliate and he wins two times the CF top seller awards. In this module, he will be revealing the secret he used to get there, and also how you can make use of the Clickfunnels all in one marketing tool to build your email list and then explode your Amazon’s sales.

Also, social media marketing training is part of this module. So you will be learning how to build social media presence for your business, increase brand awareness, grow your business and then improve your conversion rate by engaging with your customers.

Module 6: Amazon Seller Central Hacks

This is the best part of the training where Kevin will be showing you the strategies, top tips, and secrets he used and still use to this day to maintain his top Amazon seller ranking.

This module covers subjects such as:

  • removing negative seller feedback from your products,
  • Opening multiple Amazon accounts without risking suspension,
  • OutsourcING your Amazon customer service,
  • Getting featured in popular blogger gift guides, and more.

The Amazon FBA Ninja course bonuses

Kevin David offers bonuses to those who will buy this course and here below are bonuses you will be getting if you sign up today:

Bonus 1

Extensive library of 50+ proven success templates that you can fill in and use to approach suppliers and/or customers with confidence.

Bonus 2

Access to training materials on how to use ZonBase (a market-leading tool for finding hot Amazon products and keywords) plus a huge discount of this tool.

Bonus 3

Exclusive FREE access to his Amazon Agency Course where you will be learning how to make money on Amazon from day #1 with ZERO capital.

This course is one of his premium courses and you will be getting access for free.

How much does the Amazon FBA Ninja course cost?

The Amazon FBA Ninja course by Kevin David costs $1, 997 one time fee. This can be a lot of money for some starters. But I think it worth it based on the value you get inside.

Know that you have the option (if you can’t afford the $1,997 upfront) to buy the course at $599 for 5 monthly payments.

Is this course worth your money?

I admit the course is a bit expensive for some – mainly starters who want to enter into this business. But honestly, if you can afford it, it worth the price. You will be investing a damn $1, 997 to learn the skills and get coaching from an expert in the industry.

But if you are ready to put in the work, it will pay off.

Here are people who joined this program and now making money from their Amazon FBA business.

You can see the success stories of the Amazon FBA Ninja course by clicking here.

Is Kevin David’s FBA course a scam?

The straightforwards answer is a big NO. The Amazon FBA Ninja course is not a scam but a legit online course that will help you set up and run a profitable and successful Amazon FBA business online.

Is Kevin David’s FBA course has even a good rating from customers on Trustpilot.

Some people don’t hesitate to cry a scam when they buy something and didn’t get the expected result.

However, sometimes they didn’t apply what was taught in the training.

This is why I will be telling you who can buy this course in the next section of my Amazon FBA Ninja course review. This way you can figure out by yourself if this course is for you or not.

Who is this course for?

If a product is for everyone it is for no one. Know that this course is not for everyone.

Like any business, there is no guarantee it will work for everyone.

This course is for you:

  • If you have money to not only buy the training to learn from one of the leading leaders in this industry but also money to spend on tools such as the Amazon keyword research tool (ZonBase – $27 per month) but you can get a discount as a bonus from Kevin if you buy his course, email marketing tool, etc.
  • If you are ready to learn, apply what was taught and also put the work in. If you are lazy and you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not for you.

Some will say if you want the freedom to spending time with your family, traveling the world and so on. But even if this business model can lead you to such accomplishment or live the life you are dreaming of, if you can’t meet the above condition, look furthermore and try another business that requires a low start-up cost like Affiliate marketing.

Are you convinced this is the business model you want? Or are you ready to give it a try? Click the button below to get started?

The Amazon FBA Ninja course Pros and Cons

? What I like

✔ Training created by a well-known and successful entrepreneur in the industry,

✔ Many case studies and success stories,

✔ You get access to a Facebook Group where you can get support and help from like-minded entrepreneurs,

✔ 14-day money-back guarantee,

✔ A lot of content with strategies and tips plus templates to use,

✔The course training is constantly updated.

? What I don’t like

❌ Price is a bit expensive for some,

❌ Extra cost involved – you need to buy tools,

Final thoughts

Amazon FBA Ninja course is a great training that will lay down your path to success if you are ready to follow and apply what was taught inside. It comes with resources such as DFY templates and bonuses to help quick-start your Amazon FBA business.

But truth be told its price tag can be an issue for some.

So before you buy I suggest you join his free webinar so that you can have an overview of the program and then make an informed decision.

That being said, I hope you found my Amazon FBA Ninja review helpful.

If this is the case don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

Do you have a question? Drop it down in the comment section below and I will respond to you ASAP.


To your succcess!


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