Authority Hacker Review [2022]: Does it worth the hype?

Honest and Unbiased Authority Hacker Review

Welcome to my website and to my Authority Hacker review for 2022.

Building a niche site or affiliate marketing site is a great idea to make extra income and even full-time income online.
But what steps to take if you are a full newbie in the online world?

In my opinion, getting trained is the smartest decision if you want to stand out from the crowd and be successful in your field.

I am talking by experience because after I have miserably failed in the MLM industry in 2017, I found success thanks to the marketing skills I have built from the Wealthy Affiliate platform(online training and tools provider for entrepreneurs).

But as you know, the affiliate marketing industry is growing and more and more people are creating courses to educate newcomers.

Truth be told most of them don’t full their promise.

Is the Authority Hacker different? In other words, is the Authority Hacker worth it?

In order to answer this question, I will delve deeper into the following points :

  • What is Authority Hacker is about?
  • How much it cost?
  • What you will learn,
  • The pros and cons and my final point of view.

Without further ado, let’s get into the nifty fifty of my Authority Hacker review.

Side note: This review cover both courses. So no matter if you are looking for the Authority Hacker Pro review or the Authority Hacker Site System review known as TASS, I will be covering both courses here.

Authority Hacker review summary:

PRODUCT NAME: Authority Hacker

OWNERS: Gael Breton and Mark Webster


TYPE OF PRODUCT: affiliate marketing training course

COST: $997 to $2497 one-time fee or $249 per month for 1 year.


DO I RECOMMEND THIS?: Yes but read my unbiased review so that you can know if this course is what you are looking for

What is Authority Hacker about?

Designed by successful and six-figure affiliate marketers, Gael Breton and Mark Webster, the Authority Hacker is an online education platform where you can learn how to start a niche site or an authority site from the ground up and then make a passive income from it. The platform offers 2 types of training: the Authority Hacker Site System and the Authority Hacker Pro.

As for the owners, the platform is built for both beginners and advanced affiliate marketers who are looking to grow and scale their business to the next level.

The Authority Hacker Site System is the first course of the Authority Hacker platform.

This course is designed for beginners who are just starting out and want to build a niche site or an authority site from the ground up.

The Authority Hacker Pro is the second course and it targets affiliate marketers who already have their own website and are looking to take their business to the next level.
If for example you are making $1000 from your site and you want to take it to the next level, this course is for you according to the AH’s owners.

Throughout my Authority Hacker review, we will talk about both courses.

How much the Authority Hacker cost?

As I said in the previous section of this review, the Authority Hacker training platform offers 2 courses and each of them has its price tag.

But before I show you how much each will cost you, let me clarify something.

The TASS is a course you can join or buy at any time.

However, the Authority Hacker Pro is not available at any time. It is a course they open for registration from time to time.
At the writing of this Authority Hacker review, the Authority Hacker Pro is not available for registration.

Now, let me show you how much it costs.

The Authority Hacker Site System course costs a $997 one-time fee and is available at any time.

At the time of this writing, you can get a discount on the Authority Hacker Site System is up to 400$.

As for the Authority Hacker Pro, you will need to get $2497 out of your pocket to get access to this training. You have also the option to pay monthly for a whole year at the price of $249 per month. That is a total of $2988.

It is very expensive though. But as they said, this course target people who have established affiliate marketing websites or niche sites that are making at least $1000 per month.
If you are making such an amount of money monthly, I don’t think this is an issue. Right?

That being said, let’s take a look at the training portal to find out what you will get if you end up buying this course.

The Authority Hacker review: What is inside the platform?

In this section, I will show you what you get inside each course. So we will be reviewing each course so that you can have the whole picture of each course and choose the one that fits your need.

The Authority Hacker Site System review

As I said, the Authority Hacker Site System known as TASS is a course designed for newbies who are just starting out. In this training course, the AH’s owners will teach you how to build a niche site or an affiliate marketing site from the ground up.

Here below are the Authority Hacker Site System modules course:

  • Module 1: The Authority Site Business Model 101
  • Module 2: Niche Research & Content Planning
  • Module 3: Site Setup
  • Module 4: Content Production & Outsourcing
  • Module 5: Intense Link Building

It contains over 200 over the shoulder videos where you will be learning:

  • How to do niche research to build your niche site,
  • How to create blog posts and plan a content calendar wisely so that you can speed your site rank,
  • How to hire writers or outsource content if you don’t have time to write or if you want just someone to help you create content,
  • How to build white hat backlinks so that you can rank higher on search engines and more.

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What is included in the Authority Site System?

Inside the TASS membership you have:

  • Over 200 training videos that will walk you step by step to create your affiliate marketing site from start to finish, grow it and monetize it with affiliate marketing, ads, etc,
  • You have access to real life case studies where you can see by yourself how successful authority sites look like, how they grew it so that you can get inspired,
  • Content template to be more productive
  • Site building to-do list,
  • A Facebook private group access and Q&A forum where you can get support and help from other members.

What I like the most about the TASS is that they update their course regularly. For example, at the time I was writing this Authority Hacker review, the course has been updated (TASS 3.0) with more in-depth training materials, new strategies, templates, and tools have been added too.

Here below is a screenshot of the Authority Hacker Site System 3.0 update announcement.

The Authority Hacker Site System 3.0 review: The Pros and Cons

What I like with the Authority Hacker Site System 3.0 (TASS 3.0)

✔ A step by step and in-depth training,

✔ Training materials get updated regularly,

✔ Active and dynamic community,

✔ A long term approach to building niche sites and authority sites,

✔ A beginner-friendly course,

What I don’t like with the Authority Hacker Site System 3.0 (TASS 3.0)

❌ It takes time to build an authority site – so be prepared,

❌ The course is a bit expensive compared to key competitors courses,

❌ Recommended tools like link building tools are expensive and will increase your monthly expenses,

❌ Training is only in video format – so when you need quick information on something you have learned it will take you time to find it again. So take note when learning.

The Authority Hacker Pro review

Before I go furthermore with my Authority Hacker Pro review I want to let you know that if you buy the Authority Hacker Pro course you get free access to the TASS membership.

That being said, let’s dive in to find out what is inside the AH Pro.

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What is inside the Authority Hacker Pro course?

Authority Hacker Pro review

Just like the TASS, the AH pro course is filled with valuable and trustworthy training materials. It is a course designed to help you become a professional internet marketer

In fact, you have access to resources such as:

  • Blueprints – over 18 blueprints,
  • Webinars – pre-recorded webinars with marketing strategies and tips to develop your online business,
  • Templates such as content templates, email sequences templates,
  • Community – a Facebook private group for support

The Authority Hacker Pro Blueprints has over 18 blueprints in total and were grouped into 4 categories:

Content Marketing & SEO

It contains 6 modules such as:

  • Producing and outsourcing top content,
  • Keyword research,
  • Promoting content organically,
  • Building a link building skyscraper funnel,
  • Guest posting for more than links,
  • New content hub blueprint.

So, in this blueprint you will be learning:

  • How to produce valuable and interesting content for your website,
  • How to do keyword research and find good keywords to write for,
  • How to build quality backlinks so that you can rank your site quickly,
  • How to outsource content or writer to help you with your writing,
  • How to promote your content throughout various channels and more.

Email marketing blueprint

In this blueprint, where you will be learning:

  • how to create lead magnet and funnels to build your email list,
  • targeting, segmenting, and automation tips,
  • How to send email to your subscribers, build trust, and close sales.

This blueprint comes with dozens of templates such as email templates, lead magnet templates, which you can design and make fit your brand.

Social media marketing blueprint

  • How to set up your Pinterest profile,
  • How to set up or create boards and pin your blog posts,
  • How to create pins and optimize them to get them to go viral,
  • How to optimize your site for Pinterest,
  • How to find group boards to join and how to create your own boards and screen contributors, and more.

In a nutshell, you will be learning how to drive to your website using Pinterest.

Monetization blueprint

This blueprint covers the ways you can make money from your niche or affiliate marketing website.

You will be learning:

  • How to make money with affiliate marketing from your website
  • How to make money with display ads,
  • How to create and sell info products,
  • How to build evergreen scarcity funnels and more.

What is included in the Authority Hacker Pro?

Just like the Authority Hacker Site System aka TASS, the AH pro comes with:

  • Training courses with useful resources where you will be learning how to be a professional internet marketer plus access to the Authority Hacker Site System membership
  • Pre-recorded webinars,
  • A lot of templates such as email templates, lead magnet templates, funnels templates, blog post templates, etc.
  • Access to the AH Facebook group for support.

The Authority Hacker Pro review: the Pros and Cons

What I like with the Authority Hacker Pro

✔ They offer lots of templates that can save you time,

✔ A lot of case studies and real-life examples to follow,

✔ Training is filled with valuable resources,

What I don’t like with the Authority Hacker Pro

❌ The training cost is very expensive

❌ An extra cost is involved and most of the recommended tools are expensive too. For instance, Ahrefs alone price starts at $99 per month. Not to mention email marketing tools, hosting, funnel builder, etc.

❌ Impossible to scan the content to find what you want easily (as it is a video-oriented course)

Is Authority Hacker a scam?

The straightforward answer is a big NO. The Authority Hacker is an online education platform that teaches full beginners and advanced affiliate marketers how to build niche sites and make passive income from it.

I admit their training courses are a bit expensive. But because something is expensive doesn’t mean it is a scam.

Even most people had success by following their course. For instance, the time I was writing this Authority Hacker review, their Facebook group has over 2 000 members. And you know you need to be a client to have access to their private group. Though if the Authority Hacker course was a scam people will not join it anymore.

The Authority Hacker alternatives

I admit the AH courses are great courses and filled with valuable information. The only issue that can make it not being the first choice of most people (mainly beginners) is its price. Mainly if you are just starting out.

If you are just starting out and need an affordable option where you can get tools and training to learn how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business, Wealthy Affiliate will be a good choice.

  • can set up a lifetime free membership,
  • You get access to over 120 lessons and weekly live training,
  • You get access to a dynamic and supported community – larger than 1.4 million+ people,
  • They offer premium cloud managed WordPress hosting (you can create up to 10 websites) – that means you don’t need to spend extra money on web hosting.
  • A premium keyword research tool for market and keyword research ( $19 value for free). No need to buy a keyword research tool again.

You can read my full unbiased Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Other affordable alternatives to AH are:

Income School Project 24 – $449 upfront fee then $119 per year. You can read my full review of Income School Project 24 here

Savage Affiliates – $197 to $297 one-time fee. You can read my full review about Savage Affiliates here.

Last thoughts…

Authority Hacker by Gael Breton and Mark Webster is an online training platform and one of our top best affiliate marketing courses for 2022 out there.

It is a great platform if you want to learn how to build niche sites or affiliate marketing sites. The only downside is its price I found very expensive. Plus you have to invest hundreds of money on monthly basis in tools if you want to follow what was taught inside the training.

If you can afford it, then go for it. As long as you are ready to put the work in, I am sure you will make it work for you.

If you are just starting out and can’t afford it, consider the alternatives above to choose the one you can afford to get started.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you will be saving more money as it also offers basic tools such as hosting and keyword research tools to build your business.

But it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each program before you invest your money.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate different from the other courses is that you can try it for free before you decide to invest your hard-earned cash.

That being said, I hope you found my Authority Hacker review helpful.

Do you have a question or experience to share with us? Drop it in the comment section below.


To your success!

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2 thoughts on “Authority Hacker Review [2022]: Does it worth the hype?”

  1. Hi Sebastian

    This post caught my eye straight away because whenever I search for something on Google, Authority Hacker are usually right up there. I agree – these guys are the real deal and absolutely know what they are doing.

    The only down side I can see is the cost. If you have the money that’s great. But you need to weigh it up carefully as there are extra costs potentially once you have joined. I work full-time and really could do with someone writing content (as well as me) to get enough done but it’s not in the budget at the moment.

    I’m sure the pro course is good too and if you are earning $1000 from your blog it would probably be worth investing in.

    Looking forward to reading more reviews.



    1. Hi, Jean
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Yeah, the Authority Hacker course is a great course. But its price is very expensive.

      Getting $997 out of your pocket while knowing you will have to spend $100 to $200 monthly in tools to get your business rolling is very daunting though.

      All the best.

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