Aweber Free Plan Review: Features & complaints

Aweber free plan review

Looking for Aweber free plan review to make an informed decision?

If yes, you are in the right place.

I have reviewed Aweber in the past you can check out here.

But today want to give my own opinion on the Aweber free plan so that you can see by yourself if features offered in the free plan can help you grow your business before you witch for the premium plan.

So here are points I will be covering in this review:

  • What is Aweber used for?
  • How much does Aweber cost?
  • Aweber features offered in the free plan

My final point of view.

Without further ado, let’s get into the nifty gifty of the Aweber free plan review.

Aweber free plan review summary:

Company name: Aweber

Product type: Email marketing software

Owner: Tom Kulzer


Price: Free for 500 email list size & pro membership start at $19 per month

Sow Your Seed Today rating: 9.8/10

Do I recommend this? Yes

What is Aweber used for?

Aweber is an email marketing tool designed for online entrepreneurs, business owners, profit and non profit organisation, bloggers and affiliate marketers who want to communicate with their audience and customers.

It is a perrfect email marketing tool that offers useful and easy to use features everyone can use to not only build his email list, but also communicate efficiently with his subscribers.

In fact, you can trigger and add tags to segment your subscribers and then send relevant messages to them.

With this tool, you can:

  • create email lists,
  • create beautiful opt-in forms to collect your website visitors’ email,
  • Get a shared link of your opt-in form to share with your audience if you don’t have a website,
  • create stunning and effective landing pages to collect more leads by using its drag and drop landing page builder,
  • design newsletter or choose any template that fits your brand to send message to your subscribers,
  • Segment your list to send relevant emails to your subscribers,
  • Send blog broadcasts to your subscribers to engage them,
  • Automate your email marketing via the use of autoresponders, and more.

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How much does Aweber cost?

In this Aweber free plan review, I want to show you how much this tool costs (even if we are talking about its free plan)

Aweber is free to use for a 500 email list size. But it offers a paid subscription option where you can get more and advanced features.

Here is Aweber pricing in case you want to go for the paid plan:

Subscriber countMonthly billing cycleQuarterly billing cycleYearly billing cycle
2,501 – 5,000$49$139$553.80
5,001 – 10,000$69$199$793.80

What I like with the Aweber pro membership plan is that you get access to all the features compared to some of its competitors like Getrresponse.

Aweber free plan key features and benefits

5OO email list size

500 emails seems a small number and this is one of the Aweber complaints I heard.

However, when we consider the features that come along with this email list size, it worth it. In fact, some of its key competitors like Mailchimp offer free 2000 email list size. But it doesn’t offer features like segmentation and automation in their free plan.

Possibility to sent up to 3000 emails each month

The Aweber free membership plan allows you to send up to 3000 emails each month. That means if you have 500 subscribers, you can send to each of them, 6 messages each day. If you want to send unlimited emails to your list.

Email automation

Email automation is the process of creating and sending time and action triggered emails that reach the right people without doing the work every time.

With Aweber free membership plan you have access to this feature most email marketing provider companies charge for.

So you can create and send newsletters using their automation feature. That gives you the possibility to run mini-course like a 7-day eCourse. You create and schedule all your messages and each time someone opts into your email list, he or she will receive messages based on your segmentation and time schedule.

Below is an example of an email campaign I created.

Aweber free plan review

It is a 7-day eCourse – trigger and schedule to be sent each 1 day to the subscribers.

Create unlimited sign up forms

Sign up form is a basic feature most email marketing tool offer. With Aweber, you have an array of opt-in form template to choose from. You have also the option to design one from scratch if you don’t find a template that fits your brand.

Create unlimited landing pages

Email automation and newsletters templates are worthless without an email list. Right?

I think so. This is where the Aweber landing page and squeeze page (opt-in form) builder come for.

A landing page, also known as a lead capture page is a stand-alone page designed to convert visitors into leads. It is designed with a purpose in mind. That can be for example get a visitor sign up for a product free trial, buy a product, or simply get him offers his email address.

Unlike many email marketing software out there, Aweber free membership plan allows its users to create beautiful and conversion-oriented landing pages (unlimited) to build their email list.

A great feature for those who don’t have a website or a blog where they can use a pop-up or simple opt-in form to build their list.

The best part, you can choose any template from the various landing page templates including video landing page templates to make it your own.

Email campaign reporting (open and link clicks)


This is a basic reporting feature but I found it useful. You can know who has opened your emails, who clicked your links, etc. Advanced reporting feature can be found in the premium version.

Note that above all these features, you have the possibility to:

  • segment your list using tags,
  • access to 100s of email templates and thousands of professionals images,
  • integrate the tool with most tools and Apps like WordPress or your eCommerce store (Shopify), ect.

On top of that you get 24/7 Live support (phone/email/chat) – unlike some of its competitors like Mailchimp.

Aweber free plan vs Mailchimp free plan

Aweber and Mailchimp are the leading giants in the world of email marketing.

While MailChimp offers up to 2000 free email list size, Aweber on the other hand offers only 500 email list size.

However, Aweber is my top recommended free email marketing tool after SendsTeed by LeadsLeap for this reason: affiliate link policies.

In fact, Mailchimp has a long list of blacklisted domains. It doesn’t ban you from using affiliate links in your email campaigns. But if you come across to one of its blacklisted domains your account risk to be shut down without prior notice.

Plus in term of the features offered in each tool free plan, Aweber beats Mailchimp because it offers email automation and segmentating features. What is missed in MailChimp free plan.

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My final thoughts…

Aweber is an email marketing software trusted by 1+ millions small businesses entrepreneurs around the world. It is praised by most users (including myself for its top notch support.

Just like Mailchimp it now offer free plan that comes with useful features perfect for bloggers and affiliate marketers who are just starting out and need a free email marketing tool to build their email list.

What matters if you are just starting out or not, or if you have a website or not, Aweber is a great tool to grow your online business.

Don’t take my word for it! It is free!

That being said, I hope you found my Aweber free plan review helpful.

Now, I want to hear from you. Do you have a question? Drop it in the comment section below.

Which email marketing tool do you use and why? Let me know in the comment section.


To your success!


12 thoughts on “Aweber Free Plan Review: Features & complaints”

  1. Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for providing great insights on Aweber.

    This seems a good platform to begin with and create an email customer base with its free plan.

    The best thing about is it provides free services to 500 audiences, inbuilt landing pages help to save time, inbuilt templates help to customize easily, and has amazing automation.

    Well, it contains all necessary tools with additional features that promote efficiency, and indeed it is a user-friendly interface with active customer support services.

    Overall Aweber is an all-in-one tool as it is flexible to manage contacts, easy customization, and also offers third-party integration.

    Great tips for email marketing!


    1. Hi, Samantha
      Thank you for stopping by.

      Yeah, Aweber is a great email marketing tool that offers automation and segmenting features even in their free plan.

      I am a user and enjoy it.
      I found their support team very helpful too.
      All the best!

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    Great post! I have been using Aweber for about 6 or 7 years now and everything you say I totally agree with.
    I have never had an issue with it and love that they have added landing Pages for free too. It is reliable and easy to use. Like you I highly recommend it.



    1. Hi, Kevin
      Glad to hear you are Aweber users and love it.
      Yes, you are right. Aweber recently had a landing page builder and it is available in the free plan.

      That is great for people who don’t have a blog or a website to use a simple opt-in form.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Hey,
    I always hear about Aweber, but never think about giving it a try because of the small limit for free emails. However, you have laid out the possibilities so well. Actually, I’ve been using Mailchimp, but I don’t really like the templates. And I have been thinking about switching. From your review, it seems like it’s worth giving Aweber a try. But considering that the free trial is so short, is it possible to get an extension with the free trial?

    1. Hi, Carol
      Thank you for by stopping by.

      The only limit Aweber has (as I know) is the 500 email contacts.

      Key competitors like Mailchimp offer up to 2000 contacts.

      With the free plan you will pay $0 until your email contact exceed 500.

      Hope I answered your question.

  4. Hi Sebastian. A Weber sounds like an amazing free tool. The frustrations with any new online business is getting the followers needed and getting your information to people’s eyes. This tool sounds like it would definitely help me grow my own business.

    Is there a way to find out which sites are blacklisted? Do they share a list anywhere? My company is dealing with CBD And feel that would be a great target to be blacklisted by some.

    Your thoughts? THanks so much!
    Jamie L.

    1. Hi, James
      Thank you for stopping by.

      I imagine your question is related to Mailchimp because as IB know Aweber doesn’t have back listed links.

      Honestly, I don’t have the list of these links.
      The truth is MailChimp terms are not even an advantage to consider for online marketers and bloggers? You can read their term here. You will find what I mean.

      It doesn’t mean you can’t include affiliate links in your campaign. I did it without getting my account blocked. But with reputable companies like Wealthy Affiliate.

      And as we don’t know which domains are blacklisted, you run the risk to fall into these links one day.

  5. Hey Sebastian,

    I’m really pleased I came across this article as I have not started my Email marketing yet. I have read a couple of reviews on Aweber and Mailchimp too. The both seem like really good platforms to start my Email marketing from so I am in a bit of limbo on which platform to choose.

    I will keep thinking about it and when I decide I will let you know what one, and maybe we can have a discussion on what you think and if you have any advice that would be great.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi, Tom
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Mailchimp and Aweber offer free plans.
      Aweberfree plan comes with 500 email contacts while Mailchimp offer up to 2000 email contacts.

      I used Mailchimp and with Aweber I have access to features such as automation and trigger (which I missing in the Mailchimp free plan).

      So if you need for example to run a 5 day ecourse or to send email series automatically you won’t be able to do that using Mailchimp.

      Not to mention the risk to getting your account closed if you end up adding a link in your campaign they have back listed.

      It depend on the features you value.
      Automation, the possibility to segment my list using trigger is what I value as it allows me to set up hands free campaigns.

      The only downside if the number of contacts allowed in the free plan that is 500 email contacts.

      Though with 500 email contacts you will be making money that can allows you to upgrade for more contact and features.
      Hope it helps.

      All the best!

  6. Hi Sebastian
    I actually started my email marketing with Aweber because when you are just starting out, every pound’s a prisoner! I am nowhere near 500 subscribers yet so am really glad I didn’t dive into a paid one straight away.
    The best thing I have found is their support. I am not technical in any way and got into a total pickle setting up my initial welcome email. They were great at helping me out and didn’t make me feel stupid lol.
    You have highlighted a lot of features I don’t use so thanks for the reminder – must check them out!



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