Big dream academy review

Hello and welcome to my Big Dream Academy review.

If you have been introduced to the Deam Big Academy (BDA) course and you are looking for an honest and unbiased Big Dream Academy review to make an informed decision, you are in the right place.

Throughout this review, I will show you:

  • What is Big Dream Academy course about,
  • What you will get inside,
  • The pros and cons, and my final honest point of view.

Let’s dive in…

Big Dream Academy review summary:

Company name: Big Dream Academy


Owner: Unknown

Product/service: Affiliate marketing course

Cost: $149

Sow Your Seed Today Rating: 4/10

Do I recommend this? No

What is the Big Dream Academy about?

The Big Dream Academy course, according to the unknown owner claims it is an affiliate marketing course designed to teach newbies how to build a six-figure affiliate marketing business from scratch under 3 months without spending a ton of money on traffic and paid media using Google and Youtube (free traffic).

Sound good. Right?

Who wouldn’t want in these difficult times when the whole world is in economic crisis to build an affiliate marketing business and earn thousands of dollars in the next 3 months without spending money on paid advertisers?

You would! Right?

But the truth is that what is said here is just a bold claim and a marketing strategy to get you to spend your hard-earned cash by buying their product.

I’m an affiliate marketer and I am making a recurring 3 digit income from this site, and it took me 5 -6 months to get there.

So I can assure you that you cannot build an affiliate marketing business and make a six-figure income within 90 days using free traffic source as this salesperson would have you believe.

If you don’t believe me, let’s face the truth.

How money is made online in the affiliate marketing space?

  • You need to pick a profitable niche and find a winning product that brings value to your audience.
  • You need to create your affiliate marketing site
  • You need to publish seo-friendly content
  • Attract visitors to your site before expecting to make money.

And I can guarantee you that from experience you can’t make a six-figure income in 3 months with your affiliate marketing figure unless you will use paid advertising like Google ads or Facebook ads (that is not a guarantee either).

And I don’t need to tell you how much it will cost you! Hundreds of dollars.


Let’s move into the next section of my Big Dream Academy review to find out what you will get inside this course.

What you get inside the Big Dream Academy

As I pointed it out earlier, the Big Dream Academy is an affiliate marketing course that will teach you how to drive start an affiliate marketing website and drive organic traffic to your website and then make money.

It’s an excellent idea, and I appreciate it because affiliate marketing is legit and an excellent way to make money online.

But the question we have to ask ourselves is that:
Is the unknown owner can walk his talk? Or it is another under-delivered product that has been introduced into the ClickBank marketplace.

The Gound Breaking 24hr ranking system

This is their core training space where you will learn:

  • Their business model and concept
  • How ro chose a product to promote
  • How to build your business from sdcraft
  • How to create content and rank it on Google and Youtube


  • Free consultation
  • Big Dream Club: A Facebook group (we can’t find anyway)
  • Big Dream community: A Youtube Channel (with hidden content)
Big Dream Academy review: His YouTube channel doesn't show any content

Bonus he claims you will get:

  • Dream funnel: This is a DFY funnel you can use to promote your affiliate offer.
  • 90 days business plan
  • Dream 10K secret strategy
  • Dream mass traffic source

Let me now answer our previous question:

“Is the unknown owner can walk his talk”?

You know in life you have to be smart and be very careful about how to handle things.

This course is designed to teach you how to earn a six-figure income within 90 days using free traffic or organic traffic from search engines. This about SEO.


However, when I try to analyze the only social media profile this guy has ( his YouTube channel), he has hidden the content of his channel.

Do you know why he hid it?

The reason is simple and I will not hesitate to tell you my thoughts: This guy has not tangible social proofs to convince you to spend your money on his program.

Tell me will you be ready to sign up for a course where the owner claims to be able to teach you how to rank #1 on Youtube or Google while he (himself) has trouble ranking his content #10 on the search engine pages.


Are you ready to sign up for this course if you find out that this alleged “online guru” doesn’t even have a video with more than 100 views or less than 100 subscribers? I don’t think you would.

What do scammers if they want to rip people off?

They hide what contradicts what they want people to believe in.


That’s exactly what this guy’s trying to do.

You may see content on his channel in the future, but that’s when he’s scamming a lot of people. For now (while I was writing this post) you won’t find anything. But that doesn’t mean there is no content!
There is!
Here’s the proof.

The sale video on YouTube we can find via the sale page

How can you see it? By going through its sales page.


How much the Big Dream Academy cost?

The Big Dream Academy cost $149 one-time fee.

But keep in mind there are extra expenses involved.

  • Expense #1: A domain name (about $13 per year)
  • Expense #2: Web hosting ( $3.95 per month for the first-time subscription, then $7.99 per month for renewal price with Bluehost)
  • An email marketing tool ($19 per month for 500 email list size with Aweber). You need it to connect to your DFY dream funnel he promised to give you as a bonus.

Who is behind the Big Dream Academy?

The spokesman behind the video claims his name is James and he is the owner of this program.

However, we couldn’t find any of his social media profiles.


Is Big Dream Academy a scam?

This is a question I always have headaches to deal with – mainly for programs that have just been introduced into the marketplace. As I was writing this review, the BDA was launched 4 days ago.

But, it depends on how you define a scam.

For instance, if a scam for you is just getting your money without giving you nothing in return, then the Big Dream Academy is not a scam since you get something in return (affiliate marketing training).

However, if a scam for you has a more profound meaning than that, let’s say, not having a chance to get what you’re promised, then the BDA might be a scam because in any case, this program can’t help you make a six-figure income in 90 days using free traffic from search engines.

My concern with the BDA: We don’t know who is behind this program.

Big Dream Academy review: Pros and Cons

Big Dream Academy review: Pros

✔ 90-day money-back guarantee

✔ Training materials provided

Big Dream Academy review: Cons

❌ Hidden Owner

❌ Extra expenses required

❌ Bold claims

❌ Training may not work

Is there an alternative to the Big Dream Academy to learn affiliate marketing and make money online?

My straighforward answer is yes. There is.

If you are looking for the best affiliate marketing training course to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, my #1 platform I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform is trusted by millions of online entrepreneurs worldwide and they have thousands of success stories.

This website you are reading is hosted by WA.

And talking about how to rank on search engines like Google or Youtube, WA is the best for that.

Just check out this post to see the number of organic traffic my brand new website got.

Let me give you a briefing of what you will get inside:

  • An evergreen affiliate marketing training
  • Web hosting: up to 10 websites
  • Online entrepreneur community to network with millions of like-minded people all over the world.
  • Top-notch support and coaching from the owner, and much more

Just see below a quick comparison with the Dream Big Academy.

Wrapping up and my final thoughts…

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and proven way to make money online.

However, making money with affiliate marketing takes time. It is not a get rich quick scheme and you can’t make six-figure income in 90 days using organic traffic as hidden owner claims. I don’t mean it is impossible to make this amount of money within 90 days.

Perhaps using/combining paid advertising if you are an experienced affiliate marketer, it is possible. What I am pointed here is that it takes time and SEO takes time.

So if you end up joining this program expecting to make a six-figure income overnight, you will be disappointed.

I have some doubts about what this program could give you as a result, considering the red flags I discovered.

If you are looking for a legit a genuine way to make money online, a platform that will take your hand and show you how to make your first dollar online, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

It is one of the best affiliate marketing training platforms that helped me add a 3 digit recurring income to my day job salary after 6 months of hard work. It is also the one that hosts this website you are reading now.

I hope my Big Dream Academy review helped you know more about this program. From now, you know what is it about, what to expect, and the best part you can make an informed decision to shape your future financial.

Do you have a question about my Big Dream Academy review? Just put it down in the comment section. I will reply to you ASAP!

Be an ACTION taker, Sow Your Seed Today!!

To your success!!!


2 thoughts on “Big Dream Academy review: scam or legit [Pros & Cons and price]”

  1. Hello Sebastian:
    I have been reading with interest your articles, especially the Done-For-You-System-services Review. I joined 2-months ago and you are correct: Facebook ads campaigns have become expensive with low conversion. I believe I have a free wealthy affiliate site but never used it. You have inspired me to become a Premium member. I really want to be a successful online affiliate marketer. And I would like to be coached by you. I like the benefits of wealthy Affiliate and not having to pay as much for clicks. I believe in affiliate marketing and want to begin really making money. Great articles.

    1. Hi, Colyn Major
      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your experience about The Done For You service System.
      If you didn’t go premium at Wealthy Affiliate consider doing it. I am a premium member and I am grateful for the value they provide. As for coaching, don’t worry, your upline and even Kyle is there to help you. And even if you need my help, I am here to help you.

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