Coop 5050 review

Welcome to my Coop 5050 Review.

If you are been introduced to the Coop 5050 crowdfunding also known as CoopLife and you are wondering if it is a scam or a legit opportunity to make money online, you are in the right place.

Here is what I will be covering in this Review:

  • What is Coop 5050 is about?
  • How does it work?
  • Who is behind the company?
  • How much does it cost?
  • The compensation plan,
  • The pros and cons and final points of view.

But before we get into the meat of the Coop 50 50 review, let me congratulate you for taking the time to do research before you join this program.

Doing so will not only save you time and money, but also it can also be a way for you to find a genuine and legit way to make legit money online.

Coop 5050 Review summary: Company overview

Company Name: Coop 5050 aka Coop Crowd


Owners: David T. Rosen

Products/service: any product or service

Price to join: $25 to $4000 with an $84 activation fee and yearly $12.99 payment.

Is Coop 5050 a scam or legit? – Scam

SOW YOUR SEED TODAY rating: 1/10

Do I recommend this? – NO

What Is Coop 5050 Crowdfunding about?

The 50/50 Crowdfunding (also known as Coop 5050, CoopLife) claims itself as a legit crowdfunding platform where people can sustain other people’s causes and also get help in their own causes.

They claim that their system is transparent, fully automated, and can’t be manipulated.

But in reality, Coop 5050 also known as CoopLife is just a cash gifting scheme and a pyramid scheme that will collapse over time.

It is a 2 x 2 peer-to-peer cash gifting system and the owner claims 100% of every donation goes to the participants.

As for the Coop 5050 Crowdfunding platform, you receive 50% and the other 50% goes to a teammate.

Wondering how the owner makes money from his own platform he has built?
Wondering how they pay their maintenance fees?

Me too. The good Samaritans are numerous in the online world. Lol
The truth, Coop 5050 is a pyramid scheme that only benefits the owner, his relatives, and those who join the platform earlier on its launch.

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How does the Coop 5050 Crowdfunding works?

Here is how the platform works:

  • You create your account using the Affiliate link of the one who invited you.
  • You start by donating money to the person that invited you to the opportunity,
  • You refer people who are ready to do the same to donate to you.

But doing so, they also start their own gifting team and are required to invite other people to donate to them in order to earn.

Your referrals by building their team grow your own team and that open other income sources for you.

The Coop 5050 also known as CoopLife is a 2×2 cash gifting scheme.

That means after you have invested your money you need to bring 2 others people and they are also required to do the same.

About the Coop 5050 owner, David T. Rosen

When searching about the Coop 5050 owner I found that David T. Rosen is the founder of the computer.

Rosen presents himself as an Entrepreneur, Mentor and Philanthropist.

I don’t know exactly if creating cash gifting s schemes where most people lose their money really gives him the position of claiming as a Philanthropist.

Or maybe it is me who doesn’t have a good understanding of the word Philanthropist.

But that is not the point in this CoopLife review.

According to Rosen himself, he has created a similar company called CoopCrowd in 2020 and this program has changed many people’s lives.

I don’t know if this true but let me tell you that this program was a 3×2 cash gifting scheme that is different from the one we are reviewing on its comp plan.

And I am wondering if his claim is really legit.

At least if CoopCrowd had success and people’s lives have been changed why create a similar program again?

Why restart with another brand new program?

I think what I said earlier in this Coop 5050 crowdfunding review that the program benefits the owner only and will collapse is justified when you consider that.

By still continuing with my search I found that before I create this program he has been the owner of another pyramid scheme called PIE 24/7 who collapsed early in 2016.

Also, read TwentyXpro review – the best and legit MLM company to make money online.

Does Coop 5050 offer products people can market and make money?

The Coop 5050 company has no retailable products or services.

CoopLife sells membership to others users.

Members are required to pay their membership fees and then bring other people who will do the same.

As its name suggests, when you bring someone into the system, you get paid a 50% of his investment.

How much do you need to get started with the Coop 5050?

Coop 5050 review - package

In this section of my Coop 5050 review, I want to show you what is required on your part in order to be able to get started with the company.

The membership package cost ranges from $25 to $4000.

For each membership package, you have to pay a license fee of 12.99$ every year.
You also have to pay an activation fee that is $84.

That means if you want to join Coop 5050 or CoopLife, you have to pay $12.99+$84+$20 (package cost). That is $116.99 in total.

Coop 5050 compensation plan

Coop 5050 also known as CoopLife is a 2×2 matrix that pays down to 6 levels.

You sign up, bring 2 and they are required to invite 2 quailed referrals. Your referrals at their turn are required to get 2 actives referrals and so on till to six levels.

Once all six positions in a matrix are filled, the position cycles out and enters a new matrix on the same tier.

Here is the breakdown of the CoopLife also known as Coop 5050 compensation plan:

  • $25 matrix – gift $25 in and receive $75 in gifting payments,
  • $50 matrix – gift $50 in and receive $150 in gifting payments,
  • $150 matrix – gift $150 in and receive $450 in gifting payments,
  • $250 matrix – gift $250 in and receive $750 in gifting payments,
  • 500 matrix – gift $500 in and receive $1,500 in gifting payments,
  • $1000 matrix – gift $1000 in and receive $3,000 in gifting payments,
  • 2000 matrix – gift $2000 in and receive $6,000 in gifting payments,
  • $4000 matrix – gift $4000 in and receive $12,000 in gifting payments.

Is Coop 5050 a scam?

Is Coop 5050  a scam

I cannot tag it as a scam as everyone has their own definition of a scam.

For some, once they can make money from a company, it is a legit company.
No matter if the company complies with laws and regulations. No matter if it is a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi, it is a legit company since they get paid.

But if a scam has a meaningful sense than that like not complying with law and regulations, then Coop 5050 is a scam because this is just a cash gifting and a pyramid scheme without any value to offer to customers.

New participants gift funds to existing 50/50 Crowdfunding affiliates, for the sole purpose of qualifying to receive gifting payments from people who join after them.

As For me, Coop 5050 is a scam and here are the reasons:

  • 1. Coop 5050 or CoopLife has no products or services that it offers to its users. Therefore, it is not a legitimate MLM company.
  • 2. Coop 5050 aka Coop crowd is also not a crowdfunding platform because members give donations expecting donations from other members that will join the platform after them.
  • 3. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), states that any business or program that generates profit focusing on recruitment than selling a product/service is illegal.

Coop 5050 review: the pros and cons

The Pros

✔ The owner is known,

✔ Generous and unique compensation plan,

✔ Possibility to earn money if you can recruit.

The Cons

❌ A pyramid scheme disguised in crowdfunding,

❌ The generous compensation plan is a trap,

❌ Not the best way to build a long term online business,

❌ You can lose all your investment if you cannot recruit.

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Is there an alternative (to make money online)

The answer is yes. If you are looking for a genuine and legit way to make money online here is the best alternatives I suggest:

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Another alternative if you don’t like the idea of creating content to build an audience, is to start investing your money for a ROI.

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Final thoughts

Coop 5050 also known as CoopLife previously Coop Crowd claims itself as a crowdfunding company.

But the truth is different because in crowdfunding people donate for causes and they don’t expect others people to donate to them.

People can purchase a membership position, bring others people into the program and get 50% of their invested amount.

It is just a pyramid scheme disguised in Crowdfunding and the generous compensation plan is a trap.

Most people lost their money with such MLM companies because they look at what they will be making. They don’t consider the task they must complete in order to qualify for a commission that is to convince other people to join the scheme.

Don’t know how to recruit in MLM? Learn how to recruit like a pro.

If you are looking for a legit company to make money online, I don’t think the Coop 5050 is the best way to go.

You can make money from it if you can recruit other people and motivate them to recruit in their turn and so on.

But when the system collapse all your business goes with it and you have to restart again.

And for me, this is not the way you can build a profitable and long long-term online business for yourself.

I have seen even reviewed companies like this one that vanished over time.

I don’t say CrowdLife aka Coop Crowd will vanish. But it is something you cannot overlook when we know that similar companies have been shut down by the FTC.

We cannot overlook such a situation when we know similar companies have been there and no one today is talking about them again.

That being said, I hope you found my Coop 5050 review helpful.

If you have a question, drop it down in the comment section below.

Are you a CoopLife member? Share your experience with us and don’t hesitate to say something about my review if you found certain information is not accurate.

Be an ACTION taker, Sow your seed today.

To your success!


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25 thoughts on “Coop 5050 Review: Is Coop 5050 a scam or legit?”

  1. David Rosen AKA real name DAVY ISHMAEL ( he chose the name “Rosen”because he feels it sounds better to scam people) is a career theif! He takes advantage of desperate indviduals ( seniors, handicapped ) and steals heir money. He is mean and despicable. Even though he is now a grossly overweight Senior himself he cannot stop. Scamming is in hs DNA. Stay away from this poor excuse for a Human Being

  2. This old, obese ” gentleman’ was not raised properly. This is a Ponzi scheme pure and simple…..and a rudimentary one at that!
    Save your had-earned money PLEASE

  3. Bob underwood-Lewis

    Sorry but knowing Davi Rosen ( real name.. Davy Ishmael )
    personally EVERYTHING he has ever done in his life is a scheme ( 62 + years). This old man has made a very nice living living scamming people for years and years!! It makes me so sad to see people debating about the morals or a convicted woman beater and accused rapist… PLEASE open your eyes and save your money.

  4. Bob underwood-Lewis

    Hi Sebstian… Thank you very much for providing this platform. I know that it is helping so many desperate people, I believe that there are MLM plarforms that truly help people. It is SO important though for the Platform to be run by decent, honest caring people whose heart is in the right place. I TRULY BELIEVE that the math can/ does work BUT EXPOSING the dishonest individuals like David T Rosen who use these marketing measures as THEIR only PERSONAL source of income is vital. You provide an important service and because I personally know so much about David I am in a position to honestly explain what he does with the money he scams from people ( spends it all on luxuries and LAUGHS at the “investors” who he has scammed… If my strong words help just 1 single mother or just 1 senior citizen then I have accomplished something important..THANK YOU AGAIN SIR

    1. You are most welcome, Bob!
      My goal with any review is to help people make an informed decision and also find trustworthy programs I believe can help them meet their financial goals.
      Even if the Cop 50/50 is not a scam per se, this is not a program to rely on if you are looking to build a long-term and sustainable online business.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Though it will help new comers to sat away of such program.
      Wishing you all the best.

  5. Bob underwood-Lewis

    Hi Sebastian…Your definition of a Philanthropist is exactly correct!! David T Rosen’s idea of a philanthropist is to steal tens of thousands of dollars from unfortunate people and give $500 of that same money to a charity????? THis is the same David T Rosen who married a girl who was 30 years younger and 200 pounds lighter than him and thought that the marriage could last… how is that for a “”Streetwise Genius””” Stevie Wonder could see that marriage had no chance. lol. Many of us will never move from the QUEEN’s QUAY neighbourhood because Dave T Rosen is a comedy show in REAL TIME. We still see him WADDLING along Queens Quay with young girls ( ah, What aFool Believes) You have to see the stupidity UP CLOSE tp truly appreciate it. Totally uneducated and a total lack of common sense…..where do I line-up to invest my money with this Einstein?

  6. Bob underwood-Lewis

    Hi Rhonda… You are correct in most of what you say young lady….What you are missing is that this ” MLM ” helping each other is headed by the notorious DAVY ISHMAEL who changed his name to DAVID T ROSEN because it ‘sounds’ better when you are scamming Seniors, the elderly, thehandicapped, single mothers etc. When MR ” ROSEN” is involved this is his sole source of income so 1 guess who benefits. The ” cover” of this book is DAVY ISHMAEL ROSEN who spouts Pride, discipline and motivation yet is buily like the GOODYEAR TIRE MAN’S GREAT GRANDFATHER…some disciplin eeh?

  7. Bob underwood-Lewis

    Hi RHC….. Don’t judge a book by its cover….. have you seen DAVID T ROSEN ( not his real name!) He is straight out of a movie for a street punk!! Just a FAT FOOL

  8. Bob underwood-Lewis

    Is it a scam or legit you ask??? Very simple to understand….. Forget the “math” associated with MLM etc…. IF IT HAS DAVID T ROSEN attached to it in any manner it is a scam–period!

  9. I am doing some research on David T Rosins Crowdfunding Platform and I appreciate your article

    I just completely read the PDF entitled “Crowdfunding: principles, trends and Issues by Stéphane Onnée and Sophie Renault that you recommended. It did not convince me that CoopCrowd (coop5050) is necessarily a scam or that it is not a legitimate Crowdfunding Platform

    First the definition of Crowdfunding as defined by Lambert and Schwienbacher
    ‘An open call, essentially through the Internet, for the provision of financial resources either in the form of donations or in exchange for some form of reward and/or voting rights in order to support initiatives for specific purposes’

    There is nothing to suggest that the from of reward cannot be money

    Also in the article under the heading “Various Financing Models” it defines what it calls a “Reward based Model” which it defines as follows

    A reward-based model: people make payments in anticipation of a tangible or intangible reward (thanks, invitations . . .). In the entertainment industry, for example, they can include things such as ‘film credits or album liner notes, advanced autographed copies of the work, or backstage access at a performer’s show’ in exchange for investment (Burkett, 2011, p. 64)

    Nothing indicated in the article says that the reward cannot be money. There is also an investment model though it does not apply here further proves that financial gain can be an incentive for people to give donations

    In my research it seems that in the world of Crowdfunding there has not been a lot of regulation and defining of what is legal and what is not. But to simply say that this company it is not a legitimate Crowdfunding Platform just because the donors have an expectation of reward is false

    One big difference with gifting and Crowdfunding is that in the gifting arenas there is not only no product but there is also no project just people giving money with expectation of getting nothing but money

    So far with this program you do get valuable products 1) I have examined there back office and it is a very powerful & sophisticated tool that allows you to crate individual Crowdfunding projects 2) They provide high quality Marketing Tools to help you market the platform 3) It helps a lot of people get into the Crypto Currency world

    Now if I were the company I would call the entire platform a Crowdfunding Project and the donations are going toward its development and each donation the participants (community) helps acquire receives a cash reward

    But hey that’s me. But in my opinion, this may very well prove to be legitimate of it may not. One thing I am sure about … if it is successful it will sooner or latter come under fire and it will be tested … if they survive it will be a game changer … if not it will go under

    1. Hi, Bryan

      I don’t have a lot of time repeating the same things.

      If I have brought the documents our there, it is because I want everyone to read it, and with infos he or she can get out there make an informed decision. I am not holding nothing here.

      My goal is not to turn people back from joining this program, but to show the facts.

      Only those who are new to these kind of programs will join it.

      Where is Up2give and other similar programs?

      Coop5050 is the good one compared to them?

      Yes, it can be your thoughts and even the owners.

      In short the documents is still there and people can read it and compare it with what you brought out there.

      And maybe the Coop5050 owner will adjust its platform based on what you think or pick ideas from this document as well.

      If not, the way it works is purely a cash gifting and people who are not good at recruiting will be losing their hard-earned cash.

      Where have you seen a crowd funding where participants get rewarded based on a percentage of their recruits and that deep in several level.

      It is a legit platform for you.

      Not for me and people who are aware of this kind of schemes where only the owners and those on top of the pyramid are the winners, and the New comers the losers.

      And yes, time will judge. Lol

      And by way, what is your cause or project and that requires the use of a crowd funding?

      Take care and good luck.

      1. You keep referring to co-op 5050 as MLM. It is not!!! If you understand how it works it is based on cycling different windows. Besides, you are constantly talking about the platform that has been going successfully for 10 years. What about the new platform that was launched on the 1st September. I think you are behind the times my friend.

        1. Long-term Scammers ALWAYS have new platforms!!! That is how you get new “Marks”. Don’t Bank Robbers usually rob different banks? If it has David T Rosen’s name attached to it–then it is scam.PERIOD!! I know him personally. He was “” escorted” in handcuffs and shackles out of the condo he rented at 99 Harbour Square by 4 policeman charhed with raping a tennant in 2010. He was padlocked out of the same condo in 2018 for not paying rent and had his fancy cars repossessed the same year? Some success story isn’t it? Investing with him is simply throwing money away!!

      1. Hi Rudolph. Why do you want to contact the headquarters? Do you want to join in the donations? If so you need to find a sooner to enrole you. Let me know if you need a sponser.

      2. Bob underwood-Lewis

        YOU CAN’T….short answer. Do you know of ANY thieves that you can contact After they have taken your hard-earned money? C’mom we are talking about David Rosen here. He is famous for rape charges and being arrested and restraining orders all through the QUEEN’s QUAY neighborhood,,, you obviuosly don’t live down here or you would know that . PLEASE SIR keep your hard=earned money in the Bank

    2. Hello Bryan, A very well written response on this subject. In the meantime, we have people who are first up in the search engines under the guise of being educated and impartial review experts are truthfully just internet cons hooking people into looking at their affiliate model etc. Most have zero credibility like Sebastian here.

  10. While I appreciate your attempt at a review of Coop5050 I have to disagree with you on so many levels. First of all it is not a business opportunity nor MLM or any other title you’ve tried to attach to it. It’s one of a kind and just like the Bank the product is money. Your bank takes your money in and invests into something else without you benefitting. Also crowdfunding is all about raising money so you do set up campaigns inside the system but you wouldn’t know that because you’re not a part of the system. With other crowdfunding platforms you have to pay a percentage to the company to set up a campaign and if you don’t receive your goal OH Well you loose. With other platforms you only receive if people have a generous heart and are interested in your specific cause but get nothing in return but with Coop5050 you remove the limitations of everyone not wanting to donate because your cause doesn’t interest them because the giver also becomes a receiver. There’s so much more to the platform than you realize but you can sit on the sidelines and watch as everyone else as history will be made. If you see a problem you come up with a solution and this is a solution for people who are hopeless.

    1. Hi, Rhonda

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

      You say Coop5050 is not an MLM and I agree with you because it is just a cash gifting scheme where everyone joins to donate money with the hope of receiving if he or she comes in with other people in the scheme.

      A legal MLM company has to provide tangible products or services affiliates or users can promote to other people in order to make money. That is not the case with Coop5050.


      It seems you are trying to make us believe that Coop5050 is a crowdfunding company.

      But in any way, this company cannot be considered a legit crowdfunding company.

      Crowdfunding can be defined as the procedure allowing a project leader (a private individual, a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, etc.) to use the services of a funding platform (generic or specialized) to propose a project to a community (open or targeted) of contributors, possibly in exchange for previously defined compensations (the platform used – not the contributors).

      If you want to fully understand the crowdfunding principle I suggest you read this and you will know that Coop5050 is far to be considered as a crowdfunding platform.

      We know how these kinds of schemes end.

      And as someone that has been a victim, I just warm my readers. Up to them to decide to build a real business where they have control over it and that will lead them to be financially free or to join a cash gifting scheme like this.

      All the best!

    2. Well said Rhonda. Co-op 5050 is not a MLM scheme, and it’s not a pyramid. It’s about members helping each other, we become a family helping each other to succeed. As you said, until someone becomes involved they cannot appreciate that there’s a lot more going on from the inside, so all you people out there, yes, do your homework, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover!!! Remember Co-op 5050 has been running successfully for 10 years.
      Besides we just had the launch of Crowd 5050, which is structured with a different concept. So put all your biases aside and jump on board.

    3. Hi Rhonda…. The Banks have a solid reputation and are Gov’t backed? David Rosen ( aka Davy Ishmael) is a convicted woman beater, charged with raping a tenant in his downtown condo and and taken away in handcuffs and shackles? Do you actually want to compare the 2??? ANYONE / EVERYONE who knows Davy Ismael is laughing so hard right now. He has more in common with Paul Bernardo ( except much, much fatter) than CIBC? You obviously have NEVER EVER MET HIM….which is a plus for you!

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