how to create a website and make money

How To Create A Website And Make Money On The Side In 2021 (Ultimate Guide For Beginners)

Do you want to create a website and make money on the side? Are you ready to start your side hustle blogging business today?

If yes, you are in the right place! I know people create websites for all kinds of reasons. Even though earning money is not the primary reason for creating a website, we must recognize that the majority of bloggers start their website with the intention of making money from it. And this is not a sin !!

The one who doesn’t want money rises her hand !!

There is a countless post about this topic and sometimes I ask myself why people continue to write this kind of article in this 21 century?

Seriously! If you are a beginner you can’t understand what I mean here. But the truth is that even my 5-year-old daughter can do it nowadays!! Yes, everyone!!

It is not a problem if you don’t know how to create a website. Because not only I will walk you through how to create your website but also how to make money from it.

But before we get into the meat of how to create a website and make money, let me show you why you need to start a blog or website right now.

Table Of Contents
  1. 4 reasons to start a blog or a website right now:
  2. How to create a website and make money on the side?
  3. My final thought and advice

4 reasons to start a blog or a website right now:

  1. Blogging is fun and, it can help you to showcase your talents, skills, and expertise to the
  2. You can make money from it – even a living income
  3. When your blogging business grows, it can help you quit your day job or take an early retirement
  4. The start-up cost is not high like a physical business

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Now let’s go straight to the subject of the day.

How to create a website and make money on the side?

How to create a website and make money: guide for beginners!

All successful and profitable business starts with a profitable business idea.

1. Choose a profitable niche to create your money-making website

While many bloggers neglect or ignore this step, my advice is to find or choose a profitable niche if you want to create your website and make money on the side.

Indeed, creating a website with the purpose of making money is like creating a business.

You need a profitable idea with a good plan. It is true that your niche alone will not make your website successful, but it plays a very important role in its success.

What is a niche?

A niche, to go straight is the subject on which you will write your articles. It allows you to determine which audience to target – to which kinds of people to write for (their gender, age, geographical situation, culture and lifestyle, purchasing power, etc.).

A niche, in other words, is a market segment in which you can focus or position yourself, and take advantage of the service or product you will offer to your audience.

Why finding or choosing a niche is important for your website?

There are numerous reasons to choose a niche for your website or blog:

  • Your niche is one of the fundamentals keys of your website or business.
  • It can often be helpful to you when it comes to choosing your domain name or business name. Although this idea can be discussed, it may be useful at certain times. For example, if your niche is money-saving, you will not choose a domain name such as or Right?
  • Finding a niche and blogging about it can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • It allows you to analyze your audience’s behaviors and therefore meets their needs easily, etc. This could help you meet their needs by creating your own product (eBook, courses) or by finding a product on the market (affiliate marketing).

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2. Choose a domain name

After choosing your niche, the next step to creating your money-making website is to choose a domain name for your website or blog. The choice of a domain name, as well as the choice of your niche, is very crucial in the success of your business.

In fact, your niche gives you an idea of the targeted audience you will write about. It also gives you an idea of what keywords you must target to reach them. But your domain name is the address of your business; It is the way people (your targeted audience) will come to your blog – the way they will find you.

How to choose a perfect domain name to create your money-making website?

As I mentioned above, your niche can be used as a basis for choosing your domain name. Indeed, your domain name must be in correlation with your business name and must be comprehensive for your targeted audience.

Choose a domain name that is easy for your audience to memorize and privilege the extension “.com” instead of “.xyz”.
A short domain name containing one of your keywords can be useful for your SEO. But keep in mind this is not a mandatory rule to comply with.

You noticed it – my domain name ( does not contain any keywords about my niche. But many of my blog posts are ranked #1 on the first page in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How to create a website and make money
create a bog and make money

So choose a brandable domain name that fits your needs. This is what matters.

Where do I register a domain name?

If you want a platform where you can start your online business today without too much protocol and at a lower cost, I recommend Bluehost.

With Bluehost, you will have a free domain name if you purchase one of their hosting plans that start at 2.95$/month.

However, if you don’t want to have all your eggs in one bag for security purposes, registering your domain name with one of the best domain registrars companies like NameCheap and, purchasing hosting with a web hosting company such as Bluehost or Wealthy Affiliate will be a good choice.

If you want more information on how to choose a domain name, you can visit this post “What is the best place to choose a domain name” where I give you tips to choosing a perfect domain name and the best place to register it.

3. Choose a hosting platform to create your website

Web hosting is necessary for any online business. whether it is an e-commerce site or a blog you need a web hosting provider that will host your website information, videos, images, and other content in their servers and keep your site live 24/7.

What is web hosting?

In a nutshell, web hosting is a service that allows your website or web page to be present and accessible to Internet users on the Internet – 24/7. Indeed, the role of the web hosting company is to store your website information, images, videos, and other content in servers and provide them to Internet users any time they request them.

How to pick a good web host provider to create a website and make money?

There are many site hosting companies in the world. All these companies provide almost the same services, but the quality of their service is not the same.

Here are 4 elements that will have an impact on the future of your business that you need to know and take into account when choosing a web hosting provider:

1. Safety & Security: Is an SSL certificate provided?
2. Speed: Bandwidth provided – Make sure your visitors won’t wait for hours (don’t tell me I’m exaggerating!) before they can access your site or page. You know what you’ll lose in this case!!!!!!!
3. Technical Support: Before you buy a web host with a company that when you will have an urgent query, you can get a reply quickly from them.
4. Features: control panel, email, multiple domains hosting, PHP, MySQL, FTP, etc.

Whatever the company with which you are going to buy hosting for your website, do not neglect these elements. Because they are important for your site – especially the safety and speed. The current generation is always in a hurry, and they will not wait for seconds or even minutes for your page to be loaded.

Don’t tell me I am exaggerating!

Now that you know what elements are important for your site, you are wondering where to get a reliable web host.


Where can you find a good web host to create your money-making website?

Bluehost is a reputable and well-known company in the field of web hosting. He provides a quality service with 24/7 support to answer all your concerns. In addition, Bluehost comes up with a free domain name for one year if you pay for one of their hosting plans.

An alternative to Bluehost I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate (this is where this website is hosted). It provides better hosting services as well as Bluehost.

And what makes Wealthy Affiliate special is that in addition to being a web hosting platform, it is also an affiliate marketing training platform for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers through their training portal called Wealthy Affiliate University. This is where you can learn how to build a successful online business.

You may wonder, but what kind of training it can provide?

To be straight, it offers any kind of training that can be useful to grow your online business: Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more.

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Why I chose Wealthy Affiliate as my web host provider?

The reason I chose Wealthy Affiliate as my web host is that in addition to everything I just mentioned above(quality of hosting service, affiliate marketing training, etc.). It also offers a robust keyword research tools worth $19/month in their pro membership plan.

All these combined will cost you $349 per year if you choose the annual membership plan or $49 per month if you choose the monthly membership plan.

Summary: web hosting + keyword tool + lifetime affiliate marketing training = $49/month or $349/year.

What I don’t specify is that as a pro member, you can host up to 25 websites – whether it’s a monthly or annual membership. Also, It is free to join; no credit card required! That said you have the time to test the platform before you decide to upgrade your account.

If you can come up with a profitable niche with a perfect domain name and reliable web host company, so you can create a successful website and make money on the side.

Let’s create your money-making website now if these steps have been well followed!

4. Set up your WordPress website

Have you chosen the company with which you will host your site?
If so, let’s go.
In this tutorial, I will use the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix site builder as an illustration.

If you have chosen Bluehost over Wealthy Affiliate as your web host provider, go here and follow my step-by-step guide on how to start a blog with Bluehost.

How to set up your WordPress website with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting!
1. Create your free Wealthy Affiliate Account

To get started with Wealthy Affiliate you need first to create your free account with Wealthy Affiliate.

To do this click the button below.

Fill out your details on the registration page and click on “Create your account button”.

An email with a link will be sent in your mailbox. Check your mailbox and click on this link to validate your registration.

Once this is done, you must log in to your account using your login credentials. You will see your dashboard like this one.

2. Upgrade your account to premium membership

Before you are able to create your money-making website, you need to upgrade your account – click on the “upgrade button” then choose the payment plan that seems favorable to you and then choose the payment method you would like to use (Paypal or Credit card). If it is a credit card you wise to use, choose “pay with a credit card”, then provide your card information and validate.

PS: The annual plan allows you to save 229$ each year. I advise you to choose an annual plan that costs you $29 per month instead of $49 per month.

3. Set up your WordPress website with Wealthy Affiliate

Once this step is completed, all we have to do is to set up your website.
“To do this, click on “Website”, then Site Builder”.

how to create a website and make money on the side: a guide for begginers

If you don’t have a domain name and you want to have one with Wealthy Affiliate, you can click on the “register a domain” button. Then, choose your domain name.

However, if you already have a domain name, all you have to do is to click on the button below.

This will take you to the last phase where you will have to create your website in 3 simple steps:

1. Inter or choose your domain name.

2. Give your site a name – don’t worry if you don’t have a name for your site right now. Give any name – you can change it after.

Step by step to how to how to create a website and make money

3. Choose a theme for your website and then click on the button below!

Congratulations and welcome to the blogging community!

how to create a website and make money
Your WordPress dashboard!

5. Design your money-making Website

Keep in mind that you don’t design your site for yourself but you do it for your audience. So you must design it according to your business necessities and your audience’s needs.

Designing a site is already having an idea of how your business must be – it is having an idea of what might catch and captivate your readers’ attention- your future customers.

But since it’s something you can change as your business grows, don’t worry about it!

1. Choose/change a theme for your website

To design your site, log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Where can you find a free theme to install?

Your website has been installed with a default theme depending on your web host. And you have the possibility to change it later. For example with Wealthy Affiliate, when creating your website, if you already know the theme that suits your needs, you can choose it from the thousands of themes and install it once and for all. This is what I did during the creation of this site (I may change it after – but currently it is my favorite).

Let’s go and change your theme!

To change your theme, click on “appearance”, then click on “Add new” and choose one who fits your business needs, then install and activate it.

I use the Astra theme that you can find here.

Don’t worry if your theme doesn’t suit your needs at the moment. You have the time to change it and test others until you find what is best for you.

Attention!! “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Just because you have installed a theme, and it is beautiful does not mean it is a good theme.

3 criteria to take into account before you install a theme on your site:

1. Be reassured every time you change a theme that it is responsive (mobile friendly)

Is it necessary for me to tell you that? Most Internet users nowadays use their smartphones and tablets for Internet research.

Depending on the type of audience you plan to target if your theme is not mobile-friendly you will lose a lot of your potential readers.

For example, more than 32% of my readers use smartphones and 6% tablets. Simply to say that if my theme is not mobile-friendly, 38% will not have better use of my site and can abandon my site forever.

How to find out if your WordPress theme is mobile-friendly?

To make sure you have a WordPress theme that is mobile-friendly, a free tool like Google’s Mobile-friendly will be very useful. Just copy the link your theme demo you want to install into the Google Mobile-friendly bar and hit the “Test URL” button.

2. Make sure your theme is SEO-friendly

The SEO of your website is very important in the success of your online business. Choosing a theme that is not optimized for SEO is to put your site in the “Google folder”.

Indeed, there are themes that use bulky code that is very difficult for search engines to read properly your content. But unfortunately, there is no way to find out if the theme is optimized for SEO or not. What you can do is to refer to what the developer says about his theme and users reviews.

3. Make sure that your site works well on most web browsers (this is after installation that you can check it)

Another element to check is how your site works on most web browsers – you don’t know which web browsers your readers use the most. Right?

To know it, simply type the address of your website on the different browsers you have in your laptop and smartphone and see how results you get with each of them.

2. Install plugins to add features to your website.

Plugins are add-ons that allow your website to have an excellent appearance.
Plugins I recommend you to install from the beginning:

YOAST SEO: YOAST SEO is a plugin that will be useful for your website optimization. There are other alternatives to YOST SEO like SEO Optimizer, but YOAST SEO is a beginner-friendly SEO plugin.

It makes suggestions throughout your content such as the length of the title of your post, meta description, the number of keywords in the content (if it is too much or too little), etc.

MonsterInsights: It is a plugin that will allow you to better understand the behaviors of your readers (how they land on your site, how long they stick around, which page they visit more, etc.). This is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that you can connect to your Google Analytics account.

You can create a Google Analytics account here if you don’t have one.

BackupBuddy: it is a plugin that allows you to backup your site from time to time. This is also necessary because it may happen that one day, despite the security provided by your web host, your site be hacked.

WP Rocket: It optimizes the loading time of your site and gives a good experience to your website’s readers.

Social Snap: social share plugin that can help you boost your website traffic and build your business on auto-pilot.

2 Important settings you will need to make to avoid compromising your SEO

1. Change the permalink of your site

Have you ever clicked on a site link and you can’t access it? Sure !!!

This is often due to a change in the structure of the permalink. The permalink structure is often by default like this:

When it looks like this one above, search engines can’t read your content properly. ? That impact your SEO


Imagine that you published 10 articles with this kind of permalink, and then change the structure like this one:

All the content of your site that you have shared with your friends and others will no longer be able to access your articles. ? That impact your traffic.

So from the first day, change it so that it looks like this:

Where can you find the permalink of your site to change it?

Go to settings, then permalinks and check “post name”.

2. Allow the search engine know what your website about

After adjusting the optimization of your website by changing the structure of your permalink, another very important element to take into account is to describe your home page to allow search engines to know what your site about.

This is really important especially if your domain name does not contain any keywords from your niche like mine. By doing so, it will allow both search engines and your visitors to know what kind of business you are doing.

Keep also in mind that this is what will make Internet users want to click on your link and visit your site. So be accurate and short and use at least one keyword in the description of your home page.

To do that, just click on “settings” and you will see a page (see image below) . Give a title tor your website and describe what your website about on the “tagline”.

how to create a website and make money from it

3 Must-have pages you should create for your new blog

1. Your “about me” page

Your “about me” page is a page that you will have to create from the moment your site is launched. It is the page that new visitors like to visit to find out who is behind the site.

This page is important for your blog because it allows you to tell your site visitors who you are and how you can help them. It also allows you to have a connection with your readers.

Tips to help you get started with your “about me” page:

  • A short presentation of you
  • Describe what your site is about: who is your site for?
  • Make your visitors want to connect with you by showing the values you can give them
  • Allow your readers to contact you (in case you don’t have a contact page like me)
  • publish your about me page as a post instead of a page so that your readers can leave a comment – unlike a page.

2. Privacy policy

The privacy policy is the page that informs visitors about how you collect their information, how you store and use their information, etc.

3. Affiliate disclosure

Talking about how to create a website and make money, it means that you could have affiliate links on your site. So it is imperative, for legal concerns to have an “affiliate disclosure” page on your website.

6. Create your first post

3 steps to create content that attracts readers

1. Find a good keyword related to your niche

I noticed from the beginning about the importance of choosing a niche. Your post that you will have to write must be in line with your niche. And the keyword you will need to use in your content must be a keyword that will attract your target audience. But it is not just any keyword that will attract your targeted audience to your site you should use and expect to succeed.

You have to choose a keyword that has a high search volume, but that has less competition with a high SEO score. This will give your post a better chance of being ranked on Google. This is why it is useful to have a keyword research tool like JAAXY that Wealthy Affiliate offers in their premium membership plan.

Use JAAXY and find a rich keyword.

2. Choose a headline that makes your readers want to click on it

After finding your keyword, the next step is to brainstorm and find a headline that will make people want to click on your link. Keep in mind that your headline must contain your keyword and preferably put it at the beginning of your headline (especially in case it is long) so that the search engines can read and index it correctly.

3. Write your content

The time for real blogging has come! It is time to put your hands in the “pulp”, to show your knowledge to your audience.
It’s not easy at the beginning but don’t let anything stop you from moving forward.

To create a post go to the post section, then click on “new post”. This action will take you to the writing page like this one below where you can start writing your post.

Just a few recommendations to write a friendly-readership and SEO-friendly post to get ranked higher on search engines

  • 1. Be accurate and short from your introduction so that your readers can know what your article is about.
  • 2. Give them the intention to read your post until the end by using relevant and captivating subheadlines.
  • 3. For SEO purposes, use your keyword from your first sentences so that search engines can fully understand what your content is about.
  • 4. Use subheadlines that better explain your content and attract the interest of your readers and always include your keyword in at least one of these subheadlines.
  • 5. Use relevant images to illustrate your content.

5 best image stock sites to find images for your blog

1. Canva: Canva is not an image stock website but an image editing website where you can design all kinds of designs for your blog post and for your social media post.

2. Pexels: Pexels is my favorite free photo stock image.

3. Unsplash: it’s a free stock photo site where you can find all kinds of images for your blog.

4. Pixabay: free to use – this site offers high qualities images and also free vectors and illustrator

From now, you have your website designed and you have also content on it.

Let’s not find out how you can make money from it.

7. How to make money blogging?

There are numerous ways to make money with your blog:

1. Earn money by doing affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way that many bloggers use to make money with their blogs.

It consists of promoting a company’s or someone’s product or service you love, to your audience, and getting paid every time a customer purchases the product/service through your affiliate link.

The principle is to write content that is related to the product or service you are promoting while inserting your affiliate link into it.

You can check out my step by step guide on how to start an affiliate marketing business in 2021 to learn more.

2. Make money by selling your own product

As a blogger, you can create your own product and sell it on your website. For example, you can offer a coaching service or write an ebook and sell it to your audience.

But before you sell a product like an ebook to your audience, you will have to publish quality content that engages your readers. You need to have a faithful audience that trusts what you do.

Otherwise, you can publish it on self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP where there is established customer ready to buy your eBook.

Yes, it will not happen overnight. But over time, when you will have developed more skills and expertise in your niche, you can really make money by writing and selling your own ebooks.

3. Make money as a freelance writer

One of the quickest ways to make money with a website is by applying to a freelance writing job. This is the fastest and easiest way to start monetizing your blog. If you produce good quality content that engages your readers, you can apply for a freelance job on freelance portal sites like Flexjobs, Problogger, etc.

For example, Problogger is a freelance portal site that you can visit from time to time and search for a freelance job according to your niche or skills.

You do not need to register on the site or spend any money to apply for a job. And your chance to bag a customer is great since you already have some articles that you have published on your site as a sample.

4. Make money by creating an online course on your blog

If you have skills or experience in a field and you perceive that it meets your audience’s needs, why not create an online course to help them?
You can combine all your knowledge in videos or content formats and your audience will pay to have access to it.

5. Make money with Google ads

Another way to make money with your blog is to sign up for the Google ads program. So Google will give you a code that you will place on your site, and ads relevant to your niche will be displayed in your blog via Google ads platform.
You will be rewarded per click, and the amount you can earn per click depends on the quality of traffic and your niche.

8. Promote your blog to make money

When learning how to create a website and make money on the side, you will also need to learn how to promote your website. Indeed, with no traffic, you can’t make money with your website even if it is plenty of good and qualities contents. Just to say you need to drive targeted traffic to your blog to make money. As you know, this traffic will not come to your site without you promote it.

So instead of waiting for “the giant Google” to do you a favor, you have to start promoting your blog.

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Where can you promote your blog

1. Social media

Social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are ways you can use to drive traffic to your site. Note that these social media work differently and the results you get from each of them will not be the same.

As a full-time worker like me, trying to be present on all these social media at the same time is impossible – or at least you won’t get away with it.

But with tools like Tailwind and Hootsuite you can schedule your posts in a few minutes, and use the rest of your time for something else.

Otherwise, my advice is to put your energy on one or two of these social media (mainly Pinterest and Facebook).

When it comes to choosing one from these social media platforms, Pinterest must come first because the result you will get is amazing and for the long term. Indeed your pins can be pined by other people and displayed on their board.
This increases your chance of getting some clicks and visitors to your website.

How to get started with Pinterest?

To start with Pinterest, you will need to create a professional Pinterest account, claim your site – in less than 24 hours Pinterest will proceed with the validation of your site, and as soon as it is done, you can create boards, and pins in your account.

Facebook is also a great source of traffic. One of the best ways to promote your blog on Facebook is to create a fan page, that will allow you to connect with your audience.
Joining a Facebook group in your niche is also a good way to get in touch with other bloggers, and to get traffic on your website.

2. On forums related to your niche

Forums are also one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. But you will have to use them wisely. When I talk about forums, I refer to forums within your niche. Find a relevant forum to your niche and join it.

Join beermoneyforum if you are in the “make money online” niche.

Of course, it is not all about signing up, and placing your link anywhere and wait for people to click on it. You have to be active in treads – to give accurate and helpful answers to other members’ questions about the topics you have already posted on your blog, by placing a backlink to your article for more information.

3. Answer questions on QA sites like Quora & Yahoo answer

Quora is a free platform that is accessible to everyone and covers all kinds of topics. Whatever your niche is, you had the opportunity to find a question related to your niche or the posts you published on your website to answer.

You’re wondering, but how do I find a question from my niche and answer it?

All right!!

The answer is simple.

Create a free profile with Quora. When creating your account, a variety of topics such as entrepreneurship, start-up, culture, politics, travel, etc will be presented to you allowing you to choose those that interest you. You just need to choose only those topics that are related to your niche.

If you are active, each time a question has been asked, and that is related to your niche, Quora will send you a notification.

Pro tip: Every time you publish an article, you can perform some searches on Google using your keyword – your chance to find a question according to your article to answer is higher. Give quality and reliable answers and place a backlink to your post for more information.

4 Summit posts on medium for publication

Medium is also a free platform for readers and writers that you can join and submit an article for publication. Like Quora, this site is open to all niches and you can find your place there. Write a quality article and submit it to Medium.

5 Guest posting

Guest posting is the perfect way to have an authoritative website. It also helps with your website ranking.

It consists of contacting bloggers in your niche who already have a well-established audience, writing an article and asking them to publish it on their blog in exchange for one or two backlinks to your blog or website. This practice can provide you with quality traffic since this traffic comes from sites that are relevant to your niche.

My final thought and advice

Our step-by-step guide on how to create a site and make money ends here. Many people have created their website and they are making a living income now.

So, if you want to create a website and make money on the side when working as a full-time employee, it’s possible.

Follow this simple guide on how to create a website and make money and join the blogging community today.

As for how to monetize your blog, there are plenty of ways to earn money with your blog. As I said create quality content and give value to your audience and help them as you can. Obviously, the money will follow.

If this guide has been useful to you and has helped you or if you have a question do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below. I’d be happy to answer you.

If you like this article on how to create a website and make money, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends either.


To your success!!


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        But you know all that can be learned and one of the best ways of learning is doing.

        As for me, I use translation tools and some tips to create my blog posts.

        And I have a private group where I support anyone who wants to work with me. One and one thing is for sure if you are willing to work hard and follow our advice you can succeed online despite the weaknesses you mentioned here.

        I am the absolute proof because English is not my second language but my third language lol. If you know Burkina Faso, you know that what I say is true.
        If you really want to get started and join my private group, contact me via my contact page and I will be happy to help you get started.

  2. Very good- I enjoyed reading this post. I learned a few things that I’ll keep in mind while building my website.

    Great work, Sebastian. Keep writing good posts- I’ll have to come back and visit for more tips for online success.

  3. Wow, what a nice in-depth post explaining exactly step by step how to create how own website, it is awesome! I’m glad I found your article (and your website also because it is awesome), I’m more than ready to start my online career! I have one question though : You talked a lot about pro membership, but is it possible to be a free member for some time?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Audrey,
      Thank you for stopping by!!
      Yes, you can be a free member as long as you want with Wealthy Affiliate. As a free member, you can create 2 free websites and also the possibility to access the training portal where you can learn how to build a successful business online and much more. You can start your free membership here.
      All the best!

  4. Hello Sebastian,
    I like your very detailed post on creating a website. These days people are interested only in getting people click on their affiliate links to create websites but you have taken your time to show the many facets of this activity.

    I can cite for example, you talked of the niche, domain name, hosting and the different web hosts so that we can make an informed decision to choose the best.

    I will take your pieces of advice into consideration when creating my next website.

    Thank you for this.

    1. Hi Akoli,
      It is our role as a blogger to bring value to those for whom we are online. This is my first focus.
      Wishing you the best for your next website!!
      Thank you for your comment!!

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