Etrust.Money review: Is eTrust Money a scam or legit way to make 159 ETH every 50 days review

Welcome to my Etrust.Money review.

If you are here, chances are you have been introduced to the opportunity. But before you join, you want to know if this program is really an opportunity to make 159 ETH every 50 days as they claim or if it is another scam designed to rip off your hard-earned cash.

If this is the case, you are in the right place.

If it is your first time on my blog, and you don’t know who I am…

I am Sebastian and my goal throughout this website is to help people avoid scam sites and under-delivered products while helping them start and grow their own online business that will generate passive income for them over time.

You made a good decision by doing your own research before involving in. That will save you time and money and the best part you can find a legit program to make money online.

To help you be well informed about the eTrust.Money program, I will delve deeper into the following points:

  • What is eTrust.Money about,
  • How does it work,
  • The cost for getting involved,
  • Their compensation plan
  • The pros and cons and my final point of view.

Etrust.Money review summary:

Company name: eTrust.Money


Owners: Unknown

Products/service: any product or service

Price to join: $27 (0,14 Eth)

Legit or scam? – Scam

SOW YOUR SEED TODAY rating: 1/100

Do I recommend this? – NO! You will know why I don’t recommend this by the end of this review.

Let’s dive in.

What is exactly eTrust.Money about? is Ethereum cash-gifting pyramid scheme that uses the Ethereum smart contract as a selling point.

Just like Million Money, FOMO5K, and Up2Give ( some cash-gifting pyramid schemes I reviewed in the past), eTrust.Money is just a matrix-based gifting scheme, an illegal MLM company that uses the Blockchain technology (Smart Contracts) to make people trust there are no risks for joining their program.

Yes, the smart contract is a safe way to exchange money, property, and anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way without the need of an external trusted authority.

However, like any human endeavor, the Ethereum smart contract is not 100% safe.

In fact, a survey conducted by Nicola Atzei, Massimo Bartoletti, and Tiziana Cimoli reveals some vulnerabilities in this technology.

That’s what they say about the Ehtereum smart contracts in their survey report you can download here.

The fact that Ethereum smart contracts are executed correctly is a necessary condition for their effectiveness.
However, the correctness of executions alone is not sufficient to make smart contracts secure. Indeed, several security vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts have been discovered both by hands-on development experience, and by static analysis of all the contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. These vulnerabilities have been exploited by some real attacks on Ethereum contracts, causing losses of money.

My concern is not with the Ethereum smart contract technology. It is well secured and transactions can be done in a transparent way.

But my problem is with the eTrust.Money’s founder who stands behind this technology while claiming that investing in their program is risk-free.

This is a pure lie because those who risk absolutely nothing here are the ones at the top of the pyramid (the founder, his friends, and those who joined the program at its pre-launch).

How does eTrust.Money work?

As I pointed it earlier, eTrust.Money has not product or service in the back end.

This is just a cash-gifting scheme and here is how it works:

First off, you need to download the Metamask wallet (if you use a computer) or Trustwallet (if you use a Smartphone or iPhone). After that, you need to buy an entrance position that will cost 0.14 EHT.

0.12 ETH of this amount goes directly to your upline pocket.

Once this step is done you need to bring at least 2 referrals into the system to activate your account and they also required to get 2 other people and so on until 7 levels deep.

Your direct referrals will also pay their entrance fee of 0.14 ETH as you did. That will give you the chance to make 2 x 0.12 ETH (0.24 ETH) and you are at level 1 at this stage.

You are required at this stage to reinvest 0.22 ETH to move from level 1 to level 2.

If not, you will lose your profits, and money from your downlines will not be allocated to you.

At level 2, you get 0.1 ETH from 4 people + a 0.20 ETH leadership bonus. That is 0.6 ETH in total.

To continue, you need to reinvest 0.42 ETH. That will move you from level 2 to level 3 and you are ready at this stage to receive the donation from 8 people and so on.

Who is the owner of eTrust.Money?

eTrus.Money domain name is registered privately and there is any information on their website about who owns or runs it.

And I don’t think I was wrong because Million Money was the first to make this kind of garbage and many others followed such as Smart.Way, Fomo5k, and the one we’re talking about right now – just to new a few.

How much Do I need to join the eTrust.Money cash gifting scheme?

The cost to join the eTrust.Money cash-gifting scheme is 0,14 ETH. This is about $27.86 because 1 ETH equals $199 at the time I was writing this eTrust.Money review.

Does eTrust.Money have any products to offer?

No, eTrust.Money has no product or service to offer to its members. It is just a peer to peer donation program.

However, for any MLM company to be legitimate and in compliance with MLM laws, they need to offer a retail product or service. This is a reg flag and scam alert for me.


Isn’t it a crowdfunding platform?

The first impression you may have is that it is crowdfunding! And giving or receiving a donation is legal!

Yes, you are right! Crowdfunding is legal but according to how Wikipedia defines crowdfunding, eTrust.Money is not a crowdfunding platform.

This is an unethical business model. And I guess how hard it will be for you to convince people to join you in this program.

In fact, a crowdfunding platform is legit if only the one who gives donation doesn’t expect a reward in return. But as long as you give a donation to others in order to be qualified to receive money from other members who will register after you, it becomes illegal.


eTrust.Money’s compensation plan

Million Money compensation is structured on a 2×7 matrix. But unlike, Million Money you are not limited in terms of the number of direct referrals. You can recruit as much you can.

Here is how the compensation plan is structured with the 2×7 matrix:

  • Level 1: You buy an entrance position of 0.14 ETH (0.12 ETH goes to your upline) and you receive – 2×0.12 ETH + O ETH Leadership bonus from your downlines.
  • Level 2: You donate 0.22 ETH your uplines and you receive 4×0.1 ETH + O.20 ETH Leadership bonus from your downlines
  • Level 3: You donate 0.42 ETH to your uplines and you receive 8×0.2 ETH + O.4 ETH Leadership bonus from your downlines.
  • Level 4: You donate 1.80 ETH to your uplines and you receive 16×0.8 ETH + 1.6 ETH Leadership bonus from your downlines.
  • Level 5: You donate 6.50 ETH to your uplines and you receive 2×3 ETH + 6 ETH Leadership bonus from your downlines.
  • Level 6: You donate 11 ETH to your uplines and you receive 4×5 ETH + 10 ETH Leadership bonus from your downlines.
  • Level 5: You donate 22 ETH to your uplines and you receive 8×10 ETH + 20 ETH Leadership bonus from your downlines.

Here is a YouTube video that breaks the comp plan in details:

eTrust.Money review: Is eTrust.Money a scam?

eTrust.Money review

It all depends on how you define a scam.

If any program that can allow you to make money is legit, then eTrust.Money is legit at this stage because if you can convince people to join your team and are able to support them build their team, you would be able to make money.

But those with a business sense know that this can in no way justify the legitimacy of this ponzi scheme.

Let’s face it!!

  • 1. Million Money has no products or services that it offers to its users. Therefore, it is not a legitimate MLM company.
  • 2. eTrust.Money is also not a crowdfunding platform because members give donations expecting donations from other members that will join the platform after them. That is illegal too!
  • 3. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), states that “any business or program that generates profit focusing on recruitment than selling product/service is illegal“.

So I have to conclude, eTrust.Money is a scam.


eTrust.Money review: Pros and Cons

eTrust.Money review: Pros

Any pro because I don’t like cash gifting and Ponzi scheme.

eTrust.Money review: Cons

  • Cash gifting scheme
  • Not in compliance with laws
  • A Ponzi scheme that benefits only the owner and those that are at the top of the pyramid.

eTrust.Money review: my eTrust.Money’s FAQ

What is eTrust.Money?

eTrust.Money is a cash gifting and pyramid scheme that claims itself as the world’s first multiple decentralized income platform.

Is eTrust.Money a BBB accredited company?

No, eTrust.Money is not a BBB accredited company.

How much Do I need to join the eTrust.Money cash gifting scheme?

The cost to join eTrust.Money is 0.14 ETH. This is about $27.86 at the time I was writing this review.

Is eTrust.Money a scam or a legitimate MLM company?

“Any pyramid scheme is a scam”. This is not my words. This is what exactly the FTC stated. eTrust.Money is a pyramid scheme. So eTrust.Money is a scam.

Can I make money with eTrust.Money?

All depends. If you can recruit more people, it is possible to make money.

My Final eTrust.Million Review And Thoughts

Before I leave you I am going to share my final thoughts about eTrust.Million.

I have taken the time to research in order to give you an overview and an insightful review of this program. I highlighted almost all facets of this program such as the products they offer, their MLM compensation plan.

I have also shared my concerns and thoughts on whether or not it is a scam.

From now, you should have a good idea about what eTrust.Million is, how it works, what they offer, and how you can make money with using this program.

What do you think about this program?

Why I don’t Recommend Joining Money Million?

As I said at this review, my aim is to help people avoid scam sites while helping them start and grow their own online business, the only one way to make real money online while avoiding scam sites.

As for me, I don’t recommend this program due to the issues that I found with their business model and lack of transparency I covered earlier in this review.

Plus, I know how these kinds of sites work. Those who lose money on these kinds of sites are more likely than those who make money.

That’s why I will not recommend such a site to my readers under any circumstances.

You now have all of the information about eTrust.Million to make an informed and wise decision on whether or not it is the right opportunity for you.

If above all you are willing to take the risk, then go ahead. But don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

So what do you recommend instead?

If you really want to shortcut your path to success online I recommend you go with Affiliate marketing (you are free to start with any company you want). This is what millions of online entrepreneurs (including me) make money online.

Just click on the image below to create your free account and get access to 20 free lessons that will open your eyes on how money is made online.


If you found my eTrust.Million review helpful, make sure to click on the social share buttons below to share it with your friends so they can learn what eTrust.Million is.


To your success.


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