Evergreen lead machine review

Hello, and welcome to my website and to my Evergreen Lead Machine review.

Here is Sebastian, and today I want to talk about the Evergreen lead machine program.

If you have been introduced to the Evergreen Lead Machine (ELM) program and you are wondering if this program is a legit program to make money or another BIG scam that is looking to reap off your hard-earned cash, you are in the right place.

Throughout this Evergreen Lead Machine review, I will delve deeper into the following points:

  • What is the Evergreen Lead Machine program about,
  • How does it work,
  • What you get inside & the cost to join
  • And my final point of view.

But before we get into our Evergreen Lead Machine review, I would like to congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before you get involved in this venture.

Doing so will often save you time and your hard-earned cash.

Announcement: This review has been treated by the fans and even the owner (who has revealed himself) of ELM as an inaccurate review as you can see it in the comment section. However in all honesty what was missing from this review at the time I was writing it was “who is the owner”.

Being known, I reached out to him in order to get the right information to update my review and make it accurate.

But the information I received from him did not convince me.

So I decided to take the trouble to unlock my dashboard and get inside the program and find out what is provided.


Without further ado, let go straight into the Evergreen Lead Machine review to find out what exactly this program is about.

Evergreen Lead Machine review summary:

Company name: Evergreen Lead Machine

Website: https://evergreenleadmachine.com

Owner: Andrew Neumann and his spouse Larlin Neumann (update)

Product/service: Viral list building system

Cost: free to join but practically, you won’t be able to make a commission without spending your money

Is Evergreen lead machine a scam? – No

Sow Your Seed Today Rating: 2/10

Do I recommend this? No (I will explain why)

What is the Evergreen lead machine about?

Evergreen Lead Machine is a viral list building or lead generation program that uses Aweber, an email marketing tool as its list management system.

Inside the Evergreen Lead Machine, there are 4 core affiliate (at the time I was writing this review) programs members can join and then build multiple streams of income

Here are these core affiliate programs:

  • My Lead Gen Secret that will cost you $60 for your first month and then $30 each month,
  • Aweber, an email marketing tool that will cost you $19 – $149 per month according to your mailing list size,
  • The 12-minute affiliate, $0 if you don’t want to buy it and just want to promote it (as you can find it on the ClickBank marketplace).
  • Traffic authority, an MLM program where you need to buy traffic packages in order to be able to sell the same package and get paid or to join their membership program for $47 per month.

How does the Evergreen Lead Machine work?

In this section of my Evergreen Lead Machine review, I would like to describe how Evergreen Lead Machine works and go over some of the reasons it may or may not work as a money-making opportunity for you.

I reviewed a program called Profits Passport and there are some similitudes on how they work.

This is how the Evergreen Lead Machine system works:

First off, keep in mind this a list-building system combined with endorsed affiliate programs (some are free to join and some are pay to play programs.

And obviously you need to join the program by signing up (first).

Evergreen Lead Machine review: their capture page

Once inside the program, what you will see is your affiliate link, a button that leads you to buy traffic ($47 for 50 clicks), a way to connect with your upline, and their Private Facebook group.

The ELM system member's dashboard.

You are required to invite 3 people with this link to unlock your account. And keep in mind these 3 people will be allowed to your upline (the one who referred you to the program). What I mean here is that your first 3 leads go into your upline mailing list.

And as I announced in the beginning, I’ve been sending leads to this system in spite of myself in order to get the right information for you.

Here is my ELM dashboard (image below).

Evergreen lead machine review

Once you have unlocked your account, what you need to do is to add your Aweber autoresponder code and your “My Lead Generation Secret” affiliate link to the ELM system and begin to build your email list by promoting Evergreen Lead Machine.

At this stage, all the members you refer to the system will add subscribers to your email list while they are unlocking their Evergreen Lead Machine account as you did.

Personally I don’t like this system. Why?

Because In my book, that’s called exploiting people, not helping them to make money online.

Plus, you are working for someone else without knowing what exactly the program is about or what is expected from you inside.

If you are up for free work, then go ahead.

Let’s move on to my next Evergreen Lead Machine review to find out how much it will cost you if you want to make the best of this program.

Is Evergreen Lead Machine free as they claim?

They claim it is free. But in reality, you need to spend thousands of dollars into it in order to make the best of this program.

Unless you are new in the online space, Aweber is not free to use. Yes, they offer a 30-day free trial. But after this free trial, they will start billing you on a monthly basis.

Ended, Aweber’s basic plan costs $19 per month (for 500 email list only), $29 per month for a list size of 501 to 1000, and the price goes up to $149 per month.

There are free email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Sendsteed, Mailerlite, etc you can use it for free to build your mailing until a certain email list size before starting to pay for. But with this system, if you want to benefit from it, you are forced to use Aweber. Using another email marketing tool won’t help you.

Keep in mind your first expense is at least $19 per month.

Let’s move on with our Evergreen Lead Machine review and see what you need to do next.

What is expected of me?

What is expected from me in the evergreen lead machine program

As I said earlier, you need to join other programs inside the ELM program to make the best of this program.

4 programs at all.

The first program is Aweber in order to be able to build your mailing list. 3o-days free trial, then $19 per month for 500 emails list size, and the price goes up to $149 per month according to your mailing list size.

Sure you can just connect your Aweber to the system and build your mailing list if you don’t want to benefit the multiple income streams they offer inside It.

The second program you need to join My Lead Gen Secret that will cost $30 upfront fee + $30 (ongoing monthly fee). That is $60 for your first month. Require you bring 3 referrals to your uplines before you connect your affiliate link to the system.

The #3 program to join is the Authority Traffic program

You are required to send 6 leads to the system in order to add 2 the Authority Traffic and the “12 Minutes Affiliate” program.

The cost of the basic traffic package of Authority Traffic is $220 for 170-190 clicks.

Refer to the table below for more information.

Evergreen lead machine review: their tiers products

If you don’t need traffic and are just interested in the opportunity, you can subscribe to their basic membership level: Reseller Licence & Traffic Optimizer. That will cost you $47 each month. A “pay to win” business model!

Obviously you will need to send traffic to your affiliate link in order to expect getting leads and sign-ups to your offer.


You have the choice if you don’t know how to get traffic, buy traffic from the Authority Traffic program, and have the right to make a commission or to buy traffic form ELM (we will talk about it later).

You can also add your “12 Minutes affiliate” affiliate link at this stage to the ELM system.

You are not required to join the 12 MA program (if you don’t want) as you can get your affiliate link on the ClickBank market place.

But If you want…

The cost to join this program is a $9.95 14-day trial then $47 per month.

At this stage, we are at level 2 and you should have 9 active leads to unlock level 3 where you can take a vacation (update).

ELG level 3 unlocked

Let’s move on to the next step to building your multiple income streams with Evergreen Lead Machine program.

Evergreen Lead Machine review

The next step to benefit from all the advantages of Evergreen Lead Machine is to get 25 leads (instead of 100 leads at their start) in order to be able to add your Aweber affiliate link to the system.

Aweber affiliate program is free to sign up and in my opinion, this is the only valuable program out there In this ELM program.

But as they know people can sign up for free to this affiliate program, they set the bar high and require you to get 25 leads (previously 100 leads) before you connect your affiliate link to the system.

Here is a YouTube video that breaks it down:

Why do I say you are passing sales to your upline?

They say members are passing leads and not sales to their uplines.


The cold truth is that you are passing sales to your upline.

Those who know the value of a leadthe value of a lead will not say otherwise.

And here is how the program works:

The 3 leads you send to your upline to unlock your dashboard buy from your upline links and not yours.
If your upline has activated all the income streams within the system (which requires an investment as I explained above), and your 3 referrals want to do the same, they are obliged to pay certain products (pay to play products) from him/her.

Isn’t that sales?

What about their Platinium and Inner circle program

Their platinum program has been broken down into 3 level:

Platinum 25: require you bring 25 leads to the system

Platinium 50: require you bring 50 leads to the system

Platinium 100: require you to get 100 active members.

Their Inner Cycle program require you get 200 active members.

And here they say who can be part or participate to this program:

Inner Circle Members when you reach 200 active members you will be able to participate in the Inner Circle program upon approval from admin.  Not everyone will qualify and you must remain active in order to stay a member of the inner circle.  This is a highly privileged position within the system and is at the sole discretion of the admin to determine your eligibility from 1 month to the next.  It’s important to be a leader and advocate of the system in order to maintain your position in the Inner Circle.

At this stage, they claim you can get paid from their bonus pool.

Where the money come from?

The answer is there:

Bonus pools are funded with click orders placed in the system and ELM connect subscriptions.

Let’s move into the next section of my Evergreen Lead Machine review to find out how much it will cost you if you want to join this program.

The EvergreenLead Machine cost

The ELM (unknown) owner and people who are promoting this program claim it is free to join. But this is just a marketing tactic to get you inside.

Here is the cost involved if you really want to make the best of this program.

Aweber (a must-have tool): at least $19 per month for 500 email list size.

My Lead Gen Secret: cost $60 for your first month, then $30 per month.

The Authority Traffic: $200 for the basic traffic package or $47 per month if you want to promote the whole traffic packages and get a commission. A pay to play business model I don’t like.

The 12-minute affiliate: $47 per month or $0 as you can get it on ClickBank.

ELM Connect: $14.95 for your first month, then $47 per month.

This is at least $143 per month + ongoing advertising expenses (thousands of dollars) you need to spend in order to make the best of the ELM program.

Why ongoing traffic expenses. The answer is obvious. Without targeted traffic, you will not be able to make a dime online.

I know there is an option to share your affiliate on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Don’t get me wrong. This method will not bring you satisfying results.

The owner claims they offer free training to members as you can see it in the image and in the comment section below.

My conversation with the ELM owner

However, in their platform, there are any free training materials contected.

ELM Connect training: fee required

As you can see in the image above, this is training but you are required to buy a product called ELM connect (I will talk about it later) in order to access this training.

The only free training you can get from the ELM system is from their weekly webinar.

And as you can access it for free on their Facebook private group, I won’t spend to much time talking about it. Just go and see if this training can help you build your business without buying traffic or spending money on advertising.

Some of their webinars are posted on their Youtube channel you can find here.

Evergreen Lead Machine tiers product and their price

1. ELM traffic packages

ELM at their start offred traffic packages to those who don’t know how to send traffic to your affiliate link.

And here is the cost of each package:

Evergreen Lead Machine review: Traffic package they sell tp members.

Are you wondering where the traffic come from?

Me too!

2. ELM connect (update)

The ELM Connect is a set of 3 tools I will name:

  • Link Wizard: This is a link shortener and tracking tool
  • Friend Connector: this is a software that will help you add targeted friends to your friend list just a click on the mouse.
  • Post filter Pro: an upcoming tool

If you want more information about these products just google them.

And here is the membership plan

  • ELM connect annual: $697 per year
  • ELM connect monthly: $14.95 for the first month and then $47 per month
  • ELM connect lifetime: $1, 997 one time payment.
Evergreen lead machine review: the ELM Connect pricing

And for your information, you can get Friend Connector + Link Wizard + Group converts for $47 from the linkconnerctor.io website. And they offer an affiliate program (30% commission).

This product is also a pay to win product. What I mean is that you can make a commission selling this product if you don’t buy it first.

Who is the owner of the Evergreen Lead Machine system?

To be straightforward and honest, at the time first writing my Evergreen Lead Machine review I wasn’t able to find out who is behind this program until the day he came along to introduce himself in the comment section.

So here are the owner names and you can find them in the image below:

  • Andrew Neumann, and
  • his spouse Larlin Neumann.
ELM Facebook private group admin.

Let’s move into the next section of our Evergreen Lead Machine review to find out if this is another BIG scam or a legit program to make money online.

Is Evergreen Lead Machine a scam?

A man wondering if evergreen lead machine is a scam or not

No. I don’t think, Evergreen Lead Machine is a scam. This is a program you can join for free and if you can afford the cost of all the programs involved, you can (maybe) build multiple streams of income.

However, I don’t recommend this program because a part Aweber, all these programs you are required to join don’t worth it, in my opinion.

When we take for example Authority Traffic that sells traffic, we don’t know where this traffic source comes from. I am wondering who will buy this traffic when we know Google, Bing, and Facebook are traffic sources where you can get targeted and quality traffic.

In my opinion, what you can do to benefit from this program is to build your mailing list and then find other valuable programs to promote to your mailing list.

Evergreen Lead Machine review

Evergreen Lead Machine review: Pros and cons

Evergreen Lead Machine Review: Pros

✔ You can try it for free

✔ Support available

✔ You are building a list you own

✔ Possibility to make money if you are an experienced affiliate marketer

Evergreen Lead Machine Review: Cons

❌ Pay to play business model

❌ You need to work for your upline before expecting results

❌ Lack of proper training

❌ You would need to spend extra money on paid advertising to make it work if you are a full beginner in traffic generation.

Best Alternative to the Evergreen Lead Machine

I guess, if you are here it is because you are looking for a legit and valuable program that will help you make money online while helping people live better.

The ELM business is about making money with affiliate marketing and I appreciate this idea.

Millions of online entrepreneurs (including myself) rely on this business model to make make money online.

Why I am not promoting or recommending this program?

It is because I can’t make money promoting it? Nope!!

On 68 visits I had 27 active users in less than 24. The 6 other leads came from a downline.

My ELG stats

So why don’t I promote it? Because I don’t like Andrew Neumann?

I care about value. ELM is a good program as it allows you to build a viral mailing list.

But what I don’t like is that: It seems you’re forced to work for someone else before you can expect to benefit from it. Which I find exploitative and not a better way to make money.

Also, there is no adequate training to help members generate traffic. And I think that traffic package products and traffic generation paid programs including into the system are not there to decorate the platform.

Plus it is full of play to win program and products.

If you are like me and this is not your first rodeo, and you suspect that this is just another useless product which over-promises and under-delivers, I highly recommend you to have a look at my #1 recommendation program.

This is the platform that helped me build this brand new website that got over 2000 clicks every day for free.

Traffic report
Traffic report

And generating a 3 digit recurring income for me every single month.

Don’t to brag, just want to show you it is real and I am not lying to you.

Side hustle income

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer and you found this program can help you take your business into the next level (mainly in the email marketing level), then go ahead and sign up.


What is Evergreen Lead Machine?

Evergreen Lead Machine is a list building program that claims you can build a viral list and make $1,236.57 thanks to their program.

Is Evergreen Lead Machine a BBB accredited company?

No. ELM is not a BBB accredited company?

How much it cost to join the ELM program?

The ELM program is free to join. However, you will not be able to make the best of this program without spending your money. The minimum you will need is $143 per month.

Is Evergreen Lead Machine a scam?

No. I don’t think ELM is a scam, but I wouldn’t call it the best way to make money online either.

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LeadsLeap Review: Is it the best Lead generation program

Perpetual income 365 review: Is it the best way to make $432 per day or a scam?

My final thoughts…

I hope my Evergreen Lead Machine review answered most of your question about this program.

From now, you know what this program is about, how does it work and the best part you are in a good position to make an informed decision to shape your future financial.

If you have any questions regarding this review or my whole website, please drop it down in the comment section below.

Have you been ELM member (or a member), share your thoughts.

Be an ACTION taker, Sow Your Seed Today.

To your success,


11 thoughts on “Evergreen lead machine review: Scam or a legit way to make $1,236.57?”

  1. Hello and great review and blog site

    just wondering what blog theme you use for your blog as I find it very open book and great to navigate plus your transparency and content is refreshing, I would as a blogger like to design a similar like this a blog like your own, and congratulations on being the only blog based content on Google I can see which is accurate to many factors on ELM

    but in my own, So many marketers online are spamming blogs just to sell problematic courses or some next junk hype and that’s been my downfall even if 10+ years of other business models I Do not have any issues with Unlike ELM at the current time as an affiliate I have the “eerie” feeling makes the participant feel like you are dictated to their system rules yet no reward to yourself as described rules

    I have been looking to return back to blogging as I find out of all the business options online, blogging is clearly the most Refreshing to express my own views on a case-by-case basis and on my own terms rather than some “poncy email or Affiliate marketer who spams Youtube, Facebook, or MLM based program from many places online” which makes so many rules before payments

    I have been involved with Evergreen lead machine and been deciding to leave I started out without the ELM connect suite and mostly just promoted by Facebook groups which now is not worth the time as your Facebook Reach is declined from doing by Facebook plus the messages or leads gains hardly convert from MMO affiliate based groups with elm

    I also have ELM connect but I am thinking of not taking part as to be quite honest as an Affiliate marketer I found myself struggling and the coherent training they offer is nothing more each week Andrew talks in Synonymous Quotes about Gumball’s on every webinar and what can be achieved if you learn how too which like many beginners won’t have a clue to do, Kind of like Tony Robbins in the webinar and Youtube adverts, I have also noticed more results in my email marketing from elsewhere by organic traffic in Facebook

    the support is not that great or new starter’s I felt so many times I get blamed on stupid mindset quotes or doubted yet the training does not offer any step by step so your comment on Pay to win is correct at times because
    1) When you post to ask for help the Top affiliates point to pieces of training in the Facebook group you have in the group, There is not much training in Email marketing just a brief outline and with marketers only help to push up the leaderboard stats,

    so far I sent over 2k in traffic and have to show now 29 subs who never even get started and when I reached out in webinars or in the rooms my posts would be declined to show by the team or in a webinar I would ask a question and never get the specific replies or told “coming soon”

    Traffic on elm is not great as stated here merely cold traffic from solo clicks which people join by the Free option but never activate or causes many inconveniences getting them to convert now I understand so again I am not making income as stated it is in correspondences it states $15 per lead gained in there email but states it as Potential so yes your review is right from the offset cost I need to send over 12k traffic to receive 200 USD per month doing the estimate which for any newbie marketing startup is not a reality or achievable

    1. Hi, Aj
      Thank you for stopping by and for this comment.
      And thank you for sharing your thoughts about Evergreen Lead Machine (ELM) and for your compliments.

      What I can say is that as an entrepreneur (offline or online), we have to be honest and helpful. This is the only way to build a profitable and sustainable business.

      Just because we work online, you don’t have to sit behind our monitor or website and rout people away just to fill your pockets.

      Without lying to you I could have made money with ELM if I had decided to promote it. I know how much traffic I get on this keyword.

      But I can’t recommend a program that I don’t trust and don’t believe will give value to whoever invests their money in it.

      I really appreciate your comment not because of the compliments I received but because of your testimony as a member of ELM.

      It’ll help the newcomers to think twice before they jump in.

      As for the theme I use, it’s Astra Theme. Which I find very effective in terms of speed. That’s my focus, by the way.

      And you made a good decision starting your own blog. I wish you all the best in your journey.

  2. Thank you so much for this informative article! I had not heard of Evergreen Lead Machine before now, but I feel like an expert on it after reading your review. It definitely seems like ELM exploits marketers’ hard work, skills, passion, and financial resources for their own commercial gain, with only nominal gain (if any gain at all) for the actual marketers. I have researched several platforms such as ELM, and I have always come away with a bad feeling about them. Don’t abuse the people who are keeping your company afloat; that’s unprofessional and a terrible business practice. God bless you!

  3. Hi! Sebastian,
    I read all your review. In some points is innacurate.
    You only give your up-line the first 3 people.
    In my opinion only Aweber is A must tool to build your List.
    All Other options aren’t obligatory. You can create your list with free methods over my mobile. I unlocked all 3 Levels in 6 days sharing my link to social media. I have a uTube Video that explains all that (removed)
    ELM is 4 Months old with 12250 Active Members.
    You can create your list with Free and Paid methods,according to your budget, but nothing is obligatory if you can’t afford.
    The ELM Owners Andrew & Larlin Neumann are in Querty Face media and ELM System is a part of it.
    Today I am preparing my 2nd video explaining how ELM works.
    MLGS,ELM Connect,Traffic Authority,12MA aren’t obligatory to make money in Evergreen Lead Machine(ELM).
    There’s been some changes made:
    Pl 25: You refer 25 Active Members. They are Your members. Aweber Autoresponder has 30 Days Free trial. Then either you cancel it or pay $19/mo to keep it. Your Choice!
    PL 50: You Refer 50 Active Members! Yours! You can buy My Lead Generation Secret $ 60 The first month.$30 for Administration Fee $30 for 100-200 leads/day. By refering 1 person in MLGS you have 200leads/day.
    That’s optional too.
    12 Minute Affiliate, no need to buy. You create your free account in Clickbank and promote it yourself to get commissions. You put your ID in the system of ELM for future commissions from other members who buy through your link.
    Pl100: Refer 100 Active Members with 10% Participation Rate.That means that they will have their Dashboard Unlocked.
    Inner Circle:100 Active Members with Participation Rate 20%
    In both Platinum & InnerCircle Levels there are Bonus Pools Shared in ELM by products bought in the System.
    So, by reaching these Levels sharing your link, you earn within the System.
    Either you Put People to Work(Your efforts to build your List and keep it Active) or you put Money to work which means you buy a product to make you build your List faster.
    That isn’t obligatory, it’s a Choice!
    You know very well as an Affiliate Marketer nothing is gained if you don’t invest in your Business!
    Evergreen Lead Machine is a Free Viral List Builder!
    Free tools:1. Aweber(30 Days Free Trial)
    2. Clickbank.com (Create Free Account & Promote Any Product, including 12Minute Affiliate)
    3. FB Post Generator included in ELM for Free. It has Pre-written Posts with your link included.
    4. Email Post Generator, with Pre-Written emails with your affiliate link in it to use it where ever you want. Not obligatory to buy My Lead Generation Secret.
    5. Videos Created by Members in UTube, with your link included.
    6. The Fully Automated Platform of Evergren Lead Machine is Offered for Free to Use!
    I joined My Lead Generation Secret before Evergreen Lead Machine and to be able to Keep the fully automated Platform I Had to Pay $30 the first month. Totally $60 Admn Fee(The Platform) and $30 every month to promote my affiliate offers, whereas Evergreen Lead Machine is Free to Join & Work Globally.
    No buy is obligatory, unless you can afford it and invest in your business as every Affiliate Marketer Does.
    Level 3: Doesn’t have Commissions! The Owners Offer A Free Stay Vacation Hotel In Any Distination You Choose, because you referred 9 Active Members in ELM. You Only have to Pay Taxes Fees ,The tickets of your Distination & the Sight Seeing you will do in your trip.
    Isn’t this A Great Reward for your efforts?
    Look Out for my second Video, I explain All the process Plain & Clear!
    When You Make a Review, you ought to be Objective!
    You have the Right to disagree with the System & Opportunities provided but at least make it clear that both options (Free&Paid)are A Choice to Make As an Affiliate Marketer!
    Have a Nice & Prosperous Day!

    1. Hi, Paraskevi Damianidou
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      I appreciate it so much. That helps readers to know more a bit of the system works and when comparing it to my review they can make an informed decision. I am not here to prevent people to join this program if this is your thoughts. lol
      I admit when reading your comment there is a point I have to correct (it is only 3 leads (or sales) members are passing to their upline.
      Alright. That comes with the update as we know Newmann’s video describes it as I did.
      Apart from that error, you have described the system as it is and my review doesn’t say otherwise. When I say members need to join inner programs to make the best of the ELM system, that’s different than saying members need to/must join these programs.


      Aweber is a must-have tool and it is not free. After the $30 day free trial, they have to pay.

      I have simply outlined some points for the reader to consider when joining this system. No more no less.

      When you say that members can just share their link and when they will reach the Platinium or Inner Circle level they can earn the bonus pool within the system, it doesn’t make sense for me. ELM is a list building system and you said so yourself. Let’s be realistic and honest.

      Will you be willing to send 100 (to be a platinum member) or 200 leads (to be an Inner Circle member that are a limited number and require approval from Admin we don’t know his condition) for a bonus pool (you even know how much you will get) to your upline?

      Saying member can share their link and when they will reach these levels they can earn within the system is to say that the member needs to send 100 or 200 leads to their upline and wait to win the bonus pool.
      As an affiliate marketer who knows the value of a lead, I cannot recommend such a method to my readers.

      It goes against the mission of my site which is to help people create their own business that will allow them to make a passive income over time (opposed to helping someone else build a database mailing list for crumbs).

      And by the way, as you know more about this system, can you tell us
      the requirement to make a commission from their product (the MLM connect)?
      I will keep Newmann’s YouTube video here. That will help readers to know how all these started.
      Thank you for this valuable comment.
      And good luck.

  4. Hey Sebastian

    I would like to make some things clear about your review.

    First, the owners (my wife and I) are very easy to find. In fact our Privacy Policy clearly states that our company QwertyFace Media, LLC owns ELM.

    It is 100% free and you do not need to give 100 subscribers to your sponsor before being able to earn free money from the system. It’s new, yes, you are correct on that point. But the https: //EvergreenLeadmachine. com also known as ELM is in fact easy to use and anyone can earn with little to no experience. No investment of any kind, and just the will to do honest work.

    We designed it that way.

    Your superficial review of the Evergreenleadmachine.com system is not a complete review. You are welcome to ask any questions that you like about the system, I’ll give you an interview so you can create an accurate representation of the system, and how it works. Your understanding is limited on how we designed it. And you only need to refer 3 free members to the system in order to unlock it, add your autoresponder ID (optional) and build your list.

    If you don’t have the resources you can use the free training we provide in order to email your members, get them motivated to do some work, and build your circle of influence.

    It’s truly a brilliant system, and the owners are right in front of everyone everyday. We have live chat, email, and phone support.

    We are also at the time of this response 79 days old.

    Thank you for taking the time to review our system, I look forward to hearing from you about any questions you would like to ask.

    here is my digital business card: https: //andrewneumann. rocks/learnmore

    Take care.


    P.S – most of your review is highly inaccurate and positioned from a point of very low understanding as to how the system actually is designed.

    You say it’s exploiting people? Would it be better in your eyes if we charged for the right to use our system? After all it’s not free to operate.

    1. Hi, Andrew Neumann.
      I’m not going to argue with you too much about what you say about my review as I will get in touch with you and make my review clear to my readers.
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      Glad to hear you and your spouse are the owners of Evergreen Lead Machine.

      You deny the fact that the users of your system cannot enjoy your system without having to invest their money. Isn’t that right?
      However, the only free program that members can join is 12 Affiliate Minutes (on ClickBank) and Aweber.

      While the condition for them to be able to add their links to your ELM system is to bring 9 leads (for 12 MA program) and 100 (for Aweber) to their uplines. Tell me, without adequate training in traffic generation (what you don’t offer , how the newbies in affiliate marketing can make money with this System?

      With the free strategy marketing on Facebook that you recommend?

      You say that using an autoresponder is an option. Ok. As for me, without this service, the users of your system are losers because it’s a list building system (email marketing) and it’s the only way to monetize their affiliate offer. Can you explain how someone can still benefit from your system without the use of an autoresponder?

      To your question, “you say it is exploiting people”?
      Anyone who knows the value of a lead knows that this system exploits more than it helps.
      I know what the value of a lead, and for me that’s exploitation.

      Let’s face the truth!!

      If the new member after bringing the 3 leads to his upline (the condition to unlock his dashboard) finds that this system is not for him, who wins? Isn’t his upline? Who’s the first to benefit? And even worse the 3 leads that the new member passes to his upline for unlocking his dashboard is not enough for you. He has to bring in more and more before he can connect his affiliate links to the system.

      When you deny that it’s not sales that they are passing leads to their upline, can you show us the process that a prospect goes through to place an order and buy a product online? Don’t sales come from prospects?
      For instance, if the member passes 100 leads to his upline and 10% of these leads pay a product of $100 each, how many dollars did he pass to his upline? $100. That is not sales?
      Perhaps I don’t know how the system works, but at least refer to the Youtube video I uploaded on my site that was created by one of your supper and fan members. What does he say?
      To your success!

  5. Hello Sir and Thank you for this review. But you did not make a correct research. Without checking out your Nb1 recommendation, I already knew that you were a WA promoter. I don’t remember that Kyle ever teached to just make bad reviews… You say that the owners are not known, that is true. I made 1 google search and I found out who these 2 guys are. You say, you can not make money without spending money, that is not true… You can make money without spending ,but it is recommended to get an autoresponder, who is also free for the 1st month, and if someone is a real action taker, will make money the 1st month without spending a dime. But for the rest good review 🙂

    1. Hi, Ronald
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      I appreciate it.

      I’ll be blunt with your criticisms.
      For your information, I’m not one of those who do bad reviews to recommend Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the feeling you have. But you haven’t taken the time to see how I work.

      You’re saying I didn’t do my research well before I wrote my Evergreen Lead Machine (ELM) review. That’s what you’re thinking.

      Where does the direct ELM link take us? A lead capture page. Is there any information on that lead capture page? No, there isn’t. Anyone can check it out: https://evergreenleadmachine.com

      Do you know how I got the information I share here? No, You don’t. I joined the system and I took my time to understand how this system works before I review this company.
      And for your information, I’m one of the first (if not the first to write about this company). If you are an experienced internet marketer you can understand why you found my post #1 on the first page of Google.

      Let’s leave all this and face the truth, my dear.
      I assume you are a member of ELM. If you are a member of this company, why do you need to search for information about the owner of the company you belong to? You don’t need to search on Google! I am a member of WA and I don’t need to google “WA owner” to find out who the owner is. Right?

      For my part, I did some research and I didn’t find any information about the owner (since it’s a new brand company). Having been a member of Evergreen Lead Machine, I had access to the private Facebook group and I know who the administrators of this group are. Should I take them as the Owners of the ELM? Absolutely not!
      You only have to tell us who the owners are, since you claim to have found information. In this way, I will update my review.
      If not conclusion1: The ELM has no owner.

      When I say that it is impossible to make money without spending, I am referring to how the ELM system works.

      Unless you haven’t read me correctly, when can a new member add his Aweber affiliate link to the system? When he has brought 100 leads to his upline. Tell me how many people (mainly newbies) can bring 100 leads at their first month to their upline and be able to insert their affiliate link to the system in order to get sales?
      Once again, tell me, who is the beginner without any experience who can make money with this system from the first month without targeted traffic?
      I know how email marketing works and I know what I’m saying.
      Even if you say it’s possible to make money in the first month, you’re aware that 99% of beginners can’t build an email list and make money in a month as you claim.
      And with what offer? The MLM and high ticket offer I’m talking about?

      It’s because of the way this system works that I said it’s impossible to make money without spending money.
      Conclusion2: Impossible to make money without spending money

      My focus is to help people avoid products like this one and if you think I do bad reviews to recommend WA, you are wrong. Just browse my reviews and you will find it is not the case.
      To your success,

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