What is GramFree? [GramFree review] Scam or legit?

Hello, and welcome to GramFree review and to my website

If you are here, change are you heard about GramFree on social media platforms or on forums. Or maybe you heard about it on Youtube. But you don’t know what is GramFree.

But for security reasons, you decided to do your own research to find out if it’s a legit program to make money online or another BIG scam.

All right.

As for me, I come across GramFree on Facebook. But since the Gram free company doesn’t provide too much information on their site, so I took the risk to join in order to get more information to help you, newcomers, to be well informed about this program.

As you can see, here is my GramFree dashboard

GramFree review: My dashboard

GramFree review summary:

Company name: GramFree

Website: https://gramfree.net

Owner: Unknown

Products/service: any product or service

Cost: free

Legit or scam? – Too early to judge

SOW YOUR SEED TODAY rating: 2/10

Do I recommend this? – NO, I don’t recommend this as an earning program

What is GramFree about?

GramFree is a brand new Crypto Airdrop and a GPT (Get Paid To) website that rewards users based on their activities on the site.

Gram is a cryptocurrency based on a TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain platform developed by Telegram. This platform is like Ecoin Official (an airdrop). They reward people with coins (Gram) based on some tasks such as referring new users, watching videos and playing games or lottery.

How does GramFree work?

GramFree is a GPT website and a Crypto Airdrop at the same time. That means you get paid for completing some required tasks.

It is free to sign up. Signing up is easy like 1,2,3 and you will get 10 Gram coins as a sign-up bonus. Once you sign up, your task is to refer as many people as you can and complete some tasks such as watching Youtube videos, playing games,… in order to get more coins (Gram).

Ways to make money with GramFree

There are many ways to make money with GramFree:

Referral program

You can make money by referring new users to the GramFree platform. You will get 10 Gram for each referral.

Watch videos

You can make money by watching videos. Each video you watch gives you 0.5 Gram.

Playing games

You can earn by rolling.

Post a promotional video on YouTube

You can create a promotional video on youtube and submit it to their appreciation. If your video matches their requirement and gets approved, you will get 5 Gram.

Here is a free recording tool that will help you create your Youtube video easily.

Click here to get it.

Is GramFree a scam?

I don’t think it is the best time to judge. This is a new brand website that was launched a few days ago as I was writing this review.

However, there are some scam signs you need to take into account when joining this website.
For example, we don’t know who is really behind this site.

Scammers always hide their identity so that they can release other programs and get people in again. So this is a red flag you must know.

Another red flag:

One of the users received a message from them telling him that they noticed suspicious activity on his affiliate link. According to the user, he has not done anything wrong with his affiliate link. He just used it in his blog content like the one you are reading right now.

You can find it on this Beer Money Forum thread.

A user reporting Gramfree as a scam on Beer Money Forum.

And not to stay there, GramFree operates on 2 different domain names such as gramfree.net and gramfree.world.

GramFree payment methods

What I like about GramFree is the fact that they’ve put several payment methods in place for users.
These are the payment methods that are available on the GF platform:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Payoneer
  • American Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • American Express

Is there any proof of payment from GramFree?

If you’ve already registered, you’ve noticed it. There are proofs of payment inside the platform from the users themselves.

Some people claim to have earned more than $1000 with GramFree for free.
This is the case for example of this YouTube video.

But the meaningful question you should ask yourself is the following: Since the platform is free. Where does the money come from? In other words, how do they pay members?

This brings us to another question that is not meaningless: Are all these payment proofs legit or fake? when you know that this site is new.

Before ending this GramFree review, I would like to show you what I like and dislikes about this new brand website.

GramFree pros and cons

👍GramFree review: Pros

✔ Free to use (but keep in mind your time is precious)

✔ Many payments method

✔ Minimum payment threshold is reasonable

👎 GramFree review: Cons

❌ Hidden owner

❌ Earning potentials are limited

❌ There is no information about the company on their website. The FAQ is only accessible once you have registered.

My GramFree FAQ

What is GramFree?

GramFree is a new brand GPT website that rewards users based on their activities on the site.

Is GramFree legit?

It is too early to judge the legitimacy of this website. This is a brand new website but as time goes on, we’re going to update this post.

Is GramFree a BBB acredited company?

No. GramFree is not a BBB acredited company.

My final thoughts…

GramFree is a brand new GPT website and members get paid by completing some easy tasks. This is a case with this website that rewards people by reading emails.

However, I do not recommend this site as a way to make money online. It is true that because the site is new it is difficult to make a clear judgment on this site. But the truth is that even if the site is currently paying, it is a site that will disappear one day.
And I don’t think that moving from opportunity to opportunity is a better way for you to earn a sustainable income online.

If you want a reliable way to make money online, I recommend affiliate marketing. This is the best way to generate passive income online and be financially free.

This is the way I am making a 3 digit recurring and passive income online while doing what I love.


If your time is better than earning 0.1 Gram by watching videos, then affiliate marketing is what I recommend as a business model for you.

But keep in mind, like any business, you will need to invest in your business to make it work. You will need for example a domain name ($13 per year), web hosting (under $10 per month), affiliate marketing training (price varies) and at least a keyword research tool (at least $25 per month).

This is a lot off money if you will buy these tools induvidually.

Thankfully, there are All In One platforms that offer all these in one room, and price becomes affordable. With under $49 per month, you can create a profitable and long term online business that will generate passive income overtime for you.

I hope you found my GramFree review helpful.

From now, you know what is GramFree, how does it work and the best part you are in a good position to make an informed decision to shape your financial future.

Do you have a question about the GramFree platform or about this review, just drop it down on the comment section and I will reply you ASAP.

What experience do you have using this website? Let us know your thought on the comment section.

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Overall rating



  • Free to sign
  • Many payments method


  • Hidden owner
  • Earning potentials are limited

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    1. Hi, Esther
      Thank you for stopping by.
      If you want to join Affilorama, just see on the Affilorama review summary. You will find their website link to join.
      If you want to join my recommended platform (WA), just go here.

  1. Thanks Mr Sebastian, your review is quite helpful, but do you know Mrs aderonke bamidele blog she sales ebooks on affiliate marketing, information marketing and others. Is she a scammer or legit. Please reply

        1. Hi, Francis,
          Thank you for stopping by.
          You can learn not only how to do affiliate marketing here, but also you get online tools that will help you build your own online business.
          This is the platform that helped me build this website that making me a 3 digit recurring income each month.
          In case you have difficulties to join, just shoot me a message via my contact page.

        2. Olofingorite Mayowa.

          Your post on Gramfree are good ideas. It is better not to judge the website too quickly as scam. It is now based on trials and errors.

  2. Must say your review is great. A gateway for avoid these scams.
    Honestly, Can you make a review on Volutic.com

  3. Hi,
    Sebastian, There are 4 user accounts in my computer.Me and 3 other users.
    If I tell other users about GramFree and If I give my referall link to them and If they get registered with my account, will it be a suspicious activity?And What will be happen to my account?

    1. Hi, Indunika,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      To be honest, it will be difficult for me to answer your question as I don’t know how they track users’ accounts.
      What I know, referring people with your affiliate link can’t be considered as suspicious activities.
      But using your laptop creating other people’s account with your referral link may be…
      Hope it helps.

  4. Kishew Gomez

    Hi Sebastian,
    Your review is great and I think your site is a gateway to avoid these scams.
    Can you make a review on Volutic.com

    1. Hi Kishew,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Glad you found my website helpful. Helping people avoid scam sites is one of my mission. This is why you can found more product reviews than info posts.
      As for Volutic review, I already did it. You can read about it here.

  5. Ashan Sandaruwan

    Hi sebastian,
    In my computer there are 3 user accounts. To each user account there 3 users.
    If I tell them to Sign up with GramFree By my referall link, Will it be a suspicious activity?(will my account deleted?)

    1. Hi, Ashan
      Thank you for stopping by.
      In honesty, this question is very difficult for me to answer as I am not operating with GramFree. I don’t know how they track users’ accounts.
      But in my opinion, using your laptop to register other people with your affiliate link is not safe.

  6. Lamberth Hitong

    Hi, Sebastian. Thank you very much for your article. I’ve just fooled by midjobs.com and start trying to make resumes or informations about online investments. And my first resume is this gramfree.net and gramfree.world.
    Your article is really worth to me. Hopefully I can tell the truth to the people in my country, Indonesia, not to get involved in to the sites.

    1. Hi, Lamberth
      Thank you for stopping by and for your valuable comment.
      Glad to hear. My aim is to help as much as people I can to avoid scam sites.

  7. Why my account has detected Suspicious activity. What the solution to be a normal account
    My account has been detected as Suspicious activity. How to handle it. Maybe because I clicked wrong on the menu options. Please help so that my account is back to normal.
    Thanks you for your help.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you because this is not under my control.
      I am not affiliated with GramFree and I don’t use it.
      You need to contact them directly.

  8. Good day Mr Sebastian
    One thing I noticed about this gramfree site is that google ads sence has been participating in posting ads there. And will google post ads on a SCAM SITE it burst my brains to wonder why we call it a scam when google ads are shown on the site. Do you know the legal implications of this if it turns out to be a scam for google. Well I am a digital marketer I will only say u should look deep into this aspect

    1. Hi, Daberechi,

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment, dear digital marketing expert.

      If you are a digital marketer as you claim, you should know why you see ads on the Gramfree website.

      This is yet another tangible proof that Gramfree is using users to get rich and not to help them make money. And as a digital marketer as you claim it is not a comment of this kind that you should leave as I have to consider the fact that there are Google ads on the site. What makes you think it’s Google ads that you see? It’s the only ads network OUT there on the web?
      And where do you see Google Ads? In your Gramfree dashboard? Or on their website?

      I’m not a kid that you can just come and cheat that you see Google ads on GramFree. Do you know how Google ads work? Explain it to us?

      I was going to stop here because this website is not for internet marketing experts like you. I am a novice in this field and I use the little experience I’ve gained in my adventures to help novices like me to avoid the same mistakes I made.

      But I will continue to assure the newcomer that GramFree is purely and simply scam and time waster. And who knows, maybe you were involved in setting up this garbage system.

      Gramfree claims being a Crypto Airdrop, and a legitimate crypto airdrop never seeks capital investment in the currency. Its aim is purely promotional. Go and read what Investopedia says about it.
      Is this what Gramfree does?
      Isn’t there a way to invest in Gramfree?
      Blessings and take care!

    2. Having your Google AdSense account verified doesn’t make you a legit internet-preneur.
      You should know this – if you’re really into digital marketing.

      1. Am in Uganda. I noted that with gramfree, you dont reffer more than 5 people in a day and cant roll more than 5 times a day. This is when they say suspicious activity noticed though they keep on reducing because at first, rolls where 10 but are now maximumly 5 and videos where 10 per day but are now 5 each at 0.1 gram.

    1. Another thing mr. Sebastian, how can i benefit from online income with my little education level because i have been scammed alot. I can now count 7 sites that have scammed my money including sites like 18kronaldinho, megacashit, tibex, bitcoinares.com, ‘luno crypto investment’ on telegram and many others have made me poor at all. Am still not sure if i shall get my money that is in Tbc(the billion coin) which i also put in 2m Ugx for buying 10coin that am just holding in my tbc wallet that i dont know when is to go on marketcap. Help me.

      1. Hi, Vincent,
        Thank you for stopping.
        Sorry for what you encounter in your journey.
        You are not alone.

        I get a lot of messages from people who have been victims of scams or who have simply lost their money in shiny objects. Some are working with me right now.

        I too was a victim of these kinds of scam sites before I started this blog.
        But I’m sure that any experience we have will be useful for us.

        Personally I thank God for this experience because it is what allows me to help other people today.
        Instead of directing you to a company directly, I suggest you create your own business and focus on that. This is the only way to make money online and avoid scam sites.

        You won’t make money overnight after you start, but I assure you that if you start working, in 5-6 months you will start and reap the fruits of your hard work.

        If you want a platform that will not only train you but will provide you with the tools you need to get started, go with this company. It’s the same company that helped me create this site and I’m proud for what I get as value.
        If you are having difficulties and are serious about building your own business, contact me via my contact page and I will be happy to help you.
        Hope it helps.

  9. Dede Amarachi Constance

    I have been logging in with my Facebook account (Yahoo.co.uk) but I can’t access my account anymore..
    A message was sent that i should verify my email and yet no mail was dripped for me to verify. Please how can i access my account again

    1. Hi, Constance,
      Thank you for stopping and for your comment.
      Unfortunately, I can help you. I am not affiliated with GramFree and I don’t use it.
      I just share my fount about it.

  10. Mr Sebastine go and sit down.I have followed this gramm free .it is real.your assumptions are wrong.Gram free is owned and managed independent people.telegram owner just opted out from it .it is not a scam.Go and do your research well.I know people who have earned with it so shut up.we are no kids but highly educated people who follow up.if you want to market your company go ahead and stop the shot you are doing.I hate it.Grammer free is real

    1. Hello alhaji, pls I want to know if u really see d proof payment of Gram free from your referral?

      Pls do let me see Nigerian man payment proof not video proof on d Gram free platform

    2. If you are educated as you claim you won’t be talking the way you do.
      You might have probably just pass-through school but didn’t get schooled.

  11. Thank you for your review on Gramfree.
    Can you please tell me from which level i can able to access lottery?
    I am in level 03 now. but i cannot access lottery.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      I signed up for GramFree to get information and write this review.
      It’s been a long time since I logged into my GramFree account since it is a scam.

      But at the time I was using GramFree, you don’t need to reach a certain level to play the lottery.
      You can find it in your dashboard and it requires grams to play.
      I think if you look carefully in your dashboard you will find it (unless they have deleted it and it is not available).
      Hope it helps.

  12. Hello ,I tried registering through the affiliate marketing link but it said it couldn’t register me because my country is not supported ,why?

  13. It appears to be scam. I have been there for one month now and have gathered 150 grams. But suddenly, the site has become spotty and anemic. It used to take me few seconds to log in but now, all attempts come in error from the host no matter how many times i reboot. The one hour roll cannot be sustain if you can not log on for hours and once you missed your daily risky contracts, you lose the grams. At first, everything was very rosy and smooth and was able to roll every hour but now, the system has completely slowed down with errors. I guess it was programmed not to pay or frustrate the users to cancel. All the ads from google littered on the website prompt users to subscribe to one thing or another but the grams are supposed to be free. I am not talking about the youtube 0.01 gram free video. Until i am paid, i will not believe anything they say and if i do/don’t, i will post it here. Meanwhile, i will give the benefit that it is still under construction and new. Also, dont forget you must clock 500 grams to withdraw

    1. Hi, Andy
      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your experience with us.

      That will help newcomers to not wasting your time as many though I just do bad reviews to sell to them. lol

      By the way here is the perfect program that will help you build a business you own and then make money over time. Sure it is not a get quick scheme.

      This is for entrepreneurs who really need to build a real business. If you want to start something today and then the next 5 – 6 months reap the fruit of your hard work, join this legit program that changed the lives of thousands of people (including me).

      Wishing you much success in your venture.

  14. There are two sites Gramfree.net and Gramfree.top. I tried to enter Gramfree.net but I always redirect Gramfree.top. Why is this happen.?

    1. Adigun oluwatosin christianah

      I am having issues with my gramfree recently..I have been working tirelessly but do t know why it it showing on my dashboard that my account is under review,A suspicious activity is done.. please I don’t understand..I have not engaged in any thing than the norms.. someone pls help as I am so much confused right now.

      1. Hi, Adigum,
        Thank you for stopping by.
        If you have a problem with your GramFreee account, I think you must contact their support team (if it exists).

      2. I understand you! It’s the same thing that happened to me today!!! Now everything is blocked and I start thinking that this site is one of the million scams that intoxicate the web!!! But I wait, and I hope my account will be ok Tomorrow. Suspicious activity? They act in a suspicious way!

      3. The way i have tried to understand little about this site, suspicious activity is noticed when you reffer morethan 5 people and roll morethan 5 time(cerrently) in a day and am sure on this though am a staff member but also having account with them.

  15. Great project. He made sure that he pays. A great way to make money without investing. I recommend everyone to try. I earned $ 1,000 in 3 weeks and deposited them in my PayPal wallet.

  16. For the affiliate program you are talking about, you will have to pay monthly be it can be use.

  17. Frankly I also thought it was a good site
    But t found the exact opposite
    This site is a scam and scam
    Judge for yourself
    My problem with the lottery, I paid 196.5 grams with an average of 13.1% of tickets
    But I didn’t even get a single gram

      1. Hi, Christian,
        Thank you for stopping by.
        If you have a problem with your GramFreee account, I think you must contact their support team (if it exist).

  18. hi, thank you for the article.
    cant we just contact telegram and ask about the legitimacy of this website?

  19. I believe it’s spam.
    My proof is about the rolls winners that updating real time, there is some point
    1- why there is no minus Gram rewards, but each time that I tried U failed with -10Grams
    2- Its not real. How you can check it? Open the Free page that shows you the Rolls, you will see the recent winners name that dropped there, so now disconnect your internet connection, what happens? It should stop and give errors, but still it shows some random names with fake Gram rewards.
    3- I took the list for a while, finally I see the same name twice in a short time less a minute that is illegal based on the 1hour Roll duration, this one can be because of same user name.
    But how about 1-2?

  20. Queen Daniel

    Hmmmmmm,am bewildered by people’s comment, just signed in today, right now am confused,My lottery has been running since noon till now.

  21. Gramfree is 100% verified scam… No doubt about it.
    Am also participant there. It took much time before i realized.
    All those videos are fake. It just 3 videos being recycling into different. GramFree.world or .net and cryptofree.life are samething scam. Same structure only domain name differentiate them. Real paying site don’t use Google ads. Gramfree is on Google ads meaning that d owner is using he stupidity to generate traffic to d site so he/she can get some income from Google end of the month.

    Come to think of this… Where is he gets thousands of dollars dazing out???. Na father x-mas?

    1. Hi, Femi,
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      And thank you for sharing your though.
      I hope this will help many people to stay away from these scammers.
      Now, we are waiting for OMID RAHIMI to come and show his payment proof. Or maybe he/she is the GramFree’s owner. lol

    1. Hi, John.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      What proof do you need?
      First, GramFree operates in 2 domains names gramfreedotnet and gramfreedotworld.
      And if you don’t trust me, go ahead. I am talking by experience.

    1. Hi, Sabeel,
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      I struggle before I find a legit platform that changed my online experience. I really want to help you, ly readers to avoid this struggle and errors I did from the past and lead you to make the best of yourselves.
      You know there are countless websites out there on the web. LEGIT AND SCAMS too. I would like to recommend you do get involved in the affiliate marketing industry. And if I have a platform to recommend for that, it is Wealthy Affiliate. Because this platform is an all-in-one platform. That means you get all the basics tools you need to build a successful online business online + an evergreen affiliate marketing training you can access for a lifetime. You can read my review here.
      If you don’t want to join WA, no problem. But my advice remain the same go with Affiliate marketing. I am sure you will thank me one day.
      If I will say you go with this opportunity or with this one, you will struggle without results.
      It is like any business. What matters it is physical or online, money is made by resolving people’s problems. Find a product that meets a need and learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing with any training platform you need, and you are ready to go. Here is another training if you want to master paid advertising.
      If you need any help, you can reach me via my contact page.
      I hope it helps.
      To your success!

      1. Hello ,I tried registering through the affiliate marketing link but it said it couldn’t register me because my country is not supported ,why?

        1. Hi, i tried registering on the affiliate marketing but it says my country is not supported. Way forward please.

    2. The truth is nothing good comes easy.. I’ll advice you make research on longrich and AimGlobal.. they’re evidently legit.. thank you

  22. Hello mr Omid i’m Eniola from Nigeria i think i need to darw your attention to something.
    1, if you check the frequently asked question page you’ll see the reason why the gram is free. ” 10% of the Gram mass is allocated to a nonprofit organization which will keep the TON infrastructure operational”
    so what i’m thinking is this the gram is an airdrop like other crypto currencies, so to propagate the fast movement of their airdrop which is the gram(ton) i think they make 10% out of the 100% free for people so as to get them well prepared for the later release of their coin. so they have on ground 90% of the gram which will still be sold out after which the free 10% has reached its hieght. thou its not too early to conclude if it a scam or not.
    2, this was how freebitcoin.in started then and people thought it was a scam cause those who had access to the website earlier than others got free btc then and people were like where do the free bitcoin comes from and finally concluded it to be a scam.. whereas, the platform is doing really great till today and people are still cashing out… i even have a friend of mine who won 2btc out of the recently concluded lottery…………
    so let’s not discourage people who had really gone far on this platform and on the same vein do your reviews again…..

      1. sebestian kindly check cointelegraph and know the reasons while gram is not on bbb and again for the reasons while the owner remain anonymous..
        i’ve been followin telegram’s crypto currency (Gram) since 2017 when they started this program.. it’s just like you’re saying mark zukerberg will stoop so low to scam people with the facebook crypto currency(LIBRA).
        I’ll really love to see your reply that’s if you go to cointelegraph website…

        1. Hi, Enny,
          Welcome back.
          My statue remains the same and I have nothing to say to you.
          Time will judge who is right and who is wrong. Who knows if it is not the owner?
          What I need is your proof to help my readers.

      2. Can you show me live proof that it’s scam ….? I need a valid proof not assumption…. In affiliate marketing you ask us to pay 300 dollars so how could we believe you people in this regard???

        1. Hi, Rexley.
          Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
          First off, I was where you are right now and I understand your feelings.
          I share my though based on my own experience. And you are not obliged to take my word for that.
          It is free. Right? Go ahead if your time is free.
          Time will judge if I am right or not. You have just to read some of the user’s reports on the comment section here. I don’t force them to share their thoughts.

          By the way, I don’t ask people to join a program. I recommend a program I myself use and found can give value to your life. It is thanks to this program you can found me and I think it makes sense. ASK # recommends.
          And for your information, it is not $300. And even it is $1, $1 is different from $0 (GramFree). Right?
          I didn’t create this site to recommend scam sites or Ponzi schemes to people (even if it’s $0).
          GramFree is a scam. Read the comments and don’t take my word for that. Or go ahead.
          A question before I leave you: Is GramFree is a legit platform. Do you know who will benefit it the most? No. You don’t. It is people who have a blog like this and can drive tons of traffic into it.
          My advice, sow your seed today, and sure tomorrow you will harvest.

      1. Sebastian, I have read all the informations you spotted concerning gramfree I’m not saying it’s legit or not. But always focus on own product, you don’t need to bring another person down because you want to go up. Remember what ever you do now, expect more people to do same to you.

        1. Hi, Seun
          Thank you for stopping by.
          I am here to help people and I am not kidding.
          You say you don’t know if GramFree is legit or not.
          If you don’t know, I know. Gramfree is a scam.
          So what do you want me to do? Recommend a scam website to my audience?
          I recommend what gives value.
          And tell me who I am trying to move down? Gramfree owner Or you?
          You are wrong if you think I stated Gralfree is a scam in order to sell to readers my affiliate offer.
          Go ahead if you are in, when you will reach the 500gram and not get paid, you will recognize my honesty.

    1. Hi, Mr. Omid, I am Fatemeh from Iran and I work on the Gram Free site. Is the payment on that site true? Or it’s just a scam and I’m wasting my valuable time on this site

      1. Hi, Fatemeh.
        Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
        The answer to your question is: It is a scam. Payments proofs are all fake. Don’t waste your time again on this website.
        Take care!

      1. Hey, Solmonraj,
        I repeat, GramFree is a scam disguised. Don’t waste your time.
        If you really want to make real money start with affiliate marketing. It is simple to do if you know how to send traffic into your affiliate links.
        This is why I recommend you join this training platform to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. Plus you will get tools to start your affiliate marketing business.

        1. Mr. Sebastian I guess you are here to discourage people from the gramfree plateform to your own scam affiliate marketing website which you will be collecting fees and money before registration or you will ask people to invest..then later you will run away with their money….if am lieing why are u focusing on referring people to the affiliate marketing website…you have no right to judge a new website if it’s scam we will know ..after all we didn’t pay money or use our account details to open or register on de gramfree platform..so let’s just continue..it was like this bitcoin started,and people like u were discouraging other not to do it cos u think it’s was Scam….there’s no course for alarm yet…I so many scam websites are in the world now but for gramfree we are still watching..no wan have de right to conclude that’s its a Spam ..

          1. Hi, Kaka,
            Thank you for stopping by.
            That’s what you think. The truth is quite different.
            For your information, what you call a scam affiliate marketing website is a company that exists since 2015 with over 2 million members and has changed the lives of thousands of people including me.
            And it’s thanks to this company that you can found me online, read my content (in your case the comments because if you had read the content you wouldn’t leave a comment like this one). The legitimacy of this platform is not to be demonstrated.
            As for GramFree, there are scam signs that should draw everyone’s attention.
            But as you say, let’s leave it to time to judge.
            For me it is a scam. I am not an “online baby”.

        2. Gramfree is a real and legit business. Don’t mind this guy
          Calling in it scam as am telling you now I have cash out on gramfree want to complete another 500gram to cash out again don’t mind Saba he is not serious if you invest this
          Stupid business he is talking about you will end up cry if u want to see my proof of payment dm me 08127771917

    1. Hi, Abdul Hamid,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Don’t waste your time with this website. It is a scam. I have to update my post.

  23. Thank you for your review on Gramfree, I have been in business for a long time and these types of programs most often don’t provide you enough income to be worth your time.

    I always want to know what a program is paying me in commission before I join them, and maybe I missed this in your review but what is their commission for referring new people?

    I always recommend to people I train to focus on programs that pay at the least 10%, but more is better. You also want programs that are going to provide you recurring commission month after month, and I did not notice if this program does that for you or not?


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