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How to earn extra money from home while working full-time? (In 2020)

Do you want to earn extra money from home while working full-time as an employee? Or, are you looking for a genuine and proven way to earn extra money to pay off your debt, secure your children’s education or to take early retirement? If yes, you are in the right place, and you made a good decision. Because with the current economic and social pressure, it is necessary to look for some ways to improve your living conditions by starting a side hustle business.

If you’re an employee like me, I don’t need to tell you that:

To pretend to be able to live the life of your dreams by relying only on your salary is to make a big mistake. And it is dangerous to depend on only one source of income. Indeed, what would you do in case of job loss or illness (where you can no longer work)? This is such a question that leads many people today (especially employees) to look for some ways to earn extra money by working in their spare time – to build multiple streams of income.

Is that why you’re here?

If yes, all my congratulations! Because you have already taken a giant step forward: awareness and the willingness to change your situation.

There are plenty of ways to earn extra money while working in the comfort of your home. That’s why I’m going to cover this topic with two series of post:

I will show you through this post, 4 smart ways to earn extra money when working from home. Then in our next series, I will walk you through some other legit ways to earn extra money from the comfort of your home.

You can read the next series here!


If you are looking for a magic formula to make money quickly without doing anything or if you are looking for a get rich overnight program, you are in the wrong place. Unfortunately, I do not have a miracle formula for you

But if you are looking for legitimate and proven ways that will help you earn a side income when working in your spare time, then keep reading!!

Let’s go!!

4 Smart ways to earn extra money from home

1. Earn extra money from home blogging

Blogging is my best way of making extra money online. This is the way thousands of bloggers make their living online while doing what they passioned about.


Because with a blog you can build multiple streams of passive income. Indeed an article once published, you no longer need to come back to do anything. Except for update it, in case it’s really necessary.

A blog also offers you a lot of possibilities. He can help you to get a freelance writing job, to build relationships with companies and people with the same interest as you, etc.

If you want to earn extra money from home, start creating a website today.

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How to earn extra money from home with a blog?

Choose a profitable niche

After creating your blog or website, your goal should be to find a profitable niche. A niche is a topic on which you will build your business. It can be a topic that reflects your passion or a topic in which you have knowledge or skills!

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Create useful and quality content

After choosing your niche, you can start creating content. Make sure that your content is of high quality and useful for your readers and don’t forget to optimize it for SEO.

Include Affiliate Links in Your Content

When I mention to include affiliate links in your content, it refers to doing affiliate marketing or network marketing. And that doesn’t require you an extra cost to do it. Some companies need people like you to promote their products and service. And these companies are willing to pay you a commission every time someone through your affiliate links purchases a product or service.

Drive traffic to your blog or website

Once you have some content on your site, start promoting your site. Don’t wait until you have dozens of articles before you start promoting your blog. This is the pitfall that many people make at the beginning. They spend their time on the esthetic of their blog instead of promoting their content. If you want to make money with your blog your goal must be to have traffic. That’s what will give you money.

2. Create an online course to earn extra money from home

Another and most important way to earn extra money from home is to create an online course. Many people want to learn new skills. It can be in any field: art like guitar, music, cooking, etc. Do you have any skills in your career? Do you have talents in a given field where people would be willing to pay you money to benefit? If yes, you can create an online course and charge them for a few dollars. And your earning potential is illimited!!

People like Graham Cochrane made 75K/month from his blog only teaching music production.

How to earn extra money from home with online courses?

Evaluate your skills, experiences, and talents and come up with an idea

Online courses are high potential. It is about $300 billion that research companies such as Global Market Insights estimate by 2025.

Source: visit this link.

Then, if your favorite way to earn a side income when working full time is to create online courses, start by taking an inventory of your skills, experiences, and talents. Evaluate them! May your skills help people?

Your goal here is to find a topic that you are passionate about or a subject in which you have skills that you can teach.

Do market research to find if your idea meets a need

Do you have any skills or talents that you think you can monetize? Good!!! But that is not enough!!! To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to do market research to see if there are people who are interested in your future online course.

Of course, if your online course does not meet a need or solve a specific problem from your targeted audience, you will not get a sale. People will only take money out of their pockets to pay for your online courses when they solve one of their problems.

Keyword search tools: JAAXY (30 free research) and Google keyword planner (free tool).

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Commit yourself to create your course and find where to host it

Once you are sure that your idea meets a need, you can start creating your courses. You can create your course in video format or in a simple content format. Or both!!

When this is done, decide where to host it. Will you host it on your own website or platforms like Udimy or a self-hosted platform like teachable?

Using Udemy as a hosting platform for your business will avoid you with technical pain, but they will take a percentage of your income according to which source the sale was generated.

Promote your course and get students to make money

Once your content has been created and the platform found, what you still have to do to start earning extra money from home is to find the people who are interested in your business. You can use social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) or your blog to attract customers to your offer.

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3. Write an ebook and sell it

One of the smart ways to earn extra money from home is to write an ebook and sell it on the market. If you have writing skills and you have knowledge in a field that you think can help someone, why not use it and earn money next to your day job? You can come up with an idea based on your passions, experiences or skills and write one.

How to earn extra money from home writing an ebook?

Find a profitable ebook idea

Any profitable business starts with a profitable business idea. Can you turn your interests into business by writing an ebook? Or can you turn your skills into a cash machine?

Make a list of what you are experiencing to do or what you can do. Then choose a topic that you think will benefit your audience.

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Do market research to find if your ebook idea worth it

Just like in the process of creating online courses, if you don’t want to write an ebook no one will buy, you have to come up with a profitable idea.

A profitable idea means an idea that has market potential. An idea that meets a need.

So, ask yourself these questions:
Is there a market search on the topic I chose for my ebook?
How is the competition state in the market? Low or higher?
Can I add value to what my competitors are already offering on the market?

If your answers are yes, this could be a good sign for you.

Start writing your ebook

You have analyzed the niche of your ebook and found that it is profitable. The next most important and crucial step is to get started and start writing your ebook.

It is the time to believe in yourself and to commit yourself to reach your goal. Some people start and stop along the way because they have lost their initial motivation.

So, If you want to succeed in writing your ebook, you need to identify first your motivation. Then put a writing plan in place and commit to following it.

Tip: If you lack time to write your ebook, you can hire a freelancer who will be in charge of writing your ebook for you.

Tools that will be useful to you: if you have your own blog and want to convert your post to an ebook

Calibre free to use and great for beginners.

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Where to sell your ebook?

Is your ebook ready? And you are wondering where to sell your ebook?

Don’t worry!!

There are several ways to do this!

You can sell your ebook on your blog or website

In this case, your blog is your sales platform, and you have many advantages such as:

– The possibility to set the price yourself,

– Full control of the promotion of your ebook,

– Set up an affiliate program and get people to help you increase the visibility of your product,

– Collect emails from your prospects and customers for the promotion of your future ebook and other products.

You can sell your ebook using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform

Another way to have your ebook on the market is by using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform.
You can use this platform after writing your ebook to put your ebook on the market.
What you need to know when you want to use KDP as a platform to sell is that the price of your ebook must be set between 0.99-9.99$ and you get 70% of the price of every copy you sell. Also, the only formats accepted are EPUB and MOBI.

4. Start online dropshipping business

If you are looking for a proven way to earn extra money from home, then you should try drop shipping. Indeed, it is one of the business models with a low start-up cost.

What is drop shipping business?

Drop Shipping is a sale’s method by which the seller (John) does not have any stock, whose delivery is managed by the supplier without the customer knowing it. It is selling products on your e-commerce site without having them in your stock.

Drop shipping definition

If you want to start a drop shipping business, consider these following points:

Find a niche first and do market research


Yes, you need to find a profitable niche. It means that your niche solves a problem or responds to a need. Use keyword research stool to come up with a niche that meets your audience’s needs.

Find a supplier who offers products related to your niche in drop shipping.

Your supplier is your business partner. The image and reputation of your business depend on the quality of its service (product quality, delivery time, etc.). Then you won’t have to choose your supplier lightly.


Find a reliable supplier.

To do this, you can use the opinions of Internet users on forums and site reviews.
You can also check the legal and policy terms of the site and be sure that the site is not under a sub-domain, etc.

Build a website for your drop shipping business

You need a website (e-commerce platform) to manage your drop shipping business.

If your business model is to give more focus to products instead of content, a platform like Shopify will be very useful. You need to combine it with Oberlo.

However, if you want to focus your business on creating quality content and selling products via drop shipping, then creating a WordPress site that you will integrate the woo commerce plugin will be a long-term choice.

Add Drop Ship Products to Your Website and starting your business

Once your site is ready, you can start integrating your products into your sales platform and start promoting your drop shipping business to your targeted audience.

Over to you, tell me on comment: what is your best way to earning extra money when working from home.

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  1. Hi Sebastian thanks for sharing! I lend here because I am looking to make extra money which eventually looking to make a full time earning. You actually gave me lots of good ideas! Keep on writing, I will be back!

  2. I’m already doing some blogging on my own, and it’s starting to pay off slowly, meaning, it works! I think it’s an awesome way to earn a passive income. On the other hand, I have some material which I could turn into an Ebook and sell on Kindle as well. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing these fantastic ideas!

    1. Hi Ivan,
      Thank you for stopping by!
      Yes, have the same though. Blogging is the best way to go when it comes to making money online. It offers large opportunities.
      stay blessed brother!

      1. Hi Sebastian, do you have a guide or any sort of material about Kindle Publishing? I’d be interested in reading more. Thanks!

        1. Hi Ivan,
          Yes, I have a post about how to write an eBook and make money.
          I discussed the subject of kindle publishing in it. You can find it here.
          Stay blessed!!

  3. I’ve been looking at a way to earn money from home for a while, and after reading this article i think i may have found it. It may take some time but looking at what you have said here, i think this maybe something i can do. I am excited to find out more. Thanks! MrJimish

  4. Wow, lots of cool ideas here and in so much detail to start off in the right direction!! I’m super inspired and can’t wait to try some of these. Thank you for this! 🙂

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