How To Make Money On Opera News Hub in 2021 (free guide)

How to make money on Opera News hub in 2020

Are you looking for a way to make money online while doing what you love (writing)?

If yes, read closely this free guide to learn how to make money on Opera News hub in 2021.

This is a great idea for people who are looking to make money without a website and for those who are passionate about writing and are looking for ways to monetize their talents or writing skills.

I’ve received messages from some of my readers asking ways at which they can make money online for free.

So I’ve decided to share this good news so that you can try it yourself to see how it goes.

I personally have co-workers who are making $300-$400 from the Opera News hub editorial platforms. But keep in mind it is not a get quick scheme. You need to publish great content, be consistent, and patient in order to get what you want (money).

But before we get into the meat of how to make money on Opera News hub let first understand what the Opera News hub is.

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What is the Opera News hub?

I am sure you know what Opera News is and you are even using the Opera browser and/or the Opera News Apps on your smartphone or laptop to surf the Internet.


But you don’t know what Opera News hub is.

All right!

Though it worth knowing what is it before delving into how to make money with Opera news hub.


So let’s find out where and how the Opera News company started in case you don’t know.

Founded in 1995, Opera is one of the world’s major browser developers and leaders in AI-driven digital content.

It is a Norway-based news company headquartered in Oslo with over 360 million active users worldwide according to Investor.

Opera has many products suite such as:

Opera Mini, which is the world’s most popular web browsers that allows users to save up to 90% of their data.

Opera for Android, which is a fast, safe, and secure browser for Android devices.

Opera News, which is a completely personalized news app that lets you follow trending topics, share and view the latest videos, and keep current with local and global news. It is the most downloaded app in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa according to the company.

And what about the Opera News hub?

Opera Mini Hub is a part of the Opera News company and a new online media and editorial platform that enable writers or publishers to monetize their writing skills by creating interesting and quality content for their news bub across their suite tools such as Opera news App, Opera mini browser.

As a part of their product, it has been seamlessly linked to their news delivery browsers and Apps allowing most Africans’ content creators to reach a new international audience, expand their online visibility and increase their fanbase on social media channels, throughout their creation.

The platform has been launched in Nigeria in October 2019 and attracted more than 40, 000 African content creators in less than six months.

Recently Opera News hub extended its reach to other Africa countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Egypt.

It released new advertising platforms for businesses that want to expand their reach and build brand awareness across the world.

Just to name them:

Oleads which is an online leads generation platform for small and medium companies who want to generate more leads for their business.

Opera ad which is the Opera Intelligent advertising platform advertisers can use to expand their reach and build brand awareness across the world.

How does the platform work?

The way you can make money on the Opera news hub media platform is straightforward like 1, 2, 3.

How does Opera News hub work

As you can see, all you need to do is to:

  • Join the platform and set up your profile.
  • Create not only interesting and engaging content the Opera news editorial team will approve and publish it, but also content your audience will love.
  • Share or promote your content with the world so that it will attract more readers that will not only read your articles but also will engage with it by commenting and sharing it on social media platforms.

Trust is, if you create interesting content it can go viral and generate more clicks and comments. This is what will generate cash for you on the Opera News hub.

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What are the benefits of using the Opera news hub platform as a publisher?

The benefits of using Opera News hub

It is fun to do what you like the most and at the same time get rewarded over and over again for the work you have done once.


Yes! And this what Opera News hub can offers to you as a publisher or writer.

So the first benefit you get is the chance of getting paid for your writing skills.

Another befits is the exposure of your existing business to millions of people across the world.

What I mean is that if you are a blogger, sharing your writing skills on the news hub of the company can give you backlinks and more exposure as people have the possibility to share your content on social media platforms.

That means you have the chance to get extra traffic from the platform for free offering you a chance to generating leads and sales for your business. Filing your pocket with more money in an indirect manner.


And the potential of money you can make in this way is unlimited because even an affiliate sale can make you 10 times more money than what the clicks of your articles on the Opera News hub can generate as income on a monthly basis. More profitable than just publishing on the platform as the earning per 1000 view is low.

Don’t have a blog? Follow my step by step guide on how to start a blog to get started today.

Joining the Opera news hub also give you the opportunity to expand your fan base as they allow you to link your social media account to your ONH’s profile.

And if you are smart this is also another way to generate leads and sales for your business or to bag more clients if you are offering a social media management service on the side.

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Now you know what the Opera News hub is, How does it work, and the benefits of using it as an author. Let’s get into the nifty gifty of how to make money on Opera News hub now.

How to make money on Opera News hub (in 5 steps)

Step 1: Join the opera mini bub platform and set up your profile

If you want to make money using Opera News hub, your first step is to join their editorial platform and then set up your profile as an author.

Here is how to join the opera news hub website:

Click on this link (open in a new tab). Then click on the “sign up” button as highlighted below.

How to make money on Opera News hub: create your account

Once you click on this button, they will pop up a window like the one below asking you to sign up using either your Facebook account or your Gmail account. Click on one of these options to continue.

Sign up with Google account

Once you have clicked on the method by which you are going to register, you will be taken to a page like the one below.

Choose your country name

You now have three simple steps to go through and your author profile will be ready to go:

  • Confirm your login information where you just need to choose your location (country).

Click on the “confirm” button to continue to the next step once you have chosen your country name.

  • It will lead you to a form like this one where you just need to upload your photo, choose a username, a category (field you want to write about), and to add a short bio of yourself.
Fill out your information

Once that is done, click on the next button to continue to the last step to finish your account set up.

  • That will lead you to a form like this one below where you just need to provide your details and payment method.
Set up your Opera News hub account by providing your details

Make sure to fill each field as required? If not you will not be able to cash out your earnings.

Note: The form you see above may be different according to your location because the payment methods differ from country to country.

For instance, if you are from countries such as South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt the way you can get paid is via your Bank Account. In this case, you just need to link your Bank Account to your ONH account to get paid.

If you are from countries like Ghana and Ivory Coast, you have the option to get paid either via mobile money or your Bank account. Choose the method you would like to get paid.

Once the form is filled correctly, just click the confirm button to confirm your account. You will be automatically redirected to your dashboard like the one below.

How to make money on Opera News hub: dashboard

Now, your ONH account is ready and you can start creating content to make money on the Opera News hub platform.

Step 2: Start reading other people contents

If you want to make money with Opera News hub by writing content, I think it will be better to first take a look at the kind of articles they approved and published on their news hub.

That will not only give you an idea of the kind of articles that get more views, comments, and share but also an inspiration when it comes to choosing your content ideas, and your writing style.

Step 3: Choose a category (writing field) to write for

For your information Opera News hub accept articles related to politics, economy, parenting/dating, business, technology, religion, etc.

If you want to be productive and establish yourself as a trustworthy writer, get more followers and readers, you need to choose the field in which you are knowledgeable and focus writing content on this field.

That will help you to stay focused on your field and also build loyal readers or audience.

Step 4: Start writing your own content

Once you have chosen the niche or category in which you are good at, your next step is to start producing content you will submit to the Opera News HUB editorial team for review and publishing.

As I said earlier you need to study first the type of content that gets more views to be inspired.

But here is what I advise if you want your content to not only be approved and published but also get more views and share and make you more money (as your income is calculated based on the number of views).

Make your article title interesting while avoiding clickbait titles

Your article title is what people see at a first glance. So if you want people to click on your article and read your post instead of your competitors’ posts, you need to be creative when it comes to choosing a title for your article.

If your article title is compelling and interesting the likelihood for your post to getting click and views is high.

Be aware because clickbait titles are not allowed.

Clickbait is power words bloggers use to entice internet users to clicks on their links over their competitors. This is what we do.

Since you are rewarded basis on clicks, Opera News hub doesn’t allow authors to use power words on their article title.

These are examples of words you need to avoid:

  • Shocking
  • Must read/watch
  • OMG
  • Unbelievable
  • Mind-blowing
  • Surprise
  • Amazing…

In short of content ideas? Read my guide on how to do keyword research for SEO.

Use compelling headlines to sustain your content

Having clicks from people on your link is winning half of the battle because your posts need more engagement to bring you cash.

As a writer who wants to make extra money from Opera News Hub, you need not only to maintain your readers on your articles but also to get them to share your content. The more share your article gets the more views it will get. And this is what will give you the chance to making more money from your writing skills.

But what will help you get there is how you lay down your content.

Though if I made this content in one section or bloc you will not read it till to the end. Right?

I used some headlines to sustain the ideas I am sharing with you. This is what you need to do in your blog post too.

Check your content for grammar errors before submitting it

Yes, before you submit your article or post to the Opera news Hub editor team, you must check your content for spelling or grammar errors first.

90% of the most case articles get rejected is due to the errors it contains.

Even if your article is interesting if it contains a lot of grammar errors, it will not get approval and published.
If you are Lucky they will ask you to review your article and resubmit.

Also, read 8 best ways to make money with your blog in 2020.

Step 5: Share your content with your friends and followers

The next step to getting your article go viral and get more views (once your article is approved and published) is to promote your post instead of waiting for the miracle to happen.

Spread the word and let the world know you are a writer on Opera News hub. Share your post with them and ask them to share it with their friends.

Chances are if your article is interesting they will share it, but adding a call to action in your message or invitation can entice them to share it. So add CTA on your invitation message.

And why not build a mailing list for this purpose. You can ask your fan to subscribe to your mailing list.

In this case, each time you will publish a new article you can share it with them easily. A great way to not only build a long term relationship with your audience but also a great way to get them engaged with your content – that will contribute to boosting your Opera News hub earnings.

How to still make money on Opera News hub even if can’t write or don’t have time?

If you are poor in writing like me, and you still want to make money using the Opera News hub platform, there is an option for you.

This option is hiring a writer or outsourcing content you will submit for publishing in the ONH platform.

Fortunately, there is a platform like HireWriter where you can outsource content for only $2 – $5 for 300 – 1000 words. That is enough to get your article approved. With such low investment money, you can still make a profit from the platform. Only make sure to use a plagiarism checker tool to check out the uniqueness of your content so that it can get published.

My Opera News hub’s FAQs: questions most people ask themselves

Before I end this guide on how to make money on Opera News hub, I just want to answer questions you may have on your mind.

What is Opera News Hub?

Opera Mini Hub is a new online media and editorial platform that enable writers or publishers to monetize their writing skills by creating interesting and quality content that gets published across the Opera products suite such as Opera news App, Opera mini browser.

How to register in the Opera News hub platform?

To register in the Opera News hub website, it is easy like 1, 2, 3. First, you need to be from a country where Opera News hub is available. If this requirement is meet, you just need a Gmail or Facebook account to sign and it can be done in 5 mins.

How do I join the Opera News hub?

To be able to join the Opera News hub and get paid for your writing skills, you need to live from the following countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, and Ivory Cost. Those are the countries where ONH is available.

How to get more clicks on Opera News hub?

To get more clicks on Opera News hub you must create interesting and engaging content and make your article title catchy. That will entice people to clicks on your links and read your posts. You must also promote your content on social media platforms or build a mailing list.

How to calculate my earnings on Opera News hub?

Earnings on Opera news are calculated based on numbers of clicks. For instance, you get about ₦3.6 for 100 clicks. That is ₦36 for 1000 clicks. That is very low compared to what Google Adsense pays per view that ranges from $0.20 to $15.
Though you must have your own blog in order to make such money with Google Adsense.
Follow my free guide here to create your own blog.

how to see my earnings on opera news hub?

Your earnings are automatically recorded on your account as people click on your links to read your content.
Here is how to check your earnings on opera news hub If you want to see how much you have earned with your content:
Just log into your ONH account.
Once in your dashboard, click on monetization and you can see how many clicks your posts have received and much money you earned so far.

Final thoughts and conclusion

Getting paid for writing for the Opera News hub platform is a great way to make extra money from home if you are good in writing and can write interesting and engaging content.

But it seems the earnings per clicks they pay publishers are very low compared to a platform like Google Adsense where you can make about $3 per click based on your niche.

So my question to you: Is Opera News hub worth your time and effort?

Let me know in the comment section.

I hope you found my guide on how to make money on Opera News hub helpful. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. That will help them know more about this platform and also it can be a way for them to start earning too. And sure they will thank you for helping them.


To your success!


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    1. Hi, Williams
      Thank you for stopping by and congrats to entering into the blogging sphere.
      First off, your articles must comply with their guideline to get approved.
      But it is a great idea to starting your own website because this is a great way to make passive income and you have control of the way to monetize it.
      As for how to increase your website traffic, this article gives you tips about it.

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