Income School Project 24 review for 2020

Welcome to my Income School Project 24 review for 2022.

If you heard about the Income School course known as Project 24 and you are wondering if this affiliate marketing training course is worth your hard-earned cash or not, you are in the right place.

By the end you finish reading this post, you will know:

  • What the Income School’s Project 24 is about?
  • How does it work?
  • How much does the Project 24 course cost and what you will get for your money,
  • Who is the P24 is for and who it is not,
  • The pros and cons and my final point of view.

Let’s get into the Income School review to find out if it is worth your time and money or not.

Income School Project 24 Review Summary: Company overview

PRODUCT NAME: Income School’s Project 24

OWNERS: Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer,


TYPE OF PRODUCT: affiliate marketing training course

COST: $449 for your first year, then $199 per year


DO I RECOMMEND THIS?: Yes but read my unbiased review so that you can know if this course is what you are looking for.

Let’s get started.

What is the Project 24 about?

Income school Project 24 review: site home page

Project 24 by Income School is an affiliate marketing training course that teaches people how to build a niche site and make a steady passive income from it in a 24 months time frame.

Designed by successful and six-figure affiliate marketers, Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, Project 24 is an over-the-shoulder video course with over 123 lessons.

The course was designed to walk you through the process of starting a niche or/and authority site without a black-hat link building strategy.

Their training covers many topics such as blogging, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, etc that will lay down your path to being a successful affiliate marketer.

Who is Project 24 for?

Project 24 is for you whether you are a full beginner or an advanced internet marketer you are looking to master your marketing skills.

It is for you if you are looking to build a side hustle business or to build a business that will help you add extra income to your day job salary.

This is also for you if you are looking for an actionable course that will lead you to success, and obviously, if you can afford the cost.

Who is Project 24 not for?

Project 24 is not for you if:

  • You are not patient and are looking for a quick way to make a few bucks because SEO takes time to yield satisfying results. And as the name implies, the P24 aims to help you build a niche site and then make a consistent income within a two-year period.
  • If you are looking for the quickest way to make money with affiliate marketing, you must consider another way to do it – like using paid ads.

For that I recommend you check out this course where paid advertising veterans teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing with paid ads.

  • You are lazy and not ready to put yourself to do the work, or if you don’t like writing articles and don’t either have money to hire writers to write your content for you.

I won’t lie to you. Affiliate marketing is a rewarding business and the best way to make passive income online. But like any business, before you expect to make a sustainable income from your niche site or affiliate marketing website you need to work hard: create valuable, unique, and high-quality content, promote your business on various social media platforms, etc. There is no shortcut to success.

  • You are on a budget and not ready to invest a $449 upfront fee in a course to learn the necessary skills that will help you be successful in your affiliate marketing business.
  • You don’t like the video-focused course because this is what the P24 course is.

If you want an affiliate marketing course with a video and text format where you can scan the course to find the information you want quickly without having to watch an entire video or the course, you can consider this training course.

How does Project 24 work?

Project 24 is about building a niche or/and authority website through a white-hat link building strategy and generating a steady income within a 24 months period.

The course is set in 60 steps and once you sign up and made your payment you will have access to these actionable steps you can follow and get your affiliate marketing or niche website ready and rolling.

Those steps, in a nutshell, will help you in your:

  • Content writing following SEO guidelines,

How much does Income School Project 24 cost?

Income school project 24 cost

The regular price is listed as a $449 upfront fee for the first year and $249 per year after that.

You have noticed it. The Income School’s Project 24 course is about accomplishing a goal within 24 months.

So if you stay in the course for a full 24 months, you’ll spend a total of $698 for the training.

Note there is no monthly subscription option. So if you are on a tight budget, this course I not for you because you have to pay the annual upfront fee – which is $449.


Is that all the expenses involved?

The straightforward answer is NO because your $449 investment is just the cost to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing, building your website, creating content, etc.

There are extra expenses involved if you want to implement what is taught in the course.

In fact, the 60 steps, if you will follow them will cost you extra money. That is for example buying a domain name and hosting for your website and an email marketing tool as time goes on.

And when it comes to achieving a 4-figure monthly income in 24 month period as they aim for, it is not just by writing and publishing content you will achieve such results. You need more than just a website for that.

For instance, you will need a basic tool like a keyword research tool and as I know the recommended tool is Arhef, which is an all-in-one tool. The basic plan costs $99 per month.

Let’s now move into the next section of my Income School Project 24 review to find out what you get for your money.

Check out this platform that changes thousands of people’s lives (including myself). They are regular people like you without any prior experience in online marketing, any technical or coding skills.

What you get inside the project 24: course overview

As I said earlier, the Project 24 course is structured in 60-steps and they will teach you from start to finish:

  • How to become an online entrepreneur: Success mindset course,
  • How to choose a profitable niche for your online business,
  • How to build your niche or affiliate marketing website,
  • How to create search engine optimized content that ranks on the first page of the search engine results,
  • How to improve your writing speed,
  • How to hire and train writers,
  • How to create YouTube videos to drive traffic to your website,
  • How to choose affiliate programs or relevant products or services to your niche to promote,
  • How to promote your online business on various social media platforms,
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your site and convert it into leads,
  • How to do email marketing: Email Marketing 102,
  • How to monetize your blog.

Here is the overview of the Project 24 course:

Module 1: 60 Steps to a Successful Website

Module 1 of the P24 is the key component of the Income School’s Project 24 course.

It is composed of 60 actionable steps that will walk you through the process of creating your website from scratch, creating content for your website, search engine optimization (SEO), and promoting your website.

In a nutshell, you will learn in this module:

  • How to choose a profitable niche,
  • How to set up and design a WordPress site, create the necessary pages like about me page, resource page, etc,
  • All about Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • How to create SEO-friendly and engaging blog posts that attract your audience and Google’s attention,
  • How to promote your online business on various social media platforms,
  • How to create a YouTube video to promote your business,
  • How to monetize your website with Amazon Associate and other affiliate networks.

Module 2: Search Analysis

In the Module, Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer will show you advanced tricks and strategies you can use to come up with good keywords for your blog posts.

They will also show you how to do search analysis so that you can grab Google’s attention throughout your content creation.

Here are the topics covered in this module:

  • Brand planning,
  • Ideation,
  • Keywords research,
  • How to create an effective hit list.

Module 3: Choosing Profitable Niches

You know, in any business the direction you take for your business will determine the finality of your business. What I mean is that it plays an important role in the success of your business. If you take the wrong road, you know your way out.

That’s why in this module throughout a 50-minute video Jim and Ricky will teach you how to choose a profitable niche to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Module 4: No-Nonsense SEO

The No-Nonsense SEO course is about search engine optimization (SEO).

They teach you how to optimize your blog post and your whole site in order to rank higher on search engines. This is the way you can drive targeted and free traffic into your affiliate marketing site or niche site and then make money from it.

This module of the Project 24 course is a 50 min video that gives you SEO tactics and tricks thought by the owners.

And just like Wealthy Affiliate, what is taught here is white-hat SEO tactics and not black-hat SEO tactics. If that’s what you are looking for, then this course nor Wealthy Affiliate is not for you though.

Module 5: Web Traffic Snowball

In this module, Jim and Ricky will teach you how to promote your website on various social media platforms without wasting too much time on these platforms.

They provide in this module, strategies you can follow and build brand awareness through social media marketing.

Module 6: Email Marketing 101

Just like the Savage Affiliate 2.0 course, the Project 24 by Income school affiliate marketing course covers various subjects such as email marketing.

This module is about email marketing and you will learn in this course:

  • The importance of email marketing,
  • How to sign up with Free email marketing like Aweber or Mailchimp and scale it from there,
  • How to build your email list faster and then engage your audience through email marketing and then convert them into lifetime buyers and more.

Module 7: myth-busting

In this course, you will learn about the keyword golden ratio (KGR), and its importance in your online business.

Module 8: How to Find and Train Writers

You read millions of times: “content is king”. And this is real in the blogging sphere. Blogging is about content and without quality and well-researched content your site won’t rank on search engines and bring you revenue.

But what to do if you don’t have time to write these qualities and well-researched blog posts.

Jim and Ricky get you covered in this module.

In 10 steps they will teach you how to hire and train a writer like a pro.

Here is what the 10 steps cover:

  • Create a hit list,
  • Choosing a pay scale,
  • Publish your job listing,
  • Select finalists,
  • Train the writers,
  • Test writers with a trial article,
  • Sign the contract and provide login details,
  • Selecting a publishing schedule,
  • Review and add images to the posts,
  • Pay writers.

Module 9: Professional Photography

image of professional photography

This module of the Project 24 course teaches you how to take awesome photos for your website.

It contains 22 lessons and 22 shoulder videos, they cover all you need to know about taking professional photos for your website.

Module 10: Website Reviews

This nodule is about reviews of the Project 24 members’ sites. In this course, the Income School owners will review and give you feedback for sites of other members giving you the ability to learn from their failures and accomplishments.

Module 11: How to Improve Your Writing Skills and Speed

As I said earlier, in blogging content creation is the key component of your business success.

This module of the Income School’s Project 24 course will teach you how to improve and speed up your writing so that you can create more content for your business or website.

It covers the process of choosing the right keyword to write for to the process of crafting your post for the chosen keyword.

Module 12: Monetizing Your Website with Advertisements

image of Monetizing Your Website with Advertise.

The main focus of your content marketing is to make money from it. Advertising through ad networks like Google Adsense is one of the ways you can make money from your website.

This module get you covered. It teaches you how to monetize your site earlier with ads and how to effectively use them and make more money.

Module 13: The Success Mindset

One reason many entrepreneurs fail in their business (offline or offline) is due to the fact they don’t have the right mindset.

Success is a process and you need to work for it.

Jim and Ricky throughout the thirteenth module of the Project 24 course will teach you the mindset you need to have in order to be able to build and grow a successful online business from scratch.

Module 14: How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

The P24 course covered social media marketing in one module of their course. But here the focus is on Pinterest marketing.

In this module, you will learn how to create a professional Pinterest account for your website, create boards and pins and then drive free traffic to your website.

The Income School Project 24 Pros and Cons

Income School Project 24 Pros

✔ Great course with actionable steps from successful entrepreneurs that teach what they did,

✔ Constantly updated,

✔ No link building strategy taught – no worry about getting your site panelized by Google,

✔ Great support community,

✔ High customer satisfaction rating.

Income School Project 24 Cons

❌ No lifetime free membership,

❌ No monthly subscription,

❌ $449 can be a bit expensive if you are just starting out,

❌ The strategy taught may not work for competitive niches,

❌ It takes time to start seeing results from your hard work,

❌ Extra expenses involved (domain name, hosting, email marketing tool, keyword research tool, etc),

Is Income School review: Is it worth the money?

I want in this section of my Income School Project 24 review to answer our main question above.

The evidence: $449 upfront fee can be a challenge for people on a tight budget. But I think Jim and Ricky made their best to provide their students with a better learning experience and in-depth affiliate marketing training.

In my opinion, it is worth it.

The only downside of the P24 course is the fact it is a video-oriented course.

That means if you want to refer to something you learned and forgotten, you need to watch the video again and again.

You won’t be able to scan the content and found what you need easily. That I found time-consuming.

Moreover, time is very priceless – mainly in the P24 since it is about accomplishing a goal in a given time frame.

So my advice is to take note of any important tips when watching the video course for the first time. That will save you more time. That means more money as “time is money”.

To be honest, building a niche site is a great idea. In fact, your site is an online real estate you can even sell later for a price you cannot imagine.

Check out this platform that changes thousands of people’s lives (including myself). They are regular people like you without any prior experience in online marketing, any technical or coding skills.

The Income School’s Project 24 course alternative

P24 is a great online course and one of my handpicked affiliate marketing training courses out there.

Like Wealthy Affiliate, the strategy taught is a long-term strategy and has proven to work if you put yourself to work and have patience.

The only downside with the project 24 courses is that there is no free trial or monthly subscription plan.

You are required to invest a $449 upfront fee in order to access the training and on top of that, you need to invest extra money on tools like hosting; keyword research tools, etc.

If investing $449 and then $249 per year is expensive for you to get started, try this course instead which is the lowest barrier to entry.

Not only do you get all the necessary tools (web hosting, keyword research tool, etc) to build your online business but you also get access to an evergreen affiliate marketing training that will lay down your paths to being a successful affiliate marketer and then make money online.

This is the course I followed and thanks to the strategies and SEO tactics taught inside this course I managed to scale my website organic traffic to over 2k visitors (daily basis) in 9 months from my start.

Take a look at the screenshot below for evidence.

traffic report

You can see the difference between both platforms in the next section of my Project 24 review.

Consider the table below if you want more options.Y




Read review

Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate Secret 3.0

Authority Hacker 

Project 24

Freedom Breakthrough

Super Affiliate System Pro

Commission Jumpstart

Savage Affiliate 2.0

My Project 24 review’s FAQ

In this section of my Income School Project 24 review, I want to answer questions my review didn’t address and you may have in mind.

What is Income School Project 24?

The Income School’s Project 24 by Jim and Ricky is an affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to a build niche site and make passive income from it in a 24 months period.

Is Income School Project 24 offer a free download for their course?

If you are looking for the Income School Project 24 free download, you won’t find it. They don’t offer a free download for their course. Instead, you can join their free webinar to get an overview of their niche website building blueprint. Another option if you want to learn from Jim and Ricky is through the Income School YouTube Channel where Jim & Ricky teaches you free tips you can apply to your online business.

Does Income School Project 24 offer a discount?

At the time, I was writing this Project 24 review, I searched for a discount on Project 24 course but didn’t find it.
So if you are looking for Income School Project 24 discount to buy the course, I have bad news for you: They don’t offer a discount for the P24 course. Not at the time I was writing this Income School review

Where can I find Project 24’s websites?

If you are looking for the Project 24 websites to take a look at what they are doing, you can find it on their home page.

Where can I get the Income School Project 24 timeline?

The Income School Project 24 timeline is available on their website at this link. You can check it out.

Is Income School Project 24 a scam?

The straightforward answer I can give you is a big NO. The Project 24 course is not a scam. This is a legitimate online course that will teach you how to make passive income online through niche site building. If you can afford the price, don’t hesitate.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Project 24

Added to these differences, some advantages of Wealthy Affiliate over Income School are:

  • You can set up a lifetime free membership,
  • You get access to weekly live training,
  • You get access to a dynamic and supported community – larger than 1.4 million+ people,
  • They offer premium cloud-managed WordPress hosting (you can create up to 10 websites) – which means you don’t need to spend extra money on web hosting.
  • A premium keyword research tool for market and keyword research ( $19 value for free).

I hope you found my Project 24 review helpful.

If this is the case, don’t hesitate to share it with your friend.

Have you been a student of the Income School’s Project 24?

Share your experience or your thoughts regarding my Income School review.


To your Success!


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