Is Jaaxy a scam

Is JAAXY a scam or the best keyword research tool?

Welcome to my JAAXY review!! I know if you are here it is because you want to have this question answered: Is JAAXY a scam or the best keyword research tool I can use?


If you are looking for an honest review of JAAXY, you are in the right place.
But to be straight and honest with you and save your time, let me clear up your doubts: JAAXY is not Scam.

It is a keyword research tool that you can use and grow your business online.

It is also my best keyword research tool that I use since I started my blogging career and I have positive results thanks to this tool.
And I will show you “why” throughout this review.

Just because a product or company is not scam does not mean you have to jump into it. It is also important to know if the product is worth it.


So, throughout this review, I will walk you through JAAXY features, how it works, JAAXY pricing and finally I will show you JAAXY pros and cons. In a nutshell, I will give an in-depth review so you can make an informative decision.

Is JAAXY a scam: JAAXY review summary

Product Name: Jaaxy


Founders: Kyle & Carson (founders of Wealthy Affiliate.)

Cost: $0 Free Account, $19/Month (Pro), $49/Month (Enterprise)

Product type: Keyword Research Tool


Recommended?: YES

But before you get into the meat of JAAXY review, I think is important you understand what a keyword research tool is and why it is important to get one.

What is a keyword research tool and why it is important to get one?

What is a keyword research tool?

I think to better define what a keyword research tool is, you need to know first and foremost what a keyword is.


What is a keyword?

In a nutshell, a keyword is a word or group of words (a significant short sentence) that Internet users type in the search bar of their browser to perform a search on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo.).

It is an important element for both web marketers and internet users for 2 mains reasons:

  1. Web Marketers have to use it properly on their webpage in order to let Search Engines understand properly what the topic about and the same time to let internet users find what they are looking for.
  2. Internet users need to type it in their search bar to get information related to the topic they are looking for.


What about a keyword research tool?

A keyword research tool is a tool that allows web marketers and content creators to know what their target audience is searching for on the web.

It is a tool that helps them understand what keyword is a good keyword to target by considering the competition and the search volume users perform monthly based.

Now you know what a keyword research tool is. Let’s now find out why it is important to get one.

Why it is important to get a keyword research tool for your online business

I mentioned above that a keyword is a word you use to write your content. This will allow search engines to understand the topic you have covered in your content and provide it to Internet users once they have made a query on this keyword.

Here some advantages keyword research tool will give you:

  • Find what your targeted audience is searching for
  • Find a low competitor keyword to rank well on Search Engines
  • Know your competitors and what keyword they are ranking
  • Show you the chances that your article has to be among the highest-ranking in search engines.
  • Find a profitable niche

Now, let me conclude this point before we discuss today’s topic on JAAXY keyword research tool.

In short, a keyword research tool is an essential tool for any online business owner. Whether you are a blogger, affiliate marketer or e-commerce store owner, you need it, not only to understand what your audience is searching for but also to stay ahead of your competitors.

What is JAAXY about?

Jaaxy is an online keyword research tool.

But to be straightforward It is more than a keyword research tool for many reasons.

You may be wondering what Jaaxy can do else? All right!

Here are Jaaxy features that I will go further in detail:

1. Brainstorm for long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are what will get you target a specific audience, get ranked as well on search engines and get higher conversion value.

2. Save your keyword lists with their research data

3. Help you find out who are your competitors, analyze competition in order to find strategies to beat them and climb the competition ladder.

4. Track your site ranking

5. Look for affiliate programs in your niche.

JAAXY inside – Features

JAAXY search

As a keyword research tool, this is the main feature of JAAXY.

How to do keywords research with JAAXY?

Let’s say your blog is about niche products related to video cameras & digital cameras. And you want to write a topic about “video camera for YouTube”

To find out if your keyword worth it, just enter the keyword you want to target in the keyword search bar and then hit the “find keyword” button.

Jaaxy keyword search feature

JAAXY will perform the search and display the following search metrics:

Avg: this metric gives you the number of searches performed with the exact keyword on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo…

Traffic: this metric shows the number of visits your page can get if it is ranking on the first page of search engines.

QSR (Quoted Search Result): shows the level of competition your article will face with the exact keyword.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): Green is great, yellow is normal and red is poor.

SEO: This metric shows you the SEO score of your keyword based on traffic and competition. Focus on higher scores for better ranking

If your blog is a new blog, focus on keywords with low competition and high SEO scores. This will help your site to be well ranked on search engines.

You also need to make sure that the search volume of your keyword reaches at least 100.

As you can see in the image above, The second keyword is a good keyword to target compared to the first keyword I planned to use. Because the competition is low and the SOE score is high.

Attention!! A high SEO score with low competition (even extremely low) does not necessarily mean that your keyword is good to use.

Search Analysis

This feature helps you to find out the competitor’s websites that rank for this exact keyword.

Is jaaxy a scam? Jaaxy search analysis feature

This feature helps you to find out the competitor’s websites that rank for this exact keyword on the first page of google. You have the possibility to analyze the competition on other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo also.

This analysis will help you to make a final decision.

For example, if the pages that are on Google’s first page are authority sites, while your site is brand new, it is better to find another keyword that will not have to compete with sites that are already well established.

Don’t come up with a keyword or topic idea? Don’t worry. JAAXY can always help.

JAAXY Alphabet soup

If you lack ideas or inspiration or if you don’t know what to write about, the alphabet soup feature can be useful to you.

It allows you to find out a plethora of keywords ideas that you will use the keyword search feature to figure out if it is the right keyword to use or not.

Here is a result I get with the same keyword ” video camera for YouTube “:

Jaaxy alphabet soup feature

Save list

This feature allows you to save your search results with all the data for future use and reference. You also have the possibility to download your list in Excel or text format. No need to connect to the Internet to have your keywords with their data.

This could save you from wasting your time and repeating the same research whenever necessary.

This feature also gives you more information about your list such as the number of keywords you have in the list, the number of traffic you can get with these keywords if your page rank on the first page of search engines.

It is the best way for me to organize my futures posts.

Is Jaaxy a scam? My keyword search results list saved

JAAXY affiliate program search feature

With this feature, you will be able to find affiliate programs within your niche. Google is also another way to use when it comes to finding an affiliate program to join.

Just type “your niche” + Affiliate program.

But what makes this feature useful is that with a simple click you can find what you are looking for. And even more, it gives you some useful information such as the product website rank on Alexa, The commission rate, etc.

Is Jaaxy a scam? Jaaxy Affiliate program

JAAXY Site rank checker

It allows you to track the ranking of your pages on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With this feature, you will be able to know where your site is positioned exactly on the search engines under the keywords you chose to track.

This allows you to do an analysis on your pages that have a better ranking than those that are not and to do what should be done to improve the overall result of your site.

What is important with this feature is that you can track your progress automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly based.

You also have the possibility to track and monitor your competitors’ sites on specific keywords and discover what they do to get top rankings in search engines.

With the keyword Is Leadsleap 3.0 a scam, JAAXY Siterank checker shows me that my site is ranked #2 on Google and #1 on Bing and Yahoo. 👇👇

My site rank tracking with Jaaxy keyword research tool

JAAXY search history feature

I tried to check how long my searches remained saved in the search history. But I was surprised. JAAXY saves all the searches you have done for a long time. I found that even the searches I did a month ago are still there in the search history.

I rarely use this feature. But I found it very useful in case you have found the right keywords during a search and forgot to save them. You just need to check your search history to find it again.


To recap, JAAXY, in addition to being a keyword research tool allows you to:

  • Analyze your keyword searches and determine the pages you will compete with
  • Track the ranking of your site and your competitors’ sites under specific keywords
  • Save your keywords with their data for future use and reference
  • Check your keyword search history
  • Find keyword ideas using the Alphabet soup technique
  • Easily find affiliate programs in your niche

How much does it cost? – JAAXY pricing

I have gone through all the features of JAAXY. And now you know what JAAXY is and what’s inside.

Let’s move on and find out how much it costs.

To get to the point, JAAXY has 3 membership plans:

Starter plan

Cost: free – $0. As a starter member of JAAXY, you can use JAAXY keywords research tool for free. This plan includes 30 keyword searches with 20 results on each search + all the other features I covered above.

Pro plan

Cost: $29 per month or $499 per year. With JAAXY pro membership, you have unlimited keyword searches per month and more advanced features than those offered in the starter plan.

Enterprise plan

Cost: $99 per month or $999 per year. JAAXY enterprise membership plan has only a small difference with the pro membership plan. Indeed, it is the same feature as the previous plan with the only difference that JAAXY enterprise offers more advanced features than this one.

Is Jaaxy a scam? Jaaxy pricing

JAAXY Lite – the real deal

This membership is only available for pro members of Wealthy Affiliate. As a pro member of JAAXY you get unlimited keyword searches per month + all the features JAAXY provides.

An image is better than a thousand words. See image bellow 👇👇

Jaaxy pricing for wealthy affiliate pro members

As you can see in the image above, if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get a huge discount on your JAAXY membership plan:

  • $19 per month for the Pro plan instead of $49 per month
  • $49 per month for the Enterprise plan instead of $99 per month

Read my Wealthy Affiliate full review and see where it wan help you build a successful online business.

Is your investment worth it?

I think this is a question for you to decide.

For me, yes – It worth it.

In fact, it is the result that the tool will provide that matters.
Let’s say you subscribed to JAAXY Pro which costs you $29 a month. Thanks to the tool you have found 3 right keywords that you have used to write your posts. These 3 posts are ranked #1 on search engines and provide you some visitors. Let’s say about 100 visitors per day.

Let’s imagine you promote an affiliate product on these posts and the average commission is $20.
With a conversion rate of 1%, you will have at least 1*20$*30 = $600 per month.

This largely covers your membership cost. It’s just an example.

Does JAAXY work?

If you’re wondering if JAAXY works, let me get the results out there. It’s more effective than millions of words.

As I am writing this review, my site is 3 months old.

And these are my website positions on the search engines:

Whos is JAAXY for?

JAAXY is an essential keyword research tool for any online business owner:

  • Freelance writers
  • Content marketing writers
  • Professional bloggers
  • Domain & Site flippers
  • Pay Per Click advertisers
  • YouTube marketers
  • SEO companies
  • Internet marketers & Affiliate marketers

Pros & cons of JAAXY keyword research tool

JAAXY pros

  • You can try JAAXY free
  • Beginner-friendly – easy to use
  • Features provided are very useful
  • Give an affordable membership plan compared to other keyword search tools
  • No need to install the software on your computer to use it

JAAXY cons

  • Does not allow users to choose a search language to perform their search
  • It does not offer a local selection option for keyword searches for a local business.
  • Pro membership can be expensive for someone just starting out – unless they are a pro member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Is JAAXY a scam?

With everything you’ve read, do you still think JAAXY is a scam?
To be honest, JAAXY is not a scam. On the contrary, it is a keyword research tool that can help you succeed in your online business.

Conclusion and my final though

For anyone who wants to write an article that will be ranked #1 on search engines, he absolutely needs a keyword research tool.

And JAAXY is a good and beginner-friendly keyword research tool because it provides you with the data you need to be ranked on search engines.

Since my online career, it is my favorite keyword research tool and I can guarantee you 100% that JAAXY is not a scam.

This product was created by Kyle and Carson, founders of Wealthy Affiliate since 2005.

Don’t take into account what I’m telling you, try it yourself. It’s free and you don’t need a credit card to sign up.

Up to you – give it a try or hit the road blindfolded

My article on Is JAAXY a scam ends here. The final decision is up to you. I did my part by proving with supporting results that JAAXY is not a scam.

What are you waiting for?
Give it a try. You will never regret doing it.

I use JAAXY. And you, what keyword research tool do you use? What is your experience with it?

Do you have a question about this JAAXY keyword research tool? Drop it down on comment. I’ll answer you ASAP.

If you like this post, share it with your friends. Any action you take is a seed you sow. Sure you’ll harvest it up sooner or later.


To your success!!


8 thoughts on “Is JAAXY a scam or the best keyword research tool?”

  1. Cheers for sharing your review of the Jaaxy! It’s indeed the best keyword research tool out there. I’ve tried a lot of tools to find the most valuable one. For example, I did some testing with MOZ keyword explorer, SEMRush, LongTail Pro, and KW Finder, but overall, Jaaxy comes out as the best one for getting rankings on search engines. Other tools are just too complicated and some cost a lot. Jaaxy is a relatively cheap option that has the best value for money. At least, that’s my experience with it. Thanks for sharing your review! I learned a lot 🙂 Ivan

  2. What an informative article. I’m currently using jaaxy for my key word research. As a beginner I find it useful and user friendly. So far I cannot complain. A great tool indeed and worth the investment. Thank you so much for outlining in details what it is all about and how to utilise it to your benefit.

  3. Thank you for such an informative post on jaxxy! I’ve been using it for a while with great results, and as a WA member, have access to jaaxy lite. I used to use keyword shitter which is a great tool for uncovering hundreds of long tail keywords, but is very basic compared to jaaxy. I’ve also learnt about a few features here that I didn’t know before.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      Yes, Keyword shitter is great for finding long-tail keywords, but it doesn’t provide any data concerning search volume, competition level or SEO score that are helpful data to figuring out if a keyword is the right keyword or not.
      Je trouve Jaaxy tres utile et affordable compared to its competitors.
      Stay blessed!

  4. Dear Sebastian
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the most effective approach to start up your own online marketing business which can grow gradually and how to avoid the common mistakes.
    Kind regards,

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