Is Kash Tree a scam, Kash tree review

Is Kash Tree a scam? – Kash Tree review


Is Kash Tree a scam? Kash tree is a free site to join. And I know if you’re asking yourself that question even though you need not invest even a penny in it, it’s probably because you need to know the truth about this site which claims to make you rich overnight.


So welcome to my Kash Tree review!!!

Throughout this post about Kash Tree review, I will cover these following points:

  1. What is Kash Tree

2. How does it work?

3. Some red flags I discovered about Kash Tree

4. My final though

Is Kash Tree a scam?: Kash Tree overview

Company Name: Kash Tree


Owner: Unknown

Company products/service: No service – no products

Launched date: 2015 according to them


Recommended: No

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1. What is Kash Tree?

Kash tree or Kashtree is a website that claims they can help people make 500$ a day by doing simple tasks like referring people on their website, sharing their affiliate link on social media platforms and promoting them on youtube.

Yes – very easy to do than to write the word, Kash Tree.

Kash tree claims users can make 500$ a day

2. How does Kash Tree works

If there is a site actually that claims it can make you rich overnight by doing absolutely simple tasks, it is Kash Tree. They claim that to make money with them it is straightforward and easy like 1 – 2 – 3.

All you have to do first is to sign up. Registration is free, and you will receive a $50 bonus for doing that. Sound good to be true!!! Right? 

To register you need an email address, and then you just have to fill in the required fields and validate your registration by hitting the button “register”. 

And hoop!!! 

The first message you will receive from them is just a message showing you your affiliate link with words motivating you to share it to earn more money. You get paid 2$ when someone clicks your link and 25$ per referral (however, in their blog post they said 15$ per referral).

Image explain how kash tree works.

3. Some red flags I discovered about Kash Tree

1. They give false testimonials

In the make money online space, there are many scam sites. And these kinds of sites to seduce more people (beginners), never stop using false testimony to lure people away.

Is this the case with Kash Tree? See images below!

Is kash tree a scam? This image show that they use fake testimonials to seduce people
testimonials from Paid4clout site. These are the same on Kash Tree site. Fake

As you can see, Kash Tree was probably created by the same scammers who launched Paid4clout. Kash Tree, Paid4clout and Kids Paid Money are all sites with the same fakes testimonies.

Just type “” on Google and see yourself! That’s the same bullshit you’ll find there!

And that’s not all!

Another red flag: founded date

2 Their creation date is false

Kash Tree claims it was founded in 2015.
However, according to WHOIS, a service that provides information about a registered domain tells us that their domain name was registered on August 10, 2019.

 Image show they lie about their creation date

I will not stop there. Let’s see another red flag.

3. Fake payments proof

Kash Tree uses the same screenshots as Paid4clout as you can see yourself. And if you think about it, this site has just been launched only 48 days ago (when I was writing this article) while he claims to have paid more than 44 million to their users.

The question we are supposed to ask ourselves is: where does this money come from?

It is important to know that all these strata are to encourage you to register and share your link as much as possible.

An image is often worth more than a thousand words.

Is kash Tree a scam? This picture show that they give fake payment proof
Kash tree falshood exposed

Is Kash Tree a scam?

Yes, Kash Tree is a scam. A legitimate company cannot lie about its creation date or use false testimonials/payment proof.

Their intention is clear, to have your contact information and waste your time by promoting them.

4. My final though

If you are looking for a legit way to earn extra money, I think Kash tree is not the way to go. Registering with a site like Swagbucks is better than losing your precious time with this scam site.

Certainly, your account will be credited when someone clicks your affiliate link or sign up, but the truth is that they can’t pay you.

They will make money when you sign up and when you complete tasks on their website, but you will not get even a dime from them.

My advice is to stay away from this site. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time promoting them and they will make money thanks to your efforts but, even a cent, you will not get from them.


To your success!!!

2 thoughts on “Is Kash Tree a scam? – Kash Tree review”

  1. Hi Sebastian,
    Thank you so much for warning us all. I definetely was scammed more than once before joining where I’m now, which I can only recommend, WA. Had I only known about sites like yours warning us earlier. So thank you for saving us time and doing all the research.
    It is not easy to see on first sight whether something is a scam. Thanks to you I have some more tools now to find out. Especially the foundation date check is really useful!I had never considered that. Thank you and may you help as many people as you can to not be scammed anymore!

    1. Hello Jana,
      You are most welcome!
      Before I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I too was a victim of many scam sites.
      Over the years, I have had the experience, and it is my duty to help online businesses ‘ newbies to avoid scam sites while showing them the best way to go.
      Yes, you’re right. At first glance, we can’t know if a site is a scam or not.
      But with very thorough research, we can still identify some of them.
      That is why it is important before joining a program that promises you heaven and earth to do some research first.
      Thank you for stopping by!!

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