LeadsLeap Review And Pricing [2024] -Is the Platform Still Worth it?

leadsleap review, leadsleap 3.0 is a legit company?

Welcome to my LeadsLeap review.

If you are here, chances are you hear about LeadsLeap on social media or on traffic exchange sites, and you are wondering if the platform is worth it or not.

Or maybe you want to know if it is a legit platform or another scam designed to reap off your money.

No matter the reasons that lead you to this page…

If you are looking for an honest and unbiased LeadsLeap review to make an informed decision, you are in the right place.

The platform has been updated recently and many features have been added making the platform an All-In-One advertising platform for everyone who is looking to get sign-ups or to generate leads for his online business.

To help you in your decision-making process,…

in this review, we will delve deeper into the following points:

What is Leadsleap about?
How does the LeadsLeap platform work?
Leadsleap pricing, and what you get for your money
How to make money with Leadsleap?
The pros and cons and my final honest point of view.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of my review, let me be clear with you.

I have been LeadsLeap Pro member since August 2021 and what I share here is not based on research but purely my own experience with the platform so far.

Here below is my LeadsLeap dashboard.

That being clear, let’s now dive in.

If you are not a member yet, make sure you click in this link to sign up and get my bonuses below.

LeadsLeap review summary: company overview

Leadsleap Review – Company Overview

If you are looking to make a quick decision, look at the company overview below and our quick opinion about the company.

Company name: Leadsleap
Products/services: traffic exchange, list building system, marketing tools provider
Website: https://leadsleap.com
Owners: Kenneth Koh
Leadsleap Price: free lifetime membership, $27 per month
Sow Your Seed Today Rating: 8/10
Do I Recommend This? Yes

Review Summary

Founded in 2008 by Kenneth Koh, Leadsleap is a traffic exchange site, list building, and online marketing tools provider. As a member, you can get instant traffic to your website or links, use their tools suite to promote your existing business, and then make money from it or with the platform itself. They offer a free lifetime membership with an option to access advanced features with a small investment of $27 monthly.

If you don’t have an account yet, just click on the link below to create your free account and get the chance to save $8 monthly with your membership (only $19 monthly instead $27 monthly).

What is LeadsLeap?

Leadsleap review

I define LeadsLeap as an All-in-one lead generation platform for 2 reasons:

To generate leads you need (a) targeted traffic and (b) tools like opt-in forms, landing pages, or capture pages. And this is what Leadsleap will provide to you when you join their platform.

Anyway, Leadsleap is a manual traffic exchange website, an ads network, and a lead generation (list building) platform.

It is a great platform for those who are looking to get instant traffic to their links.

In addition to being an advertising platform, “LL” offers also its members online marketing tools they can use to grow their online business.

It also offers the opportunity to its members to make money from the platform in various ways such as:

  • affiliate program,
  • revenue share program,
  • credit encashment and more.

Kenneth, the owner is someone who cares about the success of his clients and he always prioritizes his customers’ needs.

In fact, since the big update in March 2020 during which Sendsteed was introduced as a marketing tool, many features have been released based on members’ requests.

You can read my Sendsteed review here for more information.

What can you expect from LeadsLeap?

1. Traffic to your website or affiliate links

Kenneth claims his platform can offer you several sources of traffic to your blog or traffic.

Yes, this is not just a claim but a reality. As a member, I tested all these traffic sources and I will share them with you.

Ways to get traffic with LeadsLeap

To drive traffic on your site, you have up to 3 ways:

1. Advertising on the leadsleap platform

Leadsleap ads

As a member, you can set up some ads inside the platform and Leadsleap will send traffic to your site.

There are two types of ads on LeadsLeap: credit ads and pro ads.

1. Credit ad

This service is free and available to all members. Free members are allowed to submit a maximum of 3 ads. Those ads will be displayed and viewed by “LL” members on the platform.

However, as a free member, you need credits to get your ads viewed by other members. You can earn these credits by viewing other members’ ads.

It is a time-consuming process, to be honest.

So if you are serious about your business, try the pro membership. I am sure you will love it.

Since I upgraded my account I never turned back because I know the value I get.

2. Pro ads

This service is only available for premium members, and as a premium member, you can post not only 10 credit ads but also up to 10 pro ads.

Pro ads do not require any credit to be displayed and viewed by users on the platform. This is a hands-free advertising system for premium members because they don’t need to surf ads to get their own ads displayed on the platform. What I mean is that, as a pro member, you get traffic and leads 24/7- no stop.

The question is can you really generate leads or get sign-ups from this advertising platform?

The answer is a BIG YES. Trust me I have been using this platform for 3 years right now. Not only I generated hundreds of leads from this platform, but I also generated a huge commission from the leads I generated.

For evidence take a look at the image below.

Leadsleap is not a scam. The traffic converts

What I outlined is the tracking code I attached to the ads I run on the platform.

Some of these leads converted into sales. Take a look at the image below for proof.

Leadsleap is legit. The leads I get turned into sales

So I can confidently say Leadsleap is not a traffic exchange like the ones out there. If you know what you are doing you can get the best of it.

2. Get organic traffic from Google and other search engines

You can get traffic from Google and other search engines.

You may be wondering how this is possible.

But let me explain.

There are 2 ways you can drive organic traffic to your links even if you don’t have a blog:

Leadsleap ads can be displayed on other members’ websites just like Google ads. That means their visitors can click on those ads and visit your site.

But it requires a small task. You should place the Leadsleap ads widget on your site.

In fact, when you place the Leadsleap widget in your blog or website, ‘LL” will display members’ ads on your website.

In return, your advertisements can also be shown on other members’ websites.

What you see in the screenshot below is the number of organic traffic I got in the last 2 weeks (up to 870 visitors)

Leadsleap organic traffic stats

And the beauty of all this is you earn credits as a reward when a visitor clicks on these ads on your website.

A win-win system!


Another way you can get organic traffic to your website is with their social review directory.

Leadsleap has a social review directory where members can submit product/service reviews and when internet users perform a search on these products reviews, the Leadsleap social review page gets ranked on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

This gives you a chance to have visitors to your product/service review without the need of having your blog.

This is what I mean: See the screenshot below.

LeadsLeap 4.0 review - social review get ranked on search engines

As you can see this is a review of Supper Sales Machine and the page is ranked #9 on the SERP.

The best part is that people who are looking for product reviews have a buying intent. So the likelihood of getting sign-ups in this way is high.

3. Get traffic from your followers

LeadsLeap is a list-building platform. When you join the platform and you refer other people to the platform Leadsleap not only pays you commissions when they upgrade but it also allows you to advertise your business to them.


By sending daily emails to your followers.

Contrary to mailer list platforms which bombard you with lots of emails daily here your followers will receive only 1 message.

The beauty of all this is you don’t have to send those messages manually each day. You create the message once (update if you wish) and Leadsleap handles it on your behalf.

And guess what! The followers you can reach is up to 11 levels deep (up to 9010 people)

4. Get traffic by setting up your top recommended program

Your top recommended program is visible to not only your followers when they login but also to the rest of Leadsleap’s members.

As a pro member, you can set up to 5 programs.

This is my favorite feature because I generate a minimum of 2 leads per day from it.

2. Free online marketing tools to improve your online business

Another benefit you get from LeadsLeap apart from the traffic you get from different sources is the free marketing tools you can use to run your online business like a pro.

Below are the words of the LeadsLeap owner, Kenneth Koh.

You should know by now that LeadsLeap provides all the tools you need, for free. You have no excuse not to start doing what the professional marketers are doing!

Kenneth Koh

You may be wondering what kind of marketing tools LeadsLeap offers.


Let’s discover them right now.

1. Links tracking tool

The Real Tracker is a tool that allows you to track your affiliate links. Reports the Real Tracker provides can help you understand how people respond to your offers. It also allows you to know if the traffic and clicks you get, come from real visitors or just from bot clicks.

Imagine you purchased solo ads on platforms like Udimi, and you don’t have a tool to track the clicks you receive. You will buy bot clicks without knowing it. This is where Leadleap real tracker comes on.

2. Pop-up builder

Leadsleap pop-ups templates

“Money is on the list”. Right?

Kenneth is generous with the tools he offers free of charge to “LL” users. Their popup builder comes with a dozen of pre-made templates you can pick, design, customize, and make fit your brand needs. No need to download anything, no coding skills required.

Just use the drag-and-drop editor to design your pop-up to fit your needs.

The best part it comes with useful features such as the possibility to add a time counter to entice your visitors to take action, animation elements, etc.

To keep it short, you can create any kind of pop-up to convert your website visitors into leads. Even if you don’t have a blog or website, you can customize it with your affiliate link. That will help you build your list when promoting your primary business at the same time.

The best part is that you can link it to your existing autoresponder or with LeadsLeap in-house autoresponder and follow up with your subscribers, build the “know like trust” factor, and then convert them into lifetime buyers.

3. Landing pages builder tool

A pop-up is useful when you have a website. Even if you can integrate your pop-up with your affiliate link, truth be told, that is not the best way to build your email list.

Because when you give too many options to people to choose they end up choosing nothing.

Also, sending visitors directly to your affiliate links is not the right and smart way to advertise your affiliate offer or links.

Smart affiliates and networkers aim to build an email list instead of sending people directly to their affiliate links.

The required tool if you don’t have a website and still want to build an email list is a landing page.

Thankfully, during the recent update, LL offers a landing page builder tool you can use to build your mailing list faster.

Here below is an example of a landing page I built using this free tool.


4. Sales Page Builder

A sales page builder is useful when you have your own products or services you offer and want to sell online.

With this tool, you can create a sales page, and integrate a payment gateway (only PayPal is available for the moment) in order to collect your customers’ payments and then deliver your product or service to them.

That means you can build a complete sales funnel using this tool.

sales funnel pipeline

So if you have ebooks, online courses, memberships, or any digital products including coaching to sell, you will love this tool.

A side note: This is not a membership site platform and it cannot be integrated with online course platform builders. So if you are using the LeadsLeap sales builder tool, you will have to add your students manually inside your platform.

5. An autoresponder – free

An autoresponder is a tool that allows you to send automated emails to your email list subscriber. You can use it for example to promote your affiliate offer or your own product or to send traffic to your website by reminding your subscribers each time you publish a new post.

With the recent update, you can even do better because they have introduced blog and YouTube broadcast features you can set up, and each time you publish a blog post or a YouTube video, the system sends an email automatically to your subscribers.

That is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

Don’t have your own blog?

Learn how to create a money-making website here. Or learn how much it costs to get started here.

Before the recent update, the Leadsleap auto-responder does not allow you to set up automated follow-up messages such as a 7-day e-course.

But now, you can not only do that, but you can even get your email campaign report because they released a stand-alone email marketing tool that allows you to see your campaign report. No in-depth report like stand-alone email marketing tools – but this is a useful extra feature for the price you pay.

Note that you can use your existing email marketing tool or any email marketing tool you want to connect with your pop-ups or landing page you have created using LeadsLeap opt-in form builder tool.

Learn how to do it here.

So you can use email marketing tools like Aweber, Getresponse, or Moosend if you want to get an in-depth report of your email campaigns.

Personally, I use Aweber because it offers useful features even on their free plan.

Read my Aweber review here to find out how this free tool can help you develop your online business.

5. Images and pdf hosting services

If you are looking for a platform to host your PDF files or images, you will like this service.

It is only available to Pro members and it comes with 100 MB of space. It is not too much space but I think that is enough to store over 90 files. The best part is you can delete files or images you don’t want and replace them with new files or images.

6. A PDF rebrander tool

A PDF rebrander tool is software that allows users to customize and personalize PDF documents with their own branding. This one allows you to insert your affiliate links into the PDF document, enabling you to earn commissions for any sales generated through those links. This is a useful tool mainly for you if you want to distribute ebooks or other downloadable content as part of your promotional efforts.

What are the benefits of allowing others to rebrand your eBook?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Supporting your audience’s success: Allowing them to rebrand your eBook offers them an additional avenue to promote their links and potentially boost their own success.
  • Enhanced website traffic: Some links in the eBook may be fixed and direct readers straight to your website. By permitting others to rebrand the eBook with their affiliate links, you also increase traffic to your site.

Also, read the top best free traffic exchange sites for 2023.

3. An opportunity to make money with Leadsleap

Update: In July 2022, Keneth added a new feature called LeadsLeap Co-op. This feature comes with another way to make money with LeadsLeap.

So now, there are 5 ways to make money with Leadsleap:

1. Daily active bonus

Leadsleap shares its daily earnings with its active members. Whether you are a free member or a pro member, you can benefit from this revenue-sharing program (free members get 5%, and, pro members get 10% ) by watching at least 10 ads on a daily basis.

What you need to understand here is that those 10 ads you need to view daily allow you to earn credits first. And you have the choice of converting them into cash or using them to advertise your offers.

2. Credits encashment

Unlike other platforms that impose on their members to use their credit earned for advertising purposes only, “LL” allows its members who do not want to advertise to convert their credits into cash. Once you have 50 credits in your account, you can encash it.

3. Participle to Leadsleap PPC program

LeadsLeap PPC program seems to Google Adsense PPC program – Google AdSense is better.

To participate in this program, you need to add the LeadsLeap PPC widget to your website or blog. In this case, each time someone clicks on these ads, you will earn not only advertising credits but also money on the side.

The amount of money you earn in this program depends on the quality of the traffic provided. It also depends on the profits generated by the platform during the week.

The percentage of profits that free members get is 15% of the earnings generated by “LL” during the week. As for premium members, it is 30%.

4. Make money with the Leadsleap affiliate program

As a member of Leadsleap, you can make recurring income by sharing the program with others

If you are a free member, you earn a 25% recurring commission.

As a pro member, you earn a 50% recurring commission. Just get 2 paid referrals and your membership becomes free.

5. Make money with LeadsLeap Co-op earnings

The co-op program works just like Google Adsense. As for the owner, your earning typically ranges from $0.10 to $8 CPM (cost per 1000 clicks), depending on the uniqueness, location, surfing duration of the traffic, and their weekly earnings.

LeadsLeap Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

LeadsLeap is a freemium marketing platform. They offer 2 membership plans: A lifetime free membership and a pro membership for those who want a hands-free advertising system.

The Leadsleap pro membership costs $27 per month.

But the good news for new members is that when you sign up Leadsleap offers you a 25% discount. So instead of paying $27 per month, you will be paying $19.90 monthly.

Only 2 pro members and your membership is free.

LeadsLeap Pros and Cons

The Pros

This is what I like about the Digital Real Estate course.

They offer a free lifetime plan and people from all over the world can join for free
Their service is reasonably priced – only $27 monthly for a full-access
Positive reviews from students,
Useful marketing tools, and a great advertising platform
There is no limitation on the number of ads you can surf on a daily basis
Possibility to exchange your credits for cash
The traffic sources are not limited to Leadsleap members only
Possibility to earn a monthly passive income and then get paid via Paypal or crypto payment
Your purchase is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Cons

This is what I don’t like about the Digital Real Estate course.

Even pro members need to surf at less 10 ads to qualify for the share program,
Advertisements should be only in English
Leadsleap marketing tools still need improvement,
No web hosting is provided. So you can connect your own domain name to your landing pages or funnels.

Is LeadsLeap worth it?

It all depends on what you value the most. If email marketing is what you value the most, you will be doing great by looking for stand-alone email marketing tools like Aweber or Getresponse. Know that you can integrate these tools with your landing pages or the opt-in form you created in Leadsleap.

However, if you are looking for an all-in-one advertising platform where you can get no-stop traffic and tools to grow your business, I think you will like this platform.

Just take a look at the screenshot below.

As you can see in the image above, in the past 30 days I got 2037 organic visitors on my links. Trust it or not there is not an ads network on the internet that can send you organic traffic like this for only $27.

If you find such a platform, let me know I will be the first to jump in.

And as I said previously I generate an average of 2 leads per day from this platform.

For me, the platform is worth it. I have upgraded my account and never looked back because I am amazed by the results I got.

To help you have an idea of the value you get, let’s do a quick math.

LeadsLeap pro membership is $27 per month. Sometimes $19 per month. You can get a discount with this link.

Let’s say, your $27 investment brings you 3000 clicks with a 0,25% sale conversion rate. That is 7+ sales.

Let’s say you promote a product that costs $50 with a 30% recurring commission. You will be making about $105 in recurring commissions. Right?

Note that this is a simple example.

My own experience with the platform is positive and I never looked back since I upgraded.

It all depends on how you use the platform and your offer.

To give more value and help you get the most out of this platform I have packed valuable bonuses for action-takers below.

But before we get there let’s get this question out of the road.

Is Leadsleap a scam?

Is Leadsleap a scam or legit - a women wondering

No Leadsleap is not a scam! You have my word for that! This is an ad network, an advertising platform every internet marketer can use to build or grow his existing business. And the best part is that it is free to join.

This is the only traffic and ad network I highly recommend for the value they offer.

Recently I earned a small commission and, in the least three days, I get paid.

Here is my payment proof!

LeadsLeap alternative

If LeadsLeap is not your first rodeo, here are lead generation and traffic sources I use and recommend:

Herculist: This website works in the same manner as LeadsLeap.

Million Leads For Free: This is another great traffic exchange site that generates at least 2 leads a day for me for free. The way you advertise matters.

ACTION takers bonuses

LeadsLeap is a great platform. If you are not a member yet, sign up here by clicking on the button below and grab the discount offer (pay just $19 instead of $27) and get these bonuses from me:

My Landing Page Success Guidelines: this eBook teaches you not only how to craft a high-converting landing page but also tips to increase your conversion rate.

LeadsLeap bonus

My Affiliate Marketing Secret eBook: This eBook teaches you how affiliate marketing works and how to leverage it to make wealth online by doing what you like.

LeadsLeap bonuses

PS: To claim your bonuses, just send me an email to address sebastian@sowyourseedtoday.com with the subject “send my leadsleap bonuses now”. Make sure you include your purchase receipt in the body of your email as proof.

My final words!!!

Leasslaep is a legit company that can be useful to you in your online career (especially if you are starting).

My advice if you want to test Leadsleap is to register as a free member and, if you find that the platform fits your needs, then you can upgrade.

In any case, you have nothing to lose – “LL” comes up with a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can be refunded if you are not satisfied with their service.

I highly recommend you give it a try!

I hope my Leadsleap review helped you know what this platform is about, and how it works, and the best part you are informed about the legitimacy of this amazing platform.

From now you are in a good position to make an informed decision.

If you still have a question about it, just drop it down in the comment section.

I will be more than happy to respond to you ASAP!

Be an ACTION taker, Sow Your Seed Today!

To your success!!


34 thoughts on “LeadsLeap Review And Pricing [2024] -Is the Platform Still Worth it?”

  1. Great Review
    It is a Nice platform but my PRO account is blocked for no reason since since morning, and the bad side is that they don’t have any public email adress support to contact them.
    I don’t say bad thing about them for the moment, but i paid my membership last week.

    If you have ideas or solutions i’ll take it.


    1. Hi Mike,
      Thank you for stopping by.

      Sorry to hear that. This is over 4 years I am using this platform but I never encounter such issue.
      Unless you have mistaken deleted your account, I don’t think they can block your account.
      Anyway you can contact the founder here for help.

      Kind regards,


  2. Dear Sebastian
    very nice review touching all points..
    need your help i thinking of upgrading please tell
    whether it is 27 or 19 per month if signup with your
    i am an affiliate of jvzoo click bank and need
    traffic to my affiliate links , will the pro ads
    you mentioned can get me more sales to my
    if it works best for lead generation, actual
    scenario how many leads can i get per month

    kindly let me know your experience on these

    1. Hi, Fredrick

      The normal price is $27 per month but when you sign up, you will get a discount enabling you to pay $19 per month.

      As for the conversion of your ads, it depends on your offer and the way you advertise.

      If you have a great offer that solves a specific problem people have, surely you will get sales.

      What I suggest is to use a landing page to get people’s email addresses and then send them to your affiliate link instead of sending them directly to the affiliate link.

      That way you have the chance to send them promotional emails to get them to buy your offer.

      Hope it helps!

      Thank you for stopping by.

    2. Hi Sebastian

      What a great post. Thank you
      If I may ask, I am a newbie to all this affiliate marketing. I’m so overwhelmed!
      What are the steps to start from beginning to end to promote a link on leadsleap or any other and start earning?

      1. Hey, Ani
        You are welcome.

        You can promote your links on Leadsleap by setting up credit ads or pro ads as described in this post.
        There are resources inside Leadsleap to get you started quickly.

        Make sure you make your visuals enticing and engaging as well as your copy.

        I highly recommend you join this platform to learn how you can build a successful and long lasting affiliate marketing business from scratch if you are just starting out.

        This is where I started my journey.

        Thank you for stopping by.


  3. Hello Sebastian, thx for the great review you did on leadsleap but I highly recommend groovefunnels bcz it will allow you build upto 3 Websites for free with free hosting and also they allow you build Funnels for free, they also have 17 additional softwares in them so hope this may help you and others also and looking forward to see you review about it soon!!

    This is free clickfunnels alternative

    1. Hi, Aamir
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Glad to hear you are a Groovefunnels user.
      I am using it since its launch and even reviewed one of its tool suite (GroovePges) you can find here.

      As for Clickfunnels alternatives, here is my top pick (some free and some cheaper than CF).
      Best wishes!

  4. Hi Sebastian,
    How are you sir? Hope your doing fine. May our Almighty God and Saviour JESUS CHRIST showers in your daily abundantly.
    I have been a member of Leadsleap for almost 2-3 weeks now if I’m not mistaken as free member. My question is: Does all tools in leadsleap can be done in an android phone alone? What if you don’t have laptops or desktop computers? Thanks and God bless us all.

  5. You did a great review, Sabastian.
    As a matter of fact, you’ve made Leadsleap more understandable for you’ve covered all areas of Leadsleaps that confused my thinking.

    Now, I can use this platform like a Pro (smiles)

    Please I’d like to keep in touch with you because I need an expert like you to guide me step-by-step on to build a successful blog. We pursued the same interests so I would be grateful if you help me on that.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi, Timothy.
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      Glad you found it helpful.
      No problem with helping you build your blog.
      You can contact me via my contact page, and together we will figure out how to get started.

  6. Very clear and complete review. Just a fault you must correct ! “sow” is the preterit of “sew” – to sew seeds …

    1. Hi, Babacar
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      I appreciate it.

      It is true that English is not my mother tongue and I admit that there are errors in my writing as everyone can see.

      But without too much debate you may have to visit this site and this one and you will realize that “sow” is not the preterit of to sew (or am I wrong again?).

      In my opinion, “to Sew” refers to the act of stitching fabric into garments or repairing garments by stitching them back together.

      Sow refers to planting seeds and this is what my domain/website name means here.

      To make a long story short, since it refers to my domain name, I don’t think it’s a big problem.

  7. Thank you for this detailed review. I really enjoyed it. I signed up because I really like what you wrote in your review. I have one question.

    If I create free ad, is this add then shown to regular people and not just people inside the Leadsleap.

    Because if this is the case, it is not worth it.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Strahinja,
      Thank you for stopping by!
      I think my review was more detailed and I think I explained this in the how to get traffic with leadsleap section.

      But let me, let me explain it to you one more time.

      Free ads can be seen by regular people if you add leadsleap widget to your blog. In this case, you can get visitors from the search engines and other people’s blogs who have also activated the Leadsleap widget on theirs.
      Otherwise, your ad will be seen by leadsleap members only.

      I also think that saying that if your free ad will be seen by only leadsleap members is not worth it, would be to judge and convict the accused without listening to him.

      I’ve been a member of this platform since 2018 and I use it until now because I get results. The result you can get whatever you are a free member or pro member depends on how you advertise in a traffic exchange or ads network sites.

      If you send your ad’s visitors to your blog post instead of using a landing page to get leads, don’t cry or say it doesn’t work!

      Is leadsleap limited to a traffic exchange site? No. Everything you need to get the most out of your investment (time or money) is at your disposal. It’s up to you.
      I hope it helps!

  8. I am not yet at a point where I can try other platforms out but I am now curious about this one. I think once I know more about where I’m currently at and try their affiliate program first. Is this one easy to figure out? I’m finding some programs complicated but this could also be because I’m a total newbie.

    1. Hi Tara,
      Thank you for stopping by!
      Leadsleap has little complexes and if you’re a newbie, you can get confused. But there are tutorials and user guides.
      The tool I find very complicated to handle is the auto list builder.

  9. This sounds like an interesting opportunity to get some traffic and make a few $$$ on the side. I’m definitely going to check it out! Thank you!

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      Thank you for stopping by!
      Yes, leadsleap is a platform that worth a try and I found the owner very generous for what he offers free of charge to members.

  10. Leadsleap sounds good, especially if you can generate money with it. Was the commission you earned through leadsleap from ppc or a mix of everything? I’m definitely going to check it out.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thank you for stopping by!!
      I want to give a better experience to my website visitors. I do not participate in the Leadsleap PPC program or Google Adsense program (I found ads annoying).

      The commission I earned is not from their PPC program. It is from the daily active bonus and affiliate commission.
      It is possible to encash credit to the US dollar but I use them to advertise Wealthy Affiliate and I got sign-ups.

      I highly recommend you to join it if you want to generate traffic and leads to your existing business.

  11. Hey there! Great post on LeadsLeap. I have been looking into this for some time now but haven’t really done the full research. And I probably don’t have to now since you did all the research for us :). How much investment is involved in this? Such as time and money?

    1. Hi Viviana,
      Thank you for your comment and for stopping by.
      Leadsleap membership cost is 27$ per month. But you can get a discount of 26% (19$/month) when signed up. As a premium member, you don’t need to spent time viewed ads to advertise your business to the world. It is a hand-free advertising platform if you are a pro member.
      All the best!

  12. Hi, I actualy didn’t know about leads leap, I liked your review, it gives me all the information to make a good decistion about it, I think I’ll give it a try. Thank you very much

    1. Hi Alberto,
      I am glad that the information I provided on Leadsleap has been useful to you and has helped you to make a good decision. Yes, give it a try!
      Thank you for stopping by
      All the best!

  13. Hi, I’m so glad I came across this post. I set up my first website in March, and it is growing nicely, but I have been wondering what else I can do to generate more income. Leadsleap seems like a great program. I will surely check it out. How long have you been a member there?

    1. Hi Christine,
      Thank you for your comment!
      Yes, leadsleap is a great and generous program you can use to generate more income and also to improve your online business. I’ve been a member of leadsleap for 6 months now and I’m happy with the results I’ve achieved thanks to this program. Check it out – I highly recommend!
      Thank you for stopping by!
      All the best!

  14. Yatinder Tandon

    Excellent, highly motivating website building tips. I love leasdsleap for working almost like a blogging platform. I wish to develop and create a free blog post to publish some highly recommended advertising sites like easy hits4u, traffic agar, Hungry for hits, Free Advertising For you.com etc which could help any free starter to build their online business. and thus try to gain some active referrals. I am able to create free blogger blogpost Kindly advise.

    1. Hi Yatinder Tandon,
      Thank you for your comment and for stopping by. Among the advertising platforms I know, Leadsleap is the only one I trust. Just because I’m a member of Leadsleap doesn’t mean I say that. I have been a member of easyhits4u, adsfeez, sunruse and others. I know these kinds of sites very well. It’s a waste of time and money!!
      As for the advice you are asking me about your project to create a free blog and promote advertising sites such as Easyhits4y, traffic agar and others, I will not say that it is a bad idea. But I doubt very much you can achieve the results you want such as: “get traffic and recommend these sites to them – to get them registered with your links. Why? First of all, a site with a sub-domain (free site) will have some difficulties to be ranked on Google
      Secondo, people will not take you seriously and you will have some difficulty to have them registered as you think.
      And finally, not only you will waste your energy and your audience’s energy (if you can get any) by recommending these sites to them. I have been a member of these sites and I know how it works. Hey, starters must struggle!! ? Help them to avoid that!
      If you want my advice, create a site with Bluehost and build a professional site – recommend products that will bring value to your audience and you will achieve your goal. With less than $100 you can have a site with Bluehost for one year. I recommend it because I guess if you’re talking about creating a free site, it might be because you’re short of money – otherwise, why not join me on Wealthy Affiliate to create the site you plan to create and learn how to build a solid online business?
      I think this help!
      All the best and good luck!!

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