Legendary Marketer Review 2021: is Dave Sharpe high ticket program a Scam or Legit?

Honest Legendary Marketer review

Is Legendary Marketer a scam or legit? Many people are looking for answers to that question. If you are one of them, then welcome to my Legendary Marketer review for 2021.

If you have been introduced to the platform you know they offer high ticket products.
So doing your own research to know if it a legit program you can rely on to start and grow your online business is a wise decision.

First off, many Legendary Marketer reviews out there are outdated, and if you know what is going with this platform right now, comparing it to what some co-bloggers state, you will notice it.

In fact, there are several changes going on in 2021 and this review will highlight them.

To help you make an informed decision, we will delve deeper into the following points :

  • What is the Legendary Marketer about?
  • How much it cost and what you get inside,
  • The pros and cons and my final point of view.
  • Without further ado, let’s dive in

Legendary Marketer Review Summary

Name: Legendary Marketer

Website: www.legendarymarketer.com

Founders: David Sharpe

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing training course

Price: $30 per month – $30,000 (one time fee)

Is Legendary Marketer a scam? No

SOW YOUR SEED TODAY rating: 8/10

Do I recommend this? Yes and no if you are new to affiliate marketing.

What is Legendary Marketer?

Founded by a successful online entrepreneur, Dave Sharpe, Legendary Marketer is an online education platform that teaches people how to make affiliate commission by selling high ticket products.

The platform itself offers high ticket products members can sell and make a sustainable income I will cover in this Legendary Marketer review for 2021.

The platform offers a variety of courses, masterminds, and live training events that focus on helping you build that online business that lasts.

covers various subjects and was centered on paid advertising such as:

  • YouTube ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads and other paid advertising platform.

They also cover TikTok marketing.

The LM approach is to teach you how to build a profitable and sustainable online business that is based on selling high ticket products by using paid ads and/or and free traffic from a YouTube channel.

By following their training you will be able to market the Legendary Marketer program itself or any other product out there.

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Who Is Dave Sharpe?

I noticed people are wondering if Dave Sharpe is a scam or legit.

Until now, I don’t know why people can have such thoughts in mind. Is Dave Sharpe a scammer? I agree with that question.
But looking for an answer to a question like is X or Y person a scam, for me is not normal.

But I understand. If the guy behind the Legendary Marketer is a scammer his product would be and vice versa.
Alright, I got you.


Before I tell you more about whether or not the Legendary Marketer is a legit business or whether it’s just a scam, let me tell you who is Dave Sharpe. Or to answer this question many are wondering that is: “is Dave Sharpe a scam?

Dave Shape is the founder and CEO of Legendary marketer. A business that enabled him to generate $1 million within a 60 days period according to Forbes.

He is a successful Internet marketer and 8-figure earners and a well know online entrepreneur thanks to the brand new affiliate marketing formula he taught (High ticket affiliate marketing).

Before he came online for this journey, Dave Shape worked in the construction field in order to make hands meet like millions of other people.

When searching for information on how he started in the online world I noticed Dave Sharpe has been involved in Empower Network with David Wood. An MLM company that has been shut down in 2017.

But as you know every entrepreneur has to learn from his errors and failures.
Seems Dave Sharpe learned valuable lessons and that lead him to where he is with his business we are reviewing today.

How does the Legendary Marketer work?

It is all about affiliate marketing. It is the strategy each affiliate marketing course taught that differs.

With the LM, you first need to sign up.

Once you sign up you are required to invest a small sum to get access to their 15-day business building challenge where you will learn how to set up your online business following the over the shoulder step by step training by Dave Sharpe

Just like Wealthy Affiliate, you are assigned a personal coach. Your coach after the first 5 days, will start to guide you on the advanced steps you need to take in order to get your business rolling smoothly.

Though they are not the same program that does that. In fact, the Six Figure Menthor program and even WA assign coaches to new members so that they can get support and assistance easily when they want.

But unlike Wealthy Affiliate where there are any upsells, both Six Figure Mentors and Legendary Marketer program have upsells and during the call with your assigned mentor, you will be pitched to invest more money so that you can unlock more features.

Though they don’t push you roughly to that. But it is one of their goals.

As the saying goes, the one who did the way you are planning to take is the that can show you the right way to get where you want. And this feature is priceless if you know the Importance of having a coach in your online business.

If you want to promote the Legendary Marketer’s product itself you can go into the “my business” tab. There, you will find the marketing resource ranging from simple links, banners to funnels you can use to drive traffic at and start generating leads, sales, and high commission as most of their products are high ticket products.

Now, the hic is how to generate targeted traffic for your business.

One of the LM’s formula is 1 paid – 1 free traffic source.

That can be explained by using paid traffic sources and free traffic sources from YouTube.

Paid traffic sources require a huge advertising budget and I don’t have to spend time explaining it. Try and you will see.

YouTube is a great free traffic source because you can drive targeted traffic from there for your business. But one thing I want you to keep in mind: proprietary.

It is a social platform and you don’t own it. That means Google can one day without prior notice suspend your channel if you break their rules. And most of the big player in this game has been surprised to get their channel shut down and all their work dead on the water.

We didn’t wish such a thing. But it is something that worth mentioning.

What you can rely on and be proud of is owning a blog and/or a mailing list you build.

So be smart when it comes to building your affiliate marketing business don’t rely on one traffic source.

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What is inside the Legendary Marketer platform?

In this section of my Legendary Marketer review for 2021, I want to show you the products and services the LM platform offers.

Here below are products we can find on the LM platform when we take a close look inside:

Legendary Marketer Copywriters Playbook – costs $1.99

This is a 46 page eBook & 16 videos ‘mini’ training course that will teach you how to become a better copywriter throughout stories telling, emotions, and even your own life.

It comes with some bonuses such as:

  • 250 headline email swipe file,
  • The 20-minute client formula
  • Sales letter, email, ad, and webinar templates, and more.
The copywriters playbook by the legendary marketer

Legendary Insiders Guide ebook – costs $7.00

The insider guide to affiliate marketing by the legendary marketer

Module 1 – The Foundation To Success

In this module you will learn:

  • how the Legendary Marketer model works
  • How to choose your niche,
  • How to pick the right product to promote.

Module 2 – Affiliate Domination Formula

This is what Dave likes to call the Affiliate Domination Formula.
In this module, Dave will show you where to get leads and sales and also how to scale and track your progress.

Module 3 – The Foundation Of Longevity

Module 3 is about having the right mindset and ideas that will not only help you grow your business but also get it around longer.

Legendary Marketer 15-days business builder challenge – $1 to get rolling.

The 15 days business builder challenge

You also have the option to buy one of the books above to get qualify for the 15 days challenge.

These are 3 ways to get into 15 days business builder challenge. It’s not FREE but you pay as low as $1 to get good resources and enter into the 15 Days Business Builder Challenge.

I advise if you want to try it to buy the legendary-marketer-copywriters-playbook or the second one instead.

You get more value for both ebooks and plus access to the Business builder challenge that is a step-by-step walkthrough to building your high ticket affiliate marketing business in just 15 days.

Here below is a screenshot of the challenge.

The 15 days business builder challenge dashboard

If you now want to invest in their course here below are these courses:

Omni Branding Formula – $67 one time investment.

This is one of the Legendary Marketer courses. This course is about social media marketing and throughout a series of Vida Dave Sharpe will teach you how to brand yourself on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

It is on 5 modules the course is structured like this:

Module 1: The Omni-Branding Formula Foundation
Module 2: How To Find Your Million Dollar Message
Module 3: The 5-Minute Topic Hack
Module 4: My Complete Equipment List
Module 5: How to Outsource Everything For Pennies On The Dollar!

Legendary Marketer’s Club: costs $30 per month

This is where the fun begins. It is a series of videos that teach how to build and grow your online business.

They provide fresh information on a weekly basis and there is Q&A sessions where you can get all your questions answered by top earners.

Here below is what you can find inside this course.

The Legendary marketer club
  • Kevin Harrington Interview – 48 min long
  • Mark Harbert Interview – 103 min long
  • Nathan Lucas Interview – 86 min long
  • The Journey to 250,000 Youtube Subscribers – 149 min long
  • What to Do and Say to sell more stuff – 42 min long
  • You’re One Story Away: How to Use Story to Succeed Online – 66 min long

Every week, Matt Heltzel, Legendary’s Chief Marketing Officer does a live webinar that gets posted into the Marketer’s Club.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint: $2500 one time fee

This is the core products of Legendary Marketer and one of their high ticket product.

You get access to:

  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint,
  • Digital Course Business Blueprint,
  • Coaching Business Blueprint,
  • Mastermind Business Blueprint.

It comes with some bonuses:

  • BONUS 1: 4 Done-For-You Campaigns (Ads, copy, product)

BONUS 2: Free Traffic to Daily Passive Commissions Youtube Secrets

  • BONUS 3: Private Business Blueprint Facebook Community
  • BONUS 4: The Million Dollar Marketer Mindset Audio
  • BONUS 5: New Business Consult with a Corporate Analyst

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Traffic University – $1497 one time fee

This is a new brand training course released recently by the Legendary Marketer founder, David Sharpe.

This course is about paid advertising and Dave throughout the video series teaches students how to leverage paid ads to sell products online.

Here below are the topics covered in this course:

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Native Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Youtube 3.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0
Traffic university by the Legendary marketer
LM traffic university course

It comes with some blueprints and bonuses such as Done-For-You Ad Facebook, Youtube, Google Ads copies.

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Other Legendary Marketer products

  • Traffic Rolodex – $247 one-time,
  • Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint – $2500 one-time,
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – $2500 one-time,
  • Marketer Mastermind – $8000 one-time,
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind – $12,000 one-time,
  • DFY Brand Builder – $10,000 one-time,

DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle – $15,000 one-time,

  • Legendary Leadership Group – $30,000 one-time.

PS: To get a higher commission you need to subscribe to the Legendary Pro Affiliate Account – $29.95 per month. This is a pay to play business model I don’t like.

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Let’s now move into the next section of my Legendary Marketer to answer the most asked question regarding this program.

Is Legendary Marketer a scam?

The straightforward answer is no. The Legendary Marketer is not a scam but a legit online education platform that teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

The company is in compliance with law and regulations and they provide training materials to entrepreneurs.

And even most Legendary Marketers reviews offer positive points of view. That means many people like the products they offer.

Another reason the Legendary Marketer is not a scam but a legit program is that the program has been online for a while. If they are doing something bad, it wouldn’t exist until now.

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Legendary marketer Pros and Cons

In this section of my Legendary Marketer review for 2021, I want to show you what I like and don’t like in the LM program.

? Legendary Marketer Pros

✔ The 15-day challenge provides a step by step guide

✔ You can make a passive income throughout the ClickFunnels affiliate program while promoting Legendary

✔ You can get help and support from your personal coach as it is with Wealthy Affiliate

✔ Weekly webinar replays in the Marketer’s Club

✔ Legendary Marketer Products are constantly being updated

✔ Customer support is great

? Legendary Marketer Cons

❌ No guarantee to be accepted into the affiliate program due to their restriction

❌ You need to pay a monthly fee to maintain a higher commission rate – $29.95 per month

❌ No so much training on website building and SEO strategies

❌ Some training courses are super expensive

❌ Extra cost involved – sales & lead builder tools like ClickFunnel, Systeme.io or BuilderAll and an email marketing tool like Aweber, Getresponse required

❌ You need to also spend money on ads – so not for people on a budget

Legendary Marketer alternatives

Also, read Onpassive review: Scam or another Pyramid scheme?

LM courses are greats and filled with valuable information.

But if you are on a budget, or

If you an SEO oriented course, or

If you want an all in one platform to build a successful affiliate marketing business and then make a sustainable income, this platform will be a good fit for you.

Here is what you get inside this platform:

  • Over 15 years in business with a lot of success stories,
  • One of the best affiliate marketing training course provider,
  • You get access to weekly live training,
  • You get access to a dynamic and supported community – larger than 1.4 million+ people,
  • A personal coach for help and support,
  • Premium cloud-managed WordPress hosting (you can create up to 10 websites)
  • A premium keyword research tool for market and keyword research ( $19 value for free), and more.

Also, read Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review for 2021.

My final thoughts

Dave Sharpe is a well known and successful online entrepreneur. He did a good job designing this platform that teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing throughout high ticket products.

It is a great way to make a huge commission though. But as you know most high ticket products out there require you to invest in the product first (or pay a fee) before you qualify for the higher commission. That is the case for example of the Six Menthor program and other high ticket affiliate programs you may know.

However, if you are just starting out, investing thousands of dollars in training and ads can be challenging.

So take your time to weigh the pros and cons before venturing into any program and not get excited about the commission promised.

That being said, I hope you found my Legendary Marketer review helpful.

Do you have a question, drop it in the comment section below.

What is your experience with high ticket products? I want to hear your thoughts.


To your success!


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