Mass Rank Mastery review

Everyone would like to get results faster with any business he starts.

And for some, when the results start to show up, they throw in the towel.
Have you been introduced to the Mass Rank Mastery and you are wondering if this is the right SEO course to get results faster with your website or another under-deliver or scan product?

If yes, welcome to my Mass Rank Mastery review where I will be covering the following points:

  • What is Mass Rank Mastery about?
  • Who is the owner, and his business track record,
  • The cost of the course,
  • What you will be learning in this course,
  • The pros and cons, alternatives, and my final point of view.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Mass Rank Mastery Review Summary- Company Overview

Product Name: Mass Rank Mastery

Owner: Kevin Holloman


Is Mass Rank Mastery a scam? No


Do I recommend this? No with good reasons – read to find out

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What is Mass Rank Mastery about?

Mass Rank Mastery  home page

The Mass Rank Mastery course is a blogging and SEO course where the owner claims he will share with you the strategies you can apply to rank your site faster and drive mass traffic to your site.

And as you know you need traffic to make money online – no matter the business you are running.

But the most important question is does the strategy Kevin Holloman share through his course an effective SEO strategy?

To figure that out move with me in the next section of my Mass Rank Mastery review and let’s dive into the owner’s background.

How I went from zero to  4 figures Online?

  1. By Doing what I like…
  2. Without Spending thousands of dollars…
  3. By Working from the comfort of my home…
  4. Without being accountable to a  BOSS…

Get the full report below:

Who is Kevin Holloman?


When I am looking for a product like an online course to join, the first thing I want to know is what is the owner’s background and business track record.

I look for information about Kevin Holloman but I can’t find information about the guy apart from what we can find on his Rank Mass Mastery sale page and his official personal website.

Before he quit his day job and start working online, Kevin Holloman has been working for 10 years with a local beer distributor.

According to his claim on the sale page, he started his online journey about 3.5 years ago, and after applying Greg Jeffries’s SEO Affiliate Domination course strategy and his own strategies he has been able to turn his online business into a success.

Here are the accomplishments he made in short (7months according to his claim) time with his online business:

  • He bought a new home for his family,
  • And 2 months later, I quit his day job to work full-time online.

This is an incredible accomplishment in a short of time.

When you go through the Mass Rank Mastery sale page you will see the owner sharing screenshot of the commission he made.

But the question remains – Can Kevin Holloman walks his talk?

In other words, does this course help you to rank your site faster, drive tons of traffic and then make a consistent affiliate commission from it?

By the end of this review, you will know if this course is not another hyped and under-delivered product.

So let’s take a look at what was taught in this course.

What is inside the Mass Rank Mastery course?

Part 1

Module 1: How to find expired domain names

Using an expired domain name that already has traffic and likely Google trust and valuable backlinks can help you rank your website faster and build authority in your niche.

In this module, you will learn the importance of using expired domain names, how are where to buy them

Module 2: Hosting and WordPress installment

This module is choosing a domain name and buying web hosting for your website.

In this module, there is another video where you will be learning how to install your WordPress site.

Module 3: Free logo design

In this module, we have 2 lessons. One is about free logo design and the other one is about adding a banner to your site.

This module is about design. Here Kevin Holloman will teach you how to use a free logo design tool like Canva to create a logo for your site. This is what you will learn in the first video or lesson.

The second lesson teaches you how to create and add a banner to your site.

Module 4: products research

Module 4 is about keyword research. In this module, you will learn how to do keyword research for your blog or website.

Module 5: How to build keywords list

This module is about building a keyword list. This is very important if you want to be more productive in your content marketing.

Here Kevin will teach you how to build your keyword list.

Module 6: Creating articles

Blogging is about content creation? In this module, you will learn how to create articles for your website.

Module 7: Creating shortcodes

This module is about creating shortcodes you will be using to insert into your different articles. It helps you save more time.

Module 8: Using SERP Shaker

In case you don’t know what a SERP Shaker is…

A SERPshaker is a black hat SEO strategy that involves the use of a plugin called SERP Shaker to build content for your websites solely for the purpose of ranking for low-competition long-tail keywords.

However black hat SEO strategy is not a viable strategy to follow if you want to build a long-term affiliate marketing business.

In this module the Mass Rank Mastery owner, Kevin Holloman will teach you how to use this plugin to create content for your website.

It is just a tuto video that will show you how to use this software or plugin to create articles for your website.

Module 9: Setting up analytics

In this module you will learn how to set up Google Analytics to help track your site visitor behavior, and so on.

Module 10: The finished product

This is another black hat strategy. Here is will share with you the strategy he used to build his masked navigation pages with the use of CSS code.

Part 2: Scaling strategy

Using duplicator plug-in

This module is about using a duplicator plugin to scale your business.

The Duplicator plugin is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create a copy of your WordPress website. And this is a tuto video that will show you how to use it.

Creating an authority site

Here he shares his strategies for building authority sites.

How much does the Mass Rank Mastery cost?

Mass Rank Mastery review - pricing

The Mass Rank Mastery course has 3 payment plans. One for a one-time fee of $997. Another one at the cost of $297 per month for 4 months installment payment.

But this is not all your expenses if you will follow what was taught inside the course.

For instance, the SERP Shaker plugin costs $69 for one license.

See SERP Shaker price below.

SERP Shaker plugin price

There are other expenses like domain name and hosting. Expired domain names cost more money than a brand new domain name.

Who is this course for?

The Mass Ranking Mastery course is for those who want to build niche sites or affiliate marketing sites to make money online.

This course is for you if you want to use black hat SEO strategies to rank your site faster. If you don’t care about Google penalty or if your goal is not to stay longer in the game and just want to make quick bucks, this is for you.

The method taught is not a long-term strategy and I won’t recommend my audience such strategies.

Most people fail in the trap of getting results fast.

If your goal is to build a profitable and long-term online business, you have to follow a proven strategy to develop your business.

Is the Mass Rank Mastery a scam?

No the Mass Rank Mastery is not a scam. This is a legit blogging and SEO course designed to help you make money with affiliate marketing by building your own niche site.

It is not a scam per see. But the method taught inside – even it yields results faster as the owner claims is not a viable method for building a long-term and profitable affiliate marketing business.

The reasons I don’t recommend this course

Reason #1: The course teaches black hat SEO strategy that is not a viable and long-term strategy.

Reason #2: The course is expensive and most of the information can be learned for free out there. Apart from module 1, I don’t see a valuable module that is worth the price tag.

Setting up and configuring Google Analytics and Google Search Console, buying a domain name, hosting, and installing WordPress, and so on are all subjects everyone can do.

Reason #3: Lack of solid background and success stories.

Is there a better alternative?

  • If you want to learn how to a build niche or affiliate marketing site that will generate consistent and passive income for the long term,
  • If you want to learn white hat SEO strategies where you are not taught to try game the Google spider to rank your site and then one day see your website out of the Search engines radar,
  • If you want to follow a proven and long term business development strategy,
  • If you want a platform that has been in the industry for years and has thousands of success stories,
  • If you want a platform where you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to access the training, a platform where you don’t have to provide your credit card to try it,
  • If you want an all-in-one platform where you don’t only have access to an evergreen affiliate marketing and SEO training, but also tools you can use to build your online business without any extra cost, then, yes…

There is a better alternative and you can check it out here.

You can also check out our top best training courses to pick one and get started.

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Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate Secret 3.0

Final words…

The Mass Rank Mastery is a blogging and SEO course designed to teach you how to build and rank your site faster on search engines. As you know traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. And to be honest, SEO takes time.

As for Kevin Holloman, his strategy is unique and he teaches what leads him to his success. Impossible to check out the income claims.

As for the strategy, it is not a new strategy. This is just a blogging course with black hat SEO strategies.

The price is a bit expensive. But this is not the biggest issue with this training. The method taught is not the best one and I will suggest you avoid it at any cost.

That being said, I hope you found my Mass Rank Mastery review helpful.

How I went from zero to  4 figures Online?

  1. By Doing what I like…
  2. Without Spending thousands of dollars…
  3. By Working from the comfort of my home…
  4. Without being accountable to a  BOSS…

Get the full report below:

Do you have a question or experience to share with us regarding this course, let us know in the comment section below.


To your success!


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4 thoughts on “Mass Rank Mastery Review [2022] – Scam or Legit SEO course?”

    That is my entire point.
    You’re one of them Wealthy Affiliate kids, who build these cheesy websites, comparing softwares/course you’ve never taken to Wealthy Affiliate – always making Wealthy Affiliate be “the best option”.

    Again, “Christian”, how can you give HONEST assessments comparing courses you’ve never taken? Or are you saying you illegally pirated my course?

    You don’t learn anything from WA. I was a premium member when I started off also, and knew absolutely nothing – much like you.

    You don’t know SEO, because you ranked “Mass Rank Mastery”. It has no keyword difficulty, nor does it get traffic from the keywords.

    Want to know how everyone finds me?

    Word of mouth. From my students. Ya know, the ones who actually PAID for the course.

    Over 200 of them to be exact, and not ONE single negative review.

    I couldn’t care less what you think of me or my course, because you haven’t taken it.

    But to say it doesn’t produce results, when I have students who are earning 6 figures with it, is ludicrous.

    PS – $997 is only expensive if you’re broke. Anyone in their right mind would trade $997 to earn 6 figures per year.

    But hey, enjoy going nowhere with your Wealthy Affiliate copy and paste website.

  2. Interesting, “Christian”.

    How would you know anything about my course, without ripping it, since you’re not one of my students?

    Do Christians typically steal access to other peoples content?

    How about before you “rate” something, you actually purchase it, and follow the process?

    Based on when this review was published, the process hasn’t even had time to work.

    But you’d know that, if you actually purchased the course.

    1. Hi, Kevin
      Thank you for stopping by.

      My intention is not to steal people access to your course as you think – but to give an honest and unbiased opinion regarding your course content, compare its value with key competitors out there.

      Why I will buy your course while there are other courses better and affordable than yours?

      Your course is about SEO and if you can found me on Google search it is not without any reasons. Right?

      I know how SEO works, and here we show people how to build striving and long term businesses – not how to get few bucks overnight.

      Seems you are complaining because I gave your course a low rating.

      Simply, show your students results. No one cares about your figures. We value products based on students current results and its price tag compared to keys others.

      All the best with your course.

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