Secret Email System Review 2021: Master The Art Of Email Marketing With Matt Bacak

Secret Email System Review

Looking for an honest and unbiased Secret Email System Review to make an informed decision?

If yes, you are in the right place.

In this review I will be converting the following points so that you can know what to do after you finish reading this review:

  • What the Secret Email System is about?
  • About Matt Bacak and his business track record,
  • A close look inside the Secret Email System training,
  • How much does it cost?
  • Who is it for?
  • The pros and cons and my final point of view

Secret Email System review summary – product overview

Name: Secret Email System

Owner: Matt Bacak

Website: Click here

Niche: Email Marketing

Price: $37 – Click here to get a 85% Discount

Bonuses: Yes, Huge Bonuses

Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Support: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе

Sow Your Seed Today rating: 9/10

Do I recommend this? Yes

What is Secret Email System is about?

Secret Email System review - home

Created by a six-figure and successful email marketing expert, the Secret Email System is a complete email marketing training combined with a simple eBook that teaches Internet marketers how to make money online with email marketing.

It is excellent training for people who don’t have prior experience in email marketing and even for those who are looking for new strategies and new angles to build an email list faster and then convert their subscribers into lifetime buyers.

All is about building your list and marketing both low and high ticket offers with email marketing.

The eBook that cost only $5.6 is a part of the training where Matt teaches you how he built a 7-figure online business using email marketing to make an affiliate commission, without even running paid Ads and that only working 2 hours a day.

If you are new in the online world, you may be wondering how that is possible. But it possible thanks to email automation features.

Matt Bacak is going to reveal his secrets of generating millions of dollars online using online email marketing tools like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendinblue that offer email automation features users can use to set up hands-free email campaigns.

How does the Secret Email System work?

This training is about how to make money online with affiliate marketing by leveraging the power of email marketing.

Here is how it works in a nutshell.

You need first to buy the product, learn how to set your email marketing effectively, and then start:

1 – Building your email list by using traffic sources provided in the training or your own traffic source,
2 – Finding and promoting relevant products & services to your subscribers,
3 – Making money with your list.

Who is Matt Bacak?

Secret Email System by Matt Bacak review

Well-known for his expertise in email marketing, Matt Bacak has made a name himself in the email marketing industry. In fact, he is a renowned Award-Winning Email Marketer for more than a decade. He is also a best seller author and has developed over 1.2 million fans in his niche using his secret marketing method.

He is the owner of the Secret Email System training course where he teaches entrepreneurs how to build a profitable and long-term online business by leveraging the power of email marketing.

In fact, he started with email marketing in1997 and had made a 7 figure commission online thanks to email marketing.

So if you are wondering if this training is like any email marketing course you can find out there on the web, you are wrong.

He will be revealing to you in this training the scene behind successful email marketing campaigns and proven ways he used to make millions of dollars with email marketing.

Who is this training for?

Every legit course or product has its targeted audience. Not everyone can benefit from this program.
You read me right.

This training is for people who are serious about building a real and profitable online business by leveraging the power of email marketing.

The training shows you the exact steps you need to follow:

  • to set your email marketing business,
  • the traffic source you can use to build your list faster,
  • and the strategies you need to follow to make sales with your subscribers.

But it won’t work if you are lazy and are not ready to put the work in.

This training is not for you if you are also looking for a magic formula to make money online or if you are looking for “get rich quick schemes”.

The Secret Email System by Matt Barak is a course for action takers and those who have a sense of business.

With email marketing, you can make use of automation. That frees your time and gives you more time to focus on another part of your online business.
But set up a realistic expectation and don’t expect to make thousands of dollars on the go.

In fact, there are steps to follow and a journey in closing sales with email marketing I will resume like this: leads acquisition leads nurturing closing sales.

No matters if you are starting out or you are an experienced email marketer, this training will benefit you if you are ready to follow what was taught inside the course and apply what you have learned in your business.

A close look inside the Secret Email System Training

In the Secret Email System program you get:

  • An eBook that shows you the exact secret Matt followed to build a six-figure income using only email marketing,
  • A 90-minute training video that teaches how to set up your email marketing business and grow your email list faster via his top traffic sources;
  • Access to his private Facebook group to connect with like-minded people for support and guidance,
  • Huge bonuses – $997 value from the owner.

Before we move into the next section of my Secret Email System review, let me show you what you get as bonuses with your little investment of $5.6.

You get 10 amazing bonuses – $1,645 value.

 Secret Email System by Matt Bacak Review - bonuses

Here below are the bonuses you will get when you buy this product:

  • Bonus: #1 Irresistible Offer Video Guide ($97 Value),
  • Bonus #2: Secret Email System Checklist ($47 Value),
  • Bonus #3: 3x Formula Calculator ($97 Value),
  • Bonus #4: 2.1 Mill Email Swipe File (1,000 Emails) ($497 value),
  • Bonus #5: My Secret 357,582 Lead Gen Template ($297 Value,
  • Bonus #6: 10,978 New Leads—Daily Masterclass ($197 value),
  • Bonus #7: Secret Of Millionaire Mind Book ($19 Value),
  • ,Bonus #8: Gigantic Swipe File Book ($297 value),
  • Bonus #9: Free Breakthrough Session With My Team ($97 Value),
  • Bonus #10: My Private Facebook Community (Priceless).

Let’s see in details what you will be learning inside this program:

Inside the eBook

The Secret Email System PDF eBook covers almost all the subject an Internet marketer will need to build a profitable online business: starting to niche choice, lead acquisition to closing the sales.

Here below are the subjects covered inside the eBook:

  • Niche choice where he teaches you how to find a profitable niche – pick huge demand niche,
  • Product choice where he will show you how to choose an irresistible offer or affiliate product to promote to your future or existing subscribers,
  • Register a domain name related to your affiliate offer,
  • Autoresponder setting up,
  • Creating your opt-in page related to your offer,
  • Sending traffic to your opt-in page to build your email list,
  • Creating a “Welcome message” for your subscribers,
  • Setting up an autoresponder sequence to automatically sent email message the include your irresistible offer to each new subscriber,
  • Traffic sources to get subscribers + training on how to get leads for free,
  • Uncover the motherlode,
  • How to 10x your revenue and profits.

The Private Facebook Community – over 22k members

Matt Bacak's Listbuilding Club

The best part of the Secret Email System by Maat Bacak is its dynamic and supportive community.

As you can see this product has been launched only a few months. And in a short time, Matt Bacak list building club has more than 22k members.

That means there are more and more people join the program to learn from this leading email marketing expert. And you can be part of this community with just only a $5.6 investment.

This is a strong 20k members community where you can connect with other email marketer experts, get all your questions answered, and have access to:

  • Interviews where experts share their knowledge and experience to help you get results without wasting time and money,
  • free 1on1 live coaching sessions,
  • Value bombs: applicable tips and tricks.

How much does it cost?

The Secret Email System pdf front-end cost is $37 – get an 85% off with this link ($5.6 ).

If you know the value of email marketing and how it can help you increase your conversion rate, investing $5.6 to get access to such a valuable information is no brainer.

This course is not like any email course you can find out there. The owner knows his stuff and having the chance to get access to him for just a penny worth it.

But there are 2 OTOs:

Secret Email System OTOs

OTO1: Ultimate Email Marketing Package ($97) – Downsell To $47

OTO2: Secret Email Mastermind a monthly subscription of $9.95.

You have the option to pay for the whole year at the cost of $84/Year.
In this case, you will be saving up to $35 per year.

Secret Email System Pros and Cons

? The Pros

✔ Step by step training by an expert in the industry,

✔ Training covers various subjects in the email marketing area,

✔ Low-cost barrier entry,

✔ No need to create your own product,

✔ Not need to spend your money on paid ads,

✔ Value for money,

✔ 30-days money-back guarantee.

? The Cons

❌ Making money with email marketing can take time,

❌ Extra cost involved – email marketing tool (instead you will start with free tools like Aweber, Mailchimp, or SendinBlue, Moosend, etc).

Secret Email System review – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secret Email System?

Secret Email System is an eBook alongside a complete email marketing training that teaches beginners and intermediate email marketers how to make passive income online with email marketing.
The product has been released by Matt Bacak, an Expert in the email marketing industry.

Who is Secret Email System for?

Secret Email System is for those who want to learn how to make money online selling other people’s products and services by leveraging the power of email marketing.
If you are looking to build a long-lasting online business that will lead you to freedom (time and money), this is for you.

I am a full-time worker and don’t have so much time, can it work for me?

It depends. If you are ready to commit to the training and apply it accordingly, it will work for you.
Because with email automation, you can set up email campaigns for a whole week without the need to touch anything again. It also takes 30 to 45 mins to broadcast to your list.
So even if you are a full-time worker like me, it can work for you.

What is included in the Secret Email System?

With your $5.6 investment, you get the Secret Email System eBook and also a 90-minute video training.
On top of that, you get huge bonuses ($1, 645 value) and more.

What makes the Secret Email System unique compared to all the other stuff out there?

Before I recommend a product to my audience, I always evaluate the course creator’s business track record. Matt Barak has been in the email marketing industry for over 2 decades.
He is also a renowned Award-Winning Email Marketer.
So this guy had in-depth knowledge to share and more people out had have success with their email marketing following this training.
He walks his talks and that is different than any email marketing course out there.
Most people teaching this stuff don’t make as much money as him or they have only been around for a few years.

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes, with Matt Bacak Secret Email System training, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you buy this product and you found it doesn’t worth your money, you can get a refund if you request it within a 30-day period of your purchase.
I am sure you will love it – this is no brainer.

Final thoughts…

Email marketing is the best way to not only build a trust relationship with your customers but also to increase online revenue.

But building a profitable online business with email marketing is not easy.

What if you can learn the secret behind effective email campaigns from an expert in the industry?

With the Secret Email System course, Matt Bacak will be walking you through the process of building a six-figure online business with email marketing.


If you want to learn the secrets behind selling low-ticket and high-ticket products using only email marketing that doesn’t cost you arm and leg to get started, the Matt Bacak Secret Email System is an online course to buy.

There are testimonials full beginners who have gone from zero to six-figure a year with email marketing and that thanks to this course.

It is only $5.6 to get this valuable ebook.

That being said, I hope you found my Secret Email System review helpful.

Do you have a question? Drop it in the comment section.

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To your success!


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8 thoughts on “Secret Email System Review 2021: Master The Art Of Email Marketing With Matt Bacak”

  1. Secret Email System & Confidential email systems can also be a counterintuitive approach to starting and running an internet business.

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    Well, working only two hours per day to make a 7-figure income by email marketing seems too good to be true. But after reading your review, I know it’s possible to achieve such success if you are committed to putting lots of time and effort into it.

    I know many successful affiliate marketers leverage email marketing to follow up with their leads and turn them into sales & commissions. So, I know it works well. Paying $5.6 is really worth learning email marketing from an expert like Matt Bacak, so I think I will take a serious consideration soon.


    1. Hi, Matt Lin
      Thank you for stopping by.

      Yes, it seems too good to be true. Agree!! As an internet marketer, you know it doesn’t take too much time to send a message to your subscribers. Though you understand Matt’s message as well! lol

      The bottom line it takes time to build a huge email list and to make a 7 figure income from it.

      Not a get-rich-quick scheme!

      And yes, it worth it!

      All the best!

  3. Hi,
    A very systematic review. The Secret Email System sounds like a great program for affiliate marketers. Matt Bacak is a well known name in the industry. I will surely try this out. thanks so much.

  4. Thanks for this in-depth review of the secret email system. This is incredibly interesting to make money on the internet. Though I have an affiliate website, I am going to try this email marketing system because I find this has a huge potential to build a business and make money. Do you recommend this program for newbies who don’t have any experience in online marketing?

    1. Hi, Kavitha

      You are most welcome.

      To answer your question this program is for everyone who wants to learn email marketing using funnels and doesn’t want to go with blogging.

      For this kind of people, this is the best program to join.

      And even bloggers will benefit from it because blogging and email marketing is a different subject.

      Building an email list is one thing, converting your list to buyers is another thing. This is what the Secret Email System teaches.

      I know for someone who doesn’t have any experience in online marketing there is a learning curve involved compared to someone who already has experience in online marketing.

      The best part is that the program comes with training that shows people how to generate free traffic. By following this training no matter your experience you will be able to generate leads for your business.

      For someone who is just starting out and on a budget blogging is the best way to go and I recommend this program.

      Thank you for stopping by.

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