Six Sigma Trade Review: Scam or legit trading company (truth exposed)

Six sigma trade review

The internet is on his boom and many people are looking for legit ways to make money online (mainly since the recent economic crisis). But is Six Sigma Trade a legit company to rely on when it comes to building an online business in the long run?

Or it is just another cash gifting and pyramid scheme?

Read on my honest and unbiased Six Sigma Trade review to find out the truth about it.

Six Sigma Trade review summary:

PRODUCT NAME: Six Sigma Trade

OWNER: Sura Bianca


TYPE OF PRODUCT: MLM trading company

COST: $99 – $19999 per year

IS Six Sigma Trade A SCAM? No



What is the Six Sigma Trade about?

Six Sigma Trade

The six SIgma Trade (SST) is a new brand trading MLM company that claims itself as the innovative trading platform. promises a weekly ROI to investors. As for the website, the income is generated throughout forex, Crypto, and AI trading.

A check out of their domain name shows the company is a New Zeland-based company and their domain name has been registered on September 27, 2019.

About the Six Sigma Owner, Sura Bianca

Six Sigma Trade owner, Sura Bianca

I don’t know about you. Before I join a program or buy a product I really want to know who is behind the company and its business track record.

In the Six Sigma Trade website, I found a lady named Sura Bianca that claims to be the CEO of the SST’s company.

But outside the marketing materials of the company, I haven’t been able to find information about her.
I even found a Youtube video about SST’s company pre-launch and I didn’t see her in this important event of the company.

So I am wondering if really Sura Bianca is the CEO of this company as it is stated on their website.

There is a catch. Right?

How can she miss the pre-launch of his own company?

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How much does it cost to join this MLM trading company?

The cost to join the Six Sigma Trade’s MLM company is at least $99 ongoing yearly fee and it comes with a 2,5% weekly ROI.

Here is their membership packages and the ROI linked :

Package levelCostWeekly ROI
Executive Plus$39993,50%

What payment methods can you use to join the SST company?

You can join the SST company by using your e-Wallet and here are the cryptocurrencies accepted:

  • Bitcoin,
  • Bitcoin cash,
  • Ethereum,
  • Stellar and
  • Litecoin.

I have reviewed over 100 MLM programs and only one retains my attention. Not of its generous compensation plan but because it transforms beginners to pro internet marketers.

Six Sigma Trade’s products

In this section of my Six Sigma Trade review, we are going to take a look at the products that the company offers so that we can judge if Six Sigma Trade is a legit MLM company or just another Pyramid and Ponzi scheme that will collapse over time.

For any MLM company to be in compliance with the laws that MLM’s have to abide by they must sell retail products to customers instead of generating income by recruiting new members.

Is Six Sigma Trade a legit MLM company?

Six Sigma Trade claims on their presentation their product are Crypto Trading, Forex Trading, and AI trading.

They claim they developed a robot, intelligent computer programs built upon pre-defined algorithms they named called Six Sigma’s AIFA that can make smart investment decisions on autopilot, without human/trader intervention.

Six Sigma Trade review: their trading robot

Let admit this is a product. Why these different membership plans if the one who pays $19999 gets the same product as the one who pays $99?

And if they have a trading robot that can make smart investment decisions on autopilot, without human/trader intervention, why do they need your money for?

The truth is that Six Sigma Trade has no retail products or services.

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Six Sigma Trade’s compensation plan and ways to make money

ROI income

What you need to know here is that SST pays returns out for 52 weeks and you need to renew your investment after that in order to continue.

Package levelCostWeekly ROI
Executive Plus$39993,50%

Direct commission

First off, you can get a direct or sponsored commission when someone uses your referral link to join the program.

Six Sigma Trade attributed Business Points (Bps) to each investment package and commission is calculated based on 50% on the amount of these points.

Package levelCostBPsCommission
Executive Plus$3999800$400

To qualify for Binary Commission you need 2 direct referrals: One in your left and one on your right.

And that is not all!

Just to cite what they say:

Binary Commission & Business Points will be released according
to your package plan and extra amount or Business Points
will be Flushedoff.

What they mean here is that if you buy the basic package, and your downline buy the Ambassador package you will receive 20 Binary points and other points will be Flushedoff.

Residual commissions are paid out as a percentage of investment sales volume generates on an affiliate’s weaker binary team side.

  • As a Basic member, you get a 40% commission on your weaker leg,
  • Builder to Executive Plus members, get a 50% commission on their weaker leg,
  • As a Master member, you get a 55% commission on your weaker leg,
  • As an Elite member, you get a 60% commission on your weaker leg.

Royalty Commissions

Royalty Commissions is calculated based on the ROI of your downline and they pay in 10 levels deep.

It is also based on a uni-level compensation plan. That means you can sponsor as many people as you can on your first level.

• Level 1 – 5%

• Level 2 – 2%

• Level 3 – 1%

• Level 4 to 10 – 0.5%

Myriad Share Bonus

Six Sigma Trade takes 1% of company-wide investment and places it into the Myriad Share Bonus pool.

10,000 BV equals one share and affiliates need at least 10,000 BV in their weaker binary team leg in order to qualify for their share bonus pool.

Hall Of Fame Share Bonus

Six Sigma Trade takes 1% of company-wide investment and puts it into a Hall of Fame Share Bonus they distribute to four smaller pools:

• Rhodium

• Plutonium

• Painite

• Tritium

Each pool gets 0.25% of 1%.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Six Sigma Trade rewards affiliates for qualifying at Gold and higher with the following bonuses:

• Qualify at Gold and receive an Apple Macbook Air

• Qualify at Platinum and receive a “foreign trip for 2”

• Qualify at Palladium and receive a Chevorlet Trax

• Qualify at Rhodium and receive a Nissan X-Trail SV

• Qualify at Plutonium and receive a Toyota Land Cruise GX.R

• Qualify at Painite and receive a Porsche 911 GT3

• Qualify at Tritium and receive a “penthouse”

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Can you make money with Six Sigma Trade?

Technically yes, you can. But practically it will not be easy.

They even claim their company is the first MLM company in the history of network marketing to offer 9 ways to make money online.

Yes, 9 ways!

But the truth is you can make money in 2 ways:

Invest your money to get the weekly ROI that will take about 40 weeks (10 months) to get the amount of money you have invested considering the percentage of ROI that is 2,5% per week for the basic plan.


Recruit other people, motivate them to invest as you did to get a commission.

$10 if they buy the basic plan, $30 if they buy the builder plan ($299), and so on.

The commission will be released according to package value. So if you buy the basic package and your referral buy the builder package or the higher package, I don’t know how much money you will get (or if you will get) since they didn’t offer more information about it.

As for the 7 other ways to make money with Six Sigma Trade is conditioned on your ability to recruit and your rank.

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Is Six Sigma Trade a scam?

I have headaches when it comes to judging a company or a product a scam. This is a new brand program and it is too early to tag it a scam.

However, all indications are that this company is not a trustworthy company because we can’t find who is really behind this company and there are any retails products to sell.

In addition, there is no evidence that SST generates income through trading as it is supposed to.

We have seen similar companies with similar claims that have turned into scams and collapsed.

Don’t trust me?

Check out and you will find their domain name is on sale


This was also a trading MLM company that ran away with people’s money (myself included) in 2018.

Just do your own research and you will find they operate in the same way LIKE this one.

The truth is difficult to determine these types of companies.

The money generated can simply come from the new recruits.

And if my guess is right (and their claims are false) then that means that the profits that are funding the ROI commissions are being funded by recruiting new members.

So technically Six Sigma Trade can be considered a Ponzi Scheme on how it is designed now.

And we all know what happens when there are no new recruits.

The company will close its doors and run away with your money. And since the authorities don’t know who’s behind the company, it would be hard to get your money back.

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My Six Sigma Tade review and final thoughts

This is the last section of my Six Sigma Trade review and I want to share my final thoughts about this company.

The company has some issues that I can see that make it sketchy for me.

like I mentioned earlier they offer no retail products or proof on the trading efforts that they claim can offer sustainable long-term ROI’s that they offer possible

I would not recommend it and I would not join it with the information that I found on the company and opportunity.

But it is up to you…

If you found the SST is the best program to join, go ahead and join it.

But if you’re tired of scam sites and tired losing your money to sites that don’t work like it was in 2018 for me, this is the program that changed my life.

Make sure you check it out.

Thanks to this platform I am running my own business that generates a 3 digit passive and recurring side income each month for me.

You just need to understand the way you can make money online or offline and you are set to go.


With that said, I hope you found my Six Sigma Trade review helpful.

If this is the case, don’t hesotate to share it with your friends.

What do you think about the Six Sigma Trade company?

Have you a member of this trading MLM company? Share your thoughts with us.


To your success!


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6 thoughts on “Six Sigma Trade Review: Scam or legit trading company (truth exposed)”

  1. Hello Sebastian,
    To get involved with any online scheme requires research, research, research – if you don’t want to get your fingers burned! You have done an excellent job of reviewing Six Sigma Trade. MLMs are in no way easy schemes – especially if you are not in the top eschelons. Six Sigma adds further complication by their investment structure $99 – $19,999 which is totally unrealistic! You could – hypothetically invest $99 under two different holdings and make 5% (combined) ROI – albeit on a smaller amount instead of 4.5% on $19,999 – I am laughing so hard – Ha!Ha!Ha!
    Great article!

    1. Hi, Ceci
      Thank you for stopping by.
      You are most welcome.
      Glad you found it helpful.
      And yes looking for other people’s opinion before bying any product is a wise decision.
      All the best!

  2. Hi Sebastian. I’ve heard of Six Sigma Trade but didn’t know a lot about them so your review has cleared up a bunch of things. As I was reading your review I was thinking ‘pyramid’ scheme and in truth I still thing there is an element of that. Their memberships structure makes no sense at all and I just can’t see how this would be a viable scheme to become part of – too many issues and concerns for me.

    Thanks for sharing – Jason.

    1. Hi, Jason
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Yes, this is a pyramid scheme disguised and this is a program I can’t recommend to my readers.

  3. Hey Sebastian,

    This is a very informative and insightful review of Six Sigma Trade. From what you have described, I don’t want to seem like I am making an early judgement either, but it does seem like a scam. The price of $99 to &19999 is extremely, extremely steep. I tried a MLM product in 2015 (they will remain nameless, although I bet you can tell who I mean), and they scammed me so much, I cannot believe that I fell for it. I wasn’t too far from the $19999 end of the price in debt, and still paying for it.

    I would never, ever recommend a MLM company to anybody ever again because of the experience I had.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi, Tom
      Thank you for stopping by.
      You are most welcome.
      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with MLM products.
      You are not alone. I myself tried and failed with many MLM companies that even have a good track record than this one.
      And I agree with you. Even if the Six Sigma Trade company is a legit MLM company, it is extremely steep (mainly for people who are just starting out in this industry and don’t are good in recruiting).

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