vs ClickFunnels: Which one is the right tool for your online business? vs ClickFunnels

This is my vs ClickFunnels comparison review for 2021.

If you are looking for all-in-one marketing tools to run your online business chances are you heard about ClickFunnels and certainty about

But you don’t know which tool will be a good fit for your online business.


If yes, you are in the right place.

In this comparison post about Systeme io vs ClickFunnels, we will delve deeper into the following points so that you can decide which platform will be a good fit for your business:

  • What is Systeme io?
  • What is ClickFunnels?
  • How much does each tool costs,
  • The pros and cons of both tools.

What is about?, just like ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing software online entrepreneurs can use to start, grow and scale their online business without the need for any extra tools.
The tools allow you to:

  • Create membership sites where you can sell online courses, private content, ebooks, etc,
  • Creat sales funnels to sell digital or physical products will the possibility to upsell or downsell,
  • Create landing pages or squeeze page to build your mailing list,
  • Build an email list and send emails campaigns to your subscribers,
  • A/B test your funnels and pages,
  • Create a website or blog to market your business efficiently,
  • Build workflow using a visual drag and drop editor,
  • Build webinar funnels,
  • Run your own affiliate program, and much more.


What is ClickFunnels about?

Created in 2003, ClickFunnels is an all-in-one mature and well-established brand in the Marketing software industry.

It is an all-in-one marketing tool you can use to start and manage your online business under one roof.

The guys behind this marketing automation tool are Russell Brunson & Todd Dickerson, successful online entrepreneurs.

Comparing to, ClickFunnels is an old marketing tool while is a new brand marketing tool that is making a dent in the online marketing tools industry.

When it comes to its features, Clickfunnels has a lot of perks to choose from.

We will talk about its features in the next section of our vs ClickFunnels post so that you can make an informed decision.

ClickFunnels vs The Pros and Cons of each tool

What I like about

✔ All-in-one online marketing tool with useful features like funnels, courses, webinar builder, website builder, email marketing, and more.

✔ It comes with a free plan so that you can get started for free. On the other hand, ClickFunnels lacks a free plan but it has a 14-day trial (credit card needed).

✔ is cheap compared to ClickFunnels and the paid membership plan starts from just $27/month. A free plan available!

What I don’t like about

❌ Limitation in terms of integration,

❌ No email editor templates.

What I like about ClickFunnels

✔ High converting funnels templates (only some require extra cost),

✔ A lot of intégrations capabilities,

✔ It offers a user-friendly interface.

What I don’t like about ClickFunnels

❌ ClickFunnels is quite expensive than It starts at $97/month with some limitations.

❌ You pay more money to the brand to access more features compared to where you have almost the necessary tools and features to run your business. vs ClickFunnels: Pricing

When it comes to pricing, is 3 times cheaper than ClickFunnels.

In fact, what people to access ClickFunnels basic plan is what they can get with the Enterprise plan. That means full access to the software.

Plus while offers a free plan to users to test their platform to start their online business before they start investing in it, ClickFunnels just offer a 14-days free trial.

This is the reason I listed as one of the best affordable ClickFunnels alternatives for 2021.

To give you an idea of what I mean let’s get into the pricing structure of both marketing tools. pricing pricing offers 4 membership plans that include a free plan.

Free plan: it cost only $0 and it is free forever. That means you can use it for free as long as you want.

Only it comes with some limitations just like any freemium tool or service.

Here is what you get in the free membership plan

As for the premium plan, we have 3 subscription plans:

Starter plan that costs $27 per month,
Startup plan that costs $47 per month,
The Enterprise Plan costs $97.

ClickFunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels pricing

Unlike, ClickFunnels is a premium tool. It doesn’t offer a free plan. It offers a 14-days free trial that allows users to test the tool before they decide to invest in it.

When it comes to the subscription plan, ClickFunnels offers 3 subscription plans:

  • The basic plan costs $97 per month,
  • The Platinum plan costs $297 per month,
  • The Two Comma ClubX plan costs $2,497 per month.

In the price comparison between and ClickFunnels, it is undeniable is affordable.

The basic plan starts at $27 per month while Clickfunnels basic plan start at $97 per month that is even the Enterprise plan costs where you have access to all the features of the software plus coaching to grow your business. vs ClickFunnels: features

ClickFunnels and offer useful and great features online entrepreneurs can use to run their businesses smoothly.

Let’s start with Clikckfunnels.

Here is what you can do mainly with ClickFunnels ( key features):

  • You can buy a domain name and host your website or blog with ClickFunnels,
  • Create Sales funnels templates,
  • Access to stunning and beautiful funnel templates such as funnels and email templates,
  • Use a drag-and-drop editor to build your funnels, emails, website, etc.
  • Create eCommerce funnels,
  • Create Webinar funnels,
  • Affiliate program capability,
  • Create Membership site,
  • Integrate your favored email marketing tool with your funnels,
  • Access analytics on funnels,
  • A/B split test your pages and funnels,
  • Create order, upsell, and downsale pages,
  • Possibility to share your funnels,
  • Connect custom domains (one domain in for
  • Get Support and documentation.

And what about vs ClickFunnels - features

With here is what you can do (main features):

  • Create sales funnels to sell your products (digital or physical) and service,
  • Create downsale and upsale funnels,
  • Set up payment gateway such as PayPal and Stripe to collect your customer sales directly from your funnels,
  • Create membership sites to sell online courses or private contents,
  • Create websites or blogging to market your business, drive organic traffic to your business,
  • Create webinar funnels to engage your audience and generate more leads and sales,
  • Create leads funnels to grow your email list fast,
  • An email marketing tool that allows you to build up to 1000 email contact for free,
  • Access to a visual automation builder to build drip campaigns,
  • Pre-made stunning and beautiful funnel templates you can customize at your convenience,
  • 24/7 support and documentation on how to use the software.

In terms of features, Clikcfunnels is the winner. It is a mature software and it comes with a lot of features users can access. on the other hand is a new software making its way in the marketing software industry.

But when we take features like funnels, if you want to build unlimited funnels you need to subscribe for the Platinum membership plan that costs $297 per month.

On the other hand offers unlimited funnels even in their basic plan.

Difference between and Clikcfunnels

ClickFunnels offers a lot of integration while with integration capability is limited.

For instance, you can integrate email marketing tools such as Getreponse, Aweber with ClickFunnels to run your business smoothly.

With you cannot Integrate another email marketing tool with the software (unless you will third party software like Zapier)

You can only use their in-house email marketing tool. It does its job. Only it cannot be compared to stand-alone marketing tools like Getreponse that offers advanced tracking and reporting.

ClickFunnels hold certain features to upsell to its users while gives you access to advanced features in their basic plan.

For instance, with the basic plan, the number of funnels, sites, and traffic is limited while offers all these perk in their basic plan that costs only $27 per month

With the basic ClickFunnels plan, the number of funnels you can create is 20, the domains you can connect are 3, and the number of monthly website visitors you can get is 20,000.

Check out my review to learn more.

Which one is the best all-in-one marketing tool for your business?

The main benefits of ClickFunnels are its customizations, mobile support, and great integration. Only the more feature your business requires the more money you need to put in.

So if are not on a budget and you want an all-in-one marketing tool that allows you to integrate your favored email marketing tool, Clickfunnels will be your good bet.

Where stands out is its price. With just $27 per month, you have access to features ClickFunnels charges for money.

In fact, you can create unlimited funnels and send unlimited emails with their basic plan.

With Clickfunnels you need to subscribe for the platinum membership to be able to create unlimited funnels.

If you are also looking for a free all-in-one marketing tool, then is the best tool for you as it offers a free generous plan with useful features that allow you to get started.

That being said, I hope you found my comparison post about vs ClickFunnels helpful.

Do you have a question? Drop in the comment section below.


To your success!


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