The 30 Minute Workday Review: Scam or Legit Program To Make $10 000 Per Month?

The 30 Minute Workday review

Can you make$10 000 per month by working only 30 minutes a day as the 30 Minute Workday’s website claims?

If you are looking for an honest and unbiased 30 Minute Workday review to make an informed decision, let me tell you that you’ve hopped into the right place!

In case it is your first time here, my name is Sebastian. I am a journalist and a part-time affiliate marketer.

One of the reasons I created this website is because I have been scammed when I started my online journey and lost thousands of dollars on many programs.

So my aim here is to help everyone avoid scam sites and/or programs that don’t offer value for money. The reasons you can see most of my content are reviews.

I come across the 30-Minute Workday from a member of our community who asked a question about a traffic source recommended in this program.

Here is a screenshot of his question.


Once checked it out, I decided to get into the system to thoroughly investigate it and…

in this review, I will show you:

what really this program is about?
How does it work?
How much it cost and what you get for your money,
Who this program is for,
The pros and cons and my final point of view.

I have gone through the program and here below is my dashboard.

30 Minute Workday review: my dashboard

So if you are here because you are just wondering if the 30-Minute Workday is a scam or a legit program, I will also get this point covered in this review.

Without further ado, let’s get to the point.

The 30 Minute Workday review summary – Company Overview

If you are looking to make a quick decision, look at the company overview below and our quick opinion about the company.

Company name: 30-Minute Workday
Products/services: Affiliate Marketing System designed to promote the Home Business Academy
Owner: Nick Bramble
Price: free but required tools cost at least $40 per month
Sow Your Seed Today Rating: 5/10
Do I Recommend This? Not for starters

Review Summary

The 30 Minute Workday is a membership site and a marketing system designed by Nick Bramble and it comes with DFY marketing tools and a downloaded file (ebooks you can download for free). The Program is free to join but in order to apply what was taught you are required to use the Home Business Builder if you want to use their DFY funnels. It costs $25 per month. The problem is there is no proper traffic generation training. Plus DFY programs are not meant to last. So look elsewhere if your goal is to build a reliable and long-lasting online business.

Update Note

The 30-Minute Workday program was designed to funnel people to the Home Business Academy program as we stated since the start of its launch. Right now, the program is a part of the HBA products and they are selling it for a $27 one-time fee.

What is the 30-Minute Workday?

The 30 Minute Workday is a membership site and a marketing system designed by Nick Bramble and it comes with DFY marketing tools and a downloaded file (ebooks you can download for free).

As you can see in the screenshot above, the 30 Minute Workday owner, Nick Bramble claims you can make $10 000 per month with only 30 mins work per day and that by following 3 simple steps.

Does simple means easy? Nope!


Is really 30 mins a day of work make you $10 000 per month? Maybe yes! But it doesn’t happen overnight.

Inside the MWD, you have access to training materials where Nick teaches you how to make money online through affiliate marketing and using funnels and email marketing tools.

I reviewed many products such as Perpetual Income 365, Click Wealth System, etc and the owners teach the same principles, and even recommended resources are almost the same.

How does the 30 Minute Workday work?

the 30 Minute Workday review - their formula

The MWD is about how to make money online selling other people’s products or services (affiliate marketing). And this is a great idea because affiliate marketing is not only a legit way to make money online but also a popular and great way to build a steady and passive income online.

With the MWD you will be doing affiliate marketing using the one-page affiliate marketing formula that is using a simple landing page or leads page to build an email list and then try to convert them into buyers.

So here is how the 30-Minute Workday works:

You first need to sign up or create your free membership account with the MWD’s site.

Once inside, you need to follow the step-by-step guide to set up your funnels and email series using the recommended 2 tools (Getresponse & HBA Funnel Builder).

Once that is done, your next step is to send traffic to your funnels or landing pages so that you can generate leads for your business. At this stage, the recommend you buy traffic from websites we will cover later.

PS: You need to set up your income stream by connecting your affiliate ID to the MWD system. In this case, you can make a commission when the leads you send to the MDW website end up setting up their own affiliate marketing business using the recommended tools inside their membership area.

Note that buying traffic is not mandatory. If you know how to get traffic for free, you don’t need to buy traffic from the websites they mentioned. But buying traffic from these sites offers you the opportunity to maximize your earning potential as these sites offer affiliate programs.

Also read my Profits Passport review.

What’s inside The 30-Minute Workday?

Inside the 30 Minute Workday membership site, you will see that the owner organized the site making it easy to navigate and follow the step required to get started.

Inside the Membership Website, you will find 3 distinct sections called “Phase” and another section where you can find tools and more training.

Phase 1

Phase 1 comes up with a 60 mins introductory video that walks you through the process of setting up all your DFY leads funnels or landing pages you will use to send traffic to.

They provide a step-by-step guide in video format that shows you how to set up your funnels and email series to follow up with your email subscribers.

And the required tools are:

1. Email marketing tool – Getresponse

This is an email marketing software and it is with this tool you will set up your email campaigns series to educate and nurture your leads and then turn them into lifetime buyers.

2. A funnel builder tool and the recommended tool is the HBA funnel builder.

This is the tool that will help you build sales funnels, and landing pages… to generate more leads and sales for your business.

Extra recommended products or services:

The HBA academy – costs $125 per month with a $100 recurring commission.

This is an online course that teaches you:

  • How to generate leads for your business online for free on YouTube: YouTube Ranking Course – (15 Video)
  • How to create a lead magnet or a free giveaway and then use it to attract the best leads for your business – Lead Magnet Course ( 7 Video)
  • Plus a live weekly interactive marketing coaching webinar where you can get all of your questions answered from top earners.

Traffic sources

Traffic is any online business’s lifeblood. No traffic, no money.

Inside the 30-Minute Workday, the traffic source recommended are:

  • MLM Leads (
  • Traffic For Me (

Phase 2: Education

This is where they teach you how to really use the recommended tools to make money online. It is also there you will have access to their free report that teaches you how to make money online with the one-page affiliate marketing formula.

Here are the topics covered in this training:

  • How to select products to promote
  • How to create a lead magnet to help build your list faster
  • How to a list, follow up your subscribers with email marketing, and more.

Phase 3: Multiply your money

This is where you can access to forex education and learn how to make more money with Forex Trading. It is a choice and not mandatory.

If you don’t want to learn Forex you can ignore it. And that is my advice.

In fact, you have countless products you can promote using the recommended 2 tools (Getresponse & HBA Funnel Builder) and build multiple streams of income without taking any risk in Forex trading that can make you lose all your money earned in this program.

Free Report Reveals How I Have Gone From Zero To 4 figures online

Get my free report to learn how I went from zero to making 4 figure income passively online by doing what I like. You can apply the same strategies and tricks within this report to make real money online. Get it before I change my mind and start selling it.

How much does the 30 Minute Workday cost?

Many people claim the 30-Minute Workday is free to use and even the owner claims it is.

I admit you don’t need to pay a dime to access the 30-Minute Workday membership site. It is totally free to use and they even provide free training materials inside the membership area.

But the truth is, the recommended tools are not free to use. So if you hear the 30-Minute Workday is free to join and you expect making money from it for free, you will be disappointed because it is not totally free. Any business required a start-up cost and that is normal.

When figuring out how much it really costs to get started, I realized you need to spend a $25 upfront fee if you want to use this affiliate marketing funnel to build your affiliate marketing business. This is for your first month only.

That fee is for your HBA Funnel Builder tool and you get a $20 commission for each paid referral. So only 2 paid referrals and your membership fees were covered.

Note this fee is for your first month as the Getresponse email marketing tool comes with a 30-day free trial.

After your first month, your monthly fee becomes $40 per month because Getresponse’s basic plan costs $15 per month.

The Getresponse email marketing tool comes with an affiliate marketing program (33% commission). That is about a $5 recurring commission per each paid referral.

That being said, you can see by yourself you just need only 2 paid referrals to get all your $40 monthly expenses covered.

But is it all your expenses?

The straightforwards answer is a big NO. The $40 per month is for someone who already knows how to get leads for free for his business.

In fact, if you don’t know how to get traffic and generate leads online for free, you will need to buy traffic and this can add up your monthly expenses to hundreds of dollars.

Learn how to generate leads for free with Facebook and check out my top best traffic exchange sites to find out which sites to use.

I don’t know how much a click costs on the websites they recommended.


Even if each click will cost you $0.1, you will see if you want to buy 1000 clicks, you need to spend $100.

And 1000 clicks each month were nothing if you want to succeed online and then make $10 000 per month as predicted.


Who is the 30-Minute Workday for?

In this section of my 30-Minute Workday, I want to provide my honest opinion regarding how the program stands and who can be successful with this brand new affiliate marketing system by Nick Bramble.

In my humble opinion, this program is for you if:

  • You are ready to invest at least $40 per month to start your business.

Does that mean newbies can’t make money with this program?

I don’t say newbies can’t make money using this system. Nick Bramble did his best teaching you how to make it work.

But what I am pointing out here is that if you are a full beginner and you don’t know how to get traffic and market any product online it will be difficult to make it work.

I admit, most of the hard work has been done for you but you still need to work hard and be patient if you want to succeed in any business (offline or online).

And I think the 30-Minute Workday has been clear about it.

the 30 Minute Workday disclaimer

Even if you are a newbie who doesn’t know how to generate traffic and is ready to invest your hard-earned cash to buy traffic and learn how to market your offer properly, you can be successful. Though it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

The 30-Minute Workday Pros and Cons

the Pros

This is what I like about the 30-Minute Workday program.

It is free to join and you even need your credit card for that.
Training materials provided – that walk you step by step through how to set up your business.
Free downloaded materials – eBooks.
Weekly payments schedule – that is with the HBA affiliate program
A great program for people who want to avoid the SEO learning curve or who don’t want to create their own website for their affiliate marketing business.
Their 2 recommended tools are both values for money

The Cons

This is what I don’t like about the 30-Minute Workday program.

Hidden cost: the MWD didn’t tell users the real cost of the system
DFY Systems don’t last – not a reliable way to make consistent income online
Facebook support can be annoying and distracting

The 30-Minute Workday review’s FAQs

In this section of my 30-Minute Workday review, I just want to answer most of your unanswered questions.

What is the 30-Minute Workday?

The MWD is a membership site that provides education and DFY tools you can use to advertise your online business and make money with affiliate marketing.

Is the 30-Minute Workday really free?

The MWD membership site is totally free to join. But to able to make money with this system you need to use marketing tools and those toolqs are not free. A quick calculation tells us you need at least $40 to get your business rolling.

Is the 30-Minute Workday a scam?

As I said earlier, the 30 Minute Workday is not a scam. This is a legit program that provides education and DFY tools you can use to build multiple streams of passive income online with a little effort if you know how to get your offer in front of your audience.

Who is the 30-Minute Workday owner?

The 30 Minute Workday owner is Nick Bramble. He claims he has over 15 years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry and has made thousands of dollars as an affiliate marketer.

The 30-Day Workday alternatives

The 30-Day Workday is a DFY marketing system. This can be a great program if you are an experienced affiliate marketer and would like to use the Home Business Funnel Builder to run your business.

If you are looking for better 30 Minute Workday alternatives?

Here are our top recommended programs:

Wealthy Affiliate – A beginner-friendly training platform that teaches you how to build a profitable and long-lasting online business from scratch. Membership costs $49 per month with online tools included. Free membership available.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review here for more information.

List Lion 5-Day Fast Track Challenge – The program teaches you how to build and costs $7 and comes with useful resources.

You can read my List Lion review to learn more.

Want more options, check out our top best affiliate marketing courses to learn more.

My 30 Minute Workday review final thoughts

The 30 Minute Workday membership site is a DFY marketing system that provides free training and DFY funnels you can use to build your email list faster and then make money online through affiliate marketing.

The owner did a great job by setting up this system and teaching you how to use the recommended tools to market your affiliate offers.

But what this system is missing is traffic generation training – which is the key component of any online business success. Instead of teaching you how to generate leads for free they show you where to buy traffic and get clicks on your links.

I found an issue in this method because everyone who doesn’t know where to get traffic will be exploring those traffic sources. That means 100s or even 1000s MWD’s members will have to advertise to the same audience. That will make this system oversaturated over time.

Email marketing is the key component of this system and in my opinion, this is not a great way to start if you are a full beginner in the online world (who must buy traffic) because you can spend a lot of your money in traffic and the time you learn the roops you can be spending thousands of dollars.

Most successful marketers started their journey with a website and then scale it with email marketing as they grow. That is the way they learned most of the skills needed like copyrighting, traffic generation, marketing, etc.

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer that knows how to get organic traffic and you want to save your time and energy this is the best program to get in. Create your free account here.

If you are a beginner and you don’t want to create a website that is a long-term process and takes time to yield satisfying results, then give it a try.

If you want to start like most people started their online journey (I mean with a website), make to check out this platform which not only provides education on how to build your affiliate marketing website from scratch and drive organic traffic or free traffic from search engines like Google but also provides the basic tools to build your business.

I hope you found my 30 Minute Workday review helpful. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

I want to hear from you in the comment section.

Have you been a member of the 30-Minute Workday? Share your experience with us.


To your success!


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