The Shift Is Real Review: Scam or legit program [Burke Hedges]

The Shift is Real REIVEW

The Internet is on its boom and many people are looking for legit ways to make extra money online and from the comfort of their home (mainly since the recent economic crisis).

But is the Shift is Real a legit company to rely on when it comes to building a long term and profitable online business in the long run?

Or it is just another cash gifting and pyramid scheme?

Read my honest and unbiased The Shift is Real review to learn more about this new brand program.

The Shift is Real review summary:

PRODUCT NAME: The Shift Is Real

OWNERS: Burke Hedges, Doug, and J. Joshua



COST: 999.99 per year at the time I was writing this review

IS The Shift Is Real A SCAM? No



What is the Shit Is Real about?

the shift is real review; home page

The Shift is Real is a brand new healthcare MLM company that is in its pre-launch actually and there is so much information about the company.

A check out of their domain name shows the company is a New Zeland-based company and their domain name has been registered on Juin 10, 2019.

They actually use a landing page where people can join and position themselves for the big launch that is planned to be on September 22, 2020.

We will offer more information when information about the company and what it intends to do will be live.

So stay stunning.

About the Shift is Real Owner, Burke Hedges?

My The Shift is Real review will be a partial review if I don’t tell you who is the Shift is Real owner.
In fact, it is one of the factors that allows us to determine if a company is a reliable company or not.

Usually, scammers hid their identities so that they could make other programs and continue to rip off more people.

Buke Hedges, the shift is real owner

But while doing my research on The Shift is Real owner I found that the man behind this company is a well known and successful entrepreneur in the network marketing field. His name is Burke Hudges and he is present in the Shift is Real private Facebook group.

If you are (have been) in the network marketing industry, you may know him with his book Copycat Marketing 101 or “Who Stole the American Dream” which was the #1 selling book.

To keep it short, Buke Hedges is a well-known author, speaker, and coach in the network marketing field.

When checking his website I realized he had some happy students. But here we will talk about his brand new network marketing company The Shift is Real which is in pre-launch.

How much does it cost to join this MLM Healthcare company?

The cost to join the Shift Is Real MLM company is not clearly defined.

But for what I can see on my dashboard, the early bird cost is structured like the following:

  • $79.99 – $199.99 to be a Founding member,
  • $499.99 to be a Silver Founding member,
  • $599.99 to be Gold Founding member,
  • $699.99 to be a Platinum Founding member, and
  • $999.99 a year to be a Diamond Founding member.
the shift is real membershiplevel and price

As for the payment methods, you can pay via ZellePay, Direct deposit, Wire Transfer, and ACH.

We will provide more information in the future once we have information regarding the real price to join the Shift is Real MLM company.

The Shift is Real’s healthcare products

In this section of The Shift is Real review, we are going to take a look at the products that the company offers so that we can judge if The Shift is Real company is a legit MLM company or just another Pyramid and Ponzi scheme that will collapse over time.

For any MLM company to be in compliance with the laws that MLM’s have to abide by they must sell retail products to customers instead of generating income by recruiting new members.

When I took a look at the company website, I didn’t see retail products the company sells to customers or its members.

So I am wondering what people get your investment?

But though it is too earlier to judge. We will wait and see and they will do something different from companies like Up2Give, Six Sigma Trade, Million Money, etc I reviewed.

Is The Shift is Real a pyramid scheme?

The Shift Is Real claims on their presentation video they provide a unique direct sale and healthcare opportunity. That means they intend to provide retails products in the health care industry. We will wait for the official launch to see what real products it will offer to its members.

The Shift is Real’s compensation plan

Based on what I can see inside the member area (when I log in to my the shift is real account), the company rewards users according to their rank level which is structured like this:

  • Founding
  • Silver Founding
  • Gold Founding
  • Platinum Founding
  • Diamond Founding

But there is no compensation plan right now.

However, there is a contest with a $100 000 price to win.

If you want to participate and take a look, you can create your free account here.

Can you make money with The Shift is real MLM company?

I think it is too early to figure it out.

But if you can recruit people to join, before the launch, you can have the chance to win their contest price.

Apart from that, you can make a commission if you can recruit other people, motivate them to invest as you did.

As for what they say, you only need 3 dynamic and active members to build your team and start generating passive income. But if you can get 9 it will be fine. 9+direct referral based on their claim is not possible.

Also, read SFI affiliate Center review.

Is The Shift is Real a scam?

I have headaches when it comes to judging a company or a product a scam. This is a new brand program and it is too early to tag it as a scam.

However, all indications are that this company is not a trustworthy company because there are any retails products to sell until now.

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The Shift is Real review: my final thoughts

This is the last section of my review and I want to share my final thoughts about this company.

The Shift is Real is brand new healthcare and an MLM company.

Like any MLM company if you want to make a sustainable income you need to meet 2 conditions :

First off, need to buy the product first. That qualifies you to receive a commission when you manage to get paid referrals.

Secondly, you need to recruit more people who will be ready to buy the product or to pay their membership fee and replicate what you did. That means building a dynamic and active team.

That requires marketing and communication skills.

If you are just starting out your journey on the Internet, I don’t think MLM is the best way to go. Or at least if this is the business model you want to be in, get trained, acquire the needed skills before you venture in.

Having failed in this industry, I found success in the affiliate marketing industry and this is my recommendation.

The benefits is that:

  • You don’t need to buy the product in order to qualify for a commission,
  • The start-up cost is low while the earning potential is unlimited,
  • The proven and genuine way to make passive income.

But it is up to you…

If you found the shift is Real is the best program to join, go ahead and join it.

But if you’re tired of scam sites and tired losing your money to sites that don’t work like it was in 2018 for me, check out this program. This is the program that changed my life.

First off, they host this website you are reading right now. That means they offer a web hosting service. And your premium membership offers you the possibility to create and host up to 10 websites.

On top of that here is what you get from this platform:

  • Affiliate marketing training course that will walk you step by step on how to build your own online business and make a steady stream of passive income online and from the comfort of your home.
  • A weekly live class access
  • 1 on 1 coaching session
  • Keyword research tool for your market and key work research,
  • A dynamic and supportive community for networking ( 1,4 million + member worldwide) and more.

Learn more here.

With that said, I hope you found the Shift is real Review helpful.

If this is the case, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

What do you think about the Shift is Real healthcare MLM company?

Have you been a member of this Healthcare MLM company? Share your experience with us.


To your success!


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