Best sales funnel builder tools

A sales funnel is a visual representation of the process your potential clients should go to become a qualified customers of your brand or business.

And one of the effective ways to increase your conversion rate is using.

If you are looking for the best best sales funnel builder for your affiliate marketing business you are in the right place.

In this article we share with you the top best sales funnel builder for affiliate marketing you can use to grow your affiliate marketing revenue.

What is affiliate marketing funnel?

To better understand what an affiliate marketing funnel is let’s first understand what a marketing funnel is.

A marketing funnel is simply the different steps your potential customers should go through to become a qualified buyer or customers of your brand – from the stage they are aware of your business existence to the stage they are ready to buy from you.

So, an affiliate marketing sales funnel is a marketing funnel designed to walk your prospects trough the steps he should go through to buy your affiliate offer or become a business partner.

In other words, is the journey of your prospects to becoming a customer of your brand.

Let’s now discover the top best sales funnel builder for affiliate marketing.

Top best sales funnel builder tool for Affiliate Marketers In 2023

1. – The cheapest sales funnels builder tool for affiliate marketers - best and affordable sales funnel builder for affiliate marketers is one of the best sales funnel software for affiliate marketing I know.

The platform offers a free lifetime membership with all the tools suite you will need to start and grow your affiliate marketing business.

Here is what offer for free:

Here is what offer for free:

3 sales funnels,
1 membership site you can use to sell your own private content like course, coaching, etc.
1 blog you can use to grow your affiliate marketing business organically,
2000 emails contacts,
1 automation and workflow,
Connect your own domain name,
A/B test your funnel to find the performing one. Pricing offers 3 membership plans. The basic membership starts at $27 per month with an access to all their tools suite. Pros

This is what I like about

Easy to use sales funnel builder
Lifetime free membership with up to 2000 contacts
Positive reviews from students,
Even the basic membership plan give you access to all the tools suite compared to key competitors
Value for money all-in-one tool
Your purchase is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Cons

This is what I don’t like about

Integration limitations
Creating a unique sales funnel require basic coding skills.
Only 3 payments integrations but most popular payments gateways such like Stripe, and Paypal is available.

Check out our complete review to learn more!

2. GrooveFunnels – The Complete All-In-One sales funnel software For affiliate marketing

GrooveFunnels is also a sales funnel builder software with a lifetime free membership.

It comes with pre-made templates you can use to customize and make it fit your brand needs.

Your free lifetime membership gives you access tot the following features:

Your free lifetime membership gives you access tot the following features:

Ability to create 1 membership site and blog
Access to multiple payment gateways such as GroovePay, Stripe, PayPal…
Create 20 pages but no access to their template library
500 emails contacts with 2500 email sending limit per month
Create an ecommerce store without unlimited product – 10% fee per sale involved
Connect your own domain name to your sales funnel or website
Basic email editor access

Groove Funnels Pricing

Groove funnels premium membership plan cost start at $99 per month with a yearly payment option at the cost of $479.88.

There pro membership plan price go up to $299 per month. But there is an option to access their tools for a lifetime price of $2,997. Meaning that you pay once and you own it forever. This is the only great way to save big in the long run.

Groove funnel Pros

This is what I like about Groove Funnels.

Lifetime free membership plan available
Premium pre-made templates
Positive reviews from students,
Lot of integration and payment gateways available
Value for money marketing tool,
Your purchase is backed with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Groove Funnels Cons

This is what I don’t like about Groove Funnels.

Making a $297 upfront investment can be challenging for starters,
Learning curve involved
Limited features in the free plan
compared to free plan
Only one subscription plan that requires $99 per month investment

Ckeck out my Groove Funnels review to learn more.

3. Getresponse – The robust marketing and automation tool For Affiliate Marketing

Getresponse - best sales funnel builder tool for affiliate marketing

Getresponse is a well-known email marketing company out there and not a standard sales funnel builder.

But on top of offering email service, they offer a sales funnel and website builder tool as well. While it can’t be compared to standards sales funnel builder tool, you can use it to create a complete marketing funnel for your business.

With the Getresponse funnel builder you can:

build lead generation funnel and landing pages to generate leads for your business
Create sales funnel to sell your products or services
Create a webinar funnel to generate more leads or sell products.
nurture your leads and then convert them into customers with their email and automation tool
Build an ecommerce store and more.

Just like and Groove Funnels, they offer pre-made templates you can choose from to customize to fit your brand.

Getresponse pricing

Getresponse also offers a free lifetime with 500 contacts just like GrooveFunnels.

Its premium plan where sales funnel is available cost $48.38 per month if billed yearly.

Getresponse Pros

This is what I like about Getresponse.

Lifetime free membership plan available
Pre-made templates
Possibility to reach your audience from where are from your Getresponse dashboard
Lot of integrations
Conversion and auto funnel features
A robuste email marketing and automation tool to automate your entire business
Track and measure your campaigns,
Your purchase is backed with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Getresponse Cons

This is what I don’t like about Getresponse.

Getresponse funnel builder tool is not so robust like standard sales funnel builder
Learning curve involved
Limited features in the free and basic plans
You need to be on the highest plans to access certain features like webinar funnel, and advanced automation

Check out my complete Getresponse review to learn more

4. CoreX Funnels – The Easy To Use Sales Funnels Builder Tool for marketers

CoreX Funnels is my favorite tool when it comes to building affiliate marketing sales funnel for my business.

It is a beginner friendly platform with tons of premium pre-made templates to use.

Just like the previous sales funnel builder tools,…

with CoreX Funnels you can:

Build high converting sales funnel with easy and faster thanks to the code free and drag and drop builder and the vaste array templates available
Build landing page to generate hot and qualified leads thanks to their core-based quiz builder
Build and sell online courses,
Create membership sites,
Build an online store with the possibility to integrate sales funnels on it to increase conversion and make more money,
Allow your visitors to book your service directly from your pages or funnels.
Build your email list and efficiently communicate with your subscribers thanks to the email automation tool and much more.

CoreX Funnels Pricing

CoreX Funnels offer 2 tiers membership plans: One for affiliate marketers and businesses who want to build websites and funnels for themselves and another one for Agencies and Freelancers who want to build a service-based businesses like web design or funnel building service.

The first tiers basic plan start at $27 per month.

the Pros

This is what I like about the CoreX Funnels builder tool.

You can try their tools suite for free – no credit card required
Easy to use builder – zero coding skills required
A complete all-in-one platform and a good fit for affiliate
Hundreds of premium pre-made templates
You can build your business and launch when you are ready,
Value for money marketing tool

The Cons

This is what I don’t like about CoreX Funnels builder tool.

No lifetime free plan available but they offer a 14-day free trial
Certain tools suite like the CRM and the Course builder needs improvement (not a full LMS system yet).

Learn more about CoreX Funnels in this article.

5. Instapage – the best landing page builder tool for outbound marketers

Instapage - best landing page builder for affiliate marketing

Another marketing tool for affiliate marketers is Instapage.

It is not an all in one platform like the previous ones. Instapage is a drag and drop landing page builder and a best fit for people who rely on paid ads or outbound marketing to run their business.

In fact their builder comes with a Post Click Automation feature that allows their users to maximize their ada conversion rate by dynamically serving relevant messages or pages to their landing pages based on their interaction.

Instapage pricing

Instapage offer one subscription plan that cost $199 per month or $149 per month if billed yearly.

the Pros

This is what I like about the Instapage.

Offer 14 day free trial,
Drag and drop landing page builder,
Hundreds of premium pre-made templates
Post Click Automation feature
Lots of integration.

The Cons

This is what I don’t like about Instapage.

A bit expensive compared to key competitors
Limited tools suite – You need extra tools to run your business.

6. Kartra – The oldest sales funnels builder tool for affiliate marketers

Kartra is one of the best sales funnel builder tools for affiliate marketers.

It comes with lot of tools suite such as:

Course and membership site builder,
A landing pages builder,
Sales page builder tool,
Survey and quiz page builder,
Email marketing and automation tool
Booking and appointment tool,
An affiliate program management system just like Systè
Help desk software, and more.

This is a powerful and complete marketing tool that might cover all your affiliate marketing business needs.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra offers 4 membership plans with an option to try their tools suite for just $1 for a 14 days period.

Their subscription pricing starts at $99 per month with some limitations in term of custom domains, products and membership sites you can create.

The highest plan costs $499 per month and being on this plan unlocks all the features limitations except the number of custom domains you can use that is 10.

the Pros

This is what I like about Kartra.

Easy to use platform
You can run your entire business without the need of another tool
Lots of integrations

The Cons

This is what I don’t like about Kartra.

A bit expensive
You need to be on the higher plan to access certain features

Their uniqueness is that the landing page builder has the potential to dynamically display your landing page materials based on who visited your page.

This is a great feature mainly for people who use outbound marketing or paid ads to generate leads for their business.

Check out my Kartra vs review to learn more.

7. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels - best all in one marketing tool for affiliate marketing

Clickfunnels is the most popular sales funnel builder for affiliate marketing on the internet.

No matter if you are looking to generate leads or to nurture your leads and convert them into customers, Clickfunnels tools suite get you covered.

Just like or CoreX Funnels with ClickFunnels you can:

Create any kind of funnel to either generate leads or sell products (with upsell and downsell capability)
Nurture your leads with email marketing automation tool
Create membership sites or online course to monetize your skills
Run webinars
Run your own affiliate program and more.


Just like Kartra, Clickfunnels is not meant for people on a tight budget.

Their basic membership costs $99 per month with some limitations.

So if you are on a tight budget you should look for ClickFunnels cheaper alternatives like

To access Clickfunnels advanced features you need to be at their highest plans that can go up to $299 per month.

ClickFunnels Pros

This is what I like about ClickFunnels.

14-day free trail available
Robust sales funnel builder platform
Lots of premium templates to choose from
Easy to use builder but you need to basic coding skill if you want to build unique page that stand out
Training resources available

ClickFunnels Cons

This is what I don’t like ClickFunnels.

A bit expensive for starters on a budget
Lots of upsells
Poor customer support

Check out my ClickFunnels vs review to learn more.

8. BuilderAll

Builder - the best sales funnel builder for affiliate marketers

BuilderAll is a cloud-based and all in one marketing platform for internet marketers.

The platform comes with a lots of marketing tools including:

Website builder
Sales funnel builder
Video hosting,
Design studio
E-commerce store builder
Online course and membership site builder
Email marketing and automation
Apps creator
A marketplace and much more.

A feature that is also unique and powerful is their Click map feature. Just like the Instapage Click map, you can effectively measure your campaigns based on users’ interaction with your pages.

This can be useful for people who rely on paid ads.

BuilderAll Pricing

BuilderAll has 2 versions: one for WordPress users and the other one for people who want to use their cloud based platform to run their business.

When it comes to the pricing you pay the same cost no matter the version of the platform you will use.

It comes with 3 membership plans starting for $16.90 per month to $87 per month.
All their membership plans come with some limitations. Only the highest plan gives you access to all their tools suite.

Just like ClickFunnels they offer a VIP membership on the highest membership. And to be apart of the VIP club you should pay $199 fee plus your ongoing $87 per month.

the Pros

This is what I like about BuilderAll.

Drag and drop builder
A complete marketing platform over 30 tools to use
Value for money all-in-one marketing tool
Training resources available
Low entrance fee
Can be seamlessly integrated with your WordPress site

The Cons

This is what I don’t like about BuilderAll.

Lots of tools can be overwhelming
Some tools suite still need improvement
Poor customer support.

Ckeck out my BuilderAll review to learn more about this software.


As an affiliate marketer, choosing the right tool suite where you can run your entire affiliate marketing business without the need of any other tools is not an easy task.

I hope by reading my top best sales funnels software for affiliate marketers you will be able to pick the right one for your business.

If you have any questions, don’t hesiate to let me know in the comment section below.


To your success!


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