VolumeX review

VolumeX review: Best educational and trading platform or scam


Hi, here is Sebastian. Welcome to my VolumeX review.

If you have heard about the VolumeX trading platform and you are looking for an honest and unbiased review of VolumeX to make an informed decision to shape your future financial freedom, you are in the right place.

I come across VolumeX via a friend on Facebook and I signed up to the platform to find out what is inside this program and the service they offer.

What you will learn throughout my VolumeX review:

  • What is VolumeX about?
  • Who is behind this company
  • What you get inside
  • The cost to join
  • VolumeX pros and cons, and my final point of view

VolumeX review summary:

Company name: VolumeX

Website: https://volumex.io/

Owners: Andreas Vezonik, Muhamed Karasu and Nicky Taschew

Product/service: Trading academy and tools

Product niche: Forex trading

Cost: $436 – $10 996

Scam or legit? – Legit

Sow Your Seed Today Rating: 60/100

Do I recommend this? – Yes and No – take a close look on this review; you will know why.

What is VolumeX about?

VolumeX is a forex trading education and trading tools provider designed to teach newcomers in the trading industry strategies and skills they need to succeed in their trading venture.

According to their claims, they employ knowledgeable traders that will teach you and provide you with quality information, insides on the market and other possible signals you can easily incorporate into your trading strategy and operate error-free and purposefully on the market.

Now you know what the VolumeX about, let’s move on to our VolumeX review to find out who is/are behind it.

VolumeX owners –

The company VolumeX was founded by 3 entrepreneurs: Andreas Vezonik, Muhamed Karasu and Nicky Taschew

About Andreas Vezonik

Andreas Vezonic is an entrepreneur who operates in the finance area. After co-founded Transfera, a money transfer and exchange company based in Malta in March 2017, he decided to put his expertise at the service of those who want to build their wealth in the field of trading by co-founding VolumeX in 2019. You can find his Linkedin profile here.

About Muhamed Karasu

Muhamed Karasu is known as the head of sales and the leader of the company trading team. According to what they state on their website, He has some knowledge about the crypto markets and has years of sales experience.

I haven’t been able to find one of his profiles on the Internet.

About Nicky Taschew

According to his LinkedIn profile description, he is an expert and coach in social media marketing and known as one of the youngest network marketing millionaires in Germany. He claims to have managed to scale a company from 0 to 3.6 million Euros turnover in only 12 months.

What you get inside the Volume trading platform

As I pointed out in the beginning, VolumeX is an educational trading platform and trading tools provider.

Here is what you get inside:

VolumeX academy

VolumeX academy is their training portal and is composed of 8 courses:

Trading academy subdivided into 3 parts:

  • Trading academy basic composed of 10 series of videos that will teach you the basics of the training.
  • Trading academy advanced is also composed of 10 videos that will allow you to have advanced knowledge of trading.
  • Trading academy expert consists of 9 series of videos that will help you become a professional trader.

VolumeX affiliate academy

This course is designed to help you promote the company itself and earn a commission.

Trough 9 series of videos they will teach you:

  • how to set objects, put an action plan in place,
  • How to develop your personality,
  • How to build a team,
  • How to present VolumeX to your prospects,
  • How to find prospects, follow up and sell.

Crypto Academy

This course is subdivided into 9 parts:

  • The introduction to the cryptocurrency industry (4 videos).
  • Crypto academy basic: A series of 12 videos that will give you the basic concepts you need to know as a trader.
  • Security Management: Throughout a series of 12 videos they will teach you how to manage your account and avoid losing your money.
  • Cryptomonaie taxation (1 video)
  • Altcoins (6 videos)
  • Trading (15 videos)
  • The expertise blockchain (10 videos)
  • Wolf of crypto (3 videos)

VoumeX Evo system

This course comes up with 21 videos and is intended to provide you with the knowledge to properly promote VolumeX.

You will get through this course:

  • The mindset and habits you need to develop to make your business flourish
  • Social media marketing
  • How to find the right person and sell to them
  • How to develop a sale mindset and sales discussion tactics
  • How to deal with rejection…

How much it cost?

VolumeX has in 4 membership plans:

Light Volume

It costs $436 and comes up with a license of 90 days.

You get access to the basic VolumeX academy and trading tools + affiliate bonus 1 level

Core VolumeX

The core VolumeX package costs $1 536 and comes up with a 1-year license right.

You get access to:

  • the basic and advanced VolumeX academy course
  • The weekly webinars + trading tools + affiliate bonus 2 level

Premium VolumeX

This membership packed costs $3 996 for 3 years membership.

You get full access to the VolumeX academy, trading tools + affiliate bonus 4 level.

Super Affiliate VolumeX

The supper affiliate VolumeX package costs $10 996 for a lifetime

This package unlocks all the opportunities the VolumeX platform offers: training, business opportunity, access to their Whatsapp trading private group.

VolumeX review: Is VolumeX a scam?

I don”t think VolumeX is a scam. VolumeX ltd is a legit trading academy platform based in Germany.

They even have a positive review of customers on Trustpilot.

VolumeX review: pros and cons

VolumeX pros

  • Training material provided
  • Trading tools provided
  • Have a good customer review

VolumeX cons

  • Very expensive – to get the whole training you need to buy the premium package ( $3 996)
  • You need an extra income to start – trading fund and the minimum required in your trading balance is 0.05 BCT.
  • Trading is a high-risk business – you can lose a lot of money.
  • No money-back guarantee –

So don’t invest money you are not ready to lose.

VolumeX review: My final thoughts

I am not a fan of Forex trading business and hight ticket training.

In fact, I’ve lost a lot of money in trading and I find it too risky.

As you can see the training is structured from basic to expert level and to get access to all the training materials and tools provided you need to purchase the premium package. If you want to get access to their Whatsaap private trading team, you need to purchase the Super VIP package.

And what I want you to know is that there is any refund policy on the site. So if you end up to buy any package, even if you are satisfied you can’t ask for a refund.

Here is the way I make money online: sell other people’s products and get a commission for any sale occurred – we call this business model affiliate marketing. Here you don’t need thousands of dollars to get started and you have the control of your finance. You invest in your business if you found necessary and you can even start with zero dollars and grow your business over time.

Wealthy Affiliate

I hope my VolumeX review helped you know what this trading educational platform is about, who is behind and what you can get inside.

From now, you have the resources that can help you make an informed decision.

If you have a question about VolumeX or experience to share with us, just drop in down in the comment section. I will respond to you ASAP!

Do you enjoy this review, please share it with your friend to let them be informed!

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