Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2021 deal- $200 off to start your online business

Wealthy Affiliate Limited time offer: starting from November 27, 2020, to November 30, 2020.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 deal is here and waiting for online entrepreneurs want to start their own online business and make passive income online.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one platform that not only offers education on how to be a successful online entrepreneur, but it also offers online tools you can use to kick start your online business while you are learning the ropes of online marketing.

This event comes once a year and the objective is to help everyone who are looking to start his business get started thanks to the huge discount. And you can grab this Wealthy Affiliate 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday exclusive sale or discount that is up to $200 off of your yearly premium subscription to build your six figure online business today.

Why up to $200 off?

We’re all aware that the pandemic and the lock down ruined a lot of people. Many people are desperate and looking for ways to start a business, but their budget is limited.


So if are you planning to start a thriving online business right now and due to the pandemic you are in budget, this is an incredible offer you need to grab right now? Maybe it is about building an eCommerce store, a membership website, a portfolio website, or an affiliate marketing website.

Whatever your online project you are planning to launch, getting high-quality tools, support and adequate training can contribute to its success.

If this is what you are looking for, I have some good news for you. Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the best and most trusted affiliate marketing training platform offers an incredible discount for their premium membership this year.

Thanks to this discount, you can now build a thriving and long-term online business to realize your dream of financial freedom.

Another thing you may be aware of is that: WA yearly membership will go up to 495$ to $995 after November 30, 2020. Time to act now, if you are planning to join this amazing platform.

Are you wondering what you will get inside?

All right!

But before I show you what you inside, let’s discuss what Wealthy Affiliate is.

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform designed for Affiliate Marketers. But this platform is more than this because it provides web hosting service, domain registration and has a powerful online entrepreneur community where people help one another to grow their online business. It also offers tools such as Keyword research tool and content creator tool and much more.

Launched since 2005, this platform trained thousands of successful affiliate marketers who are making a living online now and we will discuss it in the next section.

In a nutshell, this an All-In-One platform where you can get in-depth knowledge about affiliate marketing and tools to create, develop and scale your online business.

Let me now show you what you will get inside.

Wealthy Affiliate features and tools

In my previous post about Wealthy Affiliate review, I detailed their features. So I want to give you an overview of what you will get inside this platform.

1. Training

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification

The core focus of this training is to give you in-depth knowledge on how to create and grow an online business in any niche you want.

This training contains 5 courses and each has 10 lessons with some specifics tasks to complete at the same time you are learning. It is based on the LAP (Learn And Practice) system.

And here are these 5 courses:

1. Getting started where you will learn how to choose a profitable niche, create your site, design and optimize it for SEO and much more.

2. Building your own traffic producing website where you will learn how to create content Google and your readers will love, how to do keyword research to get ranked faster and much more. 10 lessons packed.

3. Making money where you will learn how to make money with your website and much more.

4. Mastering social engagement where you will learn how to make use of social media platform to drive traffic to your site or offert, brand yourself and much more.

5. Achieving maximum success through content creation where you will get in-depth knowledge about content creation and much more.

PS: Evey course contains 10 lessons

Here is a screenshot of these 5 courses. ??

Wealthy Affiliate Training overview

2. Affiliate Bootcamp

This training will teach you how to do affiliate marketing properly. Here you will learn how to create an affiliate marketing website and market your offer properly and then make passive income online. As the Online Entrepreneur Certification training, it is a series of 7 courses and each has 10 lessons (70 lessons)

Just to name them:

1. Getting your business rolling (10 lessons)

2. Content, keywords, and conversion (10 lessons)

3. Giving your site social value (10 lessons)

4. Get visual, get aesthetics and get a brand through social media (10 lessons)

5. Knowing your audience and catapulting your referrals (10 lessons)

6. Bing, Yahoo and the power of PPC (10 lessons)

7. How to scale successful PPC campaigns (10 lessons)

3. Training classrooms

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to over 12 training classrooms.

Topics covered are:

  • Search engines optimization (SEO)
  • Content writing and authoring
  • Social media and video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Website creation and development
  • Niche and keyword research and much more.

4. Weekly webinars

Every week you have access to a live webinar session where experts will teach you technics and strategies you can use to grow and scale your business for a more impact.

2. Tools and services

1. Domains registration service

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can buy domain names with all services attached to it with no extra cost (no upsells).

PS: As a premium yearly member you have up to 2 free domain names.

2. Site builder editor & Web hosting

Thanks to their SiteRubix site editor, you will be able to create a stunning website without any coding skills. And even more, WA gives you the possibility to create and host up to 50 sites with no extra cost.

3. Keyword research tool – Jaaxy

As its names suggest, this is a keyword research tool that will help you find an untapped niche, choose the right keyword to write content that will be ranked higher on Search engines.

4. Site Content creator

This tool will help you create your post in your WA dashboard, check grammar errors, duplicate content and publish it to your website without logged in into your WordPress dashboard.

5. Support

Here at WA, you get real support for your business.

1. Site support: This is technical support where you can get support related to your website.

2. Community support: Get help from the community about all kinds of subjects related to your business by asking a question.

3. Chat support: Get a quick and live reply to your question or discuss with other members about businesses.

4. Personal coach: Get support from your personal coaches. As a premium member, you have 3 personal coaches (among them, Kyle & Carson, founder of WA) you can reach whenever you want.

Here are mine:

My Wealthy Affiliate coaches

Limited time offer! Grab yours now!!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 worth it?

Great question!!!

First off, to judge that something worth it, you need to know its value and usefulness.

For me, this investment worth it. And I will explain it soon!

There are many Black Friday offers on the Internet, but Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 is a great deal for everyone aspiring to the online entrepreneurship. This is a great deal for people who are planning to start their online business this holiday season.

Thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 sale, you can get an in-depth training and high-quality online tools to build and grow your online business for a cost that is less than a coffee.


Considering the training, tools, and service you get here at this price, I have to say you should be looking for the link to join now. ?

Yes, let’s do a small comparison and quick math.

Hosting cost on the web: the minimum renewal price for unlimited websites is 10$ per month. You get it with Bluehost. This $120 per year

Keyword research tool: The cheapest in the market will cost you a minimum of $25 per month. And this is with Long Tail Pro. The one which comes on the list is KWfinder that will cost you 30$ per month. All these are starter prices.

Help me calculate this: the cheapest ($25*12= $300 per year)

Training: The price vary from company to company. But the minimum you need to invest to learn how to do affiliate marketing is range from $197 to $997.

That means if you will pay for these core tools that WA offers separately, you will spend a lot of money.

How much?

Tools/servicesCost per year
Keyword research$300
Sum$420 without the training cost as it varies

Another reason you need to grab Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 deal right now is that:

Wealthy Affiliate’s normal price is $49 per month. This is $558 per year.

$558 vs $395

Isn’t that a great deal?

Without any doubt, this is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 sale is an opportunity you must grab right now.

Be aware, this is for a limited time: November 27, 2020, to November 30, 2020.

Grab this great offert before price goes up to 495$ per year (premium yearly price) or $49 per month (unchanged).

So act now.

Why do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you?

First off, I am proud of recommending WA to my readers. Because their training works and this is the best training platform for those who want to make money online using the power of free traffic.

Don’t take my words for that.

See results yourself ?.

Wealthy affiliate back friday 2020: site traffic report
Wealthy Affiliate

As you can see in the images above, my new brand website got over 2000 visitors per day and 85% of visitors come from search engines.

Are you wondering how much money I earned?

All right…

What I want you to know before you join WA is that starting an online business is not a get rich quick scheme, it requires hard work, commitment, and persistence.

There are some people who earned their first commission in their first month after they joined WA. But I can’t guarantee you will have such results because it depends on many factors. It all depends on your capacity and the time you dedicated to your business.

What I know is that traffic is a lifeblood of any online business.

No traffic – no money!!

I won’t be able to share all my income streams with you, but trust me I am making 3 digits income per month online with this new brand website (16 months at this writing). All these thanks to WA.

Here is just one of my income streams .?

Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review

If that is not enough, let me show you people who are making a living thanks to this platform:

Grace income report

Grace (Littlemama), made $1,300 in a single day doing affiliate marketing. Read her earning report here.

Eartha income report

Eartha made $700+ in a single day through affiliate marketing. You can read her earning report here.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday
WA black friday

I don’t show you these income reports in order to brag or to entice you to join. I just want you to know WA is a reliable platform you can trust.

So I recommend this platform because it can help you build a thriving and profitable online business. Knowledge and high-quality tools are keys to success and this is what WA gives you.

My Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday FAQ

I am a blogger and have my site hosted elsewhere. Can I transfert my site to Wealthy Affiliate and get it hosted there?

Yes, If you are a blogger and you want to take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 deal you can move your website there.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate yearly price?

Since the recent release, Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 premium membership plans: Premium and Premium Plus.
Premium yearly membership costs $495 and the Premium Plus yearly membership costs $995.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday price?

The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday is structured like this: Premium yearly membership cost $395 ($100 off) and the Premium plus yearly membership $795 ($200 off).

What do I get above what you have mentioned above in the Premium membership?

Here is what you get above what I mentioned above as a premium member if you act now:
One Free .com domain name,
$50 in Community Credits which you can convert into cash or use them to get feedback or/and comments on your site or post,
All future Premium updates,
Grandfathered price- this means that the discount you lock in today will apply for next year if you decide to continue with WA.

What do I get above what you have mentioned above in the Premium Plus membership?

Here is what you get above what I mentioned above as a premium Plus member if you act now:
Two free .com domains name,
$100 in Community Credits which you can convert into cash or use them to get feedback or/and comments on your site or post,
All future Premium Plus updates,
Grandfathered price- this means that the discount you lock in today will apply for next year if you decide to continue with WA.

How long will Black Friday sale last?

It starts on 27th of November and ends on 30th of November.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday bonuses (from the WA co-founder Kyle)

This Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 comes with huge bonuses for members who will join as premium members.

These are what you will get as bonuses from Kyle:

Bonus 1: The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020 (Live class with Kyle where you can ask him any question you want.

Bonus 2: Bonus #2: Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020, The WhitePaper

Bonus 3: Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020 where you will get 5 weeks of live training.

Bonus 4: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms

Quick Action takers bonus (from me)

Are you a seed sower, an ACTION taker?

If yes, Sign up by clicking the button below, and grab these bonuses from me:

Bonus 1: A private access to me all time

Bonus 2: Get my Niche choice recipes eBook ($19 value): The ultimate guide to niche choice in 2020 and beyond.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2019 bonus: Niche recipes eBook

Bonus 3: Get my SEO tactics and strategies eBook to boost your site ranking and get more organic traffic in 2020 and beyond (27$ value).

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2019 bonus: SEO Tactics eBook

PS: The first 10 ACTION takers will get all these Bonuses.

Those who register after the first 10 will receive bonus #1 + bonus #2 only.

How to claim your bonuses from me?

For full transparency, after you signed up, just fill out this form and I will send the download links.

I hope you found my Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 post helpful.

From now, you know what this offer is about and the value you get grabbing it.

If you are a question regarding this post, my bonuses, or this offer, let me know in the comment section. I will respond to you ASAP.


To your success!!

Bluehost Black Friday 2019

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  1. Wow, Wealthy Affiliate offers so much. It’s such an excellent value for money. What a great place to learn and earn at the same time. I’ve been thinking about learning how to do affiliate marketing. I will have to look into joining up. This sounds awesome.

    1. Hi Kat,
      Thank you for stopping by!!
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training platform and even more than that.
      All the best!

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