What is Wealthy Affiliate University about and why do I recommend it?

Wealthy Affiliate University review

Have you heard about Wealthy Affiliate University and you are wondering what it is?

If yes, you are in the right place.

First off, I am a Wealthy Affiliate pro member for over 2 years. And thanks to this platform, I managed to add a 4 figure income to my day job salary.

So I am in a good position to tell you what is Wealthy Affiliate university and what they do.

In case you want to check out my opinion about this platform, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

If not, you can continue reading as I will show you what this platform is about and what it does.

Without further ado, let’s dive in…

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University is an online education platform that teaches people how to make money online by building their own affiliate marketing business from scratch.

The platform has been founded by Kyle and Carson in 2015. That is 16 years so far.

Since its launch, Wealthy Affiliate has trained thousands of people and most of them have quit their 9 to 5 jobs and are working full-time online

The Wealthy Affiliate platform also offers online tools members can use to build their business without any extra cost.

For instance, as a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can create your own website (up to 50), you get your own premium keyword research tool for marketing research, access to a dynamic and supportive community, and much more.

You may be wondering why the name university?

Does the offer certification course to help you get a college degree that can help you to get a job?

No! The name Wealthy Affiliate University doesn’t mean they offer certification courses that enable you to get a diploma and then land a job.

They do offer a certification course but there is no diploma tied to it. We talk about the training course Wealthy Affiliate University offers later.

But before we move for it, know that WA doesn’t reward you with a diploma.

If you are looking for an online university to get a degree and then find a job. You have to look elsewhere.

WA teaches you how to be your own boss and work at your own schedule and where and when you want – not to get a degree and work for someone else.


What online courses are offered at Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University review

I have covered all the courses offered inside WA in my Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review.

But let me again show you what kind of training or courses they offer.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification course

This training course teaches you how to build a niche site and then make money from it with affiliate marketing.

It is a step-by-step guide with actionable action to complete students can complete at their own convenience to grow their online business.

The training has been subdivided into 5 phases – each having 10 over the shoulders videos you can easily follow.

Here is the course curriculum:

Wealthy Affiliate University course

The Online Certification training course covers many subjects such as:

  • Niche and keyword research,
  • Website building, design and customization,
  • Content writing,
  • Search Engines Optimization (SEO),
  • Traffic and lead generation,
  • Social media marketing, and much more.

By the time you finish completing this course, you will be able to build your own niche site based on your passion or interest, create content, drive traffic from various sources including organic traffic from Google and then make money with your business.

But this is not the only training course Wealthy Affiliate University offer?

You have also…

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

The Wealthy Affiliate BootCamp is a complete affiliate marketing training course that teaches you from start to finish how to build a successful affiliate marketing website, promote other people’s products for a commission.

They teach you in this course:

  • How to build a conversion-oriented affiliate site,
  • How to create SEO-friendly and engaging articles and rank them higher on Search engines and then drive tons of traffic to your site,
  • How to do PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising,
  • How to turn your visitors into raving fans and customers and much more.

This part of the Wealthy Affiliate University platform training course has been subdivided into 7 phases – each having 10 over the shoulders videos you can easily follow.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course and the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training course are the core training of the Wealthy Affiliate University platform.

But there are other training materials and courses that are worth mentioning.

Honestly, Wealthy Affiliate is a complete e-learning platform and the place to be as an online entrepreneur.

You will know why as you read this article.

So what else does WA offer as training materials?

Wealthy Affiliate weekly live class

If you already attended a zoom call, you have an idea of what I mean here.

But despite the zoom call you already attended where the host at the end of the call aims to sell his products or services to make money, here the live class is free and there is nothing promoted at the end.

These weekly live calls aim to provide you as a premium member, plans and strategies to grow your online business faster. I think with the fast-changing world we are in, it makes sense.

And trust me, the live classes covered everything related to online businesses.

And the best part, there are recorded and published within the platform. That means if you join WA today, you will still have access to the previous live classes recorded even 5 years ago. And if you don’t have time to attend the upcoming live or if you have missed a live class, you can still access it later.

This is a lot of value WA users have.

But that is not all…

Community training

Wealthy Affiliate has over 16 years in business and there are hundreds of people who developed skills in different areas. Not to mention even new members come with their own skills and expertise.

The WA platform allows its members to share their knowledge and skills with the community. Members can create training courses or tutorials within the platform for the benefit of the community and get a royalty fee for their training based on its performance.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate University cost?

Wealthy Affiliate premium membership costs $49 per month or $495 per year. You can get started for just $19 for your first month with this link.

It also offers a free membership plan. So if you want to try it before you upgrade to the premium plan, you can click on the button below to join for free.

Note that WA offers tools and extra service on top of the training courses you get. And what you pay covers both the training and tools you get.

You can read my honest and in-depth review to learn more about what you get inside.

Why do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to my audience?

First off, I am a WA premium member for 3 years now. That means I use its service and tools. I know the value I get inside and it is worth spreading the word to help other people benefit from it.

Before I come across the WA platform I have joined several programs and bought courses that cost thousands of dollars but I was disappointed because there was nothing special other than the high price tag.

I was amazed when I joined WA. Not only for the authenticity of the course but also for what I get at this price.

In fact, at Wealthy Affiliate, you get everything you need to start your online business:

  • Training courses,
  • Managed web hosting,
  • A keyword research tool,
  • An online community for networking and much more.

This is a value you cannot get elsewhere on the internet. Or if you can, it costs thousands of dollars.

Another reason Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommended platform is that the platform has a higher success rate. In fact, there are thousands of people who make a full-time income online.

I hope you found my article helpful.

From now, you know what is Wealthy Affiliate University about, and what you can learn inside.


To your success!


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