WP Affiliate Suite review

Welcome to my WP Affiliate Suite review for 2021!!

Affiliate marketing is a proven way to make money online. This is the way countless affiliate marketers including myself are relying to make money online.

Knowing this and seeing the interest that people have for this business model, “self-proclaimed gurus” are putting their own online courses online to attract people who are looking to enter into this industry.


Is all that glitters gold??

If you have been introduced to the WP Affiliate Suite course and you are wondering if it is the best affiliate marketing course that will help you start your affiliate marketing business on the right path or just another hyped course, you have come to the right place.

In the past couple of years, I have been scammed by seemingly legit programs and lost thousands of dollars and I am here to help you avoid these errors and traps in which I have fallen into.

Throughout this WP Affiliate Suite review, we are going to delve deeper into the following points:

  • I will show you what WP Affiliate Suite about?
  • Who is behind this affiliate marketing course?
  • What you will get inside if you end up to buy this course,
  • The pros and cons and my final thoughts.

WP Affiliate Suite review summary: Company overview

Product name: WP Affiliate Suite

website: www.wpaffiliatesuite.com

Owner: Chris Derenberger

Product type: Affiliate marketing course

Price: $12.95 + upsells

Scam or Legit? – Legit

Sow Your Seed Rating: 5/10

Do I recommend this? No (for good reasons you will find within this review)

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What is WP Affiliate Suite about?

WP Affiliate Suite review - home page

WP Affiliate Suite like Wealthy Affiliate, Income school project 24, and Savage Affiliates I reviewed in the past is an affiliate marketing course designed to teach newbies how to build a profitable affiliate marketing website using WordPress.

The training aims to teach you how build a wordpress website and rank it higher on search engines ans then make money from affiliate marketing.

The idea is great because a website is an asset and the best way in my opinion to promote products or services online.

But you know it is easier to set up or build a WordPress these days than ranking it.

Because the competition is fierce and without a proper SEO strategies and marketing skills, getting sales and commissions from your site will remain a dream.

Study show that 98% of those who start with affiliate marketing fail and most don’t even make thier blogging journey pass the first year.

The question that rise right now is…

Can Chris Derenberger, the WP Affiliate Suite owner walks his talk?

In other words, does this course help you gain the required skills and knowledge to be a successful blogger or affiliate marketer?

Let’s find out by diving in the course owner business track record.

About Chris Derenberger

Chris Derenberger, WP Affiliate Suite owner

Chris Derenberger is a successful internet marketer who won many affiliate contests for companies such as McAfee, major filtness companies (his claims).

He also won many prizes in contests in the JV zoo network (verified).The WP Affiliate Suite is his second course after the YT Supremacy he launched back in 2019.

You can find his courses on his website vidsociety.com. In short, he is a real person (unlike other programs I reviewed) and you can find his Facebook profile here.

Because he won affiliate contest enough to be good teacher on building and ranking affiliate websites?

I did ly research. But I don’t find any website he own that got traffic from search engines. He is doing video marketing and I believe this is the area he can pretend to have a backgound.

What do get inside the WP Affiliate Suite training

Chris Derenberger claims he is a full-time 6 figure affiliate marketer since 2013 and he will teach you how to build and rank successful affiliate WordPress sites.

Here is what you will get in WP Affiliate Suite training course:

  • You will learn the basics of affiliate marketing (what is it and how it works)
  • How to find a niche to start with,
  • How to do keyword research,
  • How to get approved by affiliate networks and chose the right offer to promote on your website,
  • How to do keyword research to find the right keyword that will help you rank your website easily on search engines,
  • How to choose a domain name,
  • How to choose a good web hosting provider,
  • How to customize your website and edit your theme properly,
  • How to write SEO friendly content and rank higher on Google,
  • How to install necessary plugins such as Google Analytics to track your website activities,
  • How to build your mailing list,

In addition to the training, you get a premium customized WordPress theme you can use for you brand new site. Does this responsive and SEO-friendly theme?

I don’t know. But truth be told, fast-loading and SEO-friendly theme is required for your site if you want to rank it higher on search engines.

Astra is my #1 recommended WordPress theme and you can read my Astra Pro Theme review here.

How much does WP Affiliate Suite cost?

The price to join WP Affiliate Suite is $12.95. This is the first time I see an affiliate marketing course at this price. But it is not surprising!!

There are upsells and this amount of money is just the cost to get you on the door.

WP Affiliate Suite upsells

Upsells #1: Advanced SEO strategies – $67

You get a basics SEO training with your $12.95 investment. But to get some advanced strategies and win the game, you need to invest an extra $67.

Upsell #2: Coupon affiliate strategy – $47

With this upsell, you will learn how to use coupons as an incentive marketing strategy to get leads, sign-ups and commissions.

This is an upsell I won’t recommend you buy even afterall you found that this training is what you want.

Upsell #3: DFY niches sites – $197

Chris Derenberger claims he created 800+ WP websites in the past years for his clients. And he gives the opportunity to his course participants who are hurry to see their websites running, 50 DFY WordPress themes (niches based sites) you can buy, just add some content and get approved for affiliate and CPA offers.

According to him, every theme normally costs $15 but as his student, you can save 75% buying this upsell.

With your $197 purchase, you get a commercial license. That means you can sell these themes to clients if you want. For people who flip websites on Flippa, it seems a great deal.


If you don’t flip want to flip websites and just need a premium theme for personal use, you can get a personal license for $97.

That is awesome.


What you don’t know is that, who created these content. Duplicated content won’t rank on Google.

WP Affiliate Suite review: The pros and cons

WP Affiliate Suite Pros

✔ Affordable entrance fee,

✔ 30-day money-back guarantee,

✔ A real person behind hit,

✔ Custom WP theme offered.

WP Affiliate Suite Cons

❌ No free trial,

❌ Upsells – I don’t like it,

❌ You need to spend money on other tools to get your business rolling such as a keyword research tool, web hosting, etc.

❌ The DFY WP themes – I have some doubt about their quality (I will explain).

Let me explain why I doubt about the quality of the DFY WP themes (niches based sites).

See the image below.

Every single DFY WP theme normal value according to the owner is $220 – $270.

A high-quality mobile-optimized WordPress theme alone cost more than $45. Right?

While he sells each theme for $15 (normal price) or $197 (the bundle of 50 DFY themes – upsell).

Now, what do you think when a product of value $220 or $270 is given at the price of $15?

A quick math: $15×50 = $750 and $220×50 = $11000

what do you think when a product of value $750 (normal price) or $11000 (price for value) is given at the price of $197?

Is WP Affiliate Suite a scam?

No! WP Affiliate Suite is not a scam. As I said there is a real person behind it.

But it all depend on how you define a scam.

If a scam for you is when someone get your money and not giving you something in return, then WP Affiliate Suite is not a scam because you will get access to the course once you buy it.

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Why I don’t recommend this course?

For your information, I am a JV zoo and Warrior Plus affiliate and I can promote this product like any JVzoo or W+ affiliate.

You may be noticed, there are countless internet marketers that are promoting it.


Why not me? I will get paid if I promote it.

Here is the reason I don’t recommend it to my readers:

I don’t think the owner can walk his talk!

Let’s face it: His main website (vidsociety.com) gets only 13 organic monthly traffic while he claims he will teach you how to build and rank affiliate WordPress website.

Alternative to WP Affiliate Suite

If you are looking for a genuine and proven way to make money online through affiliate marketing, here is my #1 alternative to WP Affiliate Suite: Wealthy Affiliate. This is a platform I use myself and they host this website you are readding right now.

What you get inside Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Web hosting: Possibility to create and host up to 50 websites
  • A keyword research tool (Jaaxy) – $19 per month value
  • 1-on-1 coaching and much more.

The best part is that it is free to join – no credit card required!!

You can also check out my top 5 recommended affiliate marketing training course to pick one and get started.

My final thoughts

In this WP Affiliate Suite review, I aimed to give you an honest and overview of the WP Affiliate Suite course.

From now, you have a better understanding of what the WP Affiliate Suite is about, who is behind him. And even more, you can make an informed decision to shape your financial future.

If you have a question, drop it down on the comment section, I will respond to you ASAP.

Be an ACTION taker, Sow Your Seed Today!!

To your success!!


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2 thoughts on “WP Affiliate Suite Review [2021]: Is it the best affiliate marketing course?”

  1. Hi, thank you for this great review. I am new to affiliate marketing. I have spend a lot of money on programs that not work or they become very expensive. Your article helped me a lot and thank you again.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I find really imprortant that there are web sites like yours so we can be inform for affiliate especially newones. Very nice writing you are very conjugator.
    Now l got a bit confused , you were not articulate about what to choose due to similar letters WP and WA . They are very close in the same sentence and some of us might be confused.

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